Call It Whatever You Want

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Big Tits

It was late at night and all of the lights were off in Colin Moore’s one-bedroom apartment, except for the one in his bedroom. The only noise in the apartment was the clicking of keys on his keyboard coming from inside his room. It was a typical night. Colin was at his computer with his headphones on his head, taking part of a guild raid in his favorite online roleplaying game. Part of the “luxury” of being single and having no social life was that he got to play a lot of video games.

As the clock struck 11:00, the guild called it a night, and Colin tore off his headphones and rubbed his ears, which had become sore and sweaty from hours of sitting at his computer raiding.

Colin, 25, had lived by himself ever since he moved out of his parents’ house after high school. He wasn’t particularly close with his family, who saw him mostly as a loser who didn’t live up to his potential. Colin didn’t think of himself as a failure, he just lacked motivation. For the past 7 years he worked the same job making sandwiches at a Deli down the street. It was walking distance from his apartment, so he didn’t need to pay for a car. He had enough money to buy video games, and pay rent and bills, and that was all that he needed in life. Colin was a pretty simple loner, and when he was not at work he spent his time doing one of two things: playing video games and masturbating to porn.

Suddenly his cell phone started ringing, and he jumped slightly in shock. He rarely received calls, so he wasn’t used to hearing the sound. He still had the default ringtone as his ringer since there was no reason to change it. He picked up the clunky, outdated phone and checked the caller ID before answering it. It was his sister. He quickly answered and said hi.

“Hey big brother!” came the voice of Kayleigh, his 20-year old little sister. She had a high-pitched voice that was very cute and girly.

“Oh, hey sis. What’s up?” he replied.

“A lot is up, honestly. I was wondering if I could come stay with you for a little while? I kinda pissed off Dad and he says I can’t live at home any more. What a fucking dick!” Even when she was mad she still sounded cute. Kayleigh was living at home while going to community college part time, but it didn’t sound like things were going very well.

Colin wasn’t a big fan of their father either. Their dad didn’t think he would amount to anything – and begrudgingly he was right – so the two of them hadn’t talked much in the past few years. “Sure, I guess.” Colin did a quick glance around at his messy apartment. It hadn’t been cleaned in months. Empty pizza boxes were stacked in a corner, and there was dirty laundry strewn across every room. “I don’t have much room here since it’s a one-bedroom apartment, but you can crash on the sofa if you want.”

“Sounds great! I’ll see you tomorrow! Thanks bro!” Kayleigh chirped happily.

As he hung up the phone, Colin said “Well, this’ll be interesting.” to his empty apartment. He hadn’t seen Kayleigh since last Christmas, and the time before that was a while too, so they were kind of out of touch. Then again, she was probably the only person he could count on for help if he needed it, so Colin figured he should be the same way in return. He hoped she wouldn’t be bored, or worse – grossed out, by his apartment. How long was she needing to stay? He had no idea. First things first: he had some cleaning up to do.


The next day Colin returned home from work and found Kayleigh waiting by his apartment door. At first, he didn’t even recognize his sister. She was waiting with a single pink suitcase by the door, and she was absolutely gorgeous.

“Hey bro!” Kayleigh squealed and threw her arms around Colin, giving him a big hug.

“Wow, Kay! Hi!” Colin said sheepishly, hugging her back.

As they finished hugging, Colin pulled back to take a look at Kayleigh again. She had long blonde hair that was dyed very light blonde, almost platinum, and she was very tan – obviously she went tanning often because her skin was much more tan than his.

There was something else different about her too. Actually, two things. Kayleigh had always been a skinny little girl, at a mere 5’3″ she only weighed 110 lbs soaking wet, and she had always been flat chested. Now, she was still as skinny as a rail, but she had a set of huge knockers, and she was flaunting them with a V-neck shirt with a deep plunging neckline, showing as much cleavage as possible. She was also wearing a pair of daisy dukes, jean shorts that were cut so high that her pockets stuck out the bottom.

As Colin and Kayleigh stepped into the apartment, he helped her with the suitcase and tossed it onto the floor near the sofa. The pink suitcase probably weighed more than she did. Colin had done a little cleaning the night before, basically just throwing out any loose trash laying around the apartment. The place still looked like a bachelor pad — everything was basic and plain.

“I appreciate you letting me crash here for a bit while şişli escort I figure things out. I didn’t know where else to go.” Kayleigh said, twirling her long blonde hair around one of her fingers as she looked around.

“No prob, it’ll be good to reconnect.” Colin said, going to the refrigerator to get a beer. He liked to have a couple brewskis after work to unwind. “Want one?” he asked, taking a swig.


Colin handed his 20-year old sister a beer as well, and they sat down on the sofa to talk.

“So why did Dad kick you out of the house?” he asked.

“Well….” she said, drawing out the first word of her explanation as long as possible. She tapped her perfectly manicured fingers against the bottle of beer a few times. “I used the money that Daddy gave me for tuition this year to get a boob-job. He wasn’t too happy about that.”

“Oh, I was wondering about those!” Colin exclaimed, excited that he finally figured out how his kid sister had changed so suddenly. As soon as the words were out of his mouth, he realized he probably sounded a little too excited. He shut his mouth, internally cursing himself, wishing he had reacted more coolly.

“Yep.” Kayleigh said, cupping her hands underneath her big tits, and she gave them a little squeeze with her fingers. “About a month ago. Community college sucks anyway, I want to be a lingerie model, so really I’m investing in my future, ya know?”

“Damn! You went big!” Colin said, staring at her round knockers.

“Yeah, I went from a small B-cup to an E.” she continued, clearly happy to tell him all the details. “I wanted to go bigger, like, real big, but the doctor recommended against such a big increase all at once. So for now, I’m gonna stick with these E-cups until I can go bigger!”

Colin’s jaw dropped.

“Oh, and with the leftover cash I got my lips done too. See?” she said, puckering her full, swollen lips into a kissy face. It was a noticeable change, she had big, plump dick-sucking lips now. Colin could only imagine what it would be like to kiss them, or to see them wrapped around … something.

“So yeah, that’s Daddy kicked me out. He was totally pissed that I spent all that tuition money on plastic surgery but I really, really want to be a lingerie model. I shouldn’t need to crash here too long, just until I can start setting up some modeling gigs.” she said, sitting on the sofa with her legs crossed, her shorts riding up her thighs, and she was twirling her blonde hair around her finger as she talked.

“No problem, stay as long as you want. Sorry that I can only offer you the sofa.” Colin responded. He was already thinking that having his sister around wouldn’t be too bad.

The two of them stayed on the sofa talking until the wee hours of the morning, drinking beer after beer. Colin couldn’t tell if it was the booze talking, or if she was just naturally very open, but Kayleigh was very candid and open about talking about her boobs and how much she loved them. Every time she would refer to her tits, she would cup them in her hands and lift them up a little, and Colin would glance down to take a good look at them. Actually, he took a nice long glance at them even when she wasn’t squeezing them. Any time Kayleigh wasn’t looking at him, he’d let his eyes wander down to get another look at her round jugs. Colin had never seen a set of tits that big and that round up close in real life before. Sure, he jerked off to big-tit porn movies regularly, but it was different seeing them in real life. On more than one occasion, Colin found himself getting an erection as he gazed at his sister’s swells, and he would suddenly feel extremely guilty and force himself to think about something non-sexual until his dick went soft again.

Once the fridge was empty and there were no more beers left, Colin and Kayleigh decided to call it a night and head to bed. Colin got Kayleigh a spare blanket for the sofa as she changed into a set of cute little pink satin pajamas. Once she was all set, Colin went into his bedroom and shut the door.

Colin was tired, but he was too horny to fall sleep just yet. He turned off his bedroom light to make it seem like he was going to bed, and then he booted up his computer and started surfing for porn. He hit up his usual favorite websites, checking out some porn that featured some hot babes with big, round tits. Big tit porn was his favorite genre of porn to jerk off to, and his hard drive was full of full length videos he had downloaded. Colin spent a lot of time surfing the web for porn, being that he was single — and had been single for a long time.. In fact, most nights he was either playing online roleplaying games or jerking off. There wasn’t much to it.

After jerking off for about 20 minutes, Colin grabbed a handful tissues in his hand and emptied his load into the wad of tissues. It wasn’t his most satisfying orgasm ever, but it would get him through the night.

As he threw the issues in the wastebasket and shut his computer down, Colin mecdiyeköy escort was ready to crawl into bed when he heard a faint moan from out in the living room. He paused for a moment and began to listen closely. Was it his sister? Was she talking in her sleep? Then, he heard her moan again out there in the main room.

Curiosity got the best of him, and Colin slowly opened his bedroom door to glance out by the sofa where Kayleigh was. His sister was laying back on the sofa, with her long blonde hair sprawling on the pillow behind her head, her back was arched slightly, pushing her huge tits up against her pajama top, and her thigh were spread wide apart. Her nipples must have been rock hard because they were visibly poking through her top. Her pajama bottoms had been pulled down to her ankles, and her knees were bent slightly as her thighs were opened wide, and she was rubbing her pussy, getting herself off.

Colin was shocked at first to see his twenty-year old sister pleasuring herself on his sofa. He watched her silently, pushing the limits of appropriate behavior, but he was just so curious. Kayleigh’s thighs were gorgeous and tan, and between them she had the prettiest pussy he had ever seen. She was shaved completely bald, and he could see that she was soaking wet.

Kayleigh was rubbing her clit with one hand while her other hand squeezed one of her big jugs through her top. She was moaning lightly, just enough where she probably thought that Colin wouldn’t have heard her. Colin watched, his jaw dropped open again, and he continued to watch until his sister made herself cum. It was so fucking hot that his dick got hard again.

Once she came, Colin squeezed his door shut quietly, jerked off one more time using that image in his mind, then went to sleep.


The next morning when Colin awoke he was greeted by the smell of breakfast cooking. The lure of fresh bacon and eggs got him out of bed and he stumbled into the kitchen, wearing just his boxer shorts, and he found Kayleigh in the kitchen, spatula in hand, cooking over the stove.

“Hey there sleepy! I figured I’d make us some breakfast!” she chirped cheerfully in that sweet, cute voice. Kayleigh was just wearing some lace panties and a matching bra. The bra cups held her magnificent breasts up and cradled them together. She was the most scantily clad girl that he had ever had in his apartment. For some reason, seeing her standing there cooking for him made her even hotter.

“Nice! You didn’t have to cook!” Colin replied, stealing a strip of bacon.

“It’s the least I can do to repay you.” Kayleigh told him.

“Repay me? For what?”

“For letting me stay here. I know I’m not bringing in any money right now, but once I get in with some modeling agencies, I’ll be able to help out with bills. ‘Til then, I gotta do what I can to help out.” she smiled at Colin, who was mesmerized by her smile and her big plump lips. Even in the morning, her lips were glossy and sensual.

Colin was starting to get an erection as he was standing in the kitchen with his little sister. He couldn’t help but get aroused by having such a knockout babe standing around wearing almost nothing. Her ass cheeks were only half covered by her little lace panties, and her gorgeous knockers were about to spill out of that bra.

He was starting to have thoughts of wrapping his arms around her skinny waist and hugging her tight, and burying his face in between those huge jugs of hers. Her cleavage was so deep, her boobs were bulging out, yearning to be worshiped. Oh how good it would feel to motorboat those sweater-puppies. Her tits were cock-pillows made for toying with. They should be squeezed, sucked, and fucked daily.

Colin didn’t realize a few minutes of silence had passed as those lecherous thoughts floated through his mind.

“What’cha thinking about?” she asked as she continued to cook breakfast. She was poking the spatula at the food while she brushed a strand of long, bleached blonde hair back behind her ear.

Colin blinked and shook his head, “Uhh… nothing.”

“Oh, nothing? So, what were you thinking about last night?” she asked, a little grin formed on her face which was turned slightly away from Colin’s sight.

“Last night?” he repeated. Last night? What was she talking about? He thought. Did she mean on the sofa when they were talking? Or later, after that, when he was stroking off in his bedroom after he told her he went to sleep.

“Yeah.” she pursued.

“Oh, last night? Like, when last night?” he repeated the question, buying some time to think.

“Last night after you said you were going to bed, I heard you in your room jerking off. What did you jerk off to?”

She knew. And she was so candid and blunt about it too. There was no hiding or avoiding the topic; Colin had been caught. His sister might appear like a bimbo, but she wasn’t as dumb as she looked.

“Ohhh… you heard me, huh?” he said sheepishly, and began to blush.

“Yeah, you know sound travels pretty easily through your walls.” she said, placing her hands on her hips and looking at him.

For some reason he felt ashamed, and a mix of embarrassment and guilt. “I’m sorry.” were the first words that came out. He felt like he had been caught by his mother.

Kayleigh giggled out loud, a high-pitched laugh that was full of glee. “Why are you apologizing!? I’m not mad! I’m curious what you were jerking off to!”

“I was looking at some porn on my computer. I have a bunch of movies saved.”

“Really? What kind?” Kayleigh seemed pretty curious.

“I like the big tit genre usually. Actually, almost exclusively. I pretty much only jerk off to movies with pornstars who have really huge boobs. The movie has to have lots of tittyfucking and that sorta thing…” Colin admitted.

“So you’re a big boob lover, huh?” Kayleigh asked.


“Like, how big do you like them? Like my size?” she asked, turning to face him.

Colin took a deep breath and stared at his sister’s delicious, overflowing bra-fillers as he answered. Her E-cup boobs were full and swelling up from her bra, like twin bubbles of flesh waiting to be molested. “Yeah, actually. The pornstars that I’m really into are just about the same size. In fact, you have very similar bodies. Your tits are basically perfect, in my opinion. Shit, I hope that didn’t sound weird.”

Kayleigh laughed and squeezed his arm, “Maybe it should be a little weird, but I think I’m kinda weird too. I’m glad you like them! I love the attention, honestly. I wasn’t sure if you were going to think I went too big, like Daddy did.”

“Too big!?” Colin gasped, “‘Too big’ is hardly in my vocabulary! I love ’em big! Big is the fucking best! They look amazing! If you weren’t my sister I’d totally be drooling over them.”

“That’s awesome! Yay, I’m so happy!” Kayleigh squealed, delighted by her brother’s approval, and she wrapped her arms around him and gave him a big hug, squeezing her body up against his.

Colin was dressed just in his boxers, and Kayleigh was sporting just her bra and panties. When the two siblings hugged, their mostly nude bodies squeezed together, and their bare skin made sinful contact. Colin felt the warmth of his sister’s huge melons squeeze up against his chest. He had never had a woman with such a big, perfect rack willfully squeeze it up against his body. It felt wonderful. Colin’s dick was hard as a rock now, and he knew that Kayleigh could tell. There was no way to hide his fully erect penis behind just a thin layer of fabric. His bulge pressed up against her mound as they hugged.

“Alright, I gotta get to work.” Colin said reluctantly, and started finding some clothes.

“Ok. Maybe I’ll send you some dirty sexts of me posing in my lingerie so that you have some new material to stroke that big cock to.” she told him, with a wickedly mischievous smile on her face.

“Oh shit, that would be awesome, sis.” Colin paused after he said the word sis, which forced him to reflect on the situation. He thought for a moment, then added, “But, I think that might be crossing a line, kind of, don’t you think?”

“Crossing a line? Oh, sorry.” Kayleigh said. She looked sad now, and her grin had turned to a slight pout. She looked absolutely adorable as she stood there, in just her bra and panties, delicious curves spilling out of her bra and panties. “I guess if you say so. I was just really excited because you seem to really love big boobs too, and I haven’t really had a chance to show them off since I had the operation.”

“Oh…” Colin said, realizing he really did want to see those pictures of his sister in lingerie. Why talk her out of it? Plus, he managed to make her sad. What an idiot!

“You’re right. I don’t want to do anything like, ya know, like incest. We’re not rednecks ya know?” Kayleigh said, twirling her blonde hair around her finger.

“No, no, no! Don’t even say that. Forget I said anything. Never mind! I mean, it might seem weird to some people, but we’re close, ya know? So there’s nothing wrong with it. I mean, incest means having sex, which we definitely aren’t. Not even close.”

“Yeah, that’s true.” Kayleigh said, her smile returning.


That day at work was one of the longest work days of Colin’s life. First of all, customers were being a pain in the ass and he really didn’t have the patience for it today. Secondly, he didn’t get any text messages from Kayleigh all day. He kept sneaking out the back to check to make sure his phone had reception. By the end of the day, Colin was disappointed. He really wanted Kayleigh to send him some sexy photos, but she must have gotten cold feet. Maybe she thought better of it. He thought maybe he had talked her out of it. What an idiot!

As he walked home from work, he shuffled along slowly, dragging his feet as he stared at the ground. He thought about what to say to his sister. He was anticipating an awkward conversation.

Colin entered his apartment and tossed his keys on the table. Kayleigh wasn’t in the living room, so he wondered if she was home. “I’m home!” he announced. “Kayleigh, you here?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32