Caregiver Ch. 02

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I woke and saw thick snowflakes floating out the window. They made me smile. Partly, because I knew most of my friends were in school wishing they weren’t. I finished a semester early. Thank God, cuz who would be here to look after my dad dying from cancer. I decided that I had no regrets about him fucking the shit out of me last night and that if my dad wanted to drag his conscience through the mud, I couldn’t help that. It wasn’t entirely my doing. It takes two to tango. I just didn’t want him to hate me or even be mad at me.

I laughed out loud remembering his remark about spanking me.

Suddenly my door flung open with a crash scaring the hell out of me. My dad stood there in his robe. A belt in his hand folded in half. He snapped as if he was angry. The look in his eyes confirmed it. I sat straight up, wrapped my arms around my knees. Fear plastered on my face.

“What?” I yelped.

I’d never seen him like this. He didn’t say anything. He walked towards me quick like and mean. I peed myself a bit as I crawled for the other side of the bed getting caught up in my blankets. He neared the edge of my bed and swatted me on my ass just before I sprang to my feet. It didn’t even hurt. He retrieved the belt and just looked at me. We stood on opposite sides of my bed anticipating each other’s move.

“Stop. You’re scaring me,” I started to cry.

His eyes were devious, his chin tucked low. He made a move to his right, I went to my right and then he darted around the foot of my bed.

I screamed, “Dad!”

I lunged across my bed in hopes to reach the door but he dove and caught me by my ankles. He dragged me up onto the bed and spun me so I was facing him. He reached for the top of BJ’s pajamas and tore them open exposing me outright.

He lunged at my breasts and started to attack them with vengeance. I clawed and scratched, pulled his hair and tried punching. He got hold of my wrists and I was soon at his mercy. He licked and nipped at my nipples. They rose to the occasion.

What was he doing? “Dad!” I yelled.

He stopped but still held my wrists at my side. I was so unsure and he said nothing. He let me go, looking like he might stop his charade. I laid there for a few seconds trying to figure him out. I decided to scoot away in a hurry.

He grabbed me by my hips and flipped me around on my tummy. He grabbed hold of my bottoms and yanked them down to my knees. He plunged his face into my ass and started chomping and licking with his arm around my thighs. I struggled while he wiggled my bottoms down to my ankles and removed them.

I got as far as the edge of the bed where my upper body bent over the side, much to his advantage. He licked and gnawed at my ass cheeks and my anus. He buried his face deeper until his nose plunged against my vagina and the tip of his tongue was reaching my clitoris.

I was already breathing heavy from my struggle but the sensation from what he was doing to me was taking over. I just gave up. I started pushing my ass in his face with as much enthusiasm as he had for me.

“Oh, Dad!” I exclaimed with surrender. My pussy convulsed and turned wet. At that point, I knew he was playing but it felt so real.

I wanted him to lick my ass some more, having just learned that awesome sensation seconds earlier, so I squirmed. His mouth retreated to my ass. When he found it, I moaned and moaned. “Yes, oh fuck yeah,” I added, to show him I had a dark side too. I’ve bursa escort bayan never sworn in front of my father.

It worked as he responded by getting yet more aggressive. This wasn’t the weak man I was caring for yesterday and all my questions about his guilt went by the way side.

“Don’t, you pervert,” I accused but rubbed my asshole in his face with desire at the same time. “Stop!” I said but reached back and grabbed a clump of his hair so he wouldn’t be able to. I came on the spot. My innards were on their own. I even peed a little more.

He stopped. Blood rushed to my head, resting on the carpet. My breathing was loud and undeniable. All of his weight was on the back of my right leg, like a trap.

I heard what sounded like the cap to the Vaseline jar and realized what he was up to. I also realized he had conspired this assault. Daddy, you are being so bad right now, I thought to myself, but his plan was raving in my crotch.

A blob of the cool jelly filled the crack of my ass. My mind filled with the thought of him trying to jam his thick cock in there.

Then I felt his finger enter my hole. It felt awkward but it didn’t hurt. He worked it and put two fingers in it to stretch it.

“Relax, baby and tell me if it hurts,” were the first words he spoke.

He yanked me by the hips and pulled me up on the bed with just my ass in the air. That was it, I knew. He was going to fuck my butt. I looked behind to see him spit in his hand. He rubbed it on his cock and aimed it at my ass. I felt it. He pressed a little. Then a little more. He pulled it out and spit on it some more. He put it back there and forced it in. It hurt a little but I wanted him to do it.

I wanted him to have his way with me. I didn’t want my dad to die a wanting man. I could only hope that it wouldn’t hurt. I gulped at how uncomfortable it felt. I’m not going to like this, I thought.

He said, “Try to relax it, Kimmy.” I tried and I did. He went in deeper. He filled me. He slowly maneuvered it in and out. It just took some getting use to. “Rub your clit, honey.”

I did as I was told and blood began to rush to my sex pot. It helped to dilate me and then I was beginning to enjoy Daddy’s cock sinking into my asshole. His probing started to turn to thrusts as the grease worked my rim and soon I was fully dilated, allowing him to pounce my butt.

I rubbed my clit with vigor. Faster and faster. I reached up into my pussy and fucked myself with two fingers as my dad pounded my asshole.

“Oh fuck!” We said at the same time.

I lunged my hips at him while he thrust at me. Our timing was perfect. The sound of my butt cheeks slapping his groin thrilled my mind. I felt his balls bouncing off my cunt and knuckles.

His tension was building. I could tell by the sounds he was making that he would cum soon. This would be his third time in less than 24 hours and my second.

He pulled it out, grabbed me by my hair and yanked me gently enough, I guess, and shoved his nasty cock in my mouth. He didn’t even pump it to allow me to breath. He just held it there while his sperm jetted down my throat. I gagged hard and then harder.

I don’t think he even realized that my own vomit forced itself past my lips and spewed down his balls onto the bed. I finally caught some air when he started to shrink. He held my face there at the base of his shaft. His groans were deep and husky.

His orgasm seemed to gorukle escort last forever. His sighs were long until he caught his breath saying, “Are you okay, Kimmy?”

“Mmm hmm,” I moaned twirling his limp dick around my tongue.

He untangled his fingers from my hair. He plummeted to my pillow in exhaustion, just missing the small pool of my slimy bile.

I ran quickly to get a towel from the bathroom and was cleaning it up when he said, “You are so beautiful. I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

I leaned on one knee next to him, wrapped my hand around his prick and said, “That was the most fun I’ve ever had. At first I thought you were for real, you meany!”

“I’m sorry, baby. I woke up so horny thinking about last night, I just wanted more.”

I thought for a moment.

“Yeah, but at the same time you seem to have regret. Are You sure about this? I don’t want you to hate me.”

“I could never hate you, Kimmy.”

I assured him, “It will be our little secret, okay?”

He smiled. I kissed him on his forehead, snuck my dirty blanket out from under him and left him lying on my bed. I could feel Daddy’s eyes staring at my ass as I walked away so I added just a little extra swing to it.

I was switching the laundry over, thinking about the clever assault my dad concocted, hoping he wouldn’t turn our new relinquished desires into something other than what it was. Lust. Just plain old ordinary lust that we acted on, was my last thought. I caught a glimpse of him walk across the hallway to his bedroom. I heard him shut the door and lock it.

Then I heard the back door open. Oh crap, BJ was home. I darted to my bedroom just in time that he didn’t see me naked.

Suddenly, I felt a shameful emotion swell in my gut. It was something about BJ’s presence that made me feel what Daddy and I had done was wrong. Very wrong.

“Dad, Sis?” he called out.

I slipped on BJ’s pajama bottoms and whipped my arms into the sleeves of the top, just as he opened my door. I had to spin around and wrap the top closed. I’d forgotten about the buttons Daddy ripped off when he ravaged my tits minutes earlier. I realized I was panting with fear. My heart raced.

“Hi, buddy!” I greeted with a little too much expression. He just looked at me weird holding on to the door knob. I could see his face in my mirror. Til this day, I’m not sure if he got a free shot of my boobs.

“JJ’s dad wants to know if I can go to the Blackhawk’s game with them. Why are you wearing my pajamas?”

JJ was BJ’s best friend. Inseparable were they. I remember JJ’s parents and our parents hung out a lot until Mom died. Then they would stop by once in a while and try to get Dad to go out and have fun. Now that Dad’s sick, we hardly ever see them or JJ.

“Cuz mine are in the wash.”

“Well, can I?”

“I don’t see why not. Knock on Dad’s door and ask him.”

BJ went and did as I asked. I grabbed my favorite leggings, my loose top with the lace ruffles and jetted to the bathroom for a shower.

I heard BJ thank Dad and say bye just before I ran the water. I stripped BJ’s pajamas off of me thinking I’d have to sew his buttons back on.

I looked at my naked body. I wished my breasts were a little bigger but they were definitely more than a handful. My straight, light brown hair was running past the middle of my back. I should probably get it cut, I thought. I spun and looked myself bursa merkez escort bayan over. I didn’t get what the boys saw in my butt, though I was accused of having the nicest ass in high school. A little more J Lo would be nice. The thing I liked best about me was my complexion. No zits, thank God, a little pale but that’s only because I don’t get out much. I always kept my pubic hair trimmed nicely in a triangle. It didn’t grow under all that much so I rarely had to shave around my vagina.

I pulled my butt cheeks apart to look closer at my anus. I don’t know why. Just to see if it looked any different since Dad invaded it with his penis, I guess; I’m thin. A hundred pounds on the button. Average height. I wished I was taller. My face? Well, I know my mom was as pretty as can be and everybody always says I look exactly like her but I don’t see it. I mean, gosh, my eyes are brown and her’s were blue.

My nipples started to harden from the cool air. One last look at them in the mirror made me think that maybe they’re my favorite.

I jumped in the tub.

My areoles are a little bigger than a quarter, light brown, a little puffy, and my nipples can stand so tall when provoked.

I made the water just the right temperature.

But the nicest part of all is that they’re perky such that they look up, “haha”, as Maggie puts it. Some look down. Some look up. 🙂

As I let the warm water wash my shame down the drain, I couldn’t help but recall the magnificent stunt Daddy pulled. I knew he was creative but not in that department. It made me think how lucky my mom must have been.

A grin of pleasure became my face as I pushed my tits together with my upper arms. I reached for my clitoris. I must have been engorged because it was out to play. The ramifications of what Daddy put me through must have left me swollen and unfinished. I gathered and lathered and spun myself into a frenzy, shuttering and shivering with my eyes closed, clutching myself into the kind of climax that can only be self induced.

While standing on my tippee toes, I panted quietly letting the spray pelt my breasts. Slipping my two fingers in my pussy as the feeling soared higher and higher.

Dizziness came over me and I had to catch myself on the wall. Wow, is the only thing that filled my head. I turned to rest my back on the side wall and breathed one last breath of satisfaction while I slowly opened my eyes to see Daddy leaning on the wall. His shoulder perched nonchalance, enjoying the show.

My head was too much in a whirl to be startled. I think, even a suspecting serial killer would not have shook me at that moment.

He must have quietly pushed the curtain open to watch me. I was twisted with one knee slightly crossing the other. My one hand pinched in my crotch while the other cusped my breast. All I could do was smile and wait for the sensation to dissipate.

“That was incredible,” he commented. “You’re not embarrassed are you?”

“Not at all,” I answered with a slow blink of my eyes.

His cock was so erect that I could see it through the gap it forced in his robe.

“I could fuck you so good right now.” Then he paused for a second thought. “But I think we should stop for BJ’s sake.”

It’s too bad because I could have really gone for a good fucking right then and there.

“I agree.”

With a smirk, he adjusted his robe to cover his cock, letting me know just how much he wanted it and he left.

I wasn’t sure if we’d be able to stick to that agreement at the time but we did, and it wasn’t all that hard because Daddy had taken a turn for the worse shortly after that.

Now, I sit by his side, waiting for him to take his last breath without a single regret. “I love you, Daddy.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32