Car Accident Ch. 03

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3rd Day: Commitment & Punishment

Next morning, I was up and dressed when the bedroom bell rang. In no time I was knocking Madame’s door. I entered the room and knelt besides the bed as usual.

-Come closer, slave! She ordered.

Still on my knees, I crawled until my head touched the bed. She sat on the bed, resting her soles on my head, pushing it hardly to the floor. I had to turn my head so that the right side of my face was touching the floor, while the other side was supporting her feet.

-Next time you present yourself, be sure to be properly shaved! Your bristles annoy the skin of my soles. Unless this is your idea of skin remover, she joked.

She rubbed her soles hardly on my face.

-Fetch me my breakfast! She said lifting her feet from my face.

I ran downstairs to prepare her breakfast. After some time I was back, holding the breakfast dish. I waited for her to tell me where to put it. She sat on the right side of the bed, resting her back on the pillows. I placed the dish on her lap and knelt beside the bed. She started eating. Then she spread her right leg out of the bed. I was ready to take her bare foot gently on my hands, bending down until I touched the floor. She wanted me to worship her, I thought and began kissing her foot passionately. She didn’t say a word. She simply went on with her breakfast. Yes, she had gorgeous feet, I realized that. They were perfect. She was right again. I fell in love with her feet. Now I was certain. And somehow I felt happy for this.

She certainly enjoyed her breakfast, with me gently holding her foot in my hands, offering my best kisses. I was kissing each separate toe, then going on with the rest of her foot, finishing with her ankle and starting all over again from her lovely toes.

Yes, I thought. This is what I liked, this is what I always wanted, now I knew. There’s no reason asking myself why. This is it, and no more. I’ll become her dedicated slave and I’ll do my best to keep her satisfied and keep my place at her service. If my only reward was to be allowed to kiss her divine feet, thus showing my dedication, then so be it. I would be very happy with this reward, and do my best to be able to receive it. Yes, I told myself! It’s a great honor for me to kiss her feet. I actually felt grateful that she offered me this honor. For the first time in my life I felt so good, even so happy. Yes, I assured myself. I’ll become the best slave she ever had. I’ll do anything she orders me. I’ll become anything she likes. I’ll offer her my body and mind to do anything she decides with them. She knows what’s good for me, so I’ll obey her beyond any doubt. And I’ll always receive with gratitude any rewards she thinks appropriate for me. Suddenly tears started dropping from my eyes. Tears of happiness, joy and fulfillment. My Madame realized this. She lifted my face with her foot. She then touched my eyes with her toes. She felt my tears on her lovely skin.

-Look at me , slave! She ordered.

For the first time after we met, I was able to look at her in the face. How beautiful she was! How magnificent! My eyes were wet with tears, she could now see it.

-You’re crying! She said surprised. She put the dish on the side.

Why are you crying? Speak slave!

-Forgive me Madame, I said, her beautiful foot still in my hands.

-I cry because I feel so happy. I realized how right you were telling me about my destiny. I just realized that being your obedient slave is exactly what I always wanted, without understanding it. My only purpose in life is to serve Ankara escort you any way I can. You were so right straight from the beginning. I was so stupid not to have understood. This is the reason I cry, Madame.

She looked at me carefully. She wasn’t angry. She started speaking slowly.

-One thing I’ll never tolerate is lies. Do you lie to your lady, slave?

-No Madame, I cried. I only wished there was a way to convince you.

-Considering you’re telling the truth and your intentions are sincere, there are a couple of ways to put you in test. But you must be very sure of your decisions. So far we were talking of something temporary. Now you talk about a permanent situation. Is this what you’re thinking?

-Yes, Madame! My only objective for the rest of my live will be to serve you, in any way you think appropriate.

-You have to do more than what you did so far to convince me of your intentions, she said seriously. Are you ready for this? Are you sure you aren’t going to regret it, or even change your mind? I hate people who don’t have straight plans for their lives.

-Yes Madame, I’m absolutely sure. Just show me the way. My decision is final. I’ll be your personal slave for as long as I live. Or for as long as you want me, I added softly.

Her face was still serious. No doubt she was taken by surprise by my new attitude. She was probably counting the possibilities. Or even trying to figure out if I was telling the truth. If only I could find a way to convince her.

-OK slave, she said finally. We’ll give it a try.

First of all, you have to quit your previous job, do you agree?

-Yes Madame, I’ll do anything you tell me!

She gave me the phone. She started rubbing my forehead with her foot, while I was phoning. I told my boss that for personal reasons I had to quit the job. He sounded angry. He only said OK, and hang up. I gave the phone back and took her foot in my hands.

-Now you must hand me over all your personal belongings; keys, money, cards, everything. Go now to fetch them, she said lifting her foot.

I ran to my room to get the car keys. Then to my old car. I took all the papers I found. I also took my brief case. Back to my room I took my wallet and checkbook and went back to her room.

-Throw them in that cupboard over there, she ordered. I’ll decide what to do with them later.

I did as I was told and assumed my kneeling position by the bed. She offered me her foot, and I kissed it, holding it in my hands.

-OK now, she said.

What you must realize is that from now on you have nothing, you are nothing, you have no place to go. You are MY property now, I can do anything I like with you. Now you become a true slave. I can even sell you to somebody else if I decide, or even kill you!. This is your last chance. From now on you go to a point of no return. Think very seriously before answering. Did you change your mind? Do you still want to go on?

-YES Madame, I said vividly, giving her foot a warm kiss.

-Then the matter is settled. From now on you are formally nothing. Keep this in mind. I can do as I please with you. I can even torture you for fun, she said laughing. What an idea! There is no way to go back now. You only obey my orders. Is this clear?

-Yes Madame!

-Good. Now help me to get dressed. I’ll be away all day. I’ll be back late in the afternoon. I have a busy day. When I come back, I believe I’ll be very tired. Try to keep everything in order. Don’t bother for dinner. I’ll eat with friends.

With Escort ankara her instructions, I helped her put on a very smart red outfit with a mini skirt. She sat on the armchair, and very carefully I put her stockings on her beautiful feet. Then I fetched a red pair of boots from the bathroom and put them on. When I finished she stood up. I bent down to the floor and kissed the tips of her boots.

-Your wish is my command, Madame! Your humble slave bids you good day.

-I expect everything to be in order when I come back, she said and left the room. Soon, she was driving away.

I was alone in the house now. I tried to organize my work. I should tie up her room, clean the bathroom. Do some washing, do the kitchen, prepare her bath. God, so many things to do! I only hoped I could finish them all before she returned. I started working like a robot (or even like a slave!). Occasionally I answered the phone and kept messages for Madame. I also took a shower and shaved. I never realized how time past by. I even managed to bake a cake for her. I only hoped she liked it. When I finished, it was already getting dark outside. I sat in the living room to get some rest.

Then I heard her car arriving. I assumed my kneeling position by the main door, waiting for her to arrive.

-Good evening Madame! I said bending down to the floor.

-Hello, she said. There are things in the car for the refrigerator. Go and put them in place and bring me a cup of coffee.

She sat on the couch. I ran out, took the bags from her car and went back to the kitchen. I switched the coffee maker on, and put the things in the refrigerator. After fifteen minutes, I was going to the living room, with a cup of coffee and a piece of cake for Madame. Kneeling in front her, I gave her the dish and bending to the floor I took her dusty boots in my hands and kissed them.

She kicked me hard on the face.

-Where are my slippers, slave?

-I’m very sorry Madame, I said and rushed upstairs to fetch them. When I came back, I knelt in front of her. I took her boots off. My face was aching from the kick.

-Shall I take your stockings off, Madame?

-Yes, you useless slave. I told you I wanted everything in order when I return. You’ll be punished for this.

Very gently I pulled her stockings down and removed them carefully. Her divine feet were dump from sweat. I kissed them softly. They were smelly after all these hours in the boots, but to me they smelled like roses.

-Does Madame wish to have a foot bath?

-Yes slave! Lick my feet clean. At least I hope you do this right. She tasted the coffee and the cake.

I took her right foot in my hands, while she rest the other on my back. Very carefully, I started licking it clean, sucking her toes and swallowing any dirt and smell. It took me about fifteen minutes. After drying it with my breath, I started with the other foot. When I finished, her feet were clean, her toe nails shinny. Taking both her feet in my hands, I started kissing them to show her my total submission.

-You may stop now slave, she said.

She bent closer to me and wrapped something around my neck. I realized it was a dog collar complete with rivets and a small padlock! She first tried it for size, and then she fastened it around my neck very tightly. She locked the padlock. I could barely breath.

-From now on, you’ll always wear this collar as proof of your miserable position.

-Thank you very much Madame, but I can hardly breath, I managed to whisper.

-I can Ankara escort bayan imagine that, stupid. This is your punishment for forgetting to bring my slippers. Tomorrow morning I’ll slacken it for you.

She handed me a brand new dog leash.

-You keep this. You might need it, she said meaningfully.

Now put my slippers on, I wish to go to bed.

I did as I was told and followed her upstairs, taking the boots and stockings with me. After leaving everything in the bathroom I entered her room. She was waiting for me to undress her. After putting her night gown, she sat on the bed, waiting to have her feet kissed. Again I kissed them passionately. Still on my knees, between kisses, I said:

-May I beg your forgiveness for my carelessness ,Madame!. I promise it’ll never happen again.

-Yes but that won’t loosen your collar, my decision is final.

-Thank you very much Madame! I’m grateful. I’m so sorry to have disappointed you. If only there was a way to make it up for you.

-Don’t worry my poor slave. Her voice was soft now.

You got your punishment and I’ve already forgotten the incident. Just make sure it won’t happen again. Generally I’m quite pleased with your progress. But you have to be perfect in any aspect for my needs. Maybe my standards are high, but this is it. After all you are not in any position to decide. I decide what’s good for you and you have to trust me. Maybe if I decide to sell you to someone else, your life might become easier. But for as long as you are in my service, I’ll be very strict, for your own good.

-Yes Madame! Thank you very much for your concern. I have absolute trust on your decisions. I believe that everything you decide is for my own good. I’m sure that with your instructions, I’ll become the best servant you ever had. I’m so scared even thinking that you might sell me to another lady. But if this is your decision, I’ll obey, as I always do. I’m so sorry I disappointed you!

I began crying loudly. My tears were falling on her beautiful feet. I was still kissing her divine feet, licking them clean of tears at the same time. She left me there for some time to get calm. When I managed to put myself together, I started drying her feet with my warm breath.

-I’m very sorry Madame for the inconvenience I’ve caused. I’m useless.

-It seems you are very sensitive after all. I only hope, for your own sake, your intentions are sincere. Because if they aren’t then you are really in trouble. I also hate fake people you know. Even more fake slaves.

-No Madame, my intentions are sincere. I’m sorry to have disturbed your peace with my chattering.

-OK then. By the way, slave. I really liked the cake you baked for me. Now leave. I wish to sleep.

-Your wish is my command, Madame! Your humble slave bids you goodnight.

I left her room closing the door behind me. I went to the bathroom to tie up. I also cleaned her boots and put them in place. I went downstairs to make sure that everything was in order. Everything I was doing was harder now, since I couldn’t properly breath. Then I took the manicure set from the bathroom and went to my room. I put the alarm clock on for tomorrow morning. Next morning, when she calls me, I’ll go with the breakfast dish ready, I said to myself.

I lied down and started reading the book she gave me. I began thinking that treating nails wasn’t so difficult after all. Maybe I’ve got the talent, I thought. An arrogant thought maybe. But it made me happy. I tried practicing with nail varnish on my nails. It was difficult in the beginning, but after some time, following the instructions from the book, I was satisfied with my progress. I only hoped that my standards were close to Madame’s. I put the dog leash she gave me on the bed table by the clock. It was really late when I finally fell asleep…

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