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Chapter 7 – Sleep over — Dania seduces Sarah


In this dream I am in a hot tub at a hotel.

I’m naked.

The pool room is busy with women and men and families. I can’t get out without showing them all my nakedness.

So I stay in.

The hot tub has two other women in it and for some reason I know they know that I’m naked under the bubbling water. They come close and sit on either side of me. Then begin to molest me. For some reason I don’t protest.

They play with my tits the play with my pussy. They play with my ass.

One of them sticks her middle finger in my asshole as deep as she can. The other woman snakes a finger into my pussy as far as she can. They start to double fuck me. I don’t know how, because outside of the dream it would be hard to do but in the dream they Fuck me hard.

As a family of four get in the hot tub directly across from me.

They can’t tell anything is going on.

But I feel like I have two HUGE cocks in me.

The two women keep fucking me, they engage in small talk with the family. I try not to cum.

It’s hopeless. I know, they feel so good fucking me so hard. One in my cunt, one in my ass, pumping repeatedly and deeply.

I try not to cum.

But in the end I scream out and scare the family.

They run away.

I lick the women’s fingers clean.

How am I going to get out of here?…


Dania and Sarah make a bowl of popcorn and then settle down in front of the TV to watch some movies. They were still in their tight little shorts and tank tops.

The first movie that Tatiana had given Dania to play was a “chick flick” called “Imagine Me & You”. Which was about a girl getting married and then falling in love with the florist. Sarah was confused from the movie, but Dania felt nice sitting close to her, Sarah snuggled up a bit.

They watched it all the way through, Dania staying close to Sara and slowly shifting in tighter and closer, until by the end of the movie she was in a half spoon position, with her arm behind the other girl’s neck. Her orders from Tatiana were clear. She was to get into Sarah’s bed that night.

They took a break, went to the bathroom and fixed another bag of popcorn.

And plopped back on the couch to watch the second movie “But I’m a Cheerleader”, quickly falling into the same position, a half spoon. As they sat Dania made sure that she was even better positioned tightly against Sarah so they were almost in a complete spooning position, Sarah’s perfectly curved ass cupped in the bend of Dania’s hips.

The second movie was about this cheerleader wrongly fingered as being gay and sent off too homosexual re-education camp. It was a comedy.

During the movie Dania put her hand casually on Sarah’s hip. Sarah didn’t protest and just let Dania’s hand rest there, her breathing became more shallow and quick. She is focused entirely on Dania’s hand.

Five minutes pass.

Dania lets her middle finger find its way under the barest edge of the hem of Sarah’s hot pants. Sarah pretends to ignore the intrusion, but in reality her entire being is focused on where Dania’s finger is, she swears she can feel Dania’s fingerprint.

Another movie scene comes and goes, neither girl notices.

Dania slides her middle finger fully under the hem and this time her index and ring finger join their sister just barely inside Sarah’s tight shorts.

Sarah is going crazy trying to stay perfectly still. Scared out of her mind, more excited than she has ever been before in her young life.

Dania licks her lips quietly in anticipation. Sarah won’t be able to ignore it much more, up until now they could pretend, but the next intrusion would be impossible to ignore or lie about ignoring, what will she do when Dania’s hand is halfway inside her pants? aksaray escort When her fingertips are a mere inch from her pubic hair? When it truly becomes something sexual?

They stay still for a few minutes longer, neither wanting the moment of innocent lying to end. Enjoying the pretend innocence.

Then Dania acts.

She slides her hand further in.

“eep,” Sarah makes a surprised peep despite herself. Dania now has four fingers inside Sarah’s shorts.

In the smallest voice, Sarah says, “Dania…”

Dania moves her fingers in the lightest tickling motion sending electric shivers through Sarah’s body. Dania’s fingertips played over the perfectly smooth skin inside Sarah’s boy-shorts.

Sarah leans her head to the side and back, the movie now forgotten. She gazes at Dania as Dania moves her lips down. Sarah kisses a girl for the first time. The kiss was nicer than a boy’s, the lips softer, the passion richer.

Sarah spread her legs slightly in anticipation. Dania slowly moved her hand further inside Sarah’s short shorts. Traversing the smooth skin between Sarah’s hip and vagina.

She encountered Sarah’s pubic hair and lingered, twisting the curly hair with her fingertips.

Sarah moaned as the two girls continued their kiss. Sarah spread her legs further, draping her right leg over Dania’s, opening up her privates to Dania.

Dania snaked her finger through the curled hair, down over the gently curve of Sarah’s pubic mons until she encountered the very top of Sarah’s treasure.

She pulled out of the kiss, “…Zarah? Yes? No?” she asked quietly in a gentle voice.

“Dania, Dania, yes. Please yes.”

Dania kissed Sarah again as she let her finger slide down and into the already moist folds of Sarah’s pussy.

“Oh my god!” Said Sarah as Dania started to play with her. Dania brought her finger up to the other girl’s clit and rubbed it, massaging it in gentle circles.

“ohh.” Sarah couldn’t believe it, she was almost cumming already. The whole experience of being played with by another girl was too much for her. Nobody had ever played with her before, not a boy and certainly not a girl. The most she’d ever done is let her last boyfriend feel her tits. She’d masturbated some, but not often, this was completely new, her mind was exploding!

“AHH Dania OH MY GOD!” Dania slid her middle finger down into the folds of Sarah’s pussy and bent the knuckle to penetrate her vagina. Her finger slid inside the other girl easily. Dania wrapped her other arm around Sarah and started to massage her breast while she gently kissed the back of Sarah’s neck.

She pulled her wet finger back out and slid it back up to Sarah’s clitoris and played the girl again. Sarah threw her head back as the ecstasy built to a crescendo. She couldn’t believe how quickly she was rising to cum.

“AAAHA ahha EEEh” She screamed.

Dania slid her fingers back down and this time two fingers entered the other girl pushing Sarah over the edge and she came!

“AaaAAAh DANI! DANI! AAAAH!” Dania started to finger fuck the other girl keeping her orgasm rolling across her body. She fucked her with her fingers and then held them inside her as deep as she could penetrate…Dania felt a barrier in place. Sarah was a virgin.

“Dyeva! Dyeva!?” (Virgin! Virgin!) Said Dania in surprise. Dania immediately wondered if her Mistress would let her take Sarah’s virginity or if Miss Carvella would keep it for herself. Dania hoped Tatiana would let her deflower Sarah.

Dania held the other girl as she shook through the last of her orgasm. Sarah was nearly unconscious.

Dania left her fingers inside the girl as Sarah came back down.

“Oh my god Dania, that was incredible.” She closed her eyes again as Dania moved in and out gently a few aksaray escort bayan more times. She leaned back and kissed Dania again as the Dania continued to gently finger fuck Sarah. Sarah moaned as a follow-on aftershock orgasm hit her. Dania sped her fucking and took the girl up again, she was playing Sarah like a musical instrument.

She was an expert at pleasing a woman.

…or a girl.

Finally she let Sarah have a rest and pulled her fingers out and just rested her hand gently over the other girl’s vagina, cupping it like a prize.

“Ahhhh, my god Dania, how do you do that?”

Dania just smiled. Sarah placed one of her hands on top of her shorts over Dania’s and rubbed it gently. Sarah spun around slowly and sat straddled on Dania’s lap. Dania kept her hand inside Sarah’s shorts as the other girl leaned down and kissed her again. Dania’s middle finger found its way back inside Sarah eliciting another moan from Sarah.

Sarah leaned back out of the kiss and scooted back a bit. While Dania played with her, slowly sliding her middle finger in and out.

“Dania, I want you, I want to please you too.”

“Zarah…Zarah svim?…pool?” Sarah kissed Dania again and nodded.

Dania finally pulled her hand out of Sarah’s shorts, Sarah moaned in mock disappointment. The two girls stood up and Dania brought Sarah into an embrace and kissed her again. She then reached down and grabbed Sarah’s tank top and lifted it off her head.

She followed that by reaching and pulling Sarah’s shorts off too, Sarah smiled and blushed, naked in front of another girl, naked for sex in front of another girl.

Dania stood a half step back, inviting Sarah to undress her. Sarah obliged, pulling her tank top and shorts off.

“Jeez Dania you’re bare down there…” She said, surprised as the other girls sex became visible.

Dania just smiled and took Sarah’s hand, admiring her nakedness as she slowly led Sarah through the house and to the sliding door in the kitchen that led to the backyard and the Moore’s pool.

They whooped and dove into the water. The sun was just going down and dusk was settling in. Sarah and Dania swam for a bit. They played like water nymphs, like horny girl-otters. Slippery and teasing they played, laughing and giggling. Just girl fun, like Sarah had told her mom. They both knew where it was leading.

They played closer and closer, touching and squeezing.

Until Sarah was backed up against the side of the pool and Dania was leaning against her, their laughter quieting, their eyes meeting. And then silence as Dania leaned in, pressing her naked body against Sarah’s and kissed her.

The kissed in desperate passion. Trying to bring as much of each other’s naked body into contact with the other girl as possible. Dania slid her leg between Sarah’s and brought her upper thigh against Sarah’s sex.

“mmmm” Sarah moaned into the kiss as Dania started to drive her thigh against Sarah’s pussy.

Dania broke the kiss, pulled back and then helped Sarah sit up on the edge of the pool. She pulled Sarah right to the edge, put a hand on each thigh, pushed Sarah’s legs wide exposing her vagina completely to her advances and the leaned in and immediately sucked Sarah’s clit into her mouth.

“AAAahhah!” Sarah screamed and then covered her mouth with her hand, trying to stifle the noise. The neighbors surely heard her.

Once again Sarah was helpless to Dania’s ministrations. Ruthlessly she licked and sucked Sarah’s pussy. Sarah couldn’t support herself and lay back on her back. Dania pointed her tongue and pressed it inside Sarah’s vagina and tongue fucked her for a few strokes and then licked the entire length coming back to the clit.

She nibbled and sucked on the nib as Sarah started to shake.

“Ahha escort aksaray ah ah ah.” She shook her head side to side. The orgasm was coming again.

Dania opened her mouth wide and French kissed Sarah’s pussy, pressing her tongue inside the girl at least an inch if not further and wiggled it.

“OhHHhh oh OH MY GOD!” Sarah couldn’t be quiet as she came for the third time that night, she had never had an experience like this. Dania kept sucking, tasting the change in Sarah’s flavor as she came.

She kept the full mouth kiss on the girl’s cunt. Not letting up. Sarah was shaking uncontrollably now. Not even able to make an intelligible noise. The orgasm continued rolling and crushing her thoughts in ecstasy.

Finally Dania pulled back slightly and started to kiss the girls vagina gently. Letting Sarah regain her breathing.


Dania smiled and crawled out of the water and knelt astride Sarah. She leaned down and kissed her gently as she came back to consciousness.

“Dani,” Sarah had a pet name for her already, “Dani, I…oh.”

“Zara…bed. Yes?” And she kissed the girl again.

She helped the dazed naked girl to her feet and took her by the hand indoors. They walked in and to the stairs to go upstairs. Dania let Sarah take the lead, following and watching the other girl’s ass. Sarah kept looking over her shoulder as they took each step.

With each step Dania could see Sarah’s pussy lips peek out from her crotch. With each step she knew she wasn’t going to make it to the bedroom.

Near the top, Dania grabbed Sarah’s hips from behind and leaned in and started to nuzzle Sarah’s pussy from behind. Sarah squealed in surprise as her pussy was attacked by Dania’s tongue again.

She knelt at the top of the staircase as Dania started to lick her from behind. This time Dania licked her pussy, but also licked up her crack and brought her tongue in contact with Sarah’s anus as well.

This was something that Sarah hadn’t even thought about before.

She screamed “Oh My God” again as Dania’s tongue probed her anal opening while her fingers played with her clit. Dania pressed and pressed with her tongue until it squeaked inside Sarah’s sphincter. Then she French kissed her anus.

Sarah had barely calmed down from her last orgasm, the electricity was still zinging through her body. The annalingus from Dania quickly took her back to the heights of an orgasm.

A fourth orgasm for the evening quickly overcame her. Dania was playing with her clitoris, she had another finger in her cunt and her tongue was thrust inside her ass.

Sarah was in bliss, helpless against the professional ministrations from Dania.

Dania finished up and leaned back. She slid her finger out of Sarah’s pussy and up the girls crack and then inserted it into Sarah’s ass, where her tongue had just left. Then she slid up next to the girl on the top landing half rolled Sarah on her side and while her finger stroked in and out of the other girl’s ass, they kissed.

Sarah couldn’t speak as Dania finally slid her finger out of Sarah’s anus and stood the two of them up.

Somehow they made it to the bed and Dania got on top of Sarah, this time with her pussy over Sarah’s mouth, finally ready to receive cunnalingus from the other girl. She leaned down into a 69 as Sarah stared up into her the first pussy she had ever seen so close.

Dania started to lick her pussy for a third time.

Sarah lifted her head and gently brought her lips in contact with Dania’s vagina, kissing it and then she started to suck it.

She tried to please Dania as good as she had done for her.

Later they fell asleep Dania behind Sarah in a loving spoon. Sarah was exhausted and sated as she had never been before. Dania rested one of her hands on Sarah’s breast as she let sleep take her.


Dania woke in the middle of the night when she heard a car pull up in front of Tatiana’s house. She saw Tatiana and Linda get out and go inside. She smiled and pulled Sarah’s naked form close to her nuzzling her neck and gently massaging a breast. Everything was perfect.

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