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The chronological order of my stories to read is:
Todd & Melina series.
Interludes 1-5
Sperm Wars series 1-4.
Russian Roulette series 1-2 (may not yet be published)
Case of the Murdered Lovers

So…. let’s see if soap-opera-police-dramas with sex are of interest to Literotica readers…

This story contains graphic scenes, language and actions that might be extremely offensive to some people. These scenes, words and actions are used only for the literary purposes of this story. The author does not condone murder, racial language, violence, rape or violence against women, and any depictions of any of these in this story should not be construed as acceptance of the above.

Feedback and constructive criticism is very much appreciated, and I encourage feedback for ideas.

Part 5 – Ghost From The Past

The clock accusingly stated 6:00am as I entered Police Headquarters the next morning and went to the MCD room. I felt very good. An hour before, I had awakened to the very pleasurable sensation of Britt Maxwell sucking my cock. Once hard, she asked me to fuck her dog style.

I mounted her from behind, slicing my cock into her nasty wet cunt from behind, firmly holding her hips as I slammed my groin into her asscheeks with speed and raw, sexual power. It was a truly hot, deliciously sinful sight, watching Britt’s swollen labes clinging tightly to my iron-hard shaft as I pulled out, then seeing them pushed inwards as I slammed forward back into her steaming snatch.

I began fucking Britt with a hard, fast rhythm. She didn’t try to keep up, but just let me use her body for our mutual pleasure, letting me pull her waist to me as I drove forward, only to be stopped by my loins smashing into her lusciously sweet asscheeks. I admired Britt’s beautiful body, her sleek back, her lustrous black hair, her beautiful face in profile as her right cheek was pressed into the mattress, eyes closed, the ecstasy she was feeling etched onto her features.

I tried hard to not get overheated, to let my nut rise slowly, and for a while succeeded. But Britt’s tight, hot, sopping wet cunt was too much for me, and after about 10 minutes of steady, deep, hard fucking, I had to let go. I felt the release in my balls, then up my spine to my whole body as I erupted into Britt’s climaxing cunt.

After cuddling Britt for a few minutes, I reluctantly left the warmth of her body and her bed. I showered and came on in to work, leaving her to take her time getting ready.

As usual, I examined the papers, the early Sunday editions, while half-listening to a small TV broadcasting the local news. The City papers were focusing upon the murder of the Chinese diplomat in San Francisco. The Chinese Government had suddenly shut up about it, and it was easy to see why: a couple of leaks suggested that the murdered diplomat might have actually been a high-ranking spy for the Red Chinese. I expected to read no more about it.

The local paper was more detailed about our local murders. The University Alumni Board meeting had been cancelled. There were some details about the crime scene which told me that someone was leaking information to the press. One thing the Press didn’t know was the identity of the dead man, and they were taking their usual pot-shots at the Police Department for not having given them that info.

At that moment Patrolman Pete Feeley walked in. “Any news on the case?”

“Officer Feeley,” I said, calling the patrolman by what had become his nickname, “if you can tell me how the Press could have known about Tiger Woods’s infidelities so quickly, known what golf club his wife had beaten him and his car with, known all the porn starlets that Woods had been banging, knew what he had for dinner and what room he was in at his rehab place… yet they whine when they can’t find out the name of our dead man while accusing US of ‘withholding’ the information from them… if you can tell me how that can be, I’ll get you a promotion.”

Did I mention that I am not a fan of the Press?

“Well, maybe they–” Feeley started, but stopped as the TV arrested our attention.

“This is Bettina Wurtzburg, KXTC Channel 2 News!” the TV blared at me. Bettina Wurtzburg’s face and light red hair, same color as mine, filled the screen. “Channel Two News has learned that the police have identified an automobile that might be involved in the double murder of socialite Marie Arruzio and an unknown man last night, and that a search warrant is being obtained. Channel 2 News has…” As I listened, incredulous then increasingly angry, Chief Griswold came up behind me.

“How the fuck did she find out about that?” he said, more rhetorically than anything else. “If I find out who the fucking leak is, I’m going to roast the bastard’s head on a spit. Do you hear me, Feeley? On a spit!” The Chief rarely got angry, never cussed… except when discussing the issue of leaks to the Press.

“I’ll talk to you later, Patrolman Feeley.” I said, a direct hint to bahis firmaları the young officer. He had not gotten the chief’s hint; fortunately, he understood mine and quickly exited.

The Chief sat down in the chair next to me. “Anything new?”

“No,” I said. “Myron was running data last night. The strange thing is that data on Joe
Arruzio before his college years is almost nothing. No high school listing yet, nothing before that. No birth certificate anywhere, at least not yet.”

“They were paper back in his day, and mine. Nothing digital. But no high school –what does that suggest?” the Chief asked.

“Nothing yet, not for sure. But it’s strange. I might go interview him with some questions about that, hit him with it, see what pops out.”

“Well, be careful. He’s not a suspect, and the University is going to be very protective about one of their Alumni Board members and largest contributors.” the Chief admonished me. He was right; the politics of University and money were once again in play.

Everyone else on my team were coming in one-by-one. Only Tanya Perlman had not reported in yet, but I knew she’d already been here and had gone out on a mission with Patrolmen Morton and Rudistan. The Chief’s meeting was for 8:00 am and we migrated into his conference room for it.

After hearing of Croyle and Ross’s so-far unproductive interviews with friends of Marie Arruzio, Myron reported that he was delving into some of Joe Arruzio’s past business deals; there was some sketchiness about where the money for some of them was coming from. But we’d have to get a warrant to “officially” get into the records of some of the City banks involved.

This brought about a sneering retort from Steven Ikea: if Joe Arruzio was cleared, why were we wasting our time delving into his past? This from the same guy who wanted to arrest Mr. Arruzio the day before. The Vice people all murmured agreement with him today, just as they had with his antipodal opinion then. So I opened my mouth.

“So, Ikea, you’re absolutely sure Arruzio’s story is air-tight?” I asked. Everyone looked at me strangely.

“Well, unless you think the guy flew like Superman from the City to the condo, killed his wife and the other man, then flew back, he’s definitely in the clear.” Ikea snorted. This would seem to be embarrassing to me, especially giving Ikea a shot like that. He looked at me with a condescending sneer, not realizing the trap he’d just fallen headlong into.

“Okay, if you say so.” I said, then turned to Myron. “Myron, with the chief’s permission, get Paulina to get a warrant for that financial info. We’ll have to let City know we’re going into their jurisdiction, but it can’t be helped.”

Ikea almost shouted out “Why bother? Mr. Arruzio is clear–“

“Shut up, Ikea.” Chief Griswold ordered. “But he has a point. Why ARE we doing this?” The Chief had figured out where I was going with this, and threw me the line I needed with no one the wiser.

“Because it may give a clue to the murderer.” I said, “Someone might have done this to get back at Joe Arruzio, and if there’s some shady financial dealings going on, we need to know who might have had a motive to harm his wife.” A murmur of understanding spread around the room and Ikea began to get red in the face. “We also need to find and interview the business partners he was supposed to meet Friday night, and find out why they cancelled on him–“

At that moment, Assistant District Attorney Paulina Patterson came into the conference room, accompanied by Detective Tanya Perlman. Paulina was wearing a trim tan business jacket and white blouse, and a tight-fitting tan skirt. She looked tight and fine to my lusting eyes…

“Why are you here?” Captain Malone openly asked, meaning it as a sneering insult towards the woman because she was black. Patterson ignored him.

“We obtained and executed the warrant on the car.” she announced. “Detective Perlman?”

“We found a wallet in the car,” Tanya said, taking up the bit, “and we’ve transmitted the information to the Coroner’s office to confirm his identity. They’ll make the public announcement of his name when they confirm it–“

“And that name damn well better not be reported by the Press before the Coroner’s Office announces it!” Chief Griswold interjected with some feeling, then said to Tanya very sweetly “Sorry to interrupt, Miss Perlman. So who is the man?”

“His name is Jack Burke.” Perlman replied. Myron got up, saying he’d start running data. Tanya handed him a slip of paper with more information as he passed by her.

“Who… who did you say?” Teresa Croyle asked sharply. Was that a look of shock on Teresa Cunt’s normally bitter face?

“Jack Burke.”


I didn’t hear anything else for several moments. In fact, Cindy Ross shook my arm to bring me out of my reverie. The Chief was closing the meeting, and I heard him tell Hewitt to accompany me to kaçak iddaa interview Arruzio. He told Croyle and Ross to check in with Myron and to begin checking up on Burke, meaning find out if anyone wanted to kill Burke, and why.

“Chief, can I see you in your office a moment?” I said. The chief nodded and I followed him into his office, closing the door behind me.

“Is Daniel Allgood here?” I asked, mentioning the name of the dreaded head of the Internal Affairs Department. Allgood was about my age but looked even younger. He had black hair, and he was very slender. He had a muscular physique, though, and was not bad looking though he wore black-framed glasses making him look nerdish. Some people called him “Clark Kent”, the meek and mild alter ego of Superman, behind his back. He was in I.A. because he had exposed a police drug ring in another town a few years back, having turned down their substantial bribe offers, and had survived without flinching two attempts to murder him, shooting back and killing his attackers with cool, unerring accuracy.

He had a reputation as being somewhat cold and aloof, not wanting to involve himself with the rest of the Force that he was supposed to be watching over for integrity issues. He definitely did not trust anyone else. I’d only seen him a few times, and apart from perfunctory introductions, had not been able to engage him in conversation… talking to Teresa Cunt was easier by comparison.

“Allgood? I.A.?” the chief said, his eyebrows raising in true surprise, then dropping. “This isn’t some shit about Ikea, is it?”

“No.” I said, a bit surprised by the chief’s use of the curse word. “It’s about me.” The gray eyebrows shot up again, even higher if that was possible, and of course he demanded that I explain.

“Jack Burke. I know him. He was my roommate in college.” I said. “And I’m sure it’s him. I saw a birthmark on his body Friday night. I didn’t remember it at the time, but it was him.” The chief said nothing but picked up the phone to make a call. He hung up as it was not being answered.

“Allgood usually doesn’t come in on Sundays. He’s not in his office. But I’m going to call him in right now. Meanwhile, you go check in with Myron until he gets here.” Chief Griswold ordered.

I went downstairs. Teresa and Cindy were looking at some initial data that Myron had already produced. For some strange reason, Teresa’s normally angry face showed a new emotion: misery.

??”Guy is a low-life loser.” Ross said. “Got into big-time financial problems shortly after college… by the way, he went to the same college you did, Don… and he’s been on and off the grid ever since. Had a couple of warrants out for him, but the charges were always dropped. The worst one was a rape charge while in college, but that was dropped too.”

“Wow, here’s something.” Myron added. “Seems his parents were well-to-do but not really super-rich… hmmm, something not quite right there, looks like someone is hiding something…” Before I could ask what that was, Myron continued, “Ah! Burke has a younger brother, James, went by “Jimmy”… hmmm, nothing at all on the grid there. I mean nothing since his college days.”

“Keep looking.” I said, “and maybe this’ll help: I’ll bet this guy Jack Burke is a ladies’ man, probably being kept by women, moving from mark to mark. Maybe Marie Arruzio was keeping him the last few months.” Ross nodded in agreement; Teresa scowled but made a couple of notes.

Just then, the Chief called me into his office. When I got there, I.A. Detective Daniel Allgood was also in the room. “Okay, Don, explain to Detective Allgood your situation.” Griswold ordered. I did so, explaining that Burke had been my roommate in college and that he knew my now-wife Melina, also.

“So the question is,” Griswold said, “do I need to pull him off the case?”

Daniel thought a moment, then turned to me. “Where were you and your wife Friday night?”

“I was with Lt. Maxwell,” I said. At this time, I wasn’t worried what the I.A. guy thought of me dating the hot policewoman; if he didn’t know by now that Melina and I had an open relationship, he wasn’t doing his frickin’ job. “Melina was and still is out of town. She and Dr. Fredricson are at some seminar in San Francisco.” Allgood nodded.

“I know about your date with Lt. Maxwell. Too bad it got… interrupted.” Allgood said, and with an absolutely straight face. My god, even the I.A. guy knew all about my interrupted date. “The good news is that you came to us with this information right away.” he continued. Turning to the chief, he added, “I think it’s okay if Don continues to work on the case. However, he has to have someone with him at all times on anything he does on this case outside the headquarters, and he needs to report to you anything he finds out immediately.”

“Good.” Griswold said gruffly. “You heard the man, Detective. Keep me informed of everything you do, every time you so much as take a piss. And kaçak bahis always have Ross, Hewitt or Perlman with you while following leads. Now get the hell out of here and get to work.” I got up and left, noticing that Allgood remained in the office.

Part 6 – Stolen Innocence

Our appointment with Joe Arruzio was at noon, and Lt. Maxwell would be going with Hewitt and myself. It was just as well, as I was not in the present. I went down into my office in the IT dungeon to deal with the memories. For a while, it was as if I was back in school, my old university far away from this school town, so vivid were those memories…


I had heard of him when he entered my dorm room as my roommate my Sophomore year of college. Jack Burke was a Junior, and by age two years older than me. He was tall and slender, very physically fit, with a full head of longish brown-black hair and a devilish smile. One got the impression he was always up to some practical joke, but there was also a more serious, darker side of him just behind the smiles and the facade.

He’d been described as something of a loner, but there was no doubt about it: Jack Burke was the campus stud. He had women fawning over him, and they were some of the most beautiful women on campus. As I would soon find out, Jack got a lot of pussy. Almost a night didn’t go by that he was bringing a girl into our dorm room or he would not come home that evening. Most nights I offered to go to the study room and study while he fucked his always-beautiful date, but every once in a while he brought a girl in after I’d gone to bed, and I would listen, reveling in the glorious sounds of hot, passionate sex in the bed just a few feet from mine, remembering the time I’d watched my sister fuck that stud in the basement of our childhood home.

I fully understood the reason behind his incredible sexual aura: he was the extremely lucky owner of the most incredibly huge cock I’d ever seen up to that time. This guy literally would put John Holmes to shame. I only saw Jack’s prick a few times, but once was when a blonde girl came into the room to visit him and gave him a steaming hot blowjob right there in front of me. Jack’s penis was truly enormous; he said it was ten inches long, and it was as thick as my wrist.

Fortunately, Jack took a liking to me, and it wasn’t too long before I became his “wingman” at bars. I learned some great practical lessons about human behavior, but even better: Jack made sure his roommate got laid. Maybe not as often as I’d like, but several lovely women were happy enough to suck and fuck the hell out of me just for a shot at Jack’s tremendous weapon of lust. Of course I had other dates, as well, but nowhere near the level of Jack’s super-hot campus babes.

But Jack also had a dark side: he had a particular lust for other men’s wives. It was a game to him to seduce another man’s wife, to entice her to betray her husband by copulating with Jack. Fucking another man’s wife really turned Jack on, and he really brought it to another, higher level when he fucked another man’s woman. He was extremely successful at it, shooting a lot of loads into a lot of married pussies… and of course he created enemies, some helpless to defy him but some that might cause him a lot of problems later on.

But worst of all was if a wife spurned Jack; he did not like hearing “no” for an answer. There were stories of Jack forcing himself onto women. And sometimes he made me go along with him on what he called “excursions”, but those are dark stories for another time.

After such a hard-charging Sophomore year as the “wingman” for the campus stud, my life quietened down considerably my Junior year. I was busy with schoolwork and ROTC Summer Camp preparations. Jack was still my roommate in the dorm, but as often as not he was staying at an apartment off-campus. Rumors that he was part of some unofficial fraternity got around to me, but I never inquired to him about any of it; it was his business. I wasn’t getting much pussy anymore, but then Melina entered my life and I began dating her.

I was reluctant when I had to introduce Melina to Jack, when he came into the dorm room unexpectedly while she and I were studying. If she knew him, she gave no indication at the time, but she was formal and cold, even by her standards, in reply to his attempt to turn on the charm. He left us alone fairly hastily… the first time reversing our roles; I usually was the one to leave him alone with a woman in the room.

“So,” Melina said after Jack left, “that’s the campus stud who you’ve been rooming with. He seems to be a womanizing jerk.”

“Er, yeah, he’s the campus stud, so I’ve been told.” I replied. I’d told Melina who my roommate was, but not that he was the campus stud. “Why do you think he’s such a jerk?”

“Uh… I can tell.” Melina replied, somewhat haltingly. “He’s an arrogant bastard and a very bad boy– er, man. But enough about him and enough studying.” My then-fiancee put her books to the side and began unzipping my pants. Knowing what was about to happen, I helped Melina by unbuckling my belt and opening my pants. She fished out my cock and immediately slurped it into her mouth.

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