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Author’s Note: I initially wrote this as an exercise in not mentioning the female lead’s name. I’m not sure if it helps or not, but anyway here it is.


Carl sat on the edge of his bed and wondered where his life had gone. He was alone in his two bedroom duplex, with no idea what he was going to do today, or tomorrow, or any other particular day in the future. Since his semi forced retirement, he’d drifted day to day trying to find some part of life to reconnect to. So far it hadn’t connected to anything.

His wife had left long ago, forcing him to sell off the family home and split their ways completely. He didn’t really even know what she was doing with herself these days, and he didn’t really care. Their only son had shown up at his door months ago looking for somewhere to stay. Just short term he’d said, but he was still here. And he’d moved in some stray woman he’d picked up. Not even a, “Hey dad, would you mind?” She was just here one day, and then here ever since.

His son spent most of his time somewhere else. Between his work, and shooting weekends, and hanging out in one of the topless bars in town, he really only came home to find food and sleep. His girlfriend worked on the road, training or something or other, he wasn’t quite sure what, she only came home at weekends. Even though she’d been here a few months, they never really spent much time together and he didn’t know that much about her. If anything, she seemed a bit too nice to be with his son.

The only real companionship he had was her dog. He fed it, walked it, and generally they kept each other company through long days and nights of tv by themselves. For someone who used to be a travelling sales rep, meeting people and visiting new cities all the time, he was pretty much a cave dweller in his little kingdom. He felt cooped up and restless and more than a little depressed and alone.

Something had to change in his world, but he had no idea what or how. He still had a lot to offer someone, if they wanted him. He sat there for a good hour or so flicking over thoughts of days past, and dreams gone, and dreams that seemed too far out of reach to even dream about. If nothing changed, he’d be dreaming through the rest of the day until the sun set.

The opening of the front door brought him back to the now. He didn’t have the will to even get up or yell out a greeting. His first thought was a gripe that he just wanted his god damn house to his god damn self. He didn’t know why, it’s not like he was even doing anything, he just preferred being alone.

The front door closed again, and a female voice called out for the dog. The girlfriend was home, that at least wasn’t so bad. With the bedroom door closed, she couldn’t tell he was home when she walked past, so maybe he could just roll back and lay here for another couple hours just thinking. It seemed like a plan.

He could hear her outside throwing her keys down and talking to herself before she faded down to the other end of the house. He laid back and stared at the ceiling, trapped in his own bedroom. After a while he decided this was ridiculous. He was a grown man, in his own home, he could do what he damn well liked in it.

He decided to at least be sociable and have some conversation with her to fill in time. Standing up, he got dressed and headed down to her end of the house. Just as he walked through the lounge, he heard her scolding the dog and he noticed the door to her room open. Gingerly he stepped forward in case she was going to get angry at it being inside and it was somehow his fault. He peeked in her room.

His heart leapt into his mouth, there she stood totally naked, half leaning down patting the dog. She was scolding it patiently for pushing its way into her room while she was getting changed. Her long, blonde hair falling down across her face hid him from her view. Her small breasts hung free, the pale, bite sized nipples attracting his immediate attention, as did the thin strip of dark blonde hair above her bare pussy.

Her body shook seductively as she ran her hands up and down its back, telling it how naughty it was. He couldn’t stop smiling at how gorgeous and playful she looked. And he’d never realized how thick her hips were and how wasp waisted she was. There was so much flesh on display he couldn’t tear himself away. Her breasts were absolutely delicious, he wanted to jump in there and feast on them. Instead he fished in his pocket and brought out his phone, switched to mute, and snapped a few quick pics before he was caught. Throwing caution to the wind he hit video and held the phone zoomed in on her.

With apprehension on edge and the air filled with newly remembered sexual tension and nerves ready to flee, he was like a deer in the lights staring at her swaying breasts.

Before he could react, the dog stepped further into the room and rolled onto its back for a tummy rub. Startled, he watched as she turned with it and knelt on the ground, racing her hands over its tummy, scratching Yeşilköy escort away affectionately while telling it she was a good girl.

Carl’s eyes went wide with the sight. With her knees apart and leaning so far over the dog, her ass was high in the air and gave him a view straight at her pussy. She was completely shaved bare below, her dormant opening all closed up except the inner lips just peaking out, her pink rosebud just as bare as the rest and highlighted by her bikini tan line.

It had been so long since he had seen such succulent female flesh this close, he was intoxicated. The phone blinked red with record while her shaking ass etched itself into his memory.

“Well, we can’t stay playing here all day, I need to get some sunshine. What do you say, you’ll come and sit with me?”

Carl’s heart hammered, she was about to move and get up. He quickly retreated out of sight, being careful to get back to his room as quietly as possible and silently closed his door.


Through the closed door he heard her moving around the kitchen making something to eat before she whistled her dog and the back screen door slammed closed. Finally she had gone outside, and his breathing could calm down enough to think clearer. The hard on she inspired was driving him crazy, he couldn’t stop watching the video looping over and over on the phone, her ass was amazing.

Based on her routine, she’d be out the back sipping wine, reading a book, and if he was very lucky in this summer heat like she promised her dog, she’d be wearing a bikini doing some tanning. He had to leave the room sometime and do something, why not go and sit with her awhile and get another eyeful?

Grabbing his dark sunglasses and all his courage, he slipped open his bedroom door and went to the front door. Opening it loudly he turned and walked back in, closing it again.

“I’m home,” he called out. “How was the trip?”

“Out in the yard,” she called back.

He walked through the house to the back door, popping his head out to look for her. She’d dragged one of the patio recliners into the sun and was laying back on it, reading a book with a glass of wine nearby on a side table. She had on a tight red bikini that showed off her body beautifully. His eyes roamed up and down every inch, his leering fortunately hidden behind his dark glasses.

“Wine time?”

“Wine time,” she replied, lifting her glass and taking a sip.

“I’ll join you.” He popped back inside and poured himself a wine, his hard on still uncomfortable and begging for attention. He waited a minute for it to settle just a little, and walked back out to be with her. Dragging the second recliner over, he faced it toward her so he could lay back and take in the view.

She looked sexually hot. Her bikini wasn’t skimpy, but it wasn’t conservative either. The light, fire engine red material clung tightly to her body, showing off her camel toe and the two dimples where her nipples were resisting the confinement. She obviously didn’t realize how exposed she was as she made no attempt to cover up, or else she was blissfully unaware that older men still appreciated the delights of a woman’s body.

She sipped her wine again and settled in to read her book. Carl set his recliner back just a little for the perfect angle and whipped his shirt off.

“Think I’ll catch some zees with you, if you don’t mind.”

She gave a short laugh. “Sure.”

He lay back and relaxed to drink in the view and let his mind wander.

Closing his eyes, he gave himself a minute to compose his beating heart. She was so damn close, and behind his dark glasses he wanted to take the time to really study her. They’d shared the place for a couple months now, this was the first time he was really going to look at her as a woman.

She turned a page, sipped her wine and set it back down.

He squinted his eyes open, just the littlest bit, expecting to see her staring straight back at him with an angry glare. Instead she was engrossed in her book, oblivious to anything he was doing. He relaxed and let his eyes wander over her face, the small dimples at the crease of her mouth, the tiny nose stud, the soft red lipstick she still wore from her day’s travel. Her long blonde hair, tousled by the wind, played gently on her shoulder.

Her breasts were teasingly hidden by the book now, her hands resting on her small muffin top belly. Who was he to judge at his age, he carried a little extra too, but it looked damn fine on her and somehow she seemed to wear elegant clothes that accentuated her hips. The little roll of fat also showed off the flat expanse of red down to her cameltoe. Her legs were long and thin, flaring sharply to her round hips, dragging his eyes back up to the notch revealed by the fabric.

He realized her bare pussy earlier was the first one he had seen in the flesh for years, since before his wife had decided sex was no longer an option, and then he was no longer an option. He drifted Yeşilyurt escort bayan off to dreams of younger days, before they had children, wild weekends away when sex was something they both enjoyed and looked forward to. And then children came, and then day to day life took over, and then just trying to get by, and then the sex just stopped. Maybe he should have pushed it, tried to keep their relationship closer, but realistically he knew she had changed and that being close again was never going to be a thing.

It was sad how life changed and you didn’t notice that soon enough, and then it was too late to undo. Where had life gone with the dreams that had fallen apart? He wanted more, he couldn’t stay cooped up in this house and not enjoying life. He was only fifty five, for Christ’s sake, not dead yet. And he couldn’t see why he shouldn’t be enjoying the view of the sweet flesh of this thirty something woman in front of him. He opened his eyes back up and concentrated on the now. They wandered up and down her legs, taking them all in, and then settled on her mound of Venus.

He found himself imagining everything under the cloven fabric: where her hair was shaved to; how big her clit was; how sweet she tasted; how tight and warm inside she was; what kind of birth control she was on; how noisy she was when she came; and whether she enjoyed sex far more than his ex wife.

His thoughts slipped away to idle dreams of pulling the thin protection of material away and kneeling between her open legs to feast on her body and the warm, sweet nectar of passion. It had been so long since a woman had captured his attention and suddenly out of nowhere she had brought back every feeling of being a man.

The dog whined nearby, breaking his thoughts. He opened his eyes, staring straight at her tits. She had put the book in her lap and was looking across at the dog. He looked too. It noticed them both looking, got up, and ambled over. Nudging under her arm, it rested its head on her tummy. She lovingly patted and spoke softly to it, the dog soaking it all up.

“She’s loving all that attention,” Carl said.

“Yes, she is. I make up for being away so much, I wish I could take her with me on the road.” Her fingers ran through the hair between its ears, the dog’s big brown eyes looking up blissfully.

“That looks so cute, it would make a great Facebook pic. Hang on.” He fished his phone out of his shirt pocket and worked the buttons. Leaning over he framed the dog and her fingers and took a few images. He almost finished when he noticed the red fabric and thought “Why the hell not?” to himself. Angling the view a little, he made sure to get some focused images of her camel toe.

“Did you get any, I couldn’t hear it clicking?”

“Let me check,” he said smiling. “The sound is turned off.”

He nervously stood up, uncomfortably aware of his hard on. Lifting his sunglasses off so he could see better, he pulled up the gallery of images and flicked through the close ups of her red bikini to get to the dog pics, checking each one.

“Yep, yep. All good.”

He leaned over and showed her one of them. She took off her sunglasses to look closer. “That is so cute, can you send it to me? You take great pics.”

“Thanks. Yeah, I can, let me text it to you.” He stood up and was about to obey when he noticed the new, full body view he had from standing.

“Let me do a couple more, smile.” She looked up with a smile while Carl snapped them, and then turned the camera so that just her top half and beautiful breasts were in frame. After patiently letting him do his thing, she gave her dog one last scratch behind the ears before shooing it away.

“Wine time,” she said, reaching for her glass to take some more sips.

Carl sat back down and tried uncomfortably to adjust his hard on. He texted her the dog pic, and then reached for his wine.

“Cheers,” he toasted her. “Where did you travel to this week?”

They settled into a long conversation about travelling for work, places they had both been and experiences they shared. Before they knew it the wine glasses were empty, and they were both feeling comfortably mellow and chatty. She’d put her book down and shifted her body, using her arms to accentuate her conversation and wave her wine glass about.

Behind his dark glasses Carl studied her body and movements through it all, her nipples stiffening behind the material as she talked excitedly and softened as she relaxed.

She bent one leg up, hiding her camel toe as the material moved, but revealing an old bruise on her inner thigh he missed before. He imagined how soft and sweet tasting her thighs were and the sex she must have had to put it there.

“I’m ready for another, how about you?”

“I’d love another,” he said, catching himself staring at her pussy again and lost from the conversation. “Sorry, I was a million miles away.” He blushed, and hoped she didn’t know what he was staring at or thinking Escort Zeytinburnu about.

She stood up and turned away from him, leaning over to pick up her glass. The dog appeared, inquisitively sniffing at it and eagerly wagging its tail. Carl’s heart caught in his mouth, her ass filled his vision, the red fabric pulled tight against her skin. So smooth and young and shapely. He found himself wanting to reach out and run his fingers over it – ohhhh how he wanted to touch it.

She patted her dog, her ass shaking seductively as she shimmied her hands up and down its neck. Life was a tease, placing this succulent flesh inches from his face with no way to enjoy it besides hungrily looking at it.

She stood back up, turned around to take his glass, and then walked inside. He swore there was a little extra intentional swagger in her step, making the red triangle on the white skin dance seductively all the way. He held his breath every second, completely entranced. Women, is there anything more beautiful?

He lay back on the chair with a thumping heart and surging hormones and prayed to the sky. Would this day never end? Please, just let him enjoy a woman around again. His hard on begged for attention and release. Release anywhere on, or in her body. He sighed and let his thoughts reminisce over the delights under her bikini.

The back door opened, snapping him back to reality. She stepped out with the wine glasses in her hands, sunglasses resting comfortably on top of her head. Her smile broadened when she saw him looking, her hips swaying gracefully as she came back to him.

She stopped next to him, putting his wine down.

“Thanks. Saves me getting up and missing out on this sunshine.” They smiled at each other, eyes locking for a second. “I’ll get the next one while you’re reading.”

She turned away from him, bending over to put her wine down. Again her ass filled his view, wiggling seductively before him while she fussed over her book and wine. Intentional? He wasn’t sure, maybe it was. She’d pulled her bikini bottoms a little higher on her hips while inside, making the small triangle of red at the rear disappear further between her cheeks, exposing untanned skin. He had plenty of time to study it all in detail, including the bruise on her thigh which was clearly a very firm bite mark.

Her dog returned to poke inquisitively at what she was fussing with, giving him longer to take it all in.

“Well, I hope you enjoyed that.”

“Damn it, busted.” Carl admonished himself for being so careless. His face was burning with embarrassment, though his hard on raged on as firmly as before.

“That’s enough fun for now, I want to finish my book. Go play in the garden.”

Carl leaned sideways to look past her amazing ass, and realised what was going on. She was tickling her dog under its chin while it stared happily up at her. He took one long last stare at the red material nestled in between her cheeks, and then pulled his eyes away so he wouldn’t get caught out. Leaning over, he took his wine glass and tried to concentrate on that for a few seconds.

Out of the corner of his eye he thought she might have snuck a glance back at him, but that might have been his fertile imagination. Either way, she shooed the dog away and sat down to resume her reading.

He hung on to the wine glass with both hands, taking a sip to force his mind back to something that wasn’t about her.

“Looks like you needed that.”

He smiled weakly and looked back at her. “Yeah. Must be the sun.” Taking another sip, he set the glass down. “Think I’ll catch some more zees.” Laying back, he closed his eyes behind the dark glasses and concentrated on just breathing for a few seconds. Opening them again he saw her half smirking while she turned a page, and then she settled in to reading.

“What the hell,” he thought. “Stare away.” And then he studied her all over again until the sun made him drowsy and he drifted into tantalizing half dreams of exploring her body in intimate detail.


He was pulled back into reality by her phone ringing. Opening his eyes, he saw her set her book down and pick it up.

“Hi, honey,” she said. “No, been home awhile, just sitting in the yard, reading a book and catching some sun with your dad.”

“No, I haven’t been shopping yet. I’ve been on the road all week, I just wanted to catch a break. Ok, fine, I’ll go shopping and have something ready by the time you get home. What time are you getting home?” She was becoming agitated, and Carl just wanted to vanish into the air.

“I see, you don’t know. I’ll go and get something now. And some beers. Sure.” He could hear the annoyance in her voice. “Honey, I need to…” and she trailed off, staring at the phone, and then finally switched it off. He’d obviously hung up on her. The frustration played on her face, as though she was going to swear, but was holding it in while in his presence. In the end, all she could say was, “Your son…”

He thought on it for a second. “My son is an idiot, always has been. I spent too much time on the road, and he spent too much time being mothered. He has no idea what it’s like to struggle, or travel, and work away from everything you love, and how tiring it is just to get home, and how important having a home to come back to is.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32