Caramel Ecstasy

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Chapter 1

Another busy, boring day at work. For two years now I have been working at NostiCare. I am a Pharmacy Help Desk agent, and all day I answer calls from annoying and sometimes irate insurance agents. I’m now in between calls, sitting at my desk looking out of my floor to ceiling windows.

There is a patio across the parking lot and that’s where some of us on a budget spend lunch. Right now I have a clear view of a tall, carmelicious mister. His name is Kenneth. Every day at 4:15p.m., he comes out to the patio for his break. And that time every single day, I’m at my desk waiting to see him. Mr. Caramel, as I call him, has the most smooth, creamy, brown skin I have ever seen. He’s no show stopper, not the high school quarter back every girl wants. He’s just an average good looking guy, but he’s special to me. It’s his swagger, his confidence, his sex appeal. He’s about 6’4 and when he’s wearing the right shirt you can see he has big muscular arms. I’ve also noticed he may have a nice package in those pants. I often have amazing dreams of Mr. Caramel, that I wouldn’t dare share with anyone else.

Chapter 2

Let me introduce myself. My name is Ranelle. I am 29 years old and fresh out of a two year relationship. I have been single and sexless for 7 long months. So of course those dreams of Mr. Caramel doing nasty things to me happen quite often, and I always wake up to a wet bed with my favorite dildo right next to me. Tonight is no different from the others.

I live alone, but have a two bedroom apartment with an amazing view of the lake and fountain. After work I go and grab a bite to eat with a few of my female coworkers. They are both good looking women. Both women are single, but have male friends that they see every now and again. They seem to be pretty content with their lives so who am I to judge when I’m one month away from being the cat lady. Mena, the oldest of us three, is definitely what guys call a lady in the street and freak in the sheets. She is very quiet, but has a very interesting love life. Looking at her you wouldn’t think she was a freak, but my girl has told me some stories that had my jaw dropped so far an Asian beetle Bayan Eskort could fly in. Mena is the shorter one of the crew but that does not stop the guys from hitting on her. She keeps her hair very simple, but still sexy, in a short curly bob.

And she has a shape that could easily land her a job as a video vixen. Now Yolanda is a character. She is a spicy Puerto Rican with long jet black hair, eye lashes that I’m sure hit her wire framed Marc Echo glasses. Yolanda had set out to be a model, but it didn’t work out due to her love of food. But she still maintains a thin frame on two perfectly long legs always rocking the latest stilettos. She manages to always keep us entertained with her bisexual adventures. Now, of course I fit right in with the ladies in the looks department. I wouldn’t say I was video vixen material, however, I have a lovely set of double Ds, a slim waist, hazel eyes, and a nice palm able ass. Dinner and drinks with the girls was always fun and informational, but I’m so used to my routine I usually don’t stay out late on work nights. So I made it home by 8.

Chapter 3

So I’m home now laying in my large queen sized Euro top bed, with the TV on, but my thoughts are still on Kenneth “Mr. Caramel” Martins. I doze off wandering what it would be like to kiss those beautiful lips of his.

The next morning I wake up again with no panties on, my dildo on the bed, and my fingers smelling like my juices. I just shake my head trying to remember what happened, but I can’t. I get up and start getting ready for work. Even though no one has been looking under my dresses for a long time, I still pick out pretty undies. Like my momma always said, “Always be prepared. You never know what might happen. And who may end up seeing your underwear.”

Another day of torture, but it seemed to go by pretty fast. I realize it’s now 4:15 and time for me to take my place by the window to catch a glimpse of Mr. Caramel. I wish I had the balls to say something to him. Mena and Yolanda tease me all the time about my shyness, but I really don’t think I’m his type and definitely wouldn’t be able to spark up a conversation that would lead to anything.

At that moment, Mena and Yolanda walk into my office with the silliest grins. I ask them what’s up, but I’m really hoping they leave so I can concentrate on seeing Kenneth. I’m not sure how much time passes by, but I hear, “Hey! Ranelle, Ranelle! Did you hear me? We have a surprise for you.” I’m wondering what’s going that Kenneth is not out there yet, and then my office door opens and he’s standing there. I’m in complete shock and end up knocking over my water. He has never been in my office, we have never shared anything more than a passing “hello”. I realize I need to snap out of my daze and speak.

“Hey Kenneth, what are you doing here?” I ask politely.

He smiles and say, “Kenneth? I thought the name you had for me was Mr. Caramel?” My mouth drops open and I am unable to speak. I remember I had on my vibrating panties, and with him walking closer and closer, I am on the verge of having a screaming orgasm. I close my eyes for what I thought was a brief second, so that I can gather my thoughts and figure out a way to turn these off. I have no clue what is happening, but I feel fingers start to massage my already pulsating pussy. Another hand is running through my hair and down my neck into my blouse, and over my nipples. I realize the fingers now entering my wet spot belong to Mena. The hands slowly caressing my hard nipples belong to Yolanda. And last, the lips touching mine are straight from Mr. Caramel.

Again, I am not sure what is happening, but it feels great. I push my chair back and open my legs to welcome Mena ridding my clit of its seven months of neglect. I feel her middle finger start to enter my tight spot. I have no choice but to get comfie, close my eyes and lay back in my chair. Yolanda slowly turns my head to the side, and I open my eyes to the longest dick I’ve ever seen. I realize at this point I’m dripping wet. “Let me suck up some of these juices for you baby,” Mena whispers. I nod in agreement as I take Mr. Caramel in my mouth as if we have been lovers already. This is something I’ve never experienced before and I hadn’t thought about being with a woman. But now I’m definitely not opposed to the idea. Things heat up and move fast.

Mena is now laying across my desk rubbing her tits while I lick and kiss my juices from her lips. Wow I taste so good. Yolanda comes to stand over Mena and begins to ride her face. Just the sight of it excites me and gets me to sucking both of Yolanda’s breast at the same time. Just as I decide to lean in and give Mena some of the delightful, oral pleasure she gave me, Mr. Caramel comes behind me and smacks my thick ass. He spreads my thighs open and I feel all of him slowly entering me from behind. The feeling is intense. As his tip penetrates and hits my spot, I take Mena’s clit in my mouth and finger her to the beat of Kenneth’s strokes. He starts slow, but the sight of three women licking and enjoying each other speeds him up. While he is pounding me, he eases his fingers In my butt. Me and the girls are grabbing, sucking and licking each other and Mr. Caramel flips me over, lifts my hips in the air and enters my ass.

The sound that escapes my lips doesn’t sound like me, but then again I’ve never had anal sex. “Ahh yes! That’s it baby!” It’s feeling so damn good that I grab Yolanda from the other side of the desk. I part her clean shaven lips and stick my tongue in her hole. Yolanda leans over sticking her finger in my pussy as Mr. Caramel continues spreading my cheeks and filling my with the greatest pleasure I’ve ever felt. “Damn it Ranelle, you are so beautiful, this pussy and ass is the best I’ve ever had.” The intense feeling from the double penetration is driving me so crazy I cum hard. Mr. Caramel lets me know he is getting ready to cum and I push him against the wall and take his dick in my mouth. I don’t know where the skill and courage came from but I sucked that pussy creamed dick until my jaws were sore and he exploded on my face. Mena and Yolanda stop playing with each other and start licking the cum from my lips.

We are all spent and feeling good, and I personally could’ve gone for another round. But we all realize it’s now time to clock out. No words are spoken as we make our way out of my office.

Is my phone ringing? I jump up thinking I overslept, I’m going to be late for work. I look down and realize my sheets are soaked, again I’m wearing no panties, but this time my dildo is nowhere in sight.

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