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“Hello?” Denna asked, waiting for a response.

“Yeah, I’m trying to reach Beth.” A man’s voice said with a pause.

“I think you have the wrong number. My name is Denna.”

“Oh, sorry about that. Maybe I should just talk to you instead. Your voice sounds better than hers.” he laughed with a sexy tone.

“I won’t get any work done if I talk to you,” leaking a small hidden giggle, flirting with him.

“If you don’t mind, I certainly don’t.”

“What could we possibly talk about? I don’t even know your name. ” Denna’s curious tone began to change the pitch of her voice.

“It’s John and I’ll let you pick the subject, since I interrupted you.” he said, waiting for her response.

“It’s no interruption, John.” which wasn’t completely the truth. “Well, we don’t want to talk about work. So let’s just leave that out of it.” she paused. “What do you prefer, Summer or Winter?”

“Summer. I like the heat more so then the cold. I think it’s easier to cool off than it is to warm up.” his voice showed a small hint of seduction. “And you? Which do you prefer?”

“I am the same way. I love summers. I spent too much time around the cold when I was younger so now I really enjoy the heat.” she said, searching for her next question.

John’s voice poured into the phone over the course of the next hour as they talked about food, sports, and what they disliked. His voice was sexy as he breathed, laughed, even when he cleared his throat. Each thing that he revealed kept her on the phone with him longer.

Denna glanced at the clock more than once, knowing that appointments waited while she continued chatting with him. Every time she wanted to hang up the phone, John somehow managed to keep her talking a little longer.

“Okay, I really have to go. Or I am going to be late for my next client.” Denna said firmly.

“I really enjoyed our conversation. I wish we could talk longer.” John’s voice spoke volumes.

Denna was sure that he was smiling. ” Call me again, John.” she said, without thinking.

“I will. Goodbye, Denna.” he said reluctantly.

“Goodbye, John.” she repeated as the line went dead.

The next day……

Denna stood, hunched over a big, black desk. Her laptop at one side and at the other, stacked high, folders and papers were scattered everywhere. Most of the afternoon she searched for a project she previously worked on. Papers dropped onto the floor at her feet as she sighed, getting frustrated. Her leather chair was pushed back against the window overlooking the backyard. A home office with a view, you could see the pond just outside the window. Then the phone rang.

“Hello, this is Denna.” she said, in a business tone.

“Is it lunch time yet?” John chuckled.

“Hi! My lunchtime already came and went.” she said, still frustrated. “But, I am ready for a break!” as she walked over to the sofa chair and sat down at the edge of it.

“So, take that break and talk to me.” he said with a smooth voice, listening to her move, to get comfortable. “I’d tell ya to let your hair down but, I can’t see you.”

“Today, it’s a business skirt, soft black blouse and my hair is down.” she added, giving him a little to go on as she quietly toyed with the buttons on her blouse.

“Oh, that sounds nice.” John sighed. “So does that mean your barefooted?” he laughed. “You can’t truly relax until you take off your shoes.”

“I am wearing heels.” Denna added. “Is there anything else you’d like to know?” she asked, almost sure the next question would be what’s underneath. Denna tried to decide if she’d tell him as she took a breath, feeling the anticipation, sliding her fingers around the inside of her blouse, opening it slightly.

“What color are your eyes?” he finally asked.

“Green” she answered softly.

“And what color are yours?” bringing her finger to her mouth as she bit at her finger nail.

“Haze,l but they seem to change color with what I wear, or so I’m told. ” his voice went deeper.

Denna felt herself take a breath, wondering what he had on, but skipped over the question.

“And your hair, how long and what color is it?” he quickly asked, noticing she didn’t come back with another question.

“A rich dark brown, stops at my shoulders.” she answered, laying her head back onto the soft cushion of her chair as she let out a relaxing sigh. “And yours?”

“Brown and really short all the way around but, plenty to grab towards the top.” he said, letting out the same sigh.

Denna looked over at the clock wondering how long she had been talking to him. Time seemed to be passing so slowly while she listened to him. His voice close to intoxicating as she hung on his every word, wondering when his questions would become more direct or if he would just keep it at a harmless flirtation.

“I need to make some dinner.” she finally spoke, “Have you eaten?”

“I had a big lunch, but I need a shave and a shower.” he said. “Ran today and when I came back, I decided to call you.”

Denna began Kuşadası Escort to get images of running shorts, a sweaty t-shirt and dirty running shoes with a towel thrown over his neck. The image suddenly became so appealing.

“Alright, then I’ll let you go.” she said, thoughts of him hunched over in his chair with the towel hanging from his neck.

“Can I call you after dinner?” he asked softly.

“Yes, I’d like that. It will be your turn to pick a new subject.” she said playfully.

“Sounds like a date.” he laughed, “Going to bring your desert?” his voice turned sexy. “I will bring mine.”

“Maybe, if I haven’t finished it yet.” she paused, wondering what he was thinking. “Talk to you later, John.” her mind raced, what kind of desert was he talking about?

“Until then, Denna.” the phone went dead as she placed it on the coffee table, falling back into the chair. Laying there for a few moments, her leg dangled off the arm of the chair as she thought about him.


Six o’clock, seven o’clock, and then eight.

“I guess you fell asleep on our first date, John.” Denna snickered, thinking to herself. “It’s time for desert! I am just going to start without you.” looking at the clock, before heading down the hall to the bedroom.

Stopping at the foot of the bed, her fingers came to the zipper at the edge of her skirt. The stressed metal sound of the teeth began as the skirt slid down off her hips, falling at her feet. Stepping out of it, still in her high heels, she turned, looking at herself in the reflection of the mirror.

The soft black blouse she wore loosely hung just below her sex. She turned to hold the side of the dresser while pulling off each strap to her heels as they hit the floor with a thud. Her bare feet sank down into the carpet as she moved her toes, feeling the tired balls of her feet.

A glimpse over her shoulder, once again admiring the blouse and how it clung to her body, which just barely covered her cheeks. It wasn’t easy to tell by looking in the mirror if she wore anything underneath. The blouse softly kissed her skin with her heat just trapped beyond the buttons. A faint sound of the phone was heard from the other room as she briskly walked down the hall to pick it up.

“Hello?” she answered.

“Denna? ” a voice said.

“Yeah?” realizing it was John on the other end of the line. “I was beginning to think-“

“I’m sorry.” John began to interrupt her. “My brother called and we got to talking. I completely lost track of time.” he said, hoping she wasn’t put off by it.

“It’s okay. Your just in time for desert. I almost started without you.” she laughed, letting him off the hook. The sound of her refrigerator door shutting, John’s silence, patiently listening.

“Oh, yeah? What’s for desert?” John listened, the sound of a drawer shutting in the back ground.

“Ben and Jerry” she giggled, dipping her spoon into the small container and pulling out a rounded lump of ice cream. The spoon was heard making contact against her teeth as John took a deep breath.

“Ohh, my favorite.” his voice went deep and sultry. “Wish I could taste it. That just gave me the chills.” he said bluntly.

“What desert did you bring?” she questioned, wondering what he would look like eating ice cream. A small sucking sound came from her lips as she cleaned off the spoon while waiting for his reply.

“Um, oh…” he mumbled, distracted her eating.”I had some lemon cake earlier while I talked to my brother.” he finally said, trying to concentrate. “So, I guess I didn’t bring any.” John got quiet again, listening to her lick, suck and then breathe softly while she ate the ice cream off the spoon.

“That’s okay, it’s all gone now.” she laughed, as John sighed in disappointment. “So, what’s the topic for the evening, John?” she asked, breaking the short silence. She began to go back down the hall to the bedroom, listening for the next question.

“Well, I know what your favorite desert is. Hmm, what do you like to do to unwind?” he asked.

Upon reaching the edge of her bed, she sat down and then laid back with her knees bent at the edge of the mattress. “It sounds like it’s out of a movie but, I really like a glass of wine and a hot bath.” she said softly, stretching a little, getting comfortable. A small sigh left her parted lips, feeling like she was melting into the bed while listening to his voice.

“That sounds nice.” he finally said. “You sound like your getting relaxed now.” his voice almost humming.

“I am.” she answered, but didn’t tell him where and wondered if he’d ask. “How do you like to unwind?” she quickly added.

“I love listening to soft music. After working all day, it’s nice to just kick back and only listen.” he said with a sigh. “What a combination. A hot bath, wine and soft music. A perfect evening in my book.” he chuckled.

“You are so right! So when do we start relaxing?” she said playfully. “I don’t hear any music.” she giggled.

“And I don’t hear any Kuşadası Escort Bayan tub water running.” he laughed, waiting for her to come back with another response. The pause got longer and longer, until she spoke.

“Are you serious?” her voice held no surprise.

“And if I was? Are you ready to relax with me?” he asked, fishing, his voice had that hint of wonder. Just how far was she willing to take him.

“I could use a little relaxing, and with you it would be fun.” she said without hesitation.

“It’s fun and relaxation we will have.” his voice spilled into her ear again with that similar tone as though he was smiling deeply.

Denna continued to talk to John, walking into the kitchen, grabbing a glass and filling it with wine. Back and forth they went, slow or fast, old or new, sharing similar styles of music.

“Where do you like to listen to the music when you relax?” she said, listening to the rattling of CD cases.

“Either on the couch or while laying in bed.” he paused, “Do you prefer red or white?”

“Red” she said, now in the bathroom, turning the water on as she set the wine glass down at the edge of the bathtub. “But, I drink white almost as often.”

She glanced up at the clock beside the mirror. Midnight. Looking into the mirror, she began to pull the buttons loose on her blouse. The sounds of a saxophone began to spill into her ear. “Oh, I love that. Sounds great from here.” as her blouse dropped to the floor. Her bare breasts now showing, looking back at her, in the partly steamed mirror.

“Do you have goosebumps?” he spoke, in a soft voice.

“Yes. The steam always does that to me.” she said softly, watching her nipples get hard, right before her eyes. The sound of his voice felt as though he stood behind her, talking inches from her ear.

“I love goosebumps on a woman, especially if I cause them.” the sudden thought of what he’d do to make that happen, curled the hair on the back of her neck.

Denna gripped the phone tightly with her hand as the other slid down. Her finger slipped into the silk thong that kissed her bare skin, just below her hip. Pulled little by little, down to the middle of her thigh, she rubbed her knees together, jolting it loose as it fell to the floor.

“Is there a mirror where you can see yourself?” he asked softly. Hearing the sounds of him changing position and then a silence as he let out a deep, long sigh.

“Yes.” wondering what he looked like as he laid there, relaxing.

“A vision, no doubt.” he said with a sweet tone.

She walked away from the mirror, standing at the tub’s edge. She lifted her foot then slipped it down into the hot water.

“Bubbles or no bubbles?” he chuckled.

“Bubbles” she giggled, leaning down, turning the water off.

“Are you relaxed?” she asked, the bathroom now so quiet as her hips slowly sank down into the water, the cooled bubbles kissing her cheeks.

The heat of the water came up with the bubbles now floating just under her breasts. She rolled over, getting comfortable, resting her elbows just outside the tub’s edge. Another sigh leaked as the hot water crawled up the middle of her back, washing against the base of her neck. A quick rise and fall of her hips as the bubbled water trickled in and out of her crease.

“Yes. I choose the bedroom. Much more relaxing than the couch.” he said, as the soft music changed to a new track.

For long moments at a time they talked and then no words were spoken. Only the soft sounds of music and the exotic sounds of the water went back and forth between them. Denna thought and often wondered if he remained dressed, even though she had completely bared herself over the phone. His questions were at the edge of being direct and yet his touch was felt everywhere. She laid there in the water playing with the faucet, her toe plugging the hole while feeling the excitement of what was to come. The last drink of wine from her glass and the day began to catch up to her.

“Wow! It’s really late. I can’t believe how much time we killed.” she said.

“Time seems to stand still when we’re together.” he agreed. “May I call you again, Denna?”

“I would like that, John. Next time I’ll pick the topic.” she said playfully.

“Tomorrow night?” hoping she’d say yes.

“I’m all yours, John.” as a splash of water was heard while she moved, standing up in the tub.

The bubbles slid down her nude body, her skin red with color from the hot water as she pulled the towel from the rack, wrapping it around her.

“Goodnight, Denna. Until then, sweet dreams.” his soft voice dipping lower, so relaxed as if he could’ve fell asleep.

“Goodnight, John.” Denna hung up the phone left with a deep, longing feeling. Like a goodnight kiss, images of laying down next to him, drifting off to sleep.


“I’ll send it right out.” Denna paused, “Okay, thank you, I’ll be in touch.” she said, setting the phone back down on the desk as she stretched, leaning back in her Escort Kuşadası chair. A long sigh and she glanced out her office window.

“Almost ten.” she thought, looking back at the clock. “Time to call it a night.” Denna stood up as she pulled her paperwork together and piled it to one side of the desk. Pushing her chair in, walking around the desk, she put a folder back into the open filing cabinet.

She walked to the bedroom and stood at the closet, unzipped her slacks as they fell to the floor in a heap, resting on top of her dress shoes. Stepping out of them, her white button-up shirt hanging just at her thighs. Walking into the bathroom, she leaned over the sink, smearing toothpaste across her toothbrush as she pushed the faucet handle up and the water began to flow. A faint sound was heard. Turning to listen, she held the toothbrush in her mouth while turning off the water.

“The phone.” she thought, running to her bedside. “Hello?” she said, toothbrush still sticking out of her mouth.

“You’re still up?” John said with a sexy voice, sounding surprised.

“I was just getting ready for bed.” she said, after pulling the toothbrush out of her mouth. Walking back into the bathroom, she held the phone tightly to her ear as she turned the water on, rinsed her mouth out and then spit back in the sink.

“Oh, I have great timing then.” he chuckled, listening to her.

“How about you? Ready for bed?” wiping her mouth on a hand towel, turning the water off.

“Yes, I am. Just sitting up in bed with the t.v. on. Although, I am not really paying to much attention to it.” Denna could tell that the sound was muted with only his voice being heard.

“Yeah? Nothing good on, huh?” turning off the bathroom light, walking over to the bed as she sat at the edge.

“I’d rather talk to you.” he said softly.

Denna turned and then laid back into the soft pillows with a long, drawn out sigh. “I’m glad you called. Your a great ending to my day.” she said, smiling, as though he could see it over the phone.

“There’s no way I’d miss our date.” he paused, “We didn’t set a time but, I was going to wish you a good night at the very least.” he said, sweetly.

Quietly, she began to unbutton her shirt, listening to him softly breathe as he moved, getting more comfortable. Her fingers moved slowly, each button taking some time with only the use of one hand as the other kept the phone tightly pressed against her ear.

“I’m getting very comfortable now.” her voice changed. “It’s so quiet here. You can hear a pin drop.” she said heatedly.

“I am listening to you breathe and move. The way you’re lips part, when you move you’re tongue out to wet them. That’s more than a pin drop.” his voice becoming deeper, as if he was ready to kiss her.

Denna suddenly felt warm, his words once again touching her uncovered skin. She pinched the phone between her shoulder and ear as she pulled the buttons loose at the cuffs.

Peeling her shirt off one shoulder, she switched the phone to the other ear as she pulled it free. “How do you like to sleep?” she asked, laying back down with one hand draped across her tummy.

“On my stomach with one knee up. And you?” he said, taking a deep breath and then exhaled.

“On my tummy with a long pillow tucked in against it, which runs down underneath my thigh.” she said, softly.

“Mmm, a body pillow. Are you already under the sheets?” he whispered.

Her heart skipping a beat, now feeling his words deeply. His whisper covered her skin as goosebumps began to form all over. “No. I am not completely undressed.” she breathed, admitting it willingly. “Are you?” she added, trying to control her breath.

“I have a sheet draped over part of me, but I am completely undressed.” the devilish tone struck the core inside her, causing a small gasp to leave her lips.

“Ohhh. My mind is racing, trying to picture that.” she whispered, as her heart began to pick up.

“Tell me, do you have goosebumps now?” he said with a hum.

“Yes. I do.” softly biting at her lip.

“Describe what you are wearing.” he breathed. She heard a small grunt, as if he rolled over.

“Black lace panties and a black lace bra.” she said quietly, feeling restless.

“Mmm, lovely. Slowly pull the straps of your bra off, one shoulder at a time.” he said, pausing to listen.

Moving without a response, the tips of her fingers hooked into each strap, pulling them down onto each arm. Her hand began to glide up her arm and the over to her breast.

“Don’t touch anything else.” he quickly added. “Now, touch to top of your bra with the edges of your finger tips.” pausing again to listen. His breath began to change, almost sounding as though he was holding it with each command.

She could hardly breathe and was unable to speak. Waiting and hanging on his every word. What would he say next, Denna could hardly wait. She shut her eyes, blocking everything out but the sound of his voice. Every breath he took, every movement he made, she heard it. Her ears burned, as though someone turned up the volume, but she was straining to hear more, not wanting to miss one sound.

“I am laying on my back with my head and shoulders against a oversized pillow.” he said lustfully.

Denna laid there, playing with the goosebumps on her tummy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32