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I looked at the dress through the window and suppressed a groan of longing. I’d already been inside the store and tried it on, so I knew that it fit and looked gorgeous on me, but it was 500 dollars. There’s no way my parents could afford to let me spend that much on a dress that I’d probably only wear once or twice.

I fiddled with my long red hair, and tried to come up with some way to earn enough money to buy the dress. At 18 years old, I had a part time job after school to help pay for college. I also set aside some money for a dress, but so far I’d only managed to save up about 200 dollars. Even if I spent every cent of my next check on the dress, it wouldn’t be enough.

The dance was only 2 weeks away! I didn’t really have a date; I was going with my friend. He was my next door neighbor, and while we had been friends for years, we weren’t anything more. In fact, his girlfriend had just broken up with him, so I was going with him to be nice.

Even if we weren’t like that, he might ask me to have sex with him… After all, it was somewhat expected that couples attending their senior prom together would try to sneak off and have a bit of fun after the dance. I guess it didn’t really matter to me because I trusted him, and he would make a good boyfriend.

I was staring at the window in a way that made my eyes go almost blurry. I was unfocused and didn’t really see anything, not even the dress I wanted so badly. Something caught my eye, and though it took me a moment, I realized that there was a man sitting on a bench behind me – staring at me.

The mall was crowded, so it was nothing for someone to want to rest their feet for a moment on the benches provided by the mall. He was probably only people watching, and not really interested in me in the slightest, but something about his gaze made me wonder. I’m not sure, but I think he was in his 30’s or 40’s. He looked like he worked out, and was pretty handsome.

Handsome?! What the hell am I thinking??? He’s probably at least as old as my dad! I decided to move on.

Without really intending to, I kept some of my attention on him, so I immediately realized it when he got up and followed me. I stopped in front of another window display and pretended to examine it. Sure enough, he sat to watch me some more.

Ok, now that’s just creepy! What do I do, what do I do? I could head to the mall security office, but he wasn’t really doing anything, so should I really make a big deal?

I went to the nearest ladies room, took care of some business, and then reapplied my makeup. Maybe I had wasted enough time that he would have moved on by now. I kept my eyes on my cell phone as I emerged from the bathroom, and used my peripheral vision to scan the area. He was sitting on a chair, waiting for me.

I didn’t want to risk him stalking me all the way home, and I also didn’t want to go to security unless he was actually doing something wrong, so I flopped into a different chair – one that I happened to know was right under a security camera.

I texted a few of my friends, and surfed the net a bit on my phone. I loitered there for at least a half an hour, but still… he did not move. Oh God! At this point, I may just need to tell him to stop following me!

I got up to leave. If he followed me again, I was just going to have to report him to the security office. I had to pass him as I walked away, and he startled me as I did so.

“Excuse me…”

I looked at him in surprise; I didn’t think he would actually talk to me! “May I help you?” I asked sweetly in my customer service voice.

“I have a confession to make… I’ve been following you.”

What was I supposed to say to that? “Um… okay?”

“I know that this is entirely inappropriate, but… if I paid you 1000 dollars, would you have sex with me?”

I was open-mouthed in shock! “I am not that kind of girl!”

What the hell?! Why would he ask me that? Did I look like a whore? I was modestly dressed, and my makeup wasn’t bad. I liked it to look like I was wearing none at all so I couldn’t look like a slut.

He was still watching me, and his expression made me think that he didn’t believe me. Well of course he doesn’t believe me! What am I still doing standing here?

Then again… he was offering me 1000 dollars! With that kind of money, I could buy my dress and have money left over to put into my college savings account. 1000 dollars…

What the hell am I thinking?! I am not going to accept his offer, but because I was too absorbed in my thoughts to move, he probably thought I was waiting for him to ask again. Like it would be okay if he simply asked me a second time!

Turn him down girl! Don’t just stand there, walk away! Go report him to security! Do something!

“5000!” I blurted out. What???

“Excuse me?”

I blushed and looked at the floor. “I really have never… I’m not that kind of girl, so… If I’m going to sell you my virginity, shouldn’t I get paid a lot more for it?”

He gave me casino siteleri a questioning look, and then smiled a tiny bit. “You’re absolutely right. It’s good to see a girl who values herself so highly… but… if I am going to pay you 5000 dollars, then I expect to have you all to myself for the entire weekend and you will let me do whatever I want to you.”

I was still looking at the floor and I bit my lip. I already stated that he would be buying my virginity, which meant he would be going all the way. What more could he possibly want from me? Oh… I bet he’ll want me to give him a blowjob and maybe even swallow.

That thought made me grimace slightly. It wasn’t pleasant to think about, but having 5000 dollars in my college savings account would really help me in the future. I could maybe even buy a laptop!

“O… Okay!” I finally replied. I already figured that he meant now, since it was a Friday afternoon, and there was too high a chance that I’d back down or even report him if I waited until next weekend. I pulled out my cellphone again.

“Mom? Alicia invited me to spend the weekend at her house. She wants to have a Harry Potter marathon before we go see 7 part 2. Can I?” I didn’t technically have to ask, but always better to do so. That way, my parents couldn’t get mad at me…

“Um… I guess that would be fine. Your father and I were planning on going out to dinner tonight anyway.”

“Great! See you Sunday,” I smiled as I said that. To be honest, I was a nervous wreck, but if I smiled on the outside, hopefully she wouldn’t realize something was off.

“Have fun honey.”

“You too!” I bade her. Afterwards, I put my phone away, and then silently followed my… buyer? Client? Oh God! What have I gotten myself into?

I thought of one more thing and grabbed my cellphone out of my pocket again. “Hi, you’ve reached Sadie’s phone, and I’m sorry I can’t answer it, but my battery has died, and I won’t be able to charge it for a couple of days. Please leave me a message, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.” I hung up, turned my ringer to silent, and then pocketed my phone.

“Isn’t that dangerous? What if I do something horribly bad to you? How will anyone ever know where you went, or something like that?”

I shrugged. “I am definitely on the security cameras here in your company. I figure if things don’t turn out the way we’ve agreed they will, then my parents will have a starting point, and the police’ll know who to look for after reviewing the footage here.”

“Good point… Ah… So you did notice me following you, and that’s why you sat where you’d be visible to several cameras.”

I nodded with a small smile.

“Pretty smart actually,” he grinned at me.

“That’s me,” I sighed with a strange emotion, like disappointment mixed with sadness. “In the top one percent of my class.”

“Isn’t that the same as saying you are the top of your class?”

I laughed. “Well, not exactly. My class size is close to 3000 students, so there are actually a couple others at the top with me… like 30…”

“I see.”

By this time, we were at his car. He opened the front passenger door for me – like a gentleman from the movies – and waited for me to get in. I hesitated for only a second, and then got in.

Why was I doing this again? Oh yeah… 5000 dollars… Dear mom and dad, I am sorry that I turned out to be such a bad girl after all. I didn’t really plan to be bad, but…

His house actually wasn’t far away. I could walk home from here if I needed to, but I was confused now. Did a man who lived in this regular neighborhood really have 5000 dollars to spend on my virginity, or was that just bait to lure me here.

I sighed and muttered, “I guess I’m not as smart as I’m supposed to be.”

I don’t think he heard me as he was walking around to open the door for me again. He held out his hand and I took it as I got out of his car. I don’t know what I was expecting, but so far I was a tiny bit disappointed.

He opened his house door and escorted me in. Inside, he held my hand for a minute, simply looking into my eyes. I saw a strange expression cross his face.

“Not that it matters – I’m doing something illegal here either way – but how old are you?”

“18 for two more months.” Which made me older than all the other kids in school, but I had been shy, and my mom kept me home from an extra year. I was still shy, which sort of explained why I hadn’t gotten around to losing my virginity. Yet, heh heh..

“I see… and rather more honest than I expected.”

I heard a clock chime 7PM, and then wondered who had clocks that chime anymore? Whatever…

I nervously watched him watch me, wondering what he planned to do. Was he just going to whip it out right here and expect me to suck on it? Or was my first time actually going to be in a bed?

He didn’t answer my silent question, but he did lead me to a bedroom. I briefly looked at all of the pictures on his wall, and realized that he was slot oyna pretty much alone in all of them. Looks like he didn’t have a family to care that he was planning on paying a teenager for sex.

“Wait here,” he commanded, abandoning me in his room for a moment.

I looked around his bedroom, and was mildly surprised that it was as clean and pleasant as it was. It was definitely decorated by a man, but not in a bad way. One would almost think that he had an interest in interior design.

“I know you might find it strange for someone to have this kind of cash in their house, but here you go,” he said as he handed me a thick envelope.

I looked through it enough to realize that there probably really was 5000 dollars in it. Oh my God! My hands shook as I thought about the money in my hands. I was officially holding more money than I had ever seen in my life!

“Thank you,” I stammered.

“For what? It’s only what you are about to earn.”

“I know… Thank you for not being some sicko luring stupid girls like me into…”

He laughed slightly. “Well, I guess that still remains to be seen.”

I put the envelope in my purse and set it on his dresser. There was a video camera there; which suddenly glowed red as it started recording. Wait a minute! That wasn’t part of the deal!

However… it was 5000 dollars… I tucked a strand of hair behind my ear, bit my lip, and wondered again what he wanted me to do. Should I strip or should I let him undress me? Was that even important yet; maybe he wanted to only uncover what needed to be uncovered.

I really should have watched a porn or read a smut novel to figure out what a man like him would like done. Then I remembered that this happened so fast that I wouldn’t have had time to prepare anyway. I couldn’t even call any of my friends for advice!

He ran a hand through his hair, and I realized that he was nervous too! This stunned me. Surely he knew what he was doing…

“I… um, well, you see… you did agree to let me do anything I wanted to do, so…” His face turned red, and I started to wonder if this good looking 30 or 40 year old man was a virgin too.

Finally, he spit it out, “I want to tie you up!”

I had already told him that I was fairly smart, but seriously, I felt like such an idiot right now. “Huh?”

“What I really want is to force a young girl against her will, but we took care of that with our little business arrangement, so… I figure if I tie you up, you can pretend to struggle and tell me no. It’s why I have the camera sitting there… so that I can protect myself by having you clearly tell me beforehand if that would be okay.”

Oh God! What have I gotten myself into??? I know I told him that he could do whatever, but I had no idea that he meant this! Um um um, what do I say?

“But what if I really want you to stop?” I wondered.

“Then you tell me a safe word. Something to let me know that you are serious.”

Interesting idea… “Um… butterfly,” I said and then covered my mouth with my hand. That sounded like I just said yes!

“Butterfly; okay,” he nodded in agreement.

Wait no! I didn’t mean that… but it’s 5000 dollars, but but… I sighed as I nodded in agreement. This is so not how I pictured my first time!

He carefully removed my clothes and I helped him. I was astonished to discover just what I would do for 5000 dollars. I mean never once had I considered prostitution to be a good idea, but now that I have been confronted with it, I couldn’t seem to find a good enough reason not to.

“I’m going to be rough with you. Feel free to scream, cry, yell… whatever you feel like. Just know that I really will stop if you say the safe word,” he promised.

“I understand.” I am so scared right now… It sounds like he actually plans to hurt me!

He tied my hands together, and then pushed me onto the bed. I whimpered, but otherwise kept my mouth shut. He grinned at me in a way that was slightly evil, and I felt tears slide from my eyes. WHY? Why was I so determined to do this?!

He opened his pants and pulled out his hard and ready dick. I had never really seen one before – certainly not a hard one – and at this moment, it terrified me! He spread my legs.

“No, please no!” I begged. I honestly couldn’t imagine that that thing would feel any good inside me. He gave me that slightly evil grin again, and I realized that he wouldn’t actually stop because I hadn’t said the safe word. He watched me think this over, and though I was crying – nearly sobbing at this point – I didn’t say it.

“Just so you know, I decided to do this first because the first time hurts anyways. I promise it’ll get better later on.”

He shoved himself inside me, and there was an intense pain. I think only a little of it was the actually pain of losing my virginity. The rest of it was shock, and my already emotional state of expectancy.

“Please stop, that hurts!” I cried. He pulled out a bit, and rammed himself back inside me. I gasped, canlı casino siteleri and then sobbed. The safe word was running around and around inside my head, but I couldn’t seem to say the damn thing!

He continued to bang into me for so long that something strange happened. I no longer felt pain. I even relaxed and stopped crying. Did I go into shock? I mean I felt him doing it still, but if anything, I was almost numb. He paused and kissed the tears from my cheeks.

“Thank you,” he said. “I’ve always wanted to do that.”

“Why?” I asked, wondering why anyone would want to inflict that kind of pain on someone.

“Because I know it is wrong and that I shouldn’t do it. Something about the forbidden…”

That actually made some sense! I know I had always wanted to do most of the things my parents told me not to… like have sex with strangers for example… I guess we’re both perverts.

His kissed me and I felt my heart skip a beat. He resumed his thrusting, only this time I felt a strange heat. It felt… good; or at least it did not feel bad like it had.

I found myself grunting, and it sounded like I was actually enjoying myself a bit. Suddenly, he buried himself as deeply inside me as he could, and I felt something hot and wet gushing inside me. I stared at him in puzzlement until it dawned on me that he had just cum.

He carefully settled his weight atop me – my bound hands between us – and kissed me some more. The kissing was really wreaking havoc on my heartbeat. I found this strange. It had been pounding earlier when he first started, but that was to be expected since I was afraid then. Why was it doing so now?

After several minutes of kissing – in which I felt like I was getting rather good at it – he started to thrust once more. This time he did so slowly, gently. He smiled at me, looking a bit like the big bad wolf.

“I warn you; a man who has recently cum can last a very long time. We could be at this all night.”

He had to be pulling my leg! I know he asked for a weekend, but I thought that he planned to include sleep, meals, and a shower or two! I had no idea that sex could last all night!

I honestly don’t know how long he leisurely thrust into me as he kissed me, but I felt completely devoured by him. I figure several hours must have passed since we started, and briefly wondered if my mom had called to check up on me yet. If she had, then she probably called Alicia’s house when she heard my message, which meant that she could very likely be worried sick about me right now.

I firmly shoved that thought into the back of my head, and returned my concentration to the man on top of me. He was now sucking on my neck, and that hot and wonderful feeling was back again. I moaned even as I prayed that he wouldn’t leave any marks.

His mouth shifted to my breast, and he paused in his thrusting to nibble and lick my nipples. I made him stop for a moment to untie my hands, and then dug my nails into his head, pushing my chest into his mouth. Okay, this may have been a good idea after all!

A few minutes later, he unexpectedly pulled out of me completely, and before I knew what he was doing, his head was between my legs. I clamped my legs together and tried to pull him away by his hair. “No!” I protested.

“You did say anything,” he reminded me and then resumed his oral assault on my anatomy. I was so sensitive there that it hurt slightly, tickled, and felt good all at the same time.

I tried to control my breathing in order to keep calm, but his tongue was doing something that made my toes curl. I was digging my nails into his head again, and something strange was happening. I felt hotter than ever, and I swear my body was about to melt completely.

“Butterfly! Butterfly!” I screamed.

He laughed. “Now?”

“Yes!” I insisted.

“Sorry, but just this one time, I am going to ignore that,” he informed me and then his mouth was on me again.

“OhGodohGodohGod!” I screamed and grabbed a pillow to cover my face as I sobbed. This felt so good, and I have no idea why I was sobbing, but having a pillow to cover the whole embarrassing mess seemed like an excellent idea.

There are no words to describe what I was feeling next, but I can say that I was shaking and screaming into that poor pillow. Even so, I am certain that his entire neighborhood heard me. Some of them had probably even called the cops. I could totally picture the look on my parents face if they had to come bail me out of jail after this, and it wasn’t pretty.

I am such a bad girl!

“So…” my lover began, “Do you want me to do that to you again?”

“What??? No! Not yet!” If I had any energy left at the moment, I would have jumped to the other side of the bed.

“Are you sure?” He asked and then licked me once more.

“Butterfly!” I yelled.

He laughed. “Okay, but then I have nothing else to do but bury myself deep inside you once more.”

Um um um, help?

He did exactly that, only this time something was different. His every thrust rubbed me in a way it hadn’t before, and I was soon begging. I am not sure why I was begging, but I was. I started shuddering in orgasmic pleasure again, but he did not stop.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32