Business Trip Unusual

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I hadn’t planned on being in such a rush but sometimes the universe works against you. The taxi cab I took home from work waited while I collected my luggage and carry-on bag. I paid the driver an extra twenty dollars to rush me to the airport so I could catch my flight.

The cab driver really must have appreciated the extra large tip. Not to mention the flirting through the rearview mirror because the sky cap checked in my bag with fifteen minutes to spare. When I reached the boarding area I had a chance to sit down before my row was called for seating. I didn’t know at the time but someone was watching me with great interest. My seat on the airplane was three rows past first-class and as I walked to my assigned seat I caught a women checking me out from head to toe. At the time I didn’t make much of it because I had attended a business meeting earlier and was dressed very nicely.

I was busy reading a paperback novel when the thud of a shutting hatch under the plane reminded me of the stimulation I get during take off. Unfortunately I had an elderly gentleman sitting next to me so I couldn’t act upon the excitement I feel from the acceleration and slight vibration of barreling down the runway. I did my best to contain my wetness between my legs. My plan was to make it to the lavatory as soon as the seatbelt sign goes off. I dozed off before the sign went dark.

When I awoke the elderly İstanbul Escort man beside me had been replaced by the women from first-class. She had been looking at my knee when I had opened my eyes. Maybe the universe was working in my favor now. I begun a conversation with saying hello. She had a very, very pleasant voice which I associated with phone sex. Although that was an assumption on my part she would fare well in that profession. She introduced herself as Claire, a stock market analyst from San Francisco. Her blond hair must have been shoulder length but was wrapped in an up do so I could only guess. A few locks hung down in wispy curls which lead me to her eyes. We stared at each other for what seemed an eternity. I couldn’t help but get lost in her eyes, they were jade green, large and rounded with the fullest sets of eyelashes. Claire’s blinking is what broke my concentration. Her face was long and slender with a mouth punctuated by puffy glossy red lips. She had on a pink jacket and a matching skirt with a white button down shirt. I noticed her shirt was barely holding back her breasts. She was aware of my wandering eyes and heaved her bosom with a giggle.

Claire had crossed her legs and pivoted to turn towards me. Her heavenly voice made my pulse race when she asked me my name. The effect of her voice on my libido was the reason I didn’t notice her hand İstanbul Escort Bayan discreetly rest on my knee. This made more than my pulse race it made my pussy wet and tighten up. I looked down at her feminine hand imagining her fingers stroking my swelling labia. Those perfectly manicured fingernails deep inside. Her hand fucking me faster as I get more wet. Her palm pounding my clit, getting me closer to coming all over her petite hand.

We made small talk for about half an hour until neither of us could hold back any longer. With both of us dripping with anticipation we didn’t care less if anyone thought about both of us heading to the lavatory together. The two bathrooms at the rear of the plane were occupied so we had to wait. Claire grabbed one of my hands and moved her head towards me as if she was going to whisper in my ear, instead her tongue darted between my lips.

The look on my face brought a smile to her face and a squeeze to my hand. She quickly dropped my hand as the lavatory door behind me was clumsily being opened. I allowed the elderly man who had been sitting next to me step past us. We quickly made our way into the small space of the lavatory. Once inside and securing the door Claire reached into her waistband and produced a small vibrator. She grabbed the bottom of my skirt and lifted it over my hips. I was glad I had chosen to wear Escort İstanbul a garter and stockings because with this combo I never wear panties. I leaned back and put my feet up on either side of the door giving Claire access to my cunt.

She followed the contour of my sculpted thigh with her pointer finger just missing my pubic hair. Her finger went across the top of my trimmed patch of pubes and down the other thigh. Then her hand met my suspended ass with a clap. Her thumb came up from under me and slipped effortlessly into my well lubed pussy. She worked it in and out a few times before she took her first three fingers from the same hand and slid them in to my wide open hole. Like I had fantasized her palm began banging my clit but her heel of her hand was soon with the pocket rocket she showed a few minutes ago.

This sent me over the edge. I had to let my self down so I didn’t fall when my orgasm washed over my muscles. She held that vibrating wonder on my clit as my abdomen pulsated with an impending gush of come. She was telling me how turned on she was at seeing me at her mercy and her sweet voice finally brought me to orgasm. My new Goddess withdrew her come soaked fingers from my dripping snatch and licked the come that had squirted on to her wrist. Then she ran her tongue up her hand and licked all of my love gush from her fingers.

We had been in the lavatory for sometime now and became nervous that we may get caught. She helped me pull down my skirt and straighten my blouse then washed off her vibrator. We stepped out as if nothing had happened. We talked the rest of the flight and I found out she lives five blocks away. I plan on repaying her favor to me two fold.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32