BYU Girls Soccer Player

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**The following story is 100% true. It happened while I was living at BYU in the Belmont Condos. I’m not a writer, so I know the style, grammar, detail may not be up to par, I just want to share this real experience. **

Last fall I met this girl online who played on the girls BYU soccer team.

She came over to my place, we went to my room and started talking. She told how she had recently discovered that she was bisexual and had made out with another girl on the team. She really wanted to do more with her but at the same time felt really guilty. The other girl just seemed to do it for fun, and told her she wasn’t bi herself, that she just liked kissing girls. Ever since then she would finger herself each night thinking about fucking other girls on the team.

As she told me this story we started touching each other and just teasing, until eventually I asked her what she’d want to do with the hottest girl on the team and she said ‘this” and straddled me and started kissing my neck, my ear (which is my secret Kuşadası Escort spot that just sets me off) and biting my lips, sucking on my tongue. Grinding back and forth and moaning into my ear. Just hearing her moan into my ear was enough to almost make me cum. Then she started sucking on my tongue showing me what she would do if she were sucking my cock.

We started taking over our clothes, her in a sports bra and thong and me in my garments. We made out more until I flipped her over and started kissing down her stomach. I got to her panty line, started sucking right at the hem and looked up to see her sweating and nodding me further. I rolled the top of her panties down just a little bit and started licking lower and lower, just above her slit. She started moaning and said we should stop but kept pushing my head lower. Eventually I reached just above her clit and looked up. She said she’d never had anyone do this to her before and at that point I plunged my tongue onto her clit and started flicking Kuşadası Escort Bayan it and flicking. I can still hear her moaning if I think about it.

She kept saying she should stop, but she kept my face stuck to her clit, eventually we both pulled her panties all the way off and I dove back in. Flicking her clit with my tongue and fingering her. She lifted her ass in the air and started grinding my face more and more moaning louder and louder. Eventually I could tell she was getting close and switched it up, took my fingers to her clit and started fucking her with my tongue. This is when she really went crazy, started moaning really loud and I could feel her pussy clamp on my tongue as she started shivering. She said that was the first real orgasm she ever had.

Then she got on top of me, with my garments still on and started riding my dick hard. She had these perfect hard toned and tanned soccer girl legs which was incredible. She switched around and rode me reverse cowgirl (her Escort Kuşadası on top facing away) so her I could see her ass. It was the second hottest thing i’d ever seen in my life. (I might tell you the first hottest thing another time, but only if you earn.)

She started moaning again and then got off, turned around, pulled my garments off, got down on her hands and knees facing away from me and grabbed my cock, guiding it to her pussy. She didn’t want to fuck but she had me rub my cock against her doggy style hard. She started screaming again and right I was going to come she turned around again. Pushed me back on the bed, kneeled in front of me before taking my cock in her mouth looked at me and said, “‘I’ve been a good girl my entire life, I’ve never given head before,” and she moved the blonde piece of hair out of her face, licked my tip and then took the whole thing in her virgin lips.

The next day I took another girl to the girls soccer game and watched her play. That night while fucking the girl I had taken to the game, all I could think about was that girl on the BYU soccer team.

A week later she texted me and said we had gone too far, she felt guilty about it and wanted to tell her bishop, she wanted me to come over and talk about it. I came over and ended up eating her pussy in her shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32