Can’t Wait Just Watching

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This is my first entrant, so please be gentle with me… sub2silk.

* * * * *

i kneel in the room. i am not blindfolded, have no gag in my mouth, am not bound in any way. i am also not naked, but wear a pink silk thong panty, covering my shaved, erect penis and balls, i also wear a pair of hold-up stockings on my smoothly shaved legs. There is one other in the room, my Mistress. Her body, naked just moments before, is now shrouded with a white cotton robe, wet patches on the back, and the hips attain to the passion that has just been meted out to me.

For some three hours i have been humiliated, raped, verbally abused, teased and tormented, and i thrilled at every moment of it. Her strap-on has been in my mouth, in my ass, Her crops and whips have touched my back, legs, shoulders and ass, my poor abused ass. Though i am free to do so, i do not speak to Her, do not draw any attention to myself, even as i long for more of Her attention. i am silent, waiting, watching.

She Muğla Escort moves through the room, picking up the toys that She used on me, the strap-on, the dildos, the whips, shackles, crops, paddles, and of course, the lingerie. As She bends down to the floor, Her robe falls open and i see glimpses of Her free breasts, not constrained by the black leather that She wore during our session. That black leather is now piled by the door, awaiting my attention later tonight, or perhaps tomorrow morning. As i watch Her i see how the muscles of Her lower leg move beneath Her skin, and i try to imagine what it would feel like. As Her skin glides over Her muscles, i think: Would it feel like the silk that flowed across my own skin, as Her skin surrounds me, would i be able to move freely beenath it, or would i be restrained, my movements limited? So many thoughts, so many fantasies filled my mind, with Her being the common thread.

As this is our first Muğla Escort Bayan real-life session, She has said the She would tidy up after us, and that i must watch, for in any subsequent session i would be the one to clear up the mess. As i watch i make a mental note of where the implements live, where She leaves the used clothing, Her leathers, and my lingerie. Finally, everything is back in its proper place, and She takes a deep-breath, looking toward me wearing a smile as She holds Her robe closed. “Now for act two!” She says.

Still silent, i watch Her move to the hanging toys, stroking many of the items, some of which She had used, some of which She had not, yet. She knows that i still watch Her, knows that i tremble as i see Her caressing Her toys. She moves to Her wardrobe and opens the doors. In one side is a row of leather clothing, teddies, bras, pants, skirts, catsuits, boots, gloves, every item of clothing known for a Woman, all in black Escort Muğla leather. In the other side, the complete opposite, the most feminine, sexy, silky lingerie and nightwear known to man, and some unknown to man. Bras, panties, stockings, garters, slips, camisole, nighties, pyjamas, robes, all either hanging on rails or arranged on shelving. i watched, needing Her to go to one of the sides, knowing that i had not choice as to where She would go. She moves to the lingerie, and i smile. She selects a bra, hold-up stockings, thong panties, a matching camisole and tap-panty set, and a range of silk scarves, these She leaves in a pile, on the chest of drawers. She turns and smiles at me, not saying a word. i watch Her return to the wardrobe, watch Her stop in front of the half filled with leather. She pulls out Her leather teddy, leather boots, and a pair of leather gloves, these She also leaves on the dressing table.

Facing me again, She smiles, and crooks a finger in my direction. “It is time, come here, little one!”. i watch Her smile, listening to Her, after ‘act one’, i dread ‘act two’, i dread it, and yet i don’t, in fact i can’t wait, can’t wait just watching Her.

Act two is another story, which will, one day, follow…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32