Business Trip to Pokhara: Day 01

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I work at a leading manufacturing company in Nepal. I lead the Sales department. I have been happily married for a year. My wife is a teacher. We don’t have children yet. We live in a nice apartment in Kathmandu.

I love my work. My boss has generously rewarded my passion for my work. I’ve had good success and have always met business targets. Anyway, this isn’t about my work. It’s about my relationship with Smita – who is not my wife. Smita joined my team last year. She has been the most valuable addition and has built up a sizable portfolio in such a short time. She is talented, has great interpersonal skills, is a team player and most importantly is a great person. She is liked by everyone. She is also married. Her husband is a practicing surgeon.

Before I go on with the story, let me make it clear that I am no womanizer. Smita is also one of the most decent people I know- a perfect human being. She’s helpful, cheerful and basically the best teammate. Well, decent and sexy go together. I am going to share with you the episode in our lives that changed our relationship forever.

Two weeks back, we had a review of our regional sales figures. Our presence in the Central and East regions is remarkable but we haven’t been able to drive sales in the West. We had plans to set up an office in Pokhara, a beautiful city nearby Kathmandu and supply to hotels as this is one of the best tourist destinations in Nepal. Smita and I had to go there, decide on a location, recruit few junior staff and organize a formal event to make some noise. All this would take one week. Please bear with me as I tell you in detail how our emotions changed in these seven days.

Day 1:

We met at Kathmandu airport. She was in formals – white shirt, black skirt and heels, well dressed and attractive. I was dressed casually – blue polo shirt and a white pant. Her dress complimented her amazing body. I approved, verbally.

Hey Smita. You look great. And smart! The only day I’ll be nearly as formally dressed as you will be on the launch party next week.

Thanks, Rajiv. Really? I’ve mostly carried formals. Oh, I should have discussed with you earlier.

No worries. Every time I go to Pokhara, it feels like vacation. So, I didn’t feel like stuffing a lot of suits.

Well, I hope we’ll enjoy like one. It’s been quite some time since I had one.

Oh definitely! We’ll chill.

We flew on time and landed in Pokhara at 8 AM. The weather was great. Never has a visit to this city been uninteresting. I was excited again. Smita looked happy too. We began talking as we got off the plane.

I love this place, I feel close to the mountains.

So do I, Smita. And I have never stayed here for more than 3-4 days. This time we’ll have more time to enjoy the place.

Yes, Rajiv. Oh, how I wish I could go nearer to the mountains.

Perhaps we can try a short trek in the weekend.

Wow, really?

Let’s see, if we can manage our schedule, why not?

Yay. But we’ll have to shop first. I don’t have trekking clothes.

Sure, neither do I

Sam had come to receive us. As we drove away from the airport, he mentioned the slight change in schedule of our meeting with Mr. Raghubir Shah. We were to meet Mr. Shah, a senior hotelier, later that day, but for some reason, Mr. Shah had requested to meet early. That meant we would have to meet him before we even checked in at the hotel.

Sam dropped us at Hoover Hotel (where we were to meet Mr. Shah). The hotel was on top of a hill overlooking in the entire city. We could see the boats sailing in the lake Konya Escort in the middle of the city and the ultra-light aircrafts hovering above. The hotel had beautiful gardens and a large pool.

And, in the pool was a hot girl in a skimpy swimsuit. She was not exactly slim and was well-built in the right places. God, her breasts were screaming to be let out of her top. They were like, huge.

Staring at Baby Thapa, are you?, Smita teased.

I was startled. I was so engrossed with her body that I hadn’t noticed the girl was Baby Thapa, a young and bold model. Her body, comments and dresses always made headlines.

Oh, that’s Baby Thapa? Exactly, I was trying to figure out where I’d seen her before, I replied trying to act normal although I was suddenly aroused.

Yeah, I could see you figuring her out, she didn’t stop.

I didn’t respond. Who wouldn’t stare at those tits that were begging to be released from her short top?

As we went inside, we met Mr. Shah’s secretary Barsha who escorted us to his room. The hotel was a sophisticated blend of luxury and tradition. Mr. Shah’s office was interestingly the opposite – minimalist in design. There sat one of the richest hoteliers of Pokhara. He welcomed us cordially and offered us pleasantries before coming to business. The discussion wasn’t a long one. He was kind enough to offer a complimentary night’s stay at the hotel if we were interested. We thanked him and told him we would think about it. (We stayed, I will share the sexy experience later) As we went out, I once again stole a glance at the bikini wonder who was now wiping herself with a towel.

We drove to a hotel at the lakeside, one of the best in the city. Our rooms were adjacent. Both our rooms had a balcony facing the road. We freshened up and changed. We met in the roof-top restaurant of the hotel at ten for our breakfast.

Boy, was our breakfast delicious. We immediately left for a business meet which was followed by another. It was four when we were finally free. We drove back to the hotel and decided we would spend time at the famous lake-side street. I took a gentle nap and believe so did she. I then took bath, covered myself with the towel, stretched myself and went went to the balcony to look outside. I looked down and suddenly noticed Smita in her balcony. She was drying her hair and was dressed in blue. I couldn’t exactly figure her dress as the balcony wall covered half her body. I was covered only below my waist and to avoid some embarrassment, I immediately turned back. I changed into tees and shorts. Just as I changed I heard a knock on my door.

I opened the door to find Smita looking beautiful in a blue-and-white striped dress that reached a littler higher than her knees. She always dressed elegantly. She had a touch of sexiness as the dress was tight enough to show her curves.

My couple of seconds of enchantment were broken by her question.

Should we move?

Yes. Let’s.

I stammered. That was the first time ever I truly was attracted to her. I always considered her beautiful but I had never found myself attracted in this way. I locked my door and moved outside while also forcibly laying any thoughts to rest.

So where are we headed today? Any place you want to go?

Rajiv, why don’t we take a walk first and then perhaps settle down at the Z-heaven restaurant?

Good for me.

She walked beside me and I could feel my blood rushing. Our shoulders touching now and then was like a stream of current passing through my body. I had never felt that way. I couldn’t Konya Escort Bayan help but admire her perfect eyes, lips and body. Her dress wasn’t showy but as we walked I could notice the slight cleavage. I couldn’t help but watch her perfectly sized breasts juggle very gently as we walked. That was the first time I had noticed her body. She was perfectly shaped, just the right curves in the right places. It wasn’t only me, she was graced with multiple glances all way.

We reached the restaurant which was quite a crowded place. We both chose to drank beer. We first talked about work and finally realizing that all we talked about was our work, we shifted our conversation to family. Both of us had married our lovers and were quite happy. We talked about how our priorities change once we marry. She mentioned to me how she felt the male counterparts lack the emotions of a female. I denied saying it’s not that we lack emotions, it’s just that we don’t show it. After two glasses of beer each, we decided to move to another couple of places.

As we went outside, she suddenly announced how she felt free being away from work and in a way away from family for some time. Maybe it was the beer speaking.

As we were walking we heard loud music coming from somewhere. We soon found out that it was from a club. The place was lit with a lot of bright lights.

Wow, is this a club? Interesting!, Smita announced.

Uhhm yes, except we’re too old for this.

No, we aren’t. Let’s see what they’ve got.

Are you sure?

Are you scared of the little girls dancing there?

No, it’s the big boys that worry me.

She laughed and literally pulled me inside. I was nervous.

Although we both just around thirty, I still felt old-ish when I saw the youngsters inside. They were all teenagers. Young and crazy. I was looking for a place to sit when Smita pulled me to the dance floor. I was unsure.

She started dancing. With her eyes closed. She was enjoying the music. I looked at her and smiled. She signaled me to dance. I danced. And, it was comforting. We danced. And, I think this is where our romance truly began.

We drank Margarita and even boldly tried B52. Cocktails felt more youngish. And we didn’t count. Maybe it was three, or four. Or five. We were drunk. We held eachother close when we danced. A few guys came forward to dance with her but she refused and danced even closer. Our bodies were entirely in contact. I loved how her breasts pressed to my chest. I was hard and aroused and my dick would now and then brush against her thighs and it would send chills down my spine. Our graceful dancing evolved into more passionate dancing. I didn’t hesitate to hold her shoulders or her hips, or catch her back and caress her. We danced for two hours like teenagers in love.

Finally, we were tired. In fact, we both tripped a couple of times and decided that we were too drunk to dance more. We settled in the sofa with my arms around her shoulders and her head against my chest.

That was fun, Rajiv.

Yes, Smita. You surely have energy.

I’m loving this. What do we do now?

We take a breath and maybe go have dinner.

What time is it, Rajiv?

I looked at my watch, it was eight. We moved outside. We were now holding hands and moving so as to prevent one of us falling down. Boy, were we drunk.

We slowly reached our hotel. We had decided that we would have dinner at the hotel itself. Also, it somehow occurred to us it wouldn’t be a great idea to walk around in the state we were in. We went to the hotel’s Escort Konya restaurant and ordered some traditional Nepali dishes. We sat together and ate from the same plate. Something was happening. She was still sitting by my side leaning on to me. We finished eating. I took her to her room and managed to place her in the sofa. I sat beside her.

Thanks Rajiv for protecting me from all those guys in the club.

You mean the wolves? The hungry ones?

Yeah, them. You were my lion today fighting off the pack of wolves.

And, just like that, she kissed me in the cheek. I was struck by a thousand bolts of lightening. I was thrust by all that energy. As I came back to my senses, I put my arm around her shoulders and held her tight. How alcohol makes you bold.

There was sexual tension, I could feel it. However, we both were not able to break more ice. We stayed in that position for some time. Her eyes was closed all the time and I figured out she could doze off any time.

You wanna dance once more, before you sleep? Just to try and shake off a little alcohol?

She opened her eyes and smiled. And I placed my hands on her hips and pulled her to the floor. We deserved some solo dance. She didn’t have the energy to stand by herself. I wasn’t too worried about my hard-on touching her either. I didn’t care. We were basically hugging as we moved our body. As she turned and twisted, our bodies wouldn’t separate. As she turned around, my cock went from touching her pussy to fitting in between her ass cheeks. Yeah, there were clothes in between but I’m sure we both felt naked. I loved this position and as we shaked, I was basically grinding into her, my hands on her lower stomach and hers on top my mine. My head was resting on her right shoulders, smelling her hair. I then turned her again, and tried to pull of a move bending her body and holding her to my arms. Her entire body was free of any resistance. Doing so, we tripped as I couldn’t manage to hold her in that position. It was a soft landing in the carpet, Smita facing up and I holding her head and body. I wasn’t exactly on top of her but my left leg was on top of her legs and my left arm on top of her boobs. We both laughed.

We were both stone drunk. Realizing we shouldn’t be in that position for a long time, I slowly stood up. She raised her hands asking me to lift her. I couldn’t. She laughed again. Her dress was pulled up just below her underwear and I could see she was wearing a black one.

After trying a couple of times, I decided to pick her body up in my arms. I put my left hands on her thighs just below her underwear, the right one on her back. I lifted her gently. She cuddled towards me. Her boobs were once again prodding my chest. I then carried her and placed her in her bed, brushing my hands against her thighs as I left her. She shivered. Instinctively, I covered her with a blanket. Her eyes were still closed. Yes, I wanted to fuck her. Yet, I found myself getting up, standing and watching her going to sleep. I realized that I would need to go to my room but she would have to bolt the door at least. I wouldn’t let her sleep without her door closed in this position. I called out to her.

Smita. Smita… listen, Smita…


You need to bolt the door.

I don’t have the energy.

Haha. You want me to guard you all night?


Dammit. She just dozed off. I wondered what to do. And, maybe you all think I should have thrown her blanket away, ripped her clothes and fucked her. I didn’t. Not today. But I didn’t leave her like that. I went to the couch, covered myself with a blanked and went to sleep. I masturbated, cleaned and fell asleep, in the same room as her. Yes, I wanted to fuck her, but decided it would better suit me as a man to do so when she was in her senses. And, I did it on day 2. Please read part 2 to find out.

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