Cabin Fever

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It was going to be a long drive – I was treating my son Wilson and his friends, Joshua and Trevor, to our little lakeside cabin to celebrate their last week of high school. They had been smaller, nerdy boys for most of their high school career, but in the past six months, since they all turned 18, they suddenly looked like lanky college freshman.

My son and Trevor were sitting in the back chatting, yelling, playing games, and their music was so loud I could barely hear a word. The day was heating up and I needed to get my jacket off, so I asked Joshua to grab onto one of my sleeves so I could wiggle my way free of my jacket. As I squirmed out I saw Joshua’s eyes fixed on my cleavage – I was wearing a low-cut tank expecting a hot day, and I’m sure he was getting quite a view. I couldn’t help a little smirk – it was cute, for boys this age every curve of a woman’s body is a mystery and a wonder. From that point on I noticed that Joshua didn’t turn around to chat with his friends as much – he stayed quieter. And for some reason he seemed *far* more interested in the view out of my side of the window than his…

I admit it – I couldn’t help myself, I felt just a little bit proud. I had a mom’s body, for sure, but liked to flatter myself that I had curves in all the right places, and having a teenager literally transfixed by a small bit of my skin amused me more than it probably should have. Curiosity built up, then overcame me – I took a little glance at his athletic shorts. There was a bulge… but again, at this age, what wouldn’t cause that? I tried to distract him with conversation, and he eventually got pretty voluble, talking about how strict his parents were, how hard it was sharing a room with his six year old brother, musing about what he wanted to do with his life. Every time I glanced over I saw his eyes flash upwards from whatever they had been looking at.

When we got to the cottage the doors to the car flew open, and my son and Trevor bounded out of the car, their backpacks almost comically trailing behind them as they darted for the cabin. I got out, stretched, and bent over to touch my toes, gripping my ankles to try to get the ache of the car ride out of my muscles. As I took a deep breath and stretched my neck up, I opened my eyes and caught Joshua quickly looking pointedly the other direction.

“Are you going to go into the cabin?” I asked, not thinking.

“In a second, I’m just enjoying the stillness.”

“Of course! I’ll finish unpacking the car and let you collect your thoughts. It’s important to take a moment just to breathe.”

I hoped that was a graceful enough way to give him an out. I grabbed the rest of the gear from the back of the car, and headed towards the cabin. The boys god bored quickly, and wanted to go for a little hike.

“Can we go for a hike down to the gorge?”

I looked at my watch, “Keep an eye on time, you’ll only have about a half hour there to make sure you get back before dusk.”

“Thanks mom! Love you!” He said, pecking me on the cheek before charging down to the shore to collect his friends. I was excited that they were going, it would give me a chance for a dip, without having to worry about wearing a swimsuit. The water always feels so much better when you can slip into it, silky smooth and free.

I gave them a twenty minute head start before waking down to the shore in a light robe robe and towel. I let them drop, bathing in the sun before stepping into the refreshingly clear and crisp water. I immediately dived in, goosebumps erupting up and down my body. After swimming and lounging for a few minutes, I noticed that my nipples were so hard and cold that they were actually hurting, and swam over to the diving dock to sun myself. Slipping onto the warm wood I basked in the sun, and just let myself go.

My mind got to daydreaming, and my day dreaming got to… well, my hands found their ways working down my stomach, and then between my legs. My wife and I had been out to dinner with friends the evening before, and every few minutes her hand found a place that would give me a little shiver: the graze up the inside of my thigh, a finger lightly tracing the line of my hip bone, a hand moving up from my shoulder to the nape of my neck, making me shudder. She had spent all night touching me, lightly, almost teasingly – and then gotten paged, leaving me to sleep frustrated in the best possible way.

As I finally let my hand slip down the inside of my slit, wishing it was my wife’s, I gave a little shudder noticing I was already much wetter and more engorged than I expected. I knew a lot of this was left-over from the night before… and I wished I could honestly say that the attention from the morning played no role at all. But I couldn’t.

My free hand traced the underside of my breast, making slow circles, teasing, tempting myself towards my nipple… until I finally let myself touch it. I bit my lip and gave myself a pinch, and then put my feet flat on the boards, knees wide and open. I let myself give out a moan, loving the Giresun Escort slick wet sound my fingers made rubbing up and down my slit, feeling coursing waves of pleasure radiate out from my breasts and my crotch, meeting powerfully behind my bellybutton. I was getting closer. I was getting closer. And I was imagining my wife’s tongue on every part of me, but I couldn’t stop getting the occasional flash of that bulge I had seen this morning, and those eyes transfixed between my breasts. It’s been so long since someone looked at me with that hunger.

As my fingers got faster, thrashing my clit left and right while I pinched my nipple, remembering the much more deft touches I get from my wife… I felt the first shudders of an onrushing orgasm filter through my body…

And I heard voices, startlingly close. And I froze.

Fuck. The boys must have gotten diverted and given up on the gorge idea, and were on their way back. I couldn’t move a muscle, I didn’t know what to do. They were talking, joking, making an almost unbelievable amount of noise, less than two dozen yards away. Then, suddenly, the voices stopped. Then the whispers started… a flurry of voices I could barely make out.

“Oh my god is that your mom?”

“… probably, knowing her.”

“Holy shit I didn’t know she was so hot.”


“Should we stay?”

Fuck, I didn’t know what to do. The voices were getting less distinct, but more excited. I let my hand slide away from my crotch, hoping it looked nonchalant, and hoping that my hand on my breast just looked like a comfortable position. I played like I was waking up, and stretched… I had fallen asleep tanning, nothing wrong with that.

They kept whispering, getting a bit quieter. I had to assume that I had more patience than them, and eventually they could go away and we’d all pretend that none of this had happened. But that didn’t happen. They stayed there, whispering, then silent, as the sun descended. I laid there, and laid there, and laid there, and they didn’t make a move. So I had to. But I was sooooo close, and not thinking straight.

I let my hand slide back down to my crotch, closing my legs slightly, still pretending to be waking up from sleep. Got I have never felt this good touching myself, and I felt my breathing get ragged. Right before I felt an explosion come over me, I came to my senses. My son and his friends were watching me! I couldn’t cum here and now! With a tremendous effort I held back, and lowered my hand. I laid there for a moment, catching my breath.

I stood up and stretched, blinking in faux confusion at the bright light. It was just a nap. And it’s not like they hadn’t already seen much, much more. I dived into the water and swam to shore. When I got to my robe, I thought of gathering it up and covering myself, but something was happening to me. I was enjoying this attention. It was harmless, all boys had their moments of peeping, and I felt a bit special being the one they would go back to, comparing all their future loves. I bent at the waist, keeping my knees straight. I noticed that my pussy’s wetness hadn’t significantly decreased during my swim… I felt a drip of wetness down my thigh with a little thrill of embarrassment.

I straightened up, like a lady, and draped the robe over my arms. I walked back into the cabin, and ducked into my bedroom to put some clothes on. I went with shorts and a tight tank top without a bra, hoping the heat would excuse me, then started dinner. My mind was reeling a little bit, unable to believe what I had done. As I reflected, I calmed down. Most boys do some peeping in their formative years, and at least I showed them what pleasure looked like. I probably did all of their future wives and girlfriends a huge favour. This would be a moment they reflected on for the rest of their lives, I thought mischievously, at least I had given them a really good one.

The boys came in about 15 minutes later… at least they had enough sense to generate some plausible deniability.

“Hi! How was your walk?” I beamed, trying to be my usual bubbly self.

My son Wilson played it off well enough “It was great! We decided to come back a little bit early so that we could play some cards. Did you do anything fun?” The cheeky little bastard…

“I went for a dip, which was nice! The water is clear and beautiful. You boys should try it.”

“Maybe later,” he replied, bounding up and giving me a hug and a kiss. I wish I could say for sure I didn’t feel anything pressing up against his shorts. I guess I wouldn’t have been able to help it in his position. The other boys were grinning, unable to contain themselves. They went into the room with their bunks, and again demonstrated their inability to understand volume.

“Holy shit,” Trevor said, sotto voce “I can’t believe you fucking did that.”

“Pay up,” my son said, with a recognizably pompous grin that I could hear 20 feet away and through a wooden door. So that was it, he was doing a little side hustle. Giresun Escort Bayan Hey, using your mom to make some scratch? I was a bit proud of the kid.

“God,” Joshua whispered, “I wish I got to do that…”

“She’s a hugger, go for it!” joked my son, grin still clearly in place.

Dinner was nice, with more blushes and giggles than were strictly common among this group. While they did the dishes I went to take a quick lie down in my room… hoping to finish what I had started earlier. I went to turn on the A/C, which clunked, sputtered, then stopped. Fuck. There is no way I can sleep in here, with no AC, in this weather. I’d have to sleep on the couch. I laid down, and tried to touch my breast, and felt sticky and disgusting. Fuck this.

I walked back into the kitchen, and told the boys I’d have to be crashing on the couch tonight. I took a quick shower, and then gathered up my bedding and made the couch up. Even with the AC in this room it was hot, and I was upset I’d have to sleep in clothes, which is *not* my normal.

I pulled on my thin robe, pulled up some fairly covering booty-short style knickers, and started to settle in for the evening. The boys were making a lot of noise in their room, and it was somehow comforting to drift off to their boisterous energy.

I woke up hot, sweaty, and not entirely comfortable. It was the middle of the night. At first I thought the boys had gone to bed… but then I heard whispers again. Quieter this time, but if I held my breath I could make out what they were saying.

“What kind of porn do you guys like?” Joshua was asking, voice hushed and kind of awed. I remembered that he had very strict parents and shared a bedroom, so probably had little room for exploration.

“I love watching when they touch themselves,” Wilson said. I couldn’t believe my son was talking about loving to watch women masturbate…

“It doesn’t seem like that should feel as good as it does for them,” Trevor speculated “like just rubbing up and down the opening, I don’t get why they like that so much. Isn’t the whole point of sex to have things inside?”

“But did you see how much my mom was twitching? It must feel really, really good. I hear the clit feels amazing when you play with it,” Wilson responded. Apparently having Lesbian mommies had been a bit educational…

Joshua piped up “I have a really good video I want to show you, it’s close up of a woman, kind of like what your mom was doing today.”

There was a sudden hushed silence, then the undeniable sound of a woman moaning, low and breathy.

“Holy shit,”

“Yeah, it’s pretty hot,”

“I’ve never seen a video so close up before,”

“Fuck…” my son muttered “I love watching how much fun they have, the way she twitches at the end…”

God I had raised a good boy. Loving a woman’s pleasure. I couldn’t hear much of the rest of the conversation, over the sound of the woman in the video getting off. Her breathing got harder, and heavier, and I just had to touch myself. I slipped my hand down my little booty shorts, and found that, unsurprisingly given my last 48 hours, I was engorged and sopping even after my shower. I started on my clit again, feeling little waves of pleasure course through me, feeling a flush creep from my face up to my breasts. It felt soooo good, but I couldn’t rub myself the way I needed to, and in my frustration, pulled my booty shorts off. Opening my legs and feeling the warmth of my pussy on my hand drove me crazy, and the combination of everything, the looks from the car, the exhibitionism on the dock, knowing that these boys would be imagining me for the rest of their lives, it started to send me over the edge. And it sounded like the woman in the video was getting to the edge as well – she started making those little, high pitched, uncontrollable sounds that come before an intense orgasm… then a scream. Then silence, other than the sound of me increasing my the pace on my wet, open slit.

Trevor’s voice was hoarse when he spoke, “Oh my god!”

My son responded, “right?”

Joshua’s voice almost cracked, “she was almost as pretty as your mom.” Most of the time this would have gotten a punch in the face, but he said it with so much earnestness that it just hung there.

“Yeah,” Trevor agreed, “like, I’m sorry, but she’s so hot!”

“It’s okay, I know obviously. I see her sometimes, and it’s hard not to think of her like that,” Joshua breathed, a note of resignation.

I had to shove my hand in my mouth to stop myself from cumming at that moment. My son thought of me… like that? I guess all boys probably did, in one way or another, I mean, if they have a complex named after it. But fuck why did that make me throb so strongly?

“Do you want to watch it again?” There was murmur of assent. Trevor was hesitant with his follow up “can I play with myself? This is just so hot.”

My son said he didn’t mind. Joshua was quiet. “What, Joshua, I don’t want to be weird, I’ll just pretend I’m alone.” Escort Giresun Wilson muttered agreement, he was clearly very turned on.

Joshua finally bared himself “I’ve never done it, and I don’t really want it to be like that.”

I had stopped rubbing myself quite as hard, trying to hear their voices, which ad gotten quieter and quieter. I was starting to ride the edge of something very, very powerful happening inside of me. Finally there was silence, and then the sound of the woman starting again. “I wish we could see your mom doing this,” Trevor said… it just made me feel so good to hear how much these boys appreciated my body.

The video started again, loud, and, I started getting more confident, picking up my pace again. And then I heard the creak of the door open, and I froze, the tips of my fingers lying just above my incredibly swollen clit. The door was at the foot of the couch, so whoever had opened it could see straight down my body, legs spread, robe falling open… the door closed quietly.

I had one thing I could do, pretend to be asleep. I laid there, thinking of someone standing there, seeing straight down the wetness of my pussy, my breasts spilling out of the open robe…

Then I heard the rustle of fabric, and opened my eyes the smallest amount, and saw Joshua standing there, slipping his hands in his pants. I laid there, frozen, not knowing what to do, my eyes the smallest slits they could be, my breathing as regular as I could possibly make it with my heart pounding. His shorts slid down, and I saw his hand caressing a cock that he couldn’t quite get his hand all the way around. I shifted involuntarily, spreading a tiny bit and grinding my ass into the couch, feeling the robe fall off of my other breast.

My pussy, laid there, open, exposed, wetness dripping down my thigh and radiating heat, with one of my son’s friends stroking. Should I stop this? Could I? He would be mortified and never get over it. I could either give him a harmless first experience he would never forget, or scare him away from sexuality forever. So I lay there, feeling my pussy pulsating wetness and the AC blowing across my nipples, aching to touch myself. I see his hand going faster, his breathing getting more ragged, and knowing that he’s about to cum for the first time, driven to this bold insanity by my body, it is almost impossible to keep my hand to my side. Then, it was impossible. I let out a little moan, watching if he’d stop. He paused, but don’t stop. I wasn’t in control of myself at this point, I was an animal. I started rubbing my clit again, teasingly, softly, the light touches enough to almost send me overboard. I didn’t know how long I could ride this edge, the entire world felt balanced on a knife edge, a torrent of pleasure awaiting me if I just let myself fall into it. I opened my eyes a bit more, smiled, and swear we made eye contact. It was almost too much…

He lets out a little moan, a guttural, animal sound he can almost not contain, and I feel a spurt of hot liquid against my thigh, then my stomach, then… a bullseye right on my clit.

I had never had cum down my slit before, and it was too much. His juices were just the right temperature, and they mixed with my wetness, tingling against my clit, my labia, and I could feel a drip down my opening. I pushed it into my clit, grinding his seed against me, and the world ended in an apocalypse of pleasure. Waves radiated from crotched and seized hold of every muscle in my body, and I became a shivering wreck of humanity. My knees flew to my chin, my hands clenched with almost painful convulsiveness, and I shivered uncontrollably as wave after wave of pleasure roared through me. The aftershocks were more powerful than my average orgasm, and I just laid there, mind not able to comprehend even an eighth of what was happening to me.

Sometime later, minutes or seconds I couldn’t tell you, I heard Joshua moving towards the bathroom, and the roll of toilet paper spool. He came back in, and and I laid there, panting. There was no point in pretending now. He had a roll of toilet paper in his hand. He neatly peeled some away, and cleaned up under where he was standing, then moved to the foot of the couch, wiping the fabric… then he paused. My heart thrilled, would he dare? I looked at him and smiled, the barest hint of a nod.

I could feel his hands, shaking, almost uncontrollably as he gently and tenderly wiped his own cum from my stomach. He got some clean tissue, and moved to my thigh, drawing a long line of his own cum up and off of me, causing me to shudder again. He paused, and looked into my face again, and unrolled some more paper, and started to reach for my pussy. I shook my head and he pulled back. I took his hand gently, not knowing what was coming over me, not caring if I’d be able to live with this decision, and removed the paper from his hands. Then I gently guided him towards my slit, letting him feel his first engorged clit, then slide down into my open hole. His hands were shaking, and his dick was throbbing, and it was all I could do to not cum again from this light touch. He savoured every moment, then I gently guided his hand away, squeezed it lightly, and rolled over. That was all he was allowed to get, and it would probably be enough to give him a decade of sleepless nights.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32