Cadence Cuming

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Cadence looked down at Harrison, gleaming proudly that she fucked him with all of her might. She was not a fan of being on top, but he loved it so and she was so horny, it did not matter much to her. She did him so well he could not close his mouth as she churned her hips to “I Would Die 4 U” by Prince.

With every thrust, her pussy exploded as he urged and lifted his body into her, wanting every inch of his cock deep inside of warm loving pussy. Their fucking was passionate, deep, soulful. He loved to watch her dark skin against his vanilla complexion.

“Damn baby” he whispered as she climbed off of him. “I am such a lucky man.”

She leaned in to kiss him, “Don’t you ever forget it”. With that she kissed him deeply swirling her tongue around his. Clanking her tongue ring on his teeth gently, then a sucking motion drawing his tongue deeper into her mouth, sucking it as if it was his throbbing cock. Forcing him to smile, exhale and surrender to the power of her mouth. He moaned. His lanky body glistened in the August morning sunrise, the sun reflected on his shimmering, white bald head.

She bursa suriyeli escort escort pulled back and nestled her head in the pillow beside him facing him. She smiled, still feeling buzzed from the bong hits a few hours before, but deliriously acknowledging, with eye to eye intensity, that she was in love. In love with a man who is married.

She stared deeply into his loving blue eyes, wondering where things would go between them.

He broke the silence, “So when did u know” he whispered.

She knew exactly what he meant, but she coyly asked, “Know what luv?”

“When did you know that you were in love with me?” He offered a beguiling smile.

“I knew from the moment I first kissed you, that you would be important to me. I knew from the first time we fucked, that you were special and I wanted you in my life. But when you told me about your childhood, and all of the pain you endured, that is when I knew I loved you.” She smiled awkwardly.

He leaned into her and wrapped his legs and arms around her and bursa ucuz escort kissed her deeply. “When Brianna first showed me your picture, I knew you were going to be special. But that night, when we first kissed, in your kitchen was when I fist fell in love with you.” The toilet flushed and Brianna emerged from the bathroom, yawning. She stretched as she walked to the bed to greet us with a good morning kiss.

Brianna is Harrison’s wife. Cadence came home in a horny mess one May afternoon and was tired of men. She searched the city for a beautiful, kinky, bisexual woman. Up popped Brianna’s profile, displaying her luscious 38 D’s and the biggest, juiciest ass ever seen on a white woman. Cadence wrote to her instantly and they chatted for weeks before meeting. When they did meet, it was like old friends coming together for a reunion. Brianna made it clear to Cadence that she was interested in playing. Cadence was apprehensive at first, getting through a joint and Chinese take out. They laughed and shared stories of childhood and marriage.

Cadence bursa üniversiteli escort was instantly attracted to Brianna, her wit, her charm and her warmth. When Brianna first touched her, the floodgates opened, and after the first powerful kiss, her scent, her moans, Cadence was like a voracious, hungry virgin, wanting to explore her every curve and taste her in every way.

Cadence could not keep her mouth off of Brianna, her breasts were like mounds of milk and honey, she swore as she licked each nipple and swirled it in her mouth, she could feel Brianna’s body quake and shiver. Her pussy overflowed with her juices, in response to every touch and lick from Cadence.

And now three months later they kiss in the morning after a Sunday night of bong passing and porn watching. Cadence suddenly felt lost, loved, confused and satiated. Where could their union possibly leave her? Brianna and Harrison were married for six years and they were happy. Love was not what Cadence expected, nor needed, especially from a man who could never be hers.

On her drive home, Cadence thought about love and possession, how she was conditioned to believe that the two were intertwined. She knew that one had nothing to do with the other, yet she longed for a man to be hers. She comforted her self rubbing her thigh, knowing that one day should would have that, until then, she would enjoy the passion. She lifted her lower lip and inhaled the scent of Brianna’s pussy and smiled.

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