Busy Daughter Series

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Hello. My name is Dan and my daughter, Anna, is always busy. She works tirelessly at school, works a part time job at the local grocery store, helps me and her mother around the house, and still finds time to pleasure herself. Somehow, I have a feeling that it’s the other way around– she pleasures herself constantly, then finds time to do things around the house and at school.

Anna is always stuck up in her room on that laptop of hers, and I know exactly what she’s doing in there. I can hear the small squeaks from her mattress, the low moans and whimpers, the slightest noises of a woman being pounded by a thick cock even though her volume is turned down real low. Every time I hear those tell-tale signs, I feel my cock beginning to grow. By the time she stops to get ready for work, my shorts are soaked with pre-cum and sticking to me.

As usual, my daughter came through the door and went straight to her room, the slam of a door following her. Or so I was expecting… Instead, I heard the door tap against its frame softly. Today I could hear her sighs as she undressed herself.

My eyes closed as I pictured her soft hands unclasping her lace decorated bra from her milk-white breasts, caressing the swells as the cloth fell away from them. Her hands teasing her pink nipples were like a video playing on the backs of my eyelids. I didn’t have to open my eyes to see that my cock had begun to harden.

The sharp gasp I heard from down the hall brought my eyes to open long enough to check if she was behind me. When I saw that she wasn’t, I felt a mixed emotion of relief and sadness: relief that I did not have to hide my tent and sadness at not being able to show her.

Her groaning mattress was followed by the start-up bing of her laptop. Within minutes I could hear her moans mix with the slapping sounds of her wet, open pussy being rubbed.

By now my cock had been leaking and was begging to pop out against the zipper of my jeans. I was quickly learning that jeans made me hornier because of their restrictions. Then I heard those beautiful words slamming into my ears.

“Ohh daddy,” Anna sighed, the springs in her mattress squeaking as if she was pushing her hips with extra force. My mind reeled with thoughts of what this could possibly mean: did she want me? Was she really fantasizing about me? Did the word have no connections with me? Did my daughter want me?

I could not tell you what forced me to do what I did next, but I will never regret it. My eyes were no longer closed but were now wide open, looking inside the crack of my little girl’s door. What I saw tested my silence. Her laptop was off to the side, showing a woman being ravaged by two men, one on each end, my daughter’s bright blond hair fanned out against her pillow, her blue eyes clenched tight, head thrown back with an open, panting mouth. Just seeing the line of perspiration around her hairline, I could see that she really needed the release today. Whether my guess was right or wrong, my cock throbbed at the thought of me giving her that physical release with her rippling walls gripping my meat.

My coarse hands were stroking and cupping hairy balls as I let my eyes drink my daughter’s lust filled body in. Her breasts were pushed together with the side of her left arm while her right hand was busy teasing her nipples (I was astonished by this later on when I realized that she was right handed). The sweet smell of her open slit filled my nostrils as I stared at her hips thrust up in passion, her fingers frantically rubbing her clitoris as pussy juices dripped down into the cleavage of her toned ass cheeks. With every swipe and circle of her nimble fingers, her slick mound made a slopping suction noise.

I could see the muscles in her stomach contracting as her hips humped into her hand desperately. The swell of her formed tits jiggling with every movement, with every brush of her fingers. The sight of my daughter forced my hand to grab my aching cock and stroke as fast as I could. I wanted to come with her; I wanted to share that moment with my daughter.

Her moans were beginning to turn into whimpers as she listened to the woman in the video being ordered to spread her legs wider and moaning in response. She was so close to the edge that her whimpers sometimes were only the silent cavern of her beautiful full lips opened wide. Her thrusts were going faster now – faster than my old body could ever possibly go – and her tits bounced along with her.My hand was in synch with her thrusts and I could definitely empathize as to why she was so close.

“Oh daddy! Fuck me daddy, fuck your little girl daddy! Fuck my tight little pussy!” Anna begged and moaned as her body visibly tensed, releasing a flood of pussy juices to roll out of her hole and down her crevice. Her words had forced my cock to swell and release copious amounts of cum splashing against the palm of my hand, and I was sure I had made some audible noise. Any noise that I had made though were clearly covered by my daughter’s pleas and the sound of the woman telling her lovers that she was so full of their thick cocks.

My cock now limp, I watched idly as my daughter continued to rub her soaking pussy. I finally decided that I had watched enough and backed away from her door, heading back to my place on the couch.


I am a very busy daughter, according to my dad, Dan. And he knows exactly what I do. Every day, I come home and go straight to my room, slamming the door behind me, strip, and start to furiously rub my little cunt.

God, I live to masturbate. My daddy knows that too. That sick fuck loves to listen to my bed squeaking with my hips, the moans from my porn videos, my excited gasps floating down the hall to his waiting ears. I know he strokes that hard cock, and it drives me wild! I’m not sure how I can ignore the deep throb in my pussy whenever I think about it, but deep down I know that’s why I’m such a horny piece of pussy.

Why, just today, I made my dear old daddy watch his little girl soak her bedding with pussy juice! I know he didn’t mind it though. I put on a very good show for him: gasping as I imagined his hands fingering the swell of my breasts and pinching my nipples, his tongue soon following suit as he would suck them deep inside his throat, his warm cock pounding inside my cunt as his hands gripped at my ass cheeks, my walls rippling around his length as I whimpered for more of my imagination.

I knew he would cum hard like he did. Even though I was moaning real loud for my daddy, imagining his thick fingers moving in and out of my tight little hole, I could definitely still hear his low moan of pleasure as he came hard in his hand.

I had been rubbing my aching clit soothingly for a few minutes after we had come together, but my hopes of him bursting into the room to ravage my body were dashed to bits as he retreated to his sofa. The bastard!

Only a few minutes were spent as I grew horny again, and this time, determined. Picking my naked body from the bed, I strolled down the hallway to my father. His black hair was glinting from the sun as I could hear the slippery sounds of his hand stroking his inflating cock. My own juices had slicked my thighs as I walked.

Daddy turned his head when he heard the pitter patter of my tiny feet and his eyes widened in fright and shock as he drank in my naked body.

“A-A-Anna!” he spluttered as he attempted to hide his hardened member back inside his pants. His attempts were to no avail as the strain forced his dick head out of his fly. My heart was pounding only because the object of my desire was gleaming with pre-cum in front of my eyes. I licked my lips greedily as I bent down in front of him.

My hand wrapped around his meat pole and stroked up and down his shaft eagerly. The base was thick with cum even though he had shot his semen not long ago and it was beautiful. I couldn’t take my eyes off the sight if I wanted to, and I certainly didn’t want to. What I wanted was to make him moan my name and fill my mouth with his creamy cum over and over again.

He made no futile attempts to stop me from licking his tip—probably too shocked to do so—and ran my tongue slowly down to the base and back up to the tip. My tongue flicked over his piss slit slowly, my hands traveling up his legs to rest at the crevice of his groin and thigh.

Our eyes were open and staring into each other as I licked and kissed my daddy’s lovely cock, my fingertips ever so gently caressing his scrotum. Every brush of my fingertips glazed his eyes with an extra coat of lust until I began to massage his balls slowly. My fingers softly squeezed on his right testicle as my mouth tenderly suckled his left, my tongue savoring the salty taste of his skin.

I groaned with him as his head was thrown back onto the back of the sofa, his eyes undoubtedly closed with pleasure. With the slightest of movements, I felt his balls jump—a sure sign that his cum was beginning to boil over. His hand took a grip on my hair between the soft strokes his fingers made through my locks. “That’s it baby, suck daddy’s cock. Suck the cum out of me,” he urged me on desperately, his hand pulling me off his nuts and forcing me around his cock.

My warm mouth locked onto my daddy’s fattening cock as my tongue played underneath his length. His moans grew louder and evolved into yells as he released a sizable load into my mouth. I hungrily drank it all and swallow every last drop. After I could feel that he was unable to spurt out any more hot cum for his good little girl, I sucked the last drips from his delicious cock.

I licked my lips as I reveled in the taste of his salty cum and looked back up at him. He was disheveled on the sofa, panting for air as he softly rubbed my cheek affectionately. His cock had wilted in my hand by the time he could bring his eyes back to mine.

Without a thought, I stood and kissed him on the lips. I made him taste his cum on my tongue by shoving it down his throat, our tongues dancing together like choreographed snakes. Biting his lip, I slowly pulled back to stare him in the eyes.


My body was in shock as I looked at my naked daughter, her eyes filled with lust. The swell of her breast heaved as she breathed.

Though Sex hikayeleri the taste of my own cum lingered on my tongue, I was smiling up at her. Her mouth had played it skills like a professional violinist on a violin—she being the professional and my cock her instrument. With how her tongue swirled and danced around me, I was sure that my little princes had not only done it hundreds of times before, but I was positive that she had also done other things—more intimate things—with other guys. The only question I had to this was when she found the time to be with someone without my knowledge. A part of me, however, doesn’t care.

As her tongue snaked out to lick her lips, she smiled triumphantly. My body had been spent, but I was determined to make it a fair ordeal between the two of us.

My hands wrapped around her hips and pulled her forward so that she was straddling my lap, her open slit nudging against my wilted cock. My skin shocked at my finger found my daughter’s coated clit. I realized then that seeing Anna’s eyes flutter closed while her face clearly displayed pleasure was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen in my fifty-five years.

“Mmm, daddy,” she sighed with a smile spread across her bright face. As my fingers mashed at her love button, teasing her opening ever so slightly, she began to bounce up and down as if she were riding a cock. In my mind she was riding her sweet old father. In the most hypnotic of ways, her full tits bounced up and down in front of my face. The large circles that were her nipples were hardening and my mouth latched onto her pink nubbin.

I greedily sucked her like a newborn baby, my daughter loving the attention and showing her gratitude through calling out to me, “Daddy….Daddy….Ooooh daddy!” My tongue flicked and circled her areola and tip with fervor, my body needing to pleasure her as much as she needed it.

“Oooh that’s right! Yeah!—Bite your baby’s hard tits daddy! Ohgodyes rub baby’s pussy and suck on her tits! Rub baby’s pussy and suck on her tits!” Anna called out as her bounces grew harder and harder, wanting my fingers stroking in and out of her tight hole. With every thrust of her hips that failed to sink my fingers inside of her, Anna’s body just tried harder.

At last, I gave into her body’s demand to be filled and thrust into her as she came down on me, without warning. Her bright, blue eyes widened at the sudden gaping in her most intimate hole and temporarily lost her breath. I felt a trickle run down my fingers and onto my wrist as I slowly raked my fingers in and out of her snug opening. Her bouncing proceeded as I continued to finger her, somehow getting her breath back without panting in lust.

Fingering my daughter’s creamy cunt, my cock had become semi-erect and felt the droplets of the trickle I felt earlier splattering my skin. I had assumed that I had made her squirt a mini orgasm out of her packed cunt and my cock grew harder at the thought.

Soon my daughter was bouncing as fast as she had before my fingers were thrusted inside her, and I could tell from the rippling of her inner walls that she was close to the edge, ready to release on my hand.

An urge to have my mouth flooded with her sweet nectar took a hold of me. “Baby,” I ordered her breathlessly, “stand up Anna. I wanna taste this sweet, soaking cunt.” She moaned as her snug pussy left my stiff fingers and her legs stretched out straight, presenting her mound to me with her hips thrusted forward.

My eyes closed as I let my tongue extend so the tip could reach her hardened clit. With the sweet taste of her pussy juices saturating my taste buds, I brought my hands up to spread her lips open and buried into her thrusting hips. I had no time to process the distinct taste of blood from her cum as she gripped my tongue in her throbbing pussy and flooded my face with her juices.

The tangy and sweet flavor, my mind cleared of the blood that mingled in the fluid and ordered me to attack her mound with gusto. My lips clamped over her pussy lips as I sucked hard on the entire area, my tongue wiggling inside her spasming hole. Keeping my mouth firmly placed on her vulva, I allowed my hands to weave around her sides to grab the firm globes of her ass.

My fingers mauled at her flesh as I continued to drink her delicious liquid, hearing the faint call of my daughter’s sweet voice. With a mind of their own, my fingers were pulling her cheeks apart and squeezing them together only to pull them apart once more.

I found myself working my fingertips closer to my daughter’s asshole, my fingers gently rubbing and pushing her entrance. Never before had I been the type to be into anal, but with Anna, I knew I could do anything and she would want it. She wanted me to be using her like this and it was then that things clicked in my mind—she set this whole thing up; she wanted us to be disgustingly filthy with each other; she wanted me to see her taut pussy lips spread apart as she worked herself into a frenzy.

In my new state of mind, my finger pushed through her entrance and I was rewarded with a new flood of my little girl’s cum.


“I’m coming daddy! Oooh…,” I called out to my father, probably on deaf ears as his finger slipped inside my asshole. Though I had fingered my own ass a number of times, I had never been able to get the relaxation or the ability to do it while I was so close to my orgasm. The shove of his finger while my inner walls gripped and milked his wriggling tongue sent me over the edge and I came in his mouth.

My daddy drank up my juices greedily as I continued to thrust against him, shaking hard. If it hadn’t been for his other hand holding my ass cheek so strongly, I’m sure that I would have fallen down and cracked my head open. As I shook and he drank, his finger slowly pressed in and dragged almost all the way out of my rosebud. His finger hugged snugly by my muscle.

“Oh fuck daddy….My pussy is getting sore and my ass isn’t used to such big fingers,” I told him. I didn’t have to force my voice to get high-pitched like a little girls, any orgasm could get my body automatically doing that.

All I got in response was his tongue receding from my pussy only to bathe its spit on my worn out clit. My eyes clenched tight as a gasp made my back arch in shock. I was faintly aware of my hands gripping tufts of his graying hair as I moaned breathlessly for him. After a few minutes, my father detached himself from my muff and looked up at me.

“You can’t get a period when you’re having sex can you?” he asked me quizzically, his finger stroking in and out of my ring with short, deliberate strokes. I told him that it wasn’t exactly a known thing, but my absolute guess was that it was practically impossible.

“Why did I taste blood then?”

That was the first thing that ever made me blush and I felt a little embarrassed that my dad didn’t understand that it was my cherry. I just turned my head away and stuttered on what I was trying to say to him.

“It was- Well I’m- I was- a virgin…,” my little girl voice finally forced out. From the corner of my eye I saw my father’s face readjust completely with shock. My own dad thought I was a slut! My anger was hushed before it even started as my father’s finger was still pulling in and out of my tight asshole, the skin tugging at my pussy lips and bringing my cunt back to life. If I had the ability to open my eyes and look down at my daddy, I would have seen the gears turning in his head.

He worked his finger in and out of me with more want, giving me his whole finger, before shoving another digit in my ass. “And how long have you been planning this?” I truly was surprised to hear him ask such a question – he was usually not the one to be so frank.

I had no need to lie, so I told him the truth. “I didn’t plan this daddy. I’ve always fantasized about it though… you coming in my room to saw your fingers in and out of my pussy as your tongue covers my little clit, but I never planned to act on it,” my high-pitched little girl’s voice sang as I forced my ass muscles to relax and take his digging fingers.

As my words melted into his ears, I could feel him working harder on my butt, getting himself a bit more worked up than me. “Oooh baby,” he groaned as he plunged his fingers in my tight ass, “oh baby, you have no idea how hard you’ve got my prick you little nympho.”

Guiding me with his fingers still in my ass, I was forced to turn around and look down at his cock. His cock head was dripping precum as he stood straight up in the air, waiting for a nice, wet pussy to wrap itself around his hard pole. My mouth was watering to take his meat in my mouth as I felt something cold on my ass cheeks. I still had a dripping cunt as I realized that the cold, wet streaks were my father’s slithering tongue licking at my skin.

I felt a little bad that my dad was doing so much to make me feel good so I bent at the waist and let my lips brush against his cock tip. My hand loosely wrapping around his balls brought out a hearty gasp from my father and I moaned back in response. Inside my mouth, I could feel my vibrations hardening his cock even more, my tongue sliding and snaking around his throbbing member.

My tongue snaking around his meat brought gasps and low groans that were only interrupted by his licking. With my head bobbing up and down on his length, my father nipped at my skin and used his other hand to play with one of my hanging nipples. I was surprised to find that my nipples were hard in his fingertips. His fingers pinched and scraped at my skin as I continued to suck my daddy’s cock with fervor, my hand caressing his scrotum so I could hear him moan. My efforts produced a long, throaty moan of my name. Hearing my daddy say my name so passionately made my aching cunt go into overdrive and a single drop of pussy juice ran down the length of my inner thigh.

“Oh god baby, fuck daddy,” he breathlessly begged, close to tears, as he pulled out of my ass with a pop and placed his hands around my hips. His hands helped shove me down on is cock, my pussy wrapping around his throbbing pole. My eyes closed tight as my walls rippled and gripped him desperately, my body bouncing on his cock as my father faced my back.

My daddy’s lips fluttered against Sikiş hikayeleri the back of my neck as I mercilessly rode his hard cock. As I rode him, I could feels my pussy pulsating around him, milking his cock of precum as my daddy nipped at my skin. His hands came from my hips and cupped the swell of my breasts, his fingertips pinching at my bouncing nipples.

I couldn’t help but to moan passionately for him as his cock pummeled by sweet pussy and his fingers worked relentlessly on my nipples, his nails leaving scratch marks on my tits and on my stomach. I was sure that his teeth were leaving their own indentations on my skin as he furiously bit into me. It wasn’t long before he took his hands off my firm chest to push me forward, making me hold onto the coffee table for support as his hands helped me bounce on him.

He urged my hips to move up and down his shaft as his nails dug into my sides, the pain being a pleasurable pain in the most accurate sense. It was only a few strokes until my father found what could have only been my g-spot. The moans, mewls, and crazy screams I was producing told him that he found my g-spot and he began to hammer his thick cock into me, the veiny deliciously pulling against my pulsating muscles.

As I was bent over, my daddy’s huge cock pounding into me, his hands left my hips – one went to grab a fistful of hair while the other one went to plant itself above my ass. Now that I was looking forward, my eyes opened slightly, tears gathering at the corners of my eyes with how good it felt being my daddy’s little fuck slut. I was reveling the feeling my daddy was giving me as he fucked me when I felt his thick digit – most likely his thumb – entering into my asshole while he pounded my throbbing cunt.

“OHGOD YES! OH FUCK YEAH!!!! OH GOD DADDDY!!!” I moaned and screamed as my pussy could hold no more and gripped him deep inside me. “I’M COMING ALL OVER YOUR COCK DADDY! My baby pussy is coming for your cock!” I screamed at him, my throat being stripped raw as I damn near threw out my voice.

“Yeah, that’s it you little bitch. Fucking come for daddy, give that baby juice on daddy’s cock and let him fill you up with his hot cum,” my father moaned in a husky voice, his cock throbbing with a thick load of cum rising from his balls through his shaft. He fucked his little girl with a renewed vigor, filling the room with a wet slapping noise as our skin met and my pussy coated him, and the sofa, with our mixed juices.

“Daddy’s gonna come in you Anna – OH HE’S COMING IN YOUR PUSSY BABY!” he said as his cock exploded inside my cunt.

“YES DADDY! FILL MY PUSSY WITH YOUR CUM DADDY! YES! YES! YES!!!” I screamed and urged him on as I felt his cum drain into me, filling me with warmth, spreading from my cunt to the rest of my body. My eyes rolled back into my head as I leaned back into my daddy’s chest and felt some of our cum drip out of my pussy and start to roll down his shaft and balls to join the puddle we had made on the cushions.

Our bodies settled, and my daddy kissed my lips and neck affectionately as his cock shrunk out of my tunnel.


Dan hurriedly put everything in place as he eagerly watched the clock. Minutes ticked by and all he could think about was how his daughter, Anna, was coming home from college. Ever since they had had that glorious evening of sexual bliss, the two had become closer than ever, though they never really ventured more from the occasional grab and kiss.

A few years had gone by since that delicious afternoon and Anna had moved out of the house and into a community college dorm while holding her job at the grocery store, the chain being nice enough to move her to a location closer to her school. Dan spent more nights with his wife, Mary, as the months passed by, his mind occupied with how his daughter’s cunt was so much tighter than Mary’s.

Mary had certainly never known that her husband and daughter had any sort of sexual contact, but never understood why her husband was suddenly so eager to get to bed at night. She was always proud of her daughter with every new e-mail that she received and bragged about the achievements to her co-workers.

It had been over a year since Dan last felt any sort of contact with Anna and her arrival had caused him several trips to the bathroom so he could masturbate his cum into the toilet, moaning in solitude about how tight his daughter was.

In her car, Anna had turned up the volume and filled the tank up for her long trip home. Her company had graciously given her the time off that she need, after she had persuaded her boss with her mouth to give her the days off. She could still feel his sperm sliding down her throat as the wind blew about her car’s frame.

Her mind drifted in and out of her memories as she thought of her childhood home. The most recurring memory was of her father taking her virginity on the living room couch. After they had fucked, Anna gathered herself from her father’s lap and headed to the shower where she got rid of all his sperm thoroughly. She spent so much time in the shower getting rid of his cum that she was almost late to work.

Since then, Anna’s sexual escapades grew in numbers. Boys were noticing her in a whole new light. Sure, they had noticed her before, but now they could see the sex kitten that resided just below the surface – now they knew that they didn’t have to have a few minutes of coaxing to get her juices flowing. It made her become more womanly with her hips thinning out, her fat disintegrating as her muscles developed from all the thrusting. She had been made into a sexual deviant and she was proud of it.

No matter what she did with other men, or girls, away from home, Anna’s pussy always itched for the cock that made her. The way her daddy jack hammered into her had stuck in her mind as the best fuck she would ever get – and the men she messed around with were proving her assumption right. Though, she truly did miss her mother, Anna was excited to get another chance at fucking her father properly. Just the thought of being able to fuck him again sent her pussy into a drenched state, her juices soaking through her panties and to the seat’s material.

Mary had gone out to get some last minute snacks when Anna pulled into the driveway and opened the garage. Deep inside her, she felt excitement at knowing that she and her father would have the house to themselves for a number of minutes. Definitely long enough to get a quickie in. With her juices still collecting in her panties, Anna stepped inside the house.

Dan was in the living room like always, just as his daughter remembered him: black hair with gray sprinkled throughout the locks as his head poked over the side of the couch. The television was blaring like it always had, but Anna could still hear the faint sound of his panting. Her steaming hot cunt throbbed as her nipples hardened: it was just like that sex-filled day so many years ago.

“Daddy! You didn’t start without me did you?” Anna playfully pouted as her hip jutted out. Dan turned around to see the gentle sway of her hips lopsided, her legs open just wide enough for him to see the wet spot at the “V” of her limbs.

“Of course not princess,” smiled her father mischievously. “I was just getting warmed up for you. How about you bounce on your dear old man’s cock honey?”

Anna smirked devilishly as her hands grabbed hold of her shirt and pulled it over her head. Her shirt floated to the ground as she made to wiggle out of her jeans, barely stopping to peal the fabric from her skin. Dan was surprised to see his daughter not wearing a bra, but enjoyed the view immensely. The jiggle of her shapely ass was just detectable as she jumped up and down, and her father laughed, his cock throbbing as he imagined her ass jiggled from his pounding.

She ripped off her old, drenched panties and straddled her father. Heat radiated from her legs as she grinded into him, the brush of his cock against her clit and vulva exciting her more.

Dan buried his hand in her blond hair and brought her mouth to his, their tongues dancing in a passionate bond. Veins were furiously bulging in his cock as his free hand went to play with his daughter’s erect nipple, the nubs standing up angrily with arousal. With her neglected nipples finally getting the attention from her father, Anna let a soft whimper out into her father’s mouth. Her whimper turned into a soft moaning when the calloused tips of her daddy’s fingers pinched the red beads of skin. Dripping from her soaking cunt, her sweet pussy juice coated the top of his shaft.

The feel of his baby’s smooth pussy against his warm rod forced Dan into a lusty thrust upwards. Both pulled away as her wet folds wrapped around his stiff member. Inside, Dan knew that her hole was not as tight as it was their first time, but it didn’t take away from the strong squeeze her inner walls were placing on his blood-engorged dick. Anna was enjoying his fat cock with a smile when her daddy decided to start pumping into her cunt.

“Oh yeah daddy, pound my little baby pussy with your fat fucking cock,” she breathed out in urgency, her body bouncing for more of her father’s length. He moaned in response as he drove himself deeper inside Anna, a wet, sloppy sound audible from the movement.

Dan worked in and out of his daughter, his thick cock pumping quickly into her as the sounds of their slapping skin paired with their moans. At times, father and daughter would moan at the same time and make them feel even more desperate for release. Anna could feel her inner walls rippling around his throbbing shaft with her hole tightly hugging against him. Her dad was definitely feeling his cum boil in his balls as he fucked his daughter.

The steady slap of skin against skin – stomach against stomach, balls against ass – was music to her ears as she felt her clit and cunt throb powerfully around her father. She was close and she needed to release.

“Fuck yeah daddy! Oooh that’s it – Fuck your little girl hard with your long, hard, fat fucking cock,” Anna cried into her father’s shoulder as her toes curled with her tightened body. She shook uncontrollably while her father continued to ride her spasming tunnel, gripping her hair with enough strain to make her faintly aware of the pain Erotik hikaye he wanted to cause her.

“Cum inside your horny, little baby slut daddy,” Anna ordered her father through her pants. Her eyes were staring deep into his as she flexed her cunt around his hard cock in hopes of having his cum fill her womb. Feeling her walls wrap around him tighter with such control brought Dan to the edge in a matter of seconds. His hands flew to her hips and pulled her completely onto his cock, trying to fit into her to the last centimeter.

Stuffing her full of his cock made Anna’s eyes go wide with shock and pain: she could feel the tip of his cock gently stretching into the opening of her cervix. Despite the pain, she came once more over his cock, her juices shooting out to cover his thighs and the warm sack that rested against her ass. Dan was in bliss as his lips fluttered over her exposed chest, kissing her clavicles tenderly as he pumped his thick ropes of sticky cum straight into her depths. Shot after shot filled her tiny cunt and began to drip out of her hole as her father pulled out of her.

Her full lips brushed against his as she wrapped her arms around him. They spent a few minutes with their sweaty bodies entangled together before they parted. Anna quickly gathered the remnants of her outfit and ran into her old room to get dressed.


In the garage, Mary gripped the door knob with white knuckles. She had just seen her husband and daughter on the couch in a hot fuck. Clothes were strewn about the hallway and Anna was bouncing on her husband, sweat spotting the back of Dan’s neck.

She could feel the seams of her heart breaking. How could her husband of over 30 years cheat on her?- Especially with their own daughter?! Mary felt betrayed and hurt in the most intimate of ways, but she could not deny the excitement it had excited in her. Just the thought of having her husband’s thick cock and large balls being bounced on by a young tight pussy got her nipples throbbing on her large breasts.

Her old pussy was tingling in her heated panties, her juices beginning to spot the gusset. A soft breeze was running through the open garage and sending a pleasant shiver through her skin. Mary’s moist cunt itched to be fucked and her nipples begged to be pinched. She knew that the neighbors would certainly see her naked body if she pulled her clothes off and started to finger herself, but her mind pushed the thoughts out as she put her purse on the ground.

The buttons of her denim jeans unbuttoned and fell around her sandaled feet. Her fingers slipped beneath the waist of her white cotton panties and found her hardened clit. Mary’s other hand pulled her shirt up above her breast, the cups of her bra going with her shirt. The soft swell of her 40DD breast hung out in the open air as her fingers slowly ran up and down her slit, spreading her wetness around her mound.

Soft sighs of relief bubbled over her choked cries as her hand massaged her plump tit, her nipple swelling to a stiffened nub. Pinching and pulling on her hard nipples soon brought moans from deep within her throat.

Juices soaked her panties and were beginning to slick her thighs when Mary decided to pull her panties around her ankles. She could not believe that she was exposing her almost naked body for the entire cul-de-sac to see. What on earth was she thinking? Mary could only tell someone that she only had orgasms on her mind.

Her fingers slipped inside her lubricated hole and made her moan loud enough for her neighbors to hear. The 70-year-old man from across the street was peering through his window to see the perfect view of her hand working beneath her panties, his cock hardening at the sight.

As Mary furiously fingered her pussy with three fingers fitting inside her hole, the man in the window masturbated with eyes glued to her form. She lifted a breast to her mouth as she sucked her hard nub between her teeth, her fingers continuing to pound into her open pussy.

Thoughts of her daughter’s swinging tits as her father penetrated her slippery mound made her tunnel throb powerfully around her searching fingers. Her velvet smooth walls rippled around her manicured nails and gripped them as her canal spasmed in orgasm, the cum exploding around her fingers and smearing on her upper thighs. Mary was not afraid of her indisposed family finding her, nor was she scared that a neighbor was unashamedly stroking his cock to her nude body: she had no care in the world other than the hurt that she felt. The hurt of being cheated on subdued from her orgasm, but the pain was undoubtedly still lingering.

Mary pulled her shirt and bra down before pulling her panties and shorts up, taking her bag in her hand as she stood. Gathering the rest of her groceries, Mary wiped her eyes softly before making a loud entrance to a clean hallway and her family sitting in the kitchen, munching on chips as they chatted.


Mary spoke with Dan and Anna throughout the night as normally as she could manage, her silent stares into the abyss only bringing a slight stir in the night’s talk. Images of her daughter’s head passionately thrown back as her breasts bounced up and down in front of Dan’s face moistened Mary’s slit throughout the torturous evening. Anna and Dan acted as if they were a normal father and daughter, and the sight absolutely sickened Mary. How could these two act so innocently when the two of them were doing such hideous things?!

The evening wound down with Dan sitting in the middle of the couch, Anna and Mary idly watching an old war movie the man of the house had chosen. Dejectedly, Mary stared at the television screen without really absorbing the line of the story, her mind preoccupied with jealousy for her daughter. Mary wanted to have her husband pound away at her aging pussy like that, to have that passion for her tanned body, to have an honest relationship to each other like they had promised to each other so many years ago.

“What?” Anna’s mother blandly asked as she realized her attention had been called.

“You looked tired mom. I think you should go to bed; I’m gonna go to bed as well momma,” Anna said to her mother. Her youthful body stretched—Mary noticing her husband’s eyes fleetingly glance at their daughter’s full tits—before getting up from her chair to head towards the bedrooms.

Mary changed into her nightgown and crawled into bed, staying up to listen for the perverted acts of her family. She drifted off to sleep, still straining her ears for the trace of her daughter’s faint moan.

In her slumber, Mary dreamt of her daughter’s moaning mouth, her body sticky with globs of cum as she rode her daddy. When she woke up at the darkest hour of the night, Mary could feel the moisture in her hairy slit. She noticed that Dan had not come to bed and wasted no time in slipping her hand between her legs, a sharp moan escaping her as her clit was softly brushed.

Her fingers gently pushed into her sensitive flesh, rubbing in small circles. The fingers of Mary’s other hand slid up and down her body before going to her slippery folds, teasing the skin around her opening. She could feel her heart pounding in excitement as she toyed with her pussy, her nipples hard as she thought of her daughter opening her slim legs to show her mother an open, horny hole.

A faint moan filled the house, a few moments passing by before Mary realized that the moan didn’t belong to her. Knowing that her baby girl was moaning while her mother pleasured her horny cunt made Mary sink her fingers into her depths. Her aging hips pushed into her pounding hand while her juices dripped onto the sheets and down her large ass.

The ripples over her fingers excited Mary, but she was distracted: she wanted to see her daughter getting fucked.

As quick as she could, Mary silently moved from her bed to the hall. Now, she could hear her Anna moaning to her father with clarity, the soft sounds of slapping skin falling upon Mary’s ears. Strong pulses in her pink depths gave Mary enough courage to make her way down the hall.

Loud slaps were heard with a strange scraping noise, Mary instantly knowing that it was the kitchen table her family was fucking on. “Oh yes daddy, fuck my little cunt,” Anna begged in a hushed moan, the words making Mary’s cunt spasm with want. Mary’s fingers thrusted in and out of her gaping cunt as she watched and listened on the sinful act.

Anna’s legs were wrapped around her father, his hand pushing her nipple to her mouth. Dan watched his daughter as she greedily suckled her own tit as he fucked her hot, wet pussy. “You want all of daddy’s cock in your pussy? You like having every inch of my cock baby? You like all of daddy’s cock in that tight fuckhole? Fucking take my cock” he grunted to his daughter, much to Mary’s delight as she felt herself shaking, her own body close to orgasm.

Her daughter’s groans and gasps became strained, her climax looming in the horizon. “Make my pussy come daddy,” she whined as her ample breasts bounced up and down. “Make me cover your cock with cum! Oh fuck my horny fucking pussy daddy! Fuck my slutty cunt you old fuck! Yes daddy, yes. Oh—I’m coming! I’m coming on your hard cock daddy! Oooh!”

Mary bit into her lip as she felt her pussy release its fluid over her hand as she watched her daughter do the same to her husband’s pistoning cock. The talk had driven the mother to the edge as she watched the sway of her daughter’s breasts and the swing of her husband’s balls against their daughter’s luscious ass.

“Make her fucking come daddy,” she whispered as her fingers rode out her spasming walls, her hard nipples rubbing against the wall as she watched her husband pull out of their blond daughter. Juices coated his thick cock as he started to fist his length, his daughter gliding off the table to slide her lips up and down his hard shaft.

“Suck my cock you little slut,” ordered her father as he pushed his girth into her pink lips, her throat bulging as his cock slid into her mouth. Tears welled up in Anna’s eyes as she let her father fuck her pretty mouth. Mary gasped and rode another orgasm as she saw her husband empty his balls down their daughter’s throat, her daughter gulping down his load with expertise.

In a shocked daze, Mary scrambled to her bathroom to clean herself up. A quick cleaning brought her back to bed, and was fast asleep by the time Dan crawled into bed with her.

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