Can A Straight Boy Be Turned Ch. 05

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Anal Dildo

Thursday April 16th

On Monday I was on a job interview at our local supermarket. I think it went really well. They promised to e-mail me later this week. I’ve been applying for a job for several months but without success. I don’t really care what kind of job it is, as long as I get paid. It’s really frustrating going day to day without doing basically anything.

I’ve been checking my e-mail daily to see if I’ve gotten any response from the supermarket. Today as I was on the computer I logged into Facebook. I’m not a big social media fan so I only visit Facebook like few times a month. When I logged in I was really surprised when I noticed the friend request icon had the number 1 on it. I got a friend request. I haven’t met anyone new lately or maybe it’s just a spam friend request I thought.

As I saw who my “new friend” was I started blushing. I felt my cheeks getting warmer. It was from Joe. Before I accepted or declined his request I clicked on his profile. I started looking through his photos. It felt strange, like I was stalking him somehow . One picture of him, he was sitting in a chair with a wide stance. I knew what he was hiding under those jeans. I stared at the picture for some time and started to fantasize about his cock. After a while I got back to earth, as I felt my dick had grown to full size in my pants. I just had to touch myself now. Should I stop? This is wrong… but I want to. I don’t think I could stop even if I tried to. My pants and underwear disappeared from me fast and I took a firm grip around my dick. I started jerking off. As I lean back into my computer chair my eyes closes. The only picture in my mind was Joe, specifically his big rock hard cock. Then I exploded as I pictured him shooting his hot cum on my face and into my mouth. My cum streams landed on my stomach as I moaned out loudly.

After I had caught my breath I looked down at my stomach. Two of my fingers dipped into my bellybutton which was like a small pool of cum. I lifted my cum filled fingertips and looked at them. Joe’s cum tasted so good last time I got to taste it I thought. I imagined my fingertips were filled with Joe’s cum. Those fingers went slowly into my mouth and I sucked them dry without hesitation. As I started moving the cum around in my mouth my fingers had already started gathering more cum. Things repeated until I had eaten all my cum.

After I cleaned myself up I sat down at the computer again. I felt shame and embarrassment of what I had done. I logged into Facebook and clicked on the “accept” button. We were “friends” now. Then I closed my computer. This whole situation felt humiliating and I didn’t want to think of Joe and what I just did.

In the afternoon I got a call from Joshua. He asked me if we could hang out tomorrow and have a few beers, maybe visit a bar later. I was all up for that. If someone mentioned a bar to me, my mind would automatically associate that with Bell’Amore, Joe, cock, cum and pleasure.

I found it very surprising that just before bed time I sat down at the computer and logged into Facebook again. My heart started pounding a little bit faster as I had gotten a private message. It must be from Joe. Yes it was. Joe had messaged me. I had received the message 7 minutes ago and noticed he had the green icon beside the message. Fuck, he’s online!

“How is my lovely cocksucker doing? I want you to go shopping tomorrow. I want you to buy the tightest jeans there is and the tightest t-shirt you can find. Tight all over! And get the Facebook app to your phone if you don’t have it already. Got a problem with that?” Joe’s message said.

His opening statement made me blush. It was humiliating and exciting at the same time. It gave me mixed signals in my body.

He wants me to buy clothes? What for? And really tight ones. Well I guess some gay people dress in really tight jeans, but so does straight guys also? I have to ask him.

“Hi! Why do I have to buy new clothes” was all I managed to ask.

Only took a minute and he replied: “Don’t question me boy! Do as I say. I want you to wear those new clothes tomorrow. I will pick you up at 11 PM”.

“Ok. Where are we going?” I was curious what his plans were.

I noticed he read my message but then minutes went by and he got offline. He read it but never replied? Well he did tell me not to question him. Do I really do this? Do I go shopping tomorrow and let him pick me up?

Friday April 17th

What is going to happen later today if I agree to do all the stuff Joe wants me to? Those were the only thoughts in my head the whole morning. Where will he take me once he’s picked me up? I played different scenarios in my head. Most of them ended with me having Joe’s huge cock in my mouth. I want that, don’t I? I walked around home feeling horny after those scenarios but I forced myself to stay calm and not do anything about it.

To be honest to myself I knew I had jerked off to mostly gay porn these past few weeks. I usually started with straight porn Sakarya Escort but it just didn’t do it for me, or it took too long. I didn’t want to admit it, but it was kind of obvious, wasn’t it?

After my lunch I jumped on my bike and went downtown.

I’m not an avid shopper so I didn’t really know what stores I should visit. I knew there were around ten clothing stores on one shopping street so I decided that would be the place to start looking.

The first two shops weren’t really what I was looking for. They had too fancy clothing, suits and stuff. In the third shop I found a big jeans selection. It looked like they had all sorts of jeans here. I started looking for my sizes. I didn’t know my exact size but I knew I had to search for the smallest ones.

After a few minutes I found two jeans that looked like they could be tight on me. They were almost the smallest size I could find.

In the dressing room I took off my pants. And tried the first pair. It was really difficult to get the jeans over my butt and hips. They were so tight around my ass I almost gave myself a wedgie. Is this really what Joe wants me to buy? As I looked in the mirror I noticed that they were really loose around my calves and thighs. I don’t think he would approve. The second pair was very similar. Tight around my butt but loose around my legs. I undressed the jeans and went out of the dressing room looking for a better match.

After a few minutes I hear a girls voice behind me back “Can I help you sir?”

It was a really gorgeous blonde, skinny and long as a model. Few years older than me I think?

“Yes” I answered almost instantly. But then I thought about what I was looking for. So embarrassing to ask for super tight jeans. But then again, she doesn’t know me and I’m not the only one buying these kind of jeans. She’s probably used to it.

“You’re looking for jeans right?”


“So what sort? Raw denim, bootcut, skinny, slim fit..?”

“Umm… I don’t know” It was like she was speaking a foreign language with me. I had no idea what kind of jeans I was looking for just that they should be tight.

“Ok. I noticed you already tried a few out. What jeans were they? That might give me an idea of what jeans you like” She said with a pretty smile.

I took the two pair of jeans from the shelf I had just tried out and gave them to her.

“Ok. So you like the tight type. So these didn’t fit?”

“Not really.”

“They look like to be in your size?”

“They were too lose.”

“These are the tightest models we have. Can you try this pair again so I can see it for myself?”

“Ok” I replied.

I put the jeans on again and opened the dressing room door.

“Turn around” she commanded.

I did what she asked. I posed for her. Felt really embarrassing spinning around showing off every detail off my butt.

“They’re like really tight here” I said while grabbing my hips. “But too lose down here” I pointed at my calves and thighs.

“I see” she said with one eyebrow raised. She looked thoughtful at my jeans with her cheek resting on her hand. “I see your butt is quite big compared to your legs which makes it more difficult to find a suitable pair for you.”

I didn’t answer. I just looked at myself in the mirror. I’ve never had tight jeans before so I was surprised how good my butt looked in them.

“I think I know what you’re looking for, just a sec, hon” She suddenly says and walks away.

Maybe they have more jeans in the storage I wondered. I looked in the mirror admiring the tight jeans for a few minutes until she comes back with a light blue pair of jeans.

“I think this is what you’re looking for. They’re Skinny J Brand” She says as she hands me the jeans.

Once again In the dressing room I start trying out the new jeans. I immediately notice they’re a lot tighter around my calves and thighs. After several tries I managed to get them over my hips. When I’m about to close the zipper and button I noticed something’s off with them. The button and zipper is on the wrong side. It’s very unusual but I manage to close them. My dick and testicles really gets pressed together as the jeans are so tight in the front. Other than that they fit perfectly. Hugging my ass and legs like they were made for me.

As I come out of the dressing room the shop assistant gives me a huge smile “Wow, they really look good on you. Is this what you were looking for?”

“Yeah these are perfect. I’ll take them”.

As we walk to the counter she says “I’m sure some lucky guy can’t resist squeezing that cute butt in those jeans” with a blink in her eye.

I’m so shocked of her statement so I just stand there quiet as she places my jeans into a bag. I feel so embarrassed as she obviously thinks I’m gay. I thank her for her service as I walk out of the store.

I went to the neighbor store and found a white tight t-shirt. It was really easy to find compared to the jeans.

After I was done shopping I jumped back on my bike Adapazarı Escort and headed home.

In the afternoon my phone rang. It was Joshua. Shit! Suddenly I remembered we had made plans to go out today. I had completely forgotten.

“Hi!” I answered.

“Hey! So I was thinking about going to the store and buy some beer. Your place or my place today?”

“I… can’t. I mean I have to cancel.” I stammer.

“Uh. Don’t tell me your sick again.”

“No. I…” I keep trying to figure out what to say. Or lie.

“What?” Joshua seemed a bit frustrated in his voice.

“I got a date” I suddenly say.

“Seriously? With who?” I can hear how surprised he is.

“I can’t say”. Why on earth did I say that? A date?! He will never stop asking.

“C’mon. Who is it?”

“Drop it. I can’t say. I’ll tell you later.”

“Fine. But I wanna hear all the details tomorrow!”

After the phone call I logged into Facebook with my computer. As I noticed I didn’t have any new messages I remembered Joe telling me to download the Facebook app to my phone. I have to do it right away!

I’m standing in my room dressed in my new clothes. Looking at the clock it’s 10:44. I’m feeling nervous even though I’ve drank six beers. Joe will be here any minute now. I look in the mirror and turn around just to confirm they the jeans still look good on me.

At 10:57 I got a message in my phone. It was a Facebook message. “Out now!” Joe had written.

I hurry down the stairs immediately. As I put on my jacket Mom suddenly walks out from the kitchen and asks “Michael, you’re going out?”


“Have fun… are those new jeans?” She suddenly asks. With a weird smirk on her face.

“Yes. I gotta go now. Bye!” I say as I rush out the door. I really didn’t want to stand there and explain to Mom why I’m wearing super tight jeans.

Outside there was a cab waiting. I approached it and noticed that Joe was sitting in the back seat.

“Hello” I said when I sat down in the backseat of the cab.

“Hi” Joe replied while gazing at me. Inspecting me from head to toe.

“So where are we going?” I broke the silence after a minute.

“You’ll see.”

He didn’t talk to me on the whole 10 minute cab ride. I was just hoping for some kind of response from him, as I was too afraid to start a conversation myself.

The cab stopped and we were somewhere downtown. He paid the driver while I climbed out from the cab.

Oh my God was my first reaction. No, no, no. I was standing in front of a discotheque. I’ve never been here before but I sure as hell know why. It was a gay club called Lost Paradise. I felt my knees starting to shake as I stood there looking at all the people. What if someone recognizes me here?

“C’mon let’s go inside” Joe said as he pushed me gently on my shoulder.

I wanted to run away. Hide somewhere in shame. Disappear. My heart was pounding so fast as we entered. Joe greeted the bouncer and paid the entry fee to a nice looking girl.

“You’ve never been here before?” Joe asks me as we hand our jackets to another girl.


“Oh really. I thought this would be your favorite place” he says with a nasty smile. “C’mon let’s get a drink”

As I follow Joe to the bar my eyes can’t stop wandering around looking for familiar faces. I don’t want to be recognized in a place like this. It was all I could think about right now.

At the bar we only needed to wait a couple of minutes until it was our turn to order.

“For you sir?” a very feminine looking male bartender asks Joe. “I’ll have a beer and for this cute little boy here a Strawberry Lemonade Vodka” he says while looking at me.

I blush at Joe’s comment and decide to just stay quiet. Joe takes both glasses into his hands and speaks up “Let’s go to that table over there”. Joe nodded his head in a direction behind me. The whole place was very crowded and there weren’t any seats left as far as I had noticed. Joe had noticed a sofa with two or three places left.

I sat down in the sofa. It was in a corner with a thick opaque glass wall at my side. This way I wasn’t in the center of attention at least, a good hiding spot I thought. With the drink in my hand I start to suck on my straw.

“Taste good?” Joe asks me and takes a sip from his beer.

“Yeah! It is.”

“I knew you’d like it. I felt it would suit you well” He smiles and places a hand on my thigh. “You look sexy in those new jeans, you like wearing them?”

“I… I don’t know. I guess?!”

Three drinks later I start to feel a bit drunk. We had talked about a lot of stuff but nothing really serious as it was pretty hard to hear each other in this loud techno music.

“This seat taken”? A red headed girl asks Joe. She’s standing there hand in hand with a blond girl. He looks down at the spot and realizes it won’t fit two girls.

“No, please go ahead” As he says it to them he places his hand behind my back. “Get up!” he commands me as he pushes my lower back. Serdivan Escort I instantly get up and he jumps sideways and takes my place.

“Have a seat ladies” Joe says as he points with one hand to the girls that there’s enough room for both of them beside him. I just stand there and stare at them dumbfounded with the drink in my hand.

“Oh thank you sir!” The red haired girl answers with a big smile.

Suddenly Joe grabs my hip and turns my back against him. Instantly he pulls me back and I land on his right leg. “You can sit here” he whispers in my ear.

I didn’t reply. There’s nowhere else to sit anyway. But in a guy’s lap? What am I doing? I feel embarrassed so I continuously suck on my straw. He has a nice firm grip around my back with his right hand as he sips his beer with his left.

After a while I feel his right hand moving. It slowly goes from my back to my thigh. He kept smoothly massaging my thigh for a while until it moved even more around me. As I sip on my drink I almost spit it back out as I feel his hand on my crotch. But I manage to swallow it and place my drink down on the table. “Stop it.” I whisper to him as I place my hand on Joe’s hand, trying to remove it.

“You don’t like it?”

“Not here!”

“Oh so you like it, but you’re afraid someone will see?”

“I have to get to the toilet”


“Yes! I have to pee.”

“Fine, fine.”

As I get up I feel a little smack on my butt. I look behind me and Joe just blinks one eye at me.

It felt really creepy entering the toilets. Most of the men were starting at me. I went into a stall. I realized my dick was a bit erect as I started peeing. It had reacted instantly when Joe’s big hand had touched it.

As I got out of the toilet I felt a hand grabbing my arm. “C’mon, let’s get out of here”. I turn my head and felt a relief as I saw that it was Joe.

“Why? Where?”

As he drags me a few feet he stops and leans into my ear. “I’ve had enough. I have a hotel room couple of blocks from here. You’re coming with me and I’m going to fuck you!”

I knew he would like… try to do it. He even told me last time he would fuck me. But I’ve tried to ignore it, haven’t I? I felt dizzy and shocked. He grabbed my arm again. And I followed him like an obedient pet out of the discotheque.

We only managed to walk to the corner of the bar when I hear something I feared the most.


I turn my head and I see Joshua. I start to cold sweat and I feel my heart beating hard against my chest. Here I stand with Joe coming out of a gay club with the tightest jeans ever.


“What are you doing here?” he looks surprised. Then takes a look at Joe. “Hi! You’re that guy I saw a few weeks ago at Bell ‘Amor right? Michaels family friend or something was it?”

“Hello! Yes that’s right” as they shake each other’s hands.

“Mike, so where’s your date?” Joshua asks with a smile.

“Not here anymore.”

“Oh, it didn’t go well?”

“Tell him the truth Michael” Joe jumps in the discussion. No, no, no, Joe what are you doing!

“She’s still here somewhere?” Joshua asks while looking around.

My mind was racing looking for some lie to throw out there. “We came from there” Joe suddenly says and nods to the Lost Paradise.

Joshua takes a look behind him. He kept staring. He’s soon gonna figure it out… I could feel it.

With a shocked face he gasps. “No fucking way! You were there… you…” his eyes wide open he looks closer at me and I notice he’s looking at my jeans. “No way man, no way”

There’s a brief silence between us all. I couldn’t describe what I was feeling. The biggest shame and relief at the same time.

“You’re wearing womens jeans! This… this is your date!” He shouts out and places one hand over his mouth.

“Yes” Joe replies and places one hand behind my back.

Oh my… I hadn’t realized I was wearing womens jeans, how could I be so stupid? “I’m sorry” I say to Joshua while looking down at the ground.

“What the fuck man! You’re gay? I can’t believe it.”

“No… I mean, I don’t know.”

“Why haven’t you said anything?”

“I’m sorry. I just couldn’t.. I don’t know, okay?”

“I wish you would have said something.”

“I’m very sorry Joshua!”

“It’s like whatever… if this is your thing man. I gotta go now my cab is here.”


“It’s fine Mike. Have fun.” He says as he starts to walk towards to cab.

My shame started to go away and I started to feel sad instead.

“You okay?” Joe asks.

“I don’t know. Why did you do that?”

“It’s not good living in denial Michael! C’mon let’s go” he says as he slowly pushes my lower back.

As we started to walk. I realized he’s taking me to the hotel he mentioned. I started hesitating as all my thoughts were on Joshua and my exposure. “I should go home.”

“Michael I understand what you’re going through. It’s okay. We’ll go to my place and talk okay?”

“Okay” I say with a weak voice as I give in.

The hotel was pretty fancy. Joe took me to the fifth floor. The room had a classic design to it. Dark brown wooden furniture. Joe guided me to sit on the bed which had red bed sheets. He went to the fridge and opened it. “White wine?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32