Business , Pleasure Ch. 02

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Double Penetration

Chapter 02: The Next Time Together

My first time with another male overwhelmed me to want more and more …

After I left Bob’s place that evening after my first time, I was overwhelmed with guilt and fascination. My mind was racing, jumping from recall to rejection of what had just occurred. Either way, the 30 mile drive home to my family went by in a flash. I called home along the way and told my wife about the fictitious dinner meeting events and that I was drained from the long day, hot room, and terrible meal. It prepped her and took away any anxiety.

I got home a short while later and she was already in bed … thank god I had taken that “shower” with Bob. I went to the bathroom and undressed, and was pleased there was no unusual scent. I jumped in the shower and saw my cock head was still red from its double dose of action earlier in the evening.

I got into bed, and despite my wife’s warm body next to mine, all I could think about was the adventure earlier that evening. The thought aroused me and I rolled in bed to avoid any notice.

The next day in the office was uneventful until the call display showed Bob’s call to me. I picked it up and when Bob asked if I got home, ok, I got up and closed my office door. I responded to Bob by thanking him for the lovely and interesting evening. He stopped me and asked what he was going to do with the Chocolate mouse cake dessert he had made especially for our evening. I joked that chocolate was my favourite, and I hoped to test it. He said he could freeze it and asked what day the next week would work. My nervous voice trembled as we agreed on the next Wednesday.

Wednesday seemed to be forever off in the future, but the day finally arrived. In preparing for work that morning, I decided to get on a pair of burgundy spandex boxers I had. They showed me off and felt great.

I arrived at Bob’s about 445pm. I just had this sense that the doorman new exactly what I was there for. In nervous anticipation, I went to the door on Bob’s floor, and tapped lightly. The door opened and Bob appeared with a pair of silk bedroom gaziantep escort pants and jacket on. I could see the short curly grey hair on his chest. As he greeted me I took off my shoes and turned towards him, when he leaned towards me, placed one hand on each cheek and gave me a warm and inviting kiss. I melted in his arms.

He had two glasses of red wine poured already and suggested we go chat on the couch. He asked me about my feeling the first night. I explained my enjoyment, misunderstandings and clumsiness. He giggled but said it was normal. I asked how it was for him his first time and he explained that was over 30 years earlier, that a fellow classmate (Terry) in 2nd year university and him had had a few beers one night while studying in his parents basement while they were away for the weekend. Bob said he suspected Terry might be gay, as he never went out with the girls at school all the years he new him. After a couple hours of boring book review, Terry flipped on the TV. After surfing a few channels, he stopped at one where a cross-your-heart bra commercial was on and commented about how lucky women were to get to wear nice underwear … he said he looked at him and said … “you know we should go try some of his mom’s underwear on” Bob said he said to Terry your crazy, ok why not. They joked and put on various pieces of oversized panties, a girdle and bras before Terry commented on how it turned him on. Terry, with maybe one too many beers in him started to play with himself. He noticed Bob’s erection under the women’s panties and told him to feel free to join him. They lay on his parent’s bed together and started playing with their hard cocks. He said Terry asked him if he had ever touched another guys cock, Bob said no, and Terry asked if he wanted to touch his. Bob said sure and he reached over and awkwardly touched his friends erect penis. Terry moaned in pleasure and leaned closer quietly wanting more … Terry then pushed bob’s hand away, and reached over to Bob’s cock. He stroked it all the while looking into Bob’s eyes to see if there was acceptance

Bob said he knew that he was gay prior to this, but did not want anyone to know. He let Terry play, and then Terry pulled him closer and their bodies touched. Bob stopped the story at this point, and it was all too familiar. He saw I was red faced with anticipation. He put his hand on my shoulder and leaned towards me. I was prepared, unsure, horny and still confused. He leaned closer and that rough facial hair and warm lips touched mine. If I had been reluctant the first time, this time my mouth was ready and willing to share his lips. Our tongues interlocked, exploring our cheeks and then out to ears and necks. It was so erotic and fulfilling.

Once again Bob undid my shirt and beckoned me to the bedroom. I took a gulp of the wine to moisten my mouth and went with him, undoing my buttons as I followed. When we arrived, Bob and I undressed me all the while continuing to kiss. His tongue moved down my neck to my hard little nipples … never before had I realised how sensitive they were. I reciprocated, exploring his hairy chest of his bed robe, removing it from his shoulders as we kissed. Our bodies were close and I could feel his hard cock unencumbered under his silk pants. He unzipped my pants and I finished the task of removing them. He slid his hand over my spandex shorts and oooohed with delight, running his hand over my cock and ass. I put my hands over his pants, and felt his warn ass under the smooth and senuous silk. I gently tugged at them from behind cautious not to snag his hard erection. Together we then fell to his bed sheets, kissing and caressing.

After a few minutes, he moved his lips to my cock and I fell back in pleasure .. The feeling returned just like the dreams over the past week recalled. I so much wanted this and had no issues this time. The guilt — if it was real was gone. He asked me if I wanted to suck his cock. I told him I didn’t think I could. He said hang on, left to the washroom and got a warm face cloth. He washed his balls and cock, then mine … he said to watch him and he proceeded to lick and slide his mouth over my cock. He lay back down on his back and suggested I start by getting close to his cock, putting my cheek against it, then using my tongue to lick the surface and head like he did. I slowly started, my tongue sliding up his thick shaft, then running into his bulging head. My head was buzzing as the intrigue and pleasure overcame me. I opened my mouth and touched the top of his head, then a little more … I tasted a salty taste, that gave me a sense of concern, and pulled back . He assured me that he would not cum. I went back to my task, and with a wide open mouth placed it over his head slowly sliding his cock into my mouth. I closed my lips half way down and slid my mouth up till it came over the head, then again and again, all to Bob’s pleasured moans. He said good, good a couple times. He pulled me back and went back down on me, teaching me yet more, so I then tried again, pulling harder and going deeper each time.

He again pulled me back and our lips locked, and the taste of my cock in his mouth and his in mine was a natural aphrodisiac. I was now jerking my cock to relieve the pressure, when he asked me to straddle on top of him, and jerk off on his chest. I did as told, and as I pulled towards pleasure, I could feel his hard cock touch my ass. I exploded in pleasure, shooting my warm jet of cum, toward his chest and cheek. He licked a drop from his cheek, as I collapsed to the bed beside him. He at that moment, went to my cock with his mouth and sucked and licked it dry. The sensation was out of this world, as he pulled every drop. He then laid back and brought himself to climax.

We spoke about the pleasure, the intrigue and sense of fulfillment before again sharing the shower, this time just to cleanse our spent bodies. I so enjoyed washing his firm but aged skin, trying hard not so become aroused again as he did the same to me. Wrapped in towels, we sliced some frozen Chocolate Mouse cake and washed it down with the last of the wine.

I asked Bob about his adventures, how he met men, where he met men, how he remained discreet. So many questions. He told me we would talk more the next time, that he would share more with me. Teach me, nurture me, get close to me…. I agreed that it would be continued again maybe in Part III

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