Case Study 301: Daddy your stuff is coming out of my naughty place

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Case Study 301: Daddy your stuff is coming out of my naughty place

Thank you for returning once again for another installment. I will warn you from the beginning that this chapter will be about ten pages longer than the other chapters thus far. Sorry for the inconvenience but I just wanted to keeps things symmetrical throughout this epic story. With no further adieu please enjoy Chapter 6 of Case Study 301

Special Agent Tom Murphy’s hotel room in Los Angeles:

Tom just finished walking down the hotel hallway that has vibrant brown teak wood walls and a rich copper colored carpet and soft amber lighting. Just as he was about to slip his key card into its slot he remembered that earlier that the day he sent an email to Gemma Porter a Los Angeles homicide detective who has been working with him on the Salvatore Palandolpho case; mentioning that he would be arriving this evening. He smirked as he pushed the card into the slot as memories of her began to flash through his mind of all the late evenings that they shared together experiencing many different sexual escapades.

You see, Tom was called back to New Jersey at the behest of his boss Section Chief Morales to complete his initial reports of what took place in Los Angeles in the Salvatore Palandolpho assassination case that also included the three other homicides that happened in the same suite on that night. What was supposed to be a short three day stint back in New Jersey ended up being ten grueling days in hell that felt like he was away from his two new found lovers for over a year? He saw the green little dots light up and he heard the tweeting sounds that the key card was accepted and as he was about to open the door as he wondered to his self if Gemma and Karen were waiting for him inside. The last time that he was in Los Angeles they were able to continuously swindle key cards from the front desk and they just let themselves into his room all the time.

Tom slowly opened the door hoping that they were actually inside waiting for him. At that very moment he just realized that he really did miss his two new playmates. To his surprise he actually felt lonely while he was in New Jersey and his loneliness wasn’t just predicated on the many times that they had sex with one another. Now he was actually desired for them to be inside. He found his self peering into the blackness of the hotel room craving their company. But if they both couldn’t make it he preferred Gemma to be the one who was waiting naked in his hotel room. Now, he found Karen to be very attractive and she actually was much more adept when it came to sexual relations with him. For some reason it should be odd how wonderful she is in bed. Especially since she is a lesbian and the only reason she let Tom fuck her pussy was she needed a sperm donor to help her and her life partner Danielle bring a child into the world.

Tom very quietly put his luggage down and he hit the switch to illuminate the room. He had a big smile on his face and his arms were spread wide apart from one another expecting one of the girls to jump up on him but no one was on the bed. He walked to the other side of the room expecting one of the girls to be hiding there but once again there was nobody. Then he snapped his fingers and thought they must be in the bathroom primping their selves for me. Tom slid the bathroom door open and quickly turned on the light but to no avail nothing. Then he thought the shower he quickly opened the door and let out a ‘HAH’ but again alas there was nobody there.

Tom’s head slumped down between his shoulders and thought, ‘well I guess it was good while it lasted.’ Tom undressed and slipped into the shower depressed now more than ever. He shaved and brushed his teeth and then walked out to his bed and pulled back the comforter of the bed. He noticed that it was 7:27 pm but for him it was actually 10:27 pm as he just flew in from the east coast. He desperately needed a vacation as he hasn’t had one in the past three years since he started stalking Salvatore Palandolpho and there wasn’t a vacation even on the near horizon. He found some solace that he gained three hours to his day and while it doesn’t seem a lot he figured if he got ten to twelve hours of sleep then perhaps he would feel refreshed in the morning and hopefully not suffer any jetlag. He called down to the front desk for a seven a.m. wake up call. He then took the extra pillow and put it over the alarm clock to make the room completely black and he fell asleep.

A couple of hours later Gemma and Karen strolled into the hotel lobby of Tom’s hotel and Karen turned to Gemma and said, “So, what room is Tommy boy in, honey?”

Gemma actually scratched her head and said, “You know what he didn’t mention any room number in his email ~ damn it ~ it just mentioned that he was going to stay at the same hotel again.” The two of them stood in the lobby not really arguing but just sorta like were perturbed at each other blaming each other for not getting his hotel room number before they got there. Then Gemma said, “Wait here I’ll get the key.”

Gemma walked up to the front desk and there was a semi attractive young man standing there doing some busy work. Gemma smiled at him and pulled out her gold detective’s badge and then leaned forward on the desk. Her low cut top was barely keeping her two breasts from falling out as she wasn’t wearing a bra. She then moved her biceps to the sides of her breasts and pushed them together and said, “Hi there studly! I am detective Porter and my partner and I were supposed to meet Agent Murphy of the FBI here in the lobby but we don’t see him. Do you know if he has checked in yet?”

The young man’s eyes never left Gemma’s breasts and said, “Well ~ ah ~ I, I, I can check for you.” He looked up Tom’s information and said, “Yes, detective Porter he checked in a few hours ago. I can call up to his room for you if you want me to? I’ll do anything you want me to.”

Gemma said, “Nah that is okay he’s expecting me and my partner. Why don’t you just give me the extra key card and we’ll take it from there.”

The young man’s face was blanching red as he continued to eyeball Gemma’s breasts and then when Gemma snapped her fingers he was brought back to reality and he really didn’t care what she was saying or what she really wanted and said, “Right away Ma’am.”

Gemma motioned for Karen to follow her to the elevators as she held up the key card. Karen put her arm around Gemma as she was proud of her by extracting yet another key card from a front desk clerk without any problems. When they got to the room they slipped inside noticing that the room was pitch black. Tom’s sleep was deep and very peaceful as the girls undressed quietly and when they were both naked they deftly pulled the comforter down the bed without waking him. Then they gracefully slipped his boxer’s off of him without waking him. Then Tom stirred from what he thought had to be a wonderful dream. There was the most pleasurable wet warm feeling of having his dick sucked by Karen’s lesbian mouth. Gemma whose pussy ached for almost a week and a half of missing Tom’s special touches needed to be entertained so she moved her luscious ass and hungry pussy right over Tom’s face.

Tom remained in a slight fog from just waking from his deep sleep. He knew that this was not a dream but that his playmates had returned to him and so did their insatiable sexual desires. His heart leapt with glee knowing that he should have never doubted his two girls. He also knew fighting them was going to be futile! Tom’s cock turned from a soft rubbery tree to a steel I-beam from the musky smell of Gemma’s love canal and Karen’s exquisite cock sucking skills. Even though Karen’s a lesbian her warm, wet and inviting mouth sliding up and down on Tom’s shaft was as if she did this very thing every night of her life.

Tom’s arousal was now complete and fully aware of who and what was happening at that very moment. Tom was at full length in Karen’s mouth and partially down her throat. Tom used his tongue to explore the familiarity of Gemma’s musky pussy that tasted like the new dew off of a morning leaf. Karen may be a lesbian but she was sucking Tom’s cock like her life depended on it. Gemma started to bounce up and down riding on Tom’s tongue like it was a tiny dick that ached to be penetrated deep and hard. When Karen heard the loud panting of Gemma, she increased her sucking pressure and speed on her Adonis’ rod to try and bring him off the same time as Gemma.

From the blackness of Tom’s hotel room there came the sounds of Tom’s cock being slurped. The moist sloshing of Gemma’s pussy gliding over Tom’s face and now the sounds of Karen’s finger’s punishing her own waterlogged twat. The skill each brought forth produced the harmonious whispering moans from all three of them. Then Gemma several minutes later was the first to explode in orgasm. Gemma’s love juice burst onto Tom’s face. Tom’s passion enabling Gemma to orgasm was about to blow his wad in Karen’s mouth. Karen was awarded with a sampling of Tom’s pre-cum and immediately evacuated Tom’s cock from her mouth. Karen exquisitely and efficiently climbed on top of his rod and slammed her hips down on Tom’s pelvic bone impaling her cunt around Tom’s shaft causing him to splatter his load inside her wanting womb, a womb that was in need of a flourishing child inside of her.

Tom realized once again that Karen was up to her old tricks and had done this on purpose yearning for his seed of life. Tom took didn’t mind at all finishing inside of Karen he knew how much she loved the feeling of a man’s cum rattling up her lesbian love canal. Gemma immediately afterward dispensing her pussy juice on Tom’s face went to work as she usually does and began to clean Karen’s vagina with her tongue. Gemma loved savoring her step-daddy’s cum (Gemma and Karen took it upon themselves to liven their tryst up a little and pretended that Tom was their step-daddy and they were his two horny teenage daughters) intermingled with Karen’s essence. Gemma didn’t stop there though she licked her way down to Karen’s anus and shoved her tongue inside while Tom’s eye adjusted to dimly lit room as he watched. Karen became over excited watching Gemma’s enthusiasm and she came rather quickly, but Gemma didn’t stop there. She then used her fingers to delve deep inside of Karen’s anus and her tongue on her clit to make her finish one more time twenty or so minutes later.

When Tom thought they were both finally exhausted, Karen gave him a coy smile then whispered in a girlish voice, “Daddy, will you to fuck me from behind. I so missed you being inside of me.”

Tom’s dick sprang to attention watching Gemma provide Karen exquisite pleasure. Gemma finished and lay down on her back then Karen spread Gemma’s legs as far as she could then Karen winked at Gemma and said, “I am so hungry for your pussy honey. I’ve been waiting to eat you ever since we interrogated Adam McCormick the club owner a few weeks ago.”

Then she dove in face first between Gemma’s cunt lips. Karen was on all fours and Tom could see her breasts dangling and her pussy lips glistening with Gemma’s fresh saliva. But as much as Gemma drank the nourishment that Karen provided to her from between her pussy lips Tom unleashed more sperm that was deeper inside of her love canal. Tom’s ass rested on the heels of his feet as he witnessed more of his fresh batch of cum beginning to creep out of Karen’s slit. The white sperm built up onto her clit and then like an icicle his sperm then dripped from the hood of her clit onto the bed. Karen was snacked on Gemma’s cunt as Tom was mesmerized watching his sperm drain from her slit then Karen wiggled her butt in the air and for a second inviting Tom access to her pussy again. Tom on the other hand was imaging thrusting his hard cock not into her cum filled pussy but into that tight little asshole of hers.

“All in due time,” Tom thought to himself. Instead, he grabbed Karen’s hips and slid his aching cock back into that beautiful cream filled lesbian pussy. Even after all this fucking, Karen was still extremely tight. He sighed with pleasure and he felt her pussy muscles clench his dick nice and tight. He reached around her and grabbed her size B tits as he pinched both nipples as she squealed in piercing pain.

Tom heard Gemma cry out from under Karen’s body several minutes later a new tidal wave of pleasure overtook her body and her orgasm ripped through her body. Several minutes later after Gemma recovered from her orgasm, she moved to Tom’s side. She began put her arm around his broad shoulders and began to kiss Tom passionately with her open mouth. Tom could taste the mixture of Karen’s pussy juice and his own secretion on his tongue. Then Gemma pulled her lips back and intently watched his cock fuck Karen like dogs in heat. Several minutes later Tom’s skillful thrusts made Karen screamed out, “Daddy, ram your dick inside your daughters nasty cum filled pussy.” Tom started thrusting faster and he could feel Karen’s cunt juices that were mixed with his load as it was dripping down her thighs.

Gemma smiled at her lover and smacked his ass cheek as hard as she could and barked out, “Fuck her dirty pussy Daddy. She’s been a bad, bad, bad girl Daddy. Punish that slutty twat of hers.” Gemma’s dirty talk was really working for Tom and he knew he was approaching his second orgasm of the night. Gemma was taking advantage of her situation as she deliberately began to smack Karen’s ass as hard as she could. Gemma felt empowered that as she barked out orders to Tom as he was following them to the letter. Gemma smiled the prettiest smile that Tom had ever seen as she moved her lips to Tom’s lips and kissed him passionately once again. When she pulled back she smiled and said, “Fuck your baby girl daddy ~ she wants it ~ listen to the moans of your little slut of a daughter daddy. Hurt her daddy! Punish her for all the bad things that she does with me when we are alone! She deserves to be punished.”

Karen joined in too. “Daddy, I am your little slut ~ listen to the way you make me coo with pleasure of having my daddy’s penis inside of me ~ cum in my pussy again!” she panted. “I love the way your big cock feels in my tight little lesbian cunt hole. Please shoot all your cum in my dirty muff! I love pretending were making babies together daddy!”

Tom didn’t need much more encouragement. He moaned loudly as he emptied his load into her willing and soggy pussy. Tom pulled Karen’s back up against his chest as he held onto her tits as he continued to thrust inside of her until the last few drops were deposited into her hot tingling cunt. Karen collapsed on the bed in happiness and Tom rolled off of her and lay next to her. “Daddy loves his dirty little girls,” he said. They both snuggled up to him on either side of his chiseled chest.

Gemma and Karen looked at each other and smiled at their accomplishment thus far and then said almost in unison, “We love you too ~ daddy!”

Several hours later in the wee hours of the morning Tom woke up and looked at the digital clock and it read 3:47 in the morning. He had been fucking his playmates slash daughters all night! He got out of bed and left his playmates while they slept tranquilly. He went to the bathroom, still naked, and checked the voicemail on his cell phone as jetlag was starting to set in on him. There were several angry voicemails from his boss wondering why he hadn’t checked in once he arrived in LA. His boss was pissed off because they had discussed in his boss’ office previously that there needed to be a new line of communication between the two of them and Tom is already fucking that up. He also had a message as well from the girls’ Captain ~ Captain Stiller wondering where he was and why he hadn’t checked in with him as yet as well. Tom shook his head as he was realizing how many people were depending on him to solve this fucking mystery of who sent Alejandro Ruiz to assassinate Salvatore Palandolpho.

‘Time flies when you’re participating in some of the best fuck sessions of your life.’ Tom thought as he smiled at his self in the mirror in the bathroom. He left a message on his boss’s phone at work explaining his whereabouts and that he would be a lot more prompt from here on out. Then he remembered that today was Friday ~ this meant that Tom still had all weekend to play with his two little girls before they all had to go back to the real world! Tom realized that he was starving and in a desperate need of a shower. He went back into the bedroom and saw that Karen was still fast asleep, face-down on the bed with her legs spread ever so slightly and he could see his crusted sperm coating her labia and then he just stood there staring at her asshole and thought to his self, ‘I can’t wait to fuck that tight little asshole of hers.’

Tom’s dick started getting hard at just the thought of fucking Karen’s asshole. As he took two steps closer to the bed Gemma began to stir and sat up on the bed looking at him. Seeing Tom standing there in the darkness silhouetted by the bathroom light behind him made Tom look as if were an angel. As Tom stood looking down at her it made Gemma feel warm, safe, secure but most of all fuzzy all over. Gemma smiled at Tom and she slid from the bed and stood in front of him wrapping her arms around his neck in silence then kissed him passionately on the lips. Tom could taste Karen’s pussy and his sperm as Gemma’s open mouth kissing pushed her tongue inside of Tom’s mouth. She then slid her hand into his and led him back to the bathroom and she whispered seductively in his ear, “Let’s take a shower together daddy. You smell of dirty skanky sex and so do I.”

They walked into the bathroom together then Gemma stepped into the shower first as Tom need to relieve his self. As he was standing at the toilet Tom couldn’t believe that this was actually happening to him again with these two. They are the reason why his investigation continued to be sidetracked over and over. He knows that he needs to remain focused on his task at hand but right now he had another task ~ Gemma. As he stood peeing he gawked at Gemma’s silhouette through the glass of the shower stall. She was bathing herself as she hummed a tune that she only knew. He realized that her eyes were closed and so he quietly crept into the shower behind her. He reached around her and pinched both of her nipples forcefully. Gemma shrieked as her body tingled with the pure pain Tom exuded on her over sensitive nipples and she smiled at him as she turned to face him and then wrapped her arms around his neck again and kissed him with an inviting open mouth. When her lips separated from hers she smirked at him and said, “You scared the hell out of me Tom, don’t ever do that again.” She smiled kissed him again and said, “Oh by the way ~ I missed you Tommy please don’t leave without me ever again.” She wanted to say something else but she felt that right now wasn’t the best time and she grabbed his cock and kissed him again to avoid the awkward moment that she just created.

Tom giggled, “Sorry baby girl, I couldn’t resist the chance of playing with you. How about I make it up to you?” He took the bar of soap out of her hand and started slowly lathering her silky skin with it. He made sure to spend extra time soaping up her breasts and nipples. The gentle circular motions around her areolas came as relief for Gemma as the pain that he just created as her nipples returned to full erection. Then after Tom was satisfied that he had brought enough pleasure to her breasts his hand slid down her flat, smooth stomach then all the way down between her thighs.

Gemma’s breathing was hard and labored as she enjoyed the hard sensation of Tom’s penis pressing between her ass cheeks. Tom held the soap in the palm of his hand as his fingers explored and worked their magic between her lathered thighs. He was pushing the oval shaped bar of soap between the folds of her vagina as well as an extra finger or two just for good measure. Gemma’s head leaned back against his hard well chiseled chest as Tom continued to thrust his soapy finger in and out of her vagina and anus. Gemma then moaned with pleasure as Tom found her G-spot and worked her over until he produced an electrifying orgasm for his lover. He continued to finger her sensitive pussy as he was slowly grinding his shaft over her aching asshole.

Gemma pulled away from him and turned around to face him. Gemma could barely stand at this point from the multiple orgasms that her new fuck toy just provided for her and she winked at him seductively and said, “Daddy, I’ve never felt a man penetrate my ass.” She got this real evil look on her face and the inflection of voice changed as well, “I want you to bust my ass cherry and be my first daddy! I want to feel you slide deep inside of my bowels and make me scream with the ultimate pleasurable pain Tommy.”

Tom realizing the opportunity at hand wanted to remain in control and whispered in her ear in a loving, caring tone, “You never had the pleasure of having a man work his penis inside of your ass? I find that hard to believe Gemma.”

Gemma blinked her eyes slowly and caressing her lover’s cheeks with the palms of her he hands she sighed, “I think I might be falling for you Special Agent Murphy. I just can’t help myself. Well, I’ve had fingers and thumbs pushed inside of me when I rode a lover’s cock. There were times that I was being slammed from behind by a lover and he pushed his finger inside of my ass to enhance my enjoyment. I’ve tried a butt plug once or twice and a tiny vibrator a few times, but never a hot, throbbing piece of man meat.”

Tom pushed her down in the bathtub as it was filling up. He then moved behind her spreading her cheeks open revealing a tight pink balloon knot. He knew that he needed to be gentle and caring with her especially for her first time. He pulled her torso to his so her back came to rest against his chest and stomach. He dipped his finger back into her moist, steamy cave and collected as much of her love juice that his finger could absorb and began to coat the outer ring of her anus. Tom continued this process as their tongues danced like a tango between their open mouths. When Tom felt that he had lubed her enough on the outside and inside of her anus he lined up his mushroom head with her tiny little pristine hole. Tom knew how amazing this was going to be. He felt her anus reluctantly begin to give way to his powerful force and Gemma exhaled, “Oooohhhh, Daddy that hurts so damn good ~ I want your hard cock inside of me. I want you to hurt me daddy with your big man cock! Its, okay ~ you don’t have to be gentle with me ~ pound it hard ~ pound me deep daddy. I promise I can take it ~ I’ll take every inch of your wonderful cock daddy. Gape me daddy ~ drill that dick up my tight little fuck hole.”

Tom wanted to just jam his cock balls deep with the encouragement that Gemma was providing but he pushed slowly until he felt the head of his penis pass through her inner anal ring. Then he felt her rectum open for his shaft and he buried his self balls deep. He stopped and began to squeeze her breasts and their tongues began to tango with each other again. Gemma remained on her knees in front of Tom as she was dizzy with tormenting pleasure. She has never felt such stimulations in so many different ways at the same time. As she moved her mouth from his she said “Don’t be afraid to cum in my ass Daddy ~ mommy told me that you can’t get pregnant this way. I want to know how it feels to have a man push his cum deep inside of my bowels.” She then smiled and said, “I’ll just come right out with it.” Her voice was now raised several octaves by Tom’s deep and powerful thrusts. “Shoot you’re your fucking load up my dirty little virgin shit hole!”

Tom felt her anus suddenly open to fit his girth and his shaft was now being coated by her ass juices. He was able to grab her hips and pull her hips back fast and hard as he was thrusting just as fast and hard forward into her asshole. Gemma wrapped her arms and hands around Tom’s head. Leaning back she opened her mouth and began to passionately kiss Tom as her moans of exquisite pain were being masked by their kissing. Then Gemma could no longer kiss Tom as her breathing became labored by the sure exquisite pain that Tom’s hard shaft was providing deep in her asshole. Then Tom began to breathe heavily as well. He felt his balls rise up to his shaft and he could feel his impending orgasm at the base of his shaft. Tom’s thrusts were hard and seemed to penetrate her deeper each time his balls came to slap against her ass cheeks. Then his balls tightened and he wrapped his arms around her petite torso and held her tight then he erupted inside of her as he screamed out, “Damn it baby girl ~ take it all ~ take my throbbing cock in your shit hole and take my cum too!” The words weren’t out of his mouth as Sex hikayeleri he let loose two more huge pops inside of her.”

Gemma’s eyes had rolled into the back of her head and she could barley breath as Tom’s python like grip made it hard for her gasp for air. Finally Tom relinquished his hold on her torso and in a very exhausted and pain filled voice as her asshole was throbbing with excruciating pain Gemma said, “That was fucking ~ AWESOME! You can fuck my asshole anytime you want to Tommy it officially now belongs to you and you alone. I promise no one will ever fuck my asshole but you.” Tom began to slowly pull out from her hole and like a vacuum his sperm followed his shaft outwards and it began to trickle down the opening of her cunt and then drip down onto the floor of the bathtub. Gemma recovered and she pulled away from Tom and sat her hot throbbing ass in the lukewarm water and she continued, “I love you Special Agent Tom Murphy ~ I mean daddy! I don’t want to freak you out or scare you away but no one has ever fucked me and made me orgasm like you do. I don’t ever want to be with any other man from now on.”

Tom’s heart jumped up into his throat as all he could think was that there little escapade was just about an above average performance on his end and not wanting to spoil the mood Tom blurted out the first thing that came to his head and he said, “I think that can be arranged.”

Later that morning at the Camelot Clinic Session 0 took place between Kristen and Miles:

It has been ten full days since Dr. Miles Spencer hypnotized his catatonic patient Kristen Foster. Each session since then has been one continuous disappointment after another. Miles continued his tried and true processes of trying to restore the young girl’s memories without the use of hypnosis. Unfortunately while she is conscious Kristen remains in a vicarious catatonic state that has thus far left her in a situation where she has yet to communicate in any way. There have been countless hours where Miles has only heard his voice as Kristen just stares forward into the great abyss.

Dr. Miles Spencer was sitting at his desk. He was watching footage of his patient Kristen Foster reviewing as much as he could to see if there were any hidden tics or bobs of her head, hands gestures or just about anything that would constitute any sign of communication. Unfortunately 46 sessions had Miles asking various questions for two hours at a time with absolutely no responses. The sessions only reveal Kristen sitting staring forward out into nothingness. Although there were the three sessions in which his patient has given up myriads of information while she was hypnotized and then regressed to a point where the patient has revealed a very troubled childhood that was strewn with molestation practically by just about everyone in her immediate family. During each of these sessions she has seduced Miles into having intercourse with her so she could properly remember what happened to her. Once again Miles knows that he is going to have to travel down the path hypnosis with his patient then use the regression technique yet again for her to reveal her secrets to him. He hopes that this time that he himself won’t fall prey to her feminine wiles and molest her as Kristen presumes her younger ego once again.

Miles set his office up for Kristen’s next session of hypnosis. About a half an hour later two orderlies brought Kristen into Miles office. They sat her on the couch as usual do and made her as comfortable as possible. Then Miles started like he always did with starting the CD camera, “Good afternoon Kristen.” Once again Miles sat for a while trying to detect any kind of movement but nothing came. “We are now starting session number fifty Kristen. Can you believe that this will be our fiftieth session together, Kristen? Today we are going to once again use the regression technique do you have any problems with that?” Miles sat still waiting again for any indication but nothing came forth and he moved on, “So far you have revealed things that have happened to you on your seventh and eighth birthdays. You have revealed a great many things so today I will not be choosing our subject matter. No. I want you to talk to me about anything that you would like. It could be happy, sad, new or old it is totally up to you.”

It was taking less and less time to hypnotize Kristen and the regression phase seemed to be almost instantaneous. Miles sat in his chair enjoying the transformation of his patient. He sat in total awe as she went from a statue of a cold hard form that seemed to just melt away into a warm glowing girlish and caring smile. He loves the way her eyes go from being cold distant and lifeless to an almost blue blazon fire and trusting state, “Hello Kristen, how are you today?”

Kristen’s transformation still wasn’t totally complete. She leaned back on the couch and she sat Indian style again on the couch as she had done in the past while being hypnotized. Her skirt drifted up her thighs revealing a red thong today once again revealing the beautiful camel toe that Doctor Spencer has come to know intimately. Kristen smiled at Miles and began twirling her hair and in a very young girlish voice his twenty-year-old patient said, “Hi Doctor Miles, how are you today?”

Miles couldn’t help but stare at the triangular patch that barely covered her vagina. It has been the one thing that has made their sessions bearable over the past couple of weeks. He also did a very bad thing to Kristen during their last session when she revealed to him that she has a special name for her pussy and its name is kitty cat. So, Miles being the sadistic bastard that he sometimes can be decided to hypnotize Kristen. That way whenever he’s alone with her and says the words ‘kitty cat’ Kristen will unknowingly spread her legs and pull her underwear to the side to reveal her precious pink muscle to him. That way he can stare at the best pussy that he has ever fucked uninhibitedly. Miles smiled at his young patient, “I am doing just fine today. So the last couple of times I have picked the topics of our conversations but this time I would love it if you would pick what we could talk about today.”

Kristen turned tilted her head and continued to nervously twirling her hair as she thought about what she might like to talk about and said, “Uhm ~ Okay ~ I got it. We could talk about when mommy and daddy took me to Typhoon Lagoon at Disney World. I had such a great time that day.”

Miles was nodding his head up and down, “Was that the next morning after your father had put his penis inside of you for the first time?”

Kristen smiled and held up two fingers, “Well actually my father put it inside of me twice the night before and put his white-pee inside of my privates Dr. Spencer.”

Meanwhile back in Los Angeles the interview of Alicia Fischer owner of Corporate Partners:

After Adam McCormick’s brilliant interview produced many more ancillary leads rather than the relevant leads that Special Agent Tom Murphy was looking for Tom decided that his time was too precious to waste on this ancillary lead and could be handled by the LA police force rather than his self. So, Tom made some command decisions to run a dual investigation with the LA Police Department. Since initially Tom allowed the Los Angeles Police Department to run point with the homicide interviews because he was going to allow them prosecute for the murders that took place in Los Angeles. The FBI on the other hand was shooting for the big boys in Sal’s cartel. They wanted all the gun runners, smugglers of drugs and human traffickers who kidnapped young white girls and sold them across international borders in and out of the United States.

By commandeering his two new fuck toys, Homicide Detectives Karen Morgan, Gemma Porter and Matt Holloway of Vice in the LAPD Tom had access to all of their resources to his advantage. But it actually worked out better for him as he parceled out interview duties among his compadre’s. After learning that Alicia Fischer is the owner of the secret dating club that produced Debbie Reynolds the young attractive lady that Salvatore Palandolpho requested to join him the evening of the assassinations it was time for her to tell her side of the story.

Tom decided to send Karen Morgan and Matt Holloway to interview Alicia Fischer the owner of a company called Corporate Partners; as there was a surprising little twist to the story of what happened night. They came up with a name Debbie Reynolds that was hired to be very friendly to Salvatore Palandolpho who was the main target for assassination that evening. What was even more unexpected was Debbie brought her new acquaintance Karen Valentine a complete unknown to the club and as of right now the FBI has classified Karen Valentine aka Kristen Foster as a witness or an accomplice to the assassination. While at the same time Gemma Porter, Karen’s partner on the force is going team up with Tom to interview the VIP girls that were working at the Viceroy Night Club the night of the murders.

At the offices of Corporate Partners:

Riding up in the elevator together Matt turned to Karen and said, “Listen, I think in this case it’s better if you take the lead on this one. I’ll just sit back and let you work your magic like you did with that McCormick guy. Besides my type of investigating style in Vice is pretty harsh and physical. I usually get all my leads from dope attics and hookers if you know what I mean.”

Karen turned to him, “Look I know I didn’t say it the other day but ~ I am truly sorry for blowing your case to shreds. I really didn’t mean to hurt your investigation into McCormick selling drugs at his club. It wasn’t right but I really wanted to shake him a little and focus in on the line of questioning that Gemma had started with.”

Matt smirked, “Look it is okay it’s over with now. We have enough on Adam McCormick right now that we can bring him in and put him away for at least a couple of years. This case on the other hand if he is behind the murders, which I wouldn’t put past him, is going to lock him up for a much longer time and we both get what we want, a bad guy behind bars that can’t hurt anyone else.”

When the elevator doors opened they walked down the hallway to Corporate Partners and slipped inside the large glass doors. There sitting behind the receptionist’s desk was a young lady that could very well be a super model if she wanted too. As she noticed them walking into the office she immediately addressed them, “Good afternoon. How may I help you?”

Matt flashed his twenty dollar smile at her as he picked up her name placard from the desk and read her name and said, “Yes, you can ~ Ms. Jill Hart we are here to see your boss Ms. Alicia Fischer.”

Jill smiled at the semi attractive detective and said, “And may I ask if you have an appointment today?”

Karen and Matt pulled out their badges and Karen led off, “Karen Morgan homicide and this is Matt Holloway Vice. Don’t worry Jill we’ll just let ourselves in.”

Jill stood up and blocked the entrance past her desk by throwing both arms out towards each wall and said, “You just can’t go back there she is with a very important client right now. You are just going to have to wait.”

Matt smiled and took her left arm that was outstretched and touching the wall, slid his hand down to hers and gently pulled it to his mouth and gave it a little peck on the back of her hand, “Jill, I see that you are a lady and I want you to remain a lady.” He gently pulled her to the side and put his hand on her back and sat her back on her chair and said, “I don’t want to have to arrest you for obstruction ~ so just sit here and let us do our thing okay? I promise that we will be very polite but this is a homicide investigation and we don’t have the luxury of time to sit on our asses while we wait for your boss’ little dilly dallies.”

Jill smiled back at Matt and her face became flush because of his touch, “Well, at least let me try to pull her out first.” Jill buzzed in on the intercom, “Sorry to disturb you Ms. Fischer but something urgent has come up out here and it requires your immediate attention.”

Alicia not used to being interrupted as she holds very little face-to-face meetings in her office said, “Jill, can’t it wait for a few more minutes? I’ll be finished very soon here.”

Matt hit the buzzer and said, “Ms. Fischer this Matt Holloway LAPD, we need a few words with you about an investigation that we are running and we need to speak with you immediately.”

Alicia replied, “Fine just give me a few minutes and we will be finished here.”

Karen became impatient with this back and forth and didn’t want to wait any longer and just blurted out, “Christ all mighty.” She blew past Jill’s desk and down the hallway towards Alicia’s officer door and just barged in. Alicia was sitting behind her desk and Karen noticed right away that she was a very attractive fortyish classy looking lady. She wasn’t your typical LA blonde she had shoulder length brown hair with brown eyes and a hint of a well toned tan. Her breasts seemed to be real maybe a 32-b cup, flat stomach and very nice shapely legs that jetted out from a mid-thigh skirt and went down to five-inch stiletto high heels. Karen quickly took stock of the situation and said, “Sir, this is a homicide investigation I hope that you can understand the gravity of us speaking to any potential witnesses. I am sure if you go back out to the receptionist Jill she can pencil you in for another meeting.”

Alicia heard what the detective had said and looked at her new potential client and said, “I don’t know what these detectives want Stanley but I will call you once they are gone and we can finish up then.” With that Stanley stood up and quickly left the room. Once the door was shut behind him Alicia turned and her eyes were ablaze with fire and if they could shoot fire straight across the room to Karen, “AND JUST WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? I DON’T CARE IF JESUS CHRIST IS WAITING OUTSIDE ~ YOU’LL NEVER COME TO MY PLACE OF BUSINESS AND EVER DO THIS AGAIN IS THAT UNDERSTOOD DETECTIVES?”

Karen in an even tone voice batted back as she pointed her finger back at Alicia projecting her dominance and said, “You ever talk to me like that again there will be no courtesy at all I will just walk in handcuff your tight little ass and just take you downtown. For now we’re here as a courtesy to you but if you want Matt here will have no problem patting you down and arresting you for obstruction then we can talk downtown if you like?”

Alicia volleyed her shot back, “Touch me and I’ll rain down so much shit on you that you will be giving out parking tickets in South Central tomorrow.” She then buzzed to Jill and said, “Jill, I want you to call Thomas O’ Neil the Chief of Police.” Then she turned her attention back to the detectives, “We’ll get to the bottom of this rather quickly detectives.”

Matt was moving over to one of the chairs in front of her desk, “I think I’ll sit this one out ladies.”

Alicia still very combative said, “Don’t sit detective you won’t be her all that long.”

About a minute of silence and staring at each Jill buzzed back in, “I have the chief of police.”

Alicia put on the call on speaker phone and in a very sexy playful voice, “Hi, Tommy ~ this is your girl Alicia! Honey, I have two of your overbearing detectives who just barged into my office and cost me just a little over a quarter of a million dollars. Now, they let me know that they were here and I asked for several minutes to finish conducting my business but your female detective here decided that she couldn’t wait. She said she’s some sorta homicide detective and I don’t know what couldn’t wait for several more minutes. So, Tommy who do I send the bill for my lost earnings you or am I sending it directly to the city council or to the mayor’s office?”

Chief of Police Tom O’Neil could hear the connection wasn’t as clear as it should be and asked, “Alicia honey am I on speaker?”

Alicia said, “Why yes you are ~ I don’t want to hide anything from your detectives.”

Then Tom said, “Detectives please tell me your names and the reason why you are harassing Ms. Fischer?”

Karen jumped in, “Sorry for the inconvenience this afternoon sir. This is Karen Morgan homicide and Matt Hallowell of Vice. We are working the Viceroy case together sir and Ms. Fischer was named very prominently by our witness.”

Then the Chief said, “Alicia my dear I am so sorry for the rude behavior of my two detectives. I am sure that if you have your client back that with your selling skills you will be able to close the deal. So, can we just all play nicey, nice here?”

Alicia said, “I will play nice as long as your detectives give me the proper respect that I deserve.”

Then the chief said, “Detective Morgan may I speak with you in private and take me off of the speaker phone?”

Karen moved over to the phone and pushed the speaker button and said, “Okay, sir, you are off of speaker.”

Then the chief said, “Be very careful here detective this young lady is very well connected aside from knowing me. Before you go off half cocked you had better be damned sure that you have rock solid evidence against her if you are thinking arresting her. Otherwise if you are just looking for information then back off and let her think that she is in control okay?”

Then Karen in a hushed voice said, “We just want to talk with her sir that all.”

The chief said, “Please put Alicia back on the phone.” Karen handed the phone back to Alicia, “Hello honey, listen they promise to play nice with you. But make no mistake that they know more than you think so be truthful with them and things will go a lot smoother for you and your business. Always know that we all have your back and that your interview will only be used unless it is one hundred percent necessary.”

Alicia said, “Okay, sugar plum I’ll play nice if she does.”

Once Alicia hung up the phone, Karen wanted the interview to be more than a pissing match between the two of them and turned to Alicia and said, “I apologize, Ma’am. I should have waited like you requested but this case we are working on is ~ it’s just downright frustrating us right now ~ well let’s just say very important and you are a very slim lead.”

Alicia said, “Detective Morgan ~ just so you know the reason why your chiefy Tommy boy took my call is because I have him by the short hairs and I don’t even consider him to be all the high on rung on my very tall ladder ~ so I think you should be very careful today because the phone calls that I make next will be much greater than just a career change within the police department.”

Matt said, “Ladies can we put away the claws ~ at least for now anyway. Ms. Fischer if you would please take a seat ~ we have just a few ancillary meaningless questions for you ~ that’s all we promise. We would prefer to talk to you in the comfort of your lovely office but if we have to I have no problem bringing you down to the station to talk with us no matter who you know or don’t know. I mean we have horrible coffee down there and plenty of stale doughnuts.”

Alicia backed off and compromised a little and said, “I think that we would be much more comfortable in my conference room ~ follow me you two.” Alicia escorted the two out of her office and locked the office door behind her, “Jill hold all my calls until the detectives leave.” Once they were settled in she said, “So, what is so damn important that you just cost me a quarter of a million dollars detectives?”

Karen said, “Ms. Fischer may I call you Alicia?”

Alicia decided that the young lady had been humbled enough and said, “Yes, detective why the hell not?”

Karen pulled out a manila folder and said, “Well, we are investigating multiple homicides that took place at the Viceroy Hotel several weeks ago. So, let me start off with some easy questions.” Matt put two picture boards down with six photos each in front of Alicia and Karen asked, “Do you recognize anyone in any of those pictures.” Alicia pulled one of the picture boards that had Tony Ricci and Kirby Smith and Karen asked, “Do you recognize any of these gentlemen?”

Alicia looked hard and pointed to Tony Ricci’s picture, “I’ve never seen him before.” Then she pointed at Kirby’s picture and said, “I think this is Kirby Smith he used to play right here in Los Angeles for USC. I saw him several years back he was a bodyguard for Brittney Spears or Janet Jackson or some singer I think ~ I can’t remember which one why?”

Karen didn’t answer her but pulled out another picture of Alejandro Ruiz the Columbian hit man, “Do recognize this gentleman?”

Alicia flipped back right away, “Never seen him before?”

Then she pulled out a mug shot of Salvatore Palandolpho, “How about this gentleman?”

Alicia glanced at it, “Yes.”

Matt asked, “Can you name him for us?”

Alicia said, “He’s Salvatore Palandolpho.”

Karen asked, “Do you know what he does for a living?”

Alicia said, “I’m not sure of all of his business holdings but I do know that he is a silent partner in the Vanguard night club. He owns it with a very good friend Adam McCormick why?”

Karen pulled out a photo with two more faces one that had the two girls that showed up in the VIP room the night of the murders that they pulled from the video surveillance videos, “Do you recognize either of these two young ladies?”

Alicia pointed to the photo, “Well, this is Debbie Reynolds. She is a member here at Corporate Partners. The other is Karen Valentine she is a perspective member of ours. What is this all about detective? I am a very busy lady and time is money and right now you have cost me quite a bit already today.”

Karen said, “Just one more picture Ma’am.” She pulled out a photo of Adam, “Do you know this gentleman?”

Alicia said, “Why, yes, that’s my good friend Adam but you already knew that because I just told you that I knew him. So, what happened did someone do something naughty that they shouldn’t have?”

Meanwhile back in New Mexico:
Miles and Kristen were just starting another hypnotic episode with Kristen telling Miles about one of her adventures in Disney World.

Kristen sat with her bare feet on the edge of the couch with her knees pressed tightly up against her chest with her legs slightly spread open just enough to reveal the red triangle patch that just covered her labia for Miles. Kristen’s camel toe was in plain view but also Miles interest focused on the circular outline of her light pink anus as the tiny string was being pulled tight between the cracks of her ass. As Miles sat with his eyes keenly zeroed in on the young girl’s vagina blood began to pour into his penis bringing it to erection under his notepad yet again. All his thoughts funneled to one reality how he longed to be between her young viral legs that he has fucked on numerous occasions during their last three sessions they were together when Kristen was hypnotized. Now with single purpose of mind Miles still wants more ~ he needs more he thought to his self ~ it was as if he was an addict and he was addicted to her tiny pink muscle between his patient’s legs. Miles shook his head as he knew that he was on a slippery slope or even worse a snowball that is rolling down a mountain unobstructed.

Miles understood that every time he is near her ~ and inhales her fragrant pheromones ~ all he can think about is fucking her co-ed brains out ~ having her suck his cock while she’s under hypnosis. Kristen is becoming an all consuming desire for Miles in which he has no diagnosis on how to cure his new illness. The fact that he has an all consuming fire burning in the pit of his soul to be with her ~ his obsession with her is clouding his judgment to help his patient to get better.

Kristen broke Miles’ daydream of him bending her over the arm of the couch and ramming his cock up her cooch hole and she said, “Doctor Spencer I think that I want to tell you about the day I spent at Typhoon Lagoon with my mommy and daddy.”

Miles said, “Typhoon Lagoon? Where is Typhoon Lagoon?”

Kristen said, “Well it is a water park inside of Disney World.”

Miles said, “Oh okay so you had a good day?”

Kristen said, “Well, it was bad then good later on. You see I woke up early that morning and daddy had ordered room service for all of us in our hotel room. While we waited for our breakfast mommy and I went to the bathroom and cleaned all of daddy’s dried up sperm that was still on our skin from the night before. We put on our bikinis but daddy kept saying they were G-strings.”

Miles said, “Do you know what the difference is?”

Kristen said, “I am not really sure I mean it is a bikini right?”

Miles said, “Well, a bikini is a two piece bathing suit. Sikiş hikayeleri You know there are the panty parts and the bra part.”

Kristen said, “Well, yes that is what we put on.”

Miles said, “Well, a G-string is like a bikini but the straps are very small and usually there is very little bathing suit to cover your private parts, do you know what I am talking about?”

Kristen said, “Well, yes I do. I guess we wore the G-string bikini because mine really didn’t cover my privates down here.” Kristen spread her legs and she pointed to the triangle patch that was covering her labia. “See, like my underwear today covers up my private’s just fine but on that day my bikini you could like, see the sides of my privates and there was like this straight line in the middle all the time. I really didn’t want to wear it because it felt like I was naked ~ I mean it didn’t even cover my bum hole Doctor Spencer. But my mommy wore hers and she said that, ‘if she had to wear hers then I was going to wear mine.’”

Miles said, “So, your daddy made you wear something you thought was inappropriate?”

Kristen said, “I don’t about that word in-a-prope ~ well I wore it because my daddy wanted me to and I just wanted to make him happy that’s all. Then we ate breakfast and then put clothes over our swimsuits and went to the Typhoon Lagoon. There were all kind of great slides, a big wave pool and a slow river. I liked the slow river the best because you had like all these big inner-tubes and all ~ and you just floated around the entire water park really slow like ~ it was just like so way cool and all. I wish I had my pictures with me so that I could show you how beautiful it is? I could show you how good I looked in my G-string bikini and mommy too she looked so hot.”

Miles was encouraged that she remembered that the family took photos and said, “You took pictures?”

Kristen said, “Yes, daddy always takes a lot of pictures of everything that our family does together. He liked to take pictures he even has one of those special like ~ black rooms and all ~ you know ~ with a red light and all ~ at our house ~ he puts his pictures on the paper somehow it’s like magic or something. He took a lot of pictures of me that day. He made me take my time when I came out of the shower ~ you know ~ when I was naked and all. Then he took like a hundred or so when I was putting on my G-string bikini that morning. The night before, he took pictures of my mommy and me naked together then as we were having sex with daddy too. I even got to take pictures of my daddy having sex with my mommy.”

Miles became really intrigued, “So you don’t mind that daddy takes pictures of you with no clothes on or doing things with him or even your mommy?”

Kristen giggled, “No silly why would I? He’s my daddy.” She shrugged her shoulders as if the question was odd that her father was doing something wrong but she never ever felt that way and wanted to reassure her therapist, “I love him with all my heart and I trust him with everything. Why would I be upset Doctor Spencer my daddy has been taking pictures of me ever since I was born.”

Miles let it drop and moved back to the earlier subject trying to steer her away from anything that pertains to sex and having sex and he asked, “So did you like riding in the inner-tube on the lazy river?”

Kristen said, “Oh yeah it was great especially the first time. I went around with my mommy. I lay on top of her and she let me play with her boobies a little bit and because I made mommy feel good my mommy made me feel good too.”

Miles asked so how did you make mommy feel happy? And how did she make you feel happy?”

Kristen said, “Well, making mommy was real simple. Her G-string bikini top just covered her nipple. So I just put my head on her chest and she moved the little patch to the side and let me lick her boobies. Mommy didn’t have any problems either because the little triangle down here.” Kristen opened her legs and moved the triangle to the side and said, “See the triangle was smaller than my underwear right now. She pushed it to the side just a little bit and mommy slipped her finger between my legs inside my vagina a few times.”

Kristen slipped her middle finger inside of her vagina. “See my mommy did it just like this.” Her eyes closed and her head tilted to the side and her jaw began to quiver and she said, “And she made me feel soooo gooooood inside of my body I really liked the way she used her finger inside of me. Mommy told me, ‘she wanted to teach me how to take care of myself when I was alone.’ I didn’t understand why my mommy kept doing it to me but she just kept playing with my vagina. Then it was like my vagina began to really like sweat inside because it got really wet inside. When it got really wet mommy used other fingers inside my vagina and then she put one inside my poop hole too. That kinda hurt a little at first but then even though it hurt Doctor Miles it also sorta felt good too. My mommy told me that it was okay if I used my fingers to play with her nipples.”

Miles was really curious as there should be people all kinds of people around them in that pool and said, “Didn’t anyone see what you were doing to your mom or what your mom was doing to you?”

Kristen just smiled then closed her legs around her fingers then she lay on her stomach on the couch and said, “So doctor Miles can you see me playing with my vagina if I am like this?”

Miles looked intently, “No, I can’t see anything.”

Kristen said, “See my mommy and I did it just like this. We kinda hid what we were doing to each other from all the other people around us. Mommy never stopped using her fingers inside of me and my heart started beat like real fast. Mommy made me feel like I was going to have to pee. When I told her that mommy just smiled at me and told me ‘that’s the way girls should feel when they have something inside their privates and that she felt just like me because I was kissing her boobies.’

My mom and dad took turns taking me down the slides with them and as we would go down inside all those crazy tubes that go in circles and everything and we would take turns playing with each other’s private parts. It was so much fun because it was like we couldn’t get caught ~ daddy said it was like we were playing a game. One time daddy put me on top of him and as we went down the tube and he just got his penis inside of me but when we fell out the end of the tube thing into the water his penis got yanked out of my privates and nobody saw anything. When we left the pool no one knew why we were laughing so much.”

Miles was shaking his head in disbelief, “Wow, you were lucky that no one caught you two.”

Kristen said, “Daddy says when you try to do something sneaky around other people like we were doing; you should just act ~ like all normal and all ~ and if you try too hard that is when people see that something is wrong.”

Miles said, “So, every time you went down a slide you and your parents would play with each other’s privates?”

Kristen said, “Yes! It was just a game ~ a game to make each other sorta feel like ~ happy. Well I should tell you the truth we tried to. Oh this one time I wanted to put daddy’s privates in my mouth but he said that was a bad idea because he was afraid I might bite him. After we ate lunch mommy went to the bathroom but she never came back. It was just me and my daddy by ourselves going down all the slides and we couldn’t find my mommy anywhere. Then later like thirty minutes later I saw my mommy. I saw mommy talking to another daddy at the big wave pool for a really long time. She was like touching him all over his back, shoulders and arms and he was doing the same thing to my mommy. Mommy then came over and talked daddy in private for a couple of minutes then she hugged my daddy and kissed him on the lips. She turned to me and said, ‘I will see you two soon. Stay close to daddy okay sweet pee?’ Then she and the other strange man left from the wave pool together.”

Miles said, “Do you know where they went?”

Kristen said, “I asked my daddy if mommy was going back to our room with that other man like she did with the fake Gaston guy the day before. Daddy told me that mommy was going back to that other mans hotel room to have some fun together like we did last night. I was really upset Doctor Spencer.” Kristen crossed her arms and had a pouty little face.

Miles said, “Do you remember the real reason why you were upset?”

Kristen said, “I don’t know!” Kristen sat silently for a few moments then she burst out just like a little girl having a temper tantrum, “I guess because we were all supposed to be on vacation together ~ you know what I mean Doctor Spencer? We were supposed to stay together and have fun together. It made me feel like mommy didn’t want to be part of our family fun and all. Then daddy reminded me not to be so upset with mommy because last night mommy let him have sex with me. He told me that it’s only fair if daddy was going to have sex with another girl like me then mommy should be allowed to have sex with another boy.”

Miles said, “So how did you know this other man your mommy talked to was a daddy?”

Kristen said, “Because I saw him with a younger boy and after his daddy left, his mommy and him went to play in the wave pool together. That was when mommy went over to talk to him.”

Miles said, “So did the other mommy come over to talk to you guys?”

Kristen said, “No. Then daddy decided to take me on the river ride again because we were sorta like tired of going down the tube slides all the time. This time my daddy asked me if he could put his penis inside of me when we were on the inner tube together. He said ‘it would be really exciting to see if we could play together outside where a whole bunch of strange people were and not get caught.’ I really love my daddy he knew how to make me forget about me being mad at mommy and all and to have fun all the time.”

Miles asked, “So did you let your daddy put his penis inside of you on the ride?”

Kristen said, “Yes ~ I am a big girl now Dr. Spencer ~ why not? The night before it really hurt the first time he put it in me but when my daddy put it in the second time that night it made me feel like my daddy’s pee-pee should just like live inside of me ~ somehow.” She wrapped her harms around herself and shivered, “Anyway we were on the inner tube again and daddy was kissing me on my neck as his hands were squeezing my upper legs and his fingers pushed inside my vagina and he put another finger inside my poop hole just like mommy did.”

Miles asked, “So you were okay with your daddy doing something so private with you outside where anyone could watch what you were doing? I mean you weren’t scared?”

Kristen answered, “There was this one part on the river where our tube got stuck on one side and we couldn’t move anywhere. That was when daddy told me I was greedy because I got on top of his lap and leaned back on his chest. Daddy wrapped his arms and legs around me and he told me that I was his tiny caterpillar that was ready to become his dazzling butterfly. My daddy knows how to say the most, nicest things to me. He makes me feel so special Dr. Spencer. I felt my daddy’s penis grow and become really hard under me. I was excited when my daddy told me that I am the reason why his penis grows really long and hard just like it did the night before in the hotel room. My vagina felt strange it was like it was breathing or something.”

Miles was titillated to understand what she meant, “So, your vagina can breathe?”

Kristen smiled, “Yeah Dr. Miles I could feel it open and close like your mouth does when you are running really fast. I do like feeling my daddy’s penis when it is long and stiff. It like fills me up ~ like ~ it should just like stay inside of me all the time ~ if you know what I mean? Anyways ~ while we were stuck all the other people were splashing and laughing having fun ~ it was like nobody saw that our inner tube was stuck and all. Then I got this crazy idea, I moved my bikini to the side liked this.” Kristen then moved her thong over to the side to reveal her pussy again and then she said to Miles, “You know Doctor Miles it would be a whole bunch easier if I can just to show you how we did it on the inner tube that day. Come on over here and lay on your back you can pretend to be my daddy for me. I think it would be exciting if you and I could play together just like my daddy and I did that day. What do you think do you want to pretend to be my daddy today?”

Miles quickly turned off the CD camera. Then he changed CD’s in the camera and then pointed it back at the couch. Miles then took his clothes off while Kristen got naked as well. As they stood looking at each other’s naked bodies Kristen reached out and took Miles’ penis in her hand and smiled as she looked up into his eyes and said, “Wow, Dr. Spencer your penis is just like my daddy’s.” She reached out and touched it again with her soft hand then looked up at Miles with doe like eyes and smiled then said, “Okay, now, Dr. Spencer you have get on your back so I can show you how we did it that day ~ the right way.”

Then Miles pointed the remote at the camera and started recording. Miles dropped to the couch on his back with his penis pointing up to the ceiling. Kristen slipped on top of Miles and he looked up at her and said, “Thank you for showing me how you and your daddy did it in the water park. If it is easier for you, you can just call me daddy instead of Doctor Miles if that helps you remember, okay?”

Kristen said, “Sure that is a neat idea besides I feel like you are like my fresh new daddy.” Then she straddled Miles and leaned her back onto his chest, “So, I was sorta on top of my daddy like this.”

Miles loved the smell of her hair and her twenty-year-old body looked so hot on top of his. Mile’s penis pushed up between her thighs making her giggle, “So, show me what you did you do next, how did your daddy put his penis inside of you?”

Kristen moved her hands to the back of Miles’ head and pulled his face forwards close to hers and she kissed him full and passionately on his lips, “He didn’t do anything I was the one who did everything.” Reaching down between her legs she slightly spread them open and then pointed the head of Miles penis between her inner vagina lips. Then she whispered into her therapist’s ear, “Now, you are going to have to help me and push slow and gentle inside of me so you don’t hurt me, okay Dr. Spencer?”

Miles was not going to deny his self the enjoyment of Kristen’s enchanting love muscle. He gently pushed his head inside her wet and tender fuck muscle, “So, is daddy doing it okay for you?”

Kristen’s eyes rolled into the top of her head and a slight almost silent gasp escaped from her open mouth, “Yes, daddy I can see it and feel it again in my head. It’s just like we are on that inner tube on the water all over again gently floating down that river. Don’t be afraid to fill me up daddy with your big penis, I’m a big girl now and my vagina can fit all of your penis inside of me just like you did last night.”

Miles was getting used to this Merry-go-round with his patient. Even though in her mind she thought she was a pre-teen girl the reality was Kristen was a co-ed in college and her vagina cuddled Miles’ penis bringing their union where they both were on a slow love making ride to Nirvana, “Just relax honey and let daddy push his penis all the way up inside of you. How far inside did daddy put his penis inside of you ~ was it all the way inside, like this?” Then Miles quickly and rashly stabbed his penis deep inside of her.

Kristen had a guttural howl, “Oh, yeah he put it in but he kept moving it deeper and deeper then he tried to pull it out but I didn’t want him to so I squeezed my butt really hard to keep him inside just like this.”

Kristen clenched her buttocks cheeks together and Miles felt her vagina become a vice around his shaft, “You must have made daddy shoot his white pee all the way inside of you?”

Kristen said, “No but I was confused a little about why daddy was trying so hard to hide what we were doing together. I asked him why he wanted me to be quiet and he told me that, ‘a lot of daddy’s and daughters don’t get to do what we were doing with our special playtime and it has to be a kept secret from everyone.’ I wasn’t sure why what we were doing had to be secret ~ I mean it makes me feel so good Dr. Spencer ~ and if daddy’s could only know that it is going to make their daughters feel so good like my daddy made me feel ~ then why don’t all daddy’s do what we were doing all the time together? My daddy thought for a little bit as he kept jabbing me deep inside just like you’re doing Dr. Spencer and then daddy said, ‘well honey, it seems like daddy’s love their little girls but honey the way you love me is very special and other little girls are not as smart as you.’”

Miles was enjoying the ride down memory lane with his patient. The more vivid her memory was it seemed the more passionate Kristen fucked his cock and that he was just a lucky recipient of the incestuous love affair. Miles began to match Kristen’s rhythm with his own and as Miles penis was being forced deep and hard inside of her twenty-year-old pussy she was bringing him closer and closer to orgasm and Miles asked, “So, did your daddy squirt his white pee ~ I mean did he have an orgasm inside of you?”

Kristen was close to her own orgasm and she began to ride Miles faster and harder increasing the friction and she said, “Yes Doctor Spencer. I moved really fast up and down on my daddy just like this and then my daddy whispered in my ear that he was going to squirt inside of me.”

Miles was so turned on by yet another incestuous story of Kristen’s that he himself could no longer hold back his own orgasm. As much as he was trying to control his self from exploding inside of Kristen it was too late his penis let him down again as he exploded his first canon blast of sperm. He pulled Kristen’s head close to his and he whispered into her ear just like her father did so many years before and said, “Take my load my dirty little whore! You deserve to be filled with daddies cum every day of your life.” As his words began to resonate inside of her hypnotized mind Miles was shooting canon shot after canon shots of his sperm deep inside of her love canal.

Inside of Kristen’s mind her memory met the same result in reality when Miles finished inside of her the only difference was that she herself was close to orgasm as she felt his sperm being accepted by her lovely co-ed vagina. Grabbing each of Miles’ arms her fingernails started to break his skin and make him bleed a little as she was pumping his cock like a piston inside of an engine and her whole body began to convulse on top of him and she yelled out, “Oh my god daddy you make me feel so good!” With that she erupted all over Miles’ shaft that was stuck deep inside her tight pussy.

Once Kristen’s body began to recover from her first intense orgasm that Miles had provided for her she then lifted her hips allowing his now softening penis slip out of her. As Miles’ penis began to make it’s evacuation it also brought the overflow of his sperm as well as Kristen’s orgasm to pool around the base of his penis. When Kristen was finally off of Miles he said, “Holy Shit little girl look at the mess we made we should get this cleaned up.”

Kristen rolled onto the floor coming back up on her knees she then took her hand and pushed on Miles’ chest and smiled and said, “Pap-pap taught me that if I was going to make a mess on his pee-pee then it was my job to clean it.” Kristen took Miles’ every shrinking penis in her small soft hand and began to suck on him. After several minutes of licking and sucking Miles shaft she was finally satisfied that there was no more sperm inside of his penis. Then Kristen continued her regiment of cleaning up. She then moved on to the pool of sperm around the base of his shaft. She noticed that some of the sperm trickled down between his thighs. All Miles could feel were her tongue and a vacuum sound of Kristen sucking up every last drop. She was very thorough and when she looked at his body and was satisfied she barely said, “All done!” She smiled at Miles with an open mouth showing him his sperm sitting inside of her mouth. She then winked at him and then swallowed his complete load at once.

Miles couldn’t believe how lucky he was and at the same time he felt sad for Kristen as she was being molested almost on a daily basis. It seemed that the problem was that she was told that this was just a normal way of life. Miles also felt bad that he was reinforcing these molestations as he acted them out with his patient. Then Miles sat next to her both as they were still naked as sweat was still pouring down both of their bodies and he asked, “So, after your daddy finished squirting inside of you what did you do? Did you clean him like me?”

Kristen smiled and said, “Well, mommy went away with that strange man and I needed to clean myself because daddy’s, what did you call it before Dr. Spencer, sperm? See it was coming out of me just like now and I wanted to keep it all inside of me so no one could see. I wanted to be the only eight year old girl at the park that had her daddy’s sperm inside of her ~ but it kept slipping out of my tiny hole. I didn’t know how to keep it inside of me.”

Miles nodded his head, “Yes, your daddy’s white pee is really called sperm but you can call it whatever you feel more comfortable with Kristen.”

Kristen nodded her head like she understood now and said, “Well daddy’s sperm was slowly coming out of me and I wanted to get clean. Daddy didn’t want me to go into the girl’s bathroom all by myself with his sperm all over my legs. He said, ‘some lady might get the wrong idea.’ He covered me with a towel then he took me with him into the men’s room. I got really excited because I knew I was going to see all the boy’s penises.” For the first time Kristen exhibited an excitement that she never had before outside of having sex with Miles and she began to ramble, “I wanted to see a lot of penises, daddy penises, boy penises and grand-daddy penises I just wanted to see them all.”

Miles was really curious, “So did your daddy take you into the bathroom with him?”

Kristen smiled and said, “Yeah. It was neat all the men and boys were looking at me and my daddy holding my hands in the middle of the boy’s room. I took my towel off and the men kept staring at my body and some even told me they like my bikini. Everyone else was so quiet and nobody else said anything to me. I just stood there smiling as I was looking at their privates as we stood there. It was like they didn’t even care that I was in the room with them as they were pulling them out of their pants for me to see and like all going to the bathroom. It was like they were all doing it just for me.”

Miles said, “You just stood there and nobody said nothing to you or father?”

Kristen ran her hand through her wet sweaty hair pushing it back away from her face, “Some just smiled at me others said I looked really cute with my bikini. One young boy said to his daddy that he could see my bum hole. His daddy told him that it wasn’t nice to stare and say things like that about me. We had to wait for a stall because they were all full. So, like I said before I stood there excited watching all the boys pulling their privates out just for me to look at and I really liked the way the shook it when they finished.

It was like they all wanted to show me their penises. I just stood there with my eyes moving around the room trying to look at them all taking them out to pee. I loved it Dr. Spencer my body began to tingle all over again. All the men would come in staring at my body and smile at me like it was okay. I guess because I am a little girl they felt it was okay taking their penises out and showing them to me before they would go to the bathroom. I love my daddy so much for taking me to such a special place. I wished that I could have just stood there all day just staring at all the boys. I got to see little boy’s penis’ and daddy penis’. I thought they would all be the same but they were all different shapes, colors and sizes Doctor Spencer I was kinda surprised about that. Some were like fat and small then some were long and skinny. Some had the skin cover up the tip of their penis I didn’t like those very much. I like the tip ~ I guess like ~ naked ~ just like yours Doctor Spencer.

Then when it was our turn daddy took me into the stall. He helped me take off my bathing suit and he hung it on the hook of the door for me. Then he told me to sit on the toilet and then he pushed my legs open so my feet touched the side walls of the stall. Daddy took out his camera that he hid inside of his beach towel and Erotik hikaye he started taking pictures of me. He smiled at me and told me that his sperm was still coming out of my vagina. I was naked sitting on the toilet with his sperm falling out of my vagina and daddy must have taken like thirty pictures or so. Just like your stuff is leaking out of my vagina right now and dripping on the floor.”

Miles was astonished at the level of debauchery that Kristen’s parents exhibited and finally he asked, “You mean your daddy took pictures of you naked right there in the middle of Men’s bathroom inside of Disney World? He didn’t clean you he just watched his sperm come out?”

Kristen began to talk with an as matter of fact attitude, “Sure he did. Daddy has always been taking pictures of me. As long as I can remember daddy has always been taking pictures of me. He takes all sorts of pictures like at my school plays, recitals, sporting games, when I dress up for him and when I take showers and in the bathtub. I don’t mind because mommy and daddy said that maybe one day I could become a famous model or something. Daddy told me to put my fingers inside of my vagina and help push his sperm out. Then I wanted to clean my fingers but he said that I should just suck his sperm off of my fingers.”

Miles said, “So, do you remember the first time your daddy started taking pictures of you?”

Kristen thought for a moment, “Well, mommy and daddy have a lot of books filled with pictures that went all the way back to when I was just a baby you know when they brought me home from the hospital right up to now.”

Miles said, “In these books are there a lot of naked pictures of you?”

Kristen said, “Yes, there are tons of all kinds of naked pictures of me. There are some of these photo books and it is full of pictures of me naked and a lot of the pictures mommy and daddy took you could see my privates when I was just a little baby. Now that I think about it mommy always was the one who wanted me to open my legs when daddy took my picture even when I was wearing like dresses and my nightie’s before I go to sleep at night. “

Miles was curious, “So, what happened in the bathroom stall did your daddy just take the pictures of the sperm coming out of your vagina?”

Kristen laughed at him as if he was being silly with her and said, “Oh no Dr. Spencer. Daddy took a lot of pictures of me using my finger as I tried to get all of his semen out of me. Daddy told me to pull more of his white pee out of my naughty spot ~ then he told me to put some on my finger and then put it in my mouth and swallow it and I did what he said. Then Daddy dropped to his knees and took his penis out and put just the tip back inside of my privates. When he pulled out there was a lot of his sperm on the end of it. Then he told me to put the end of his penis on my lips while he was taking pictures the whole time. Then when he pulled back from my lips his semen was like all stringy and all. Daddy told me that he liked me kissing his privates the most. When Daddy stood up and pulled his penis away from my mouth and there was a long string of his white pee from his privates all the way back to my mouth. I have to say that it did look really neat Dr. Spencer.”

Miles said, “So, was that all you did in the stall was taking pictures?”

Kristen began to giggle and said, “Ah, like no Dr. Spencer. After a while my daddy told me that he had to pee. It was just like when we were on the airplane together a few days before. I was sitting on the toilet and his penis was real long and hard and I opened my mouth just like he told me to do on the plane. His pee went all over my face and inside of my mouth. Just like before I spit some of his pee out of my mouth but I did swallow some just to see how it tasted. I kinda liked it a little, the rest of his pee went down my chin onto my chest and tummy then his warm pee went between my legs. It felt so good, his warm pee going over my body and dripping from the top of my vagina. Then daddy took our beach towel and cleaned dried me off.”

Miles had heard enough. He sat there for several minutes stunned by this story. Miles silently contemplated as to where he should go with the session. He only realized that whatever memories this young lady had of this particular day was that of her father molesting her or demeaning her sexually. “Kristen I think that we have done some great work here today. Your memories are becoming clearer and I think that very soon you will no longer need my help.” Then Miles decided to close things down for this session. They went into his private bath like they have done in the past and cleaned each other. After he gave her the morning after pill telling her it was a multivitamin to make sure she wouldn’t get pregnant. Then they returned to the office again then Miles brought Kristen slowly out of her hypnosis.

Meanwhile back in Los Angeles at the offices of Corporate Partners:

Matt and Karen were still grilling Alicia in her conference room about the photos of everyone involved in the Salvatore Palandolpho assassination. Matt wanted to turn things up just a little and in an irritated gesture picked up all of the photos and placed them into two separate piles. Matt finally broke his silence and said, “Well, I am sure that if you knew all the details that you wouldn’t be joking around about this.” Matt gathered all the photos together and put them into two piles. “Everybody in this pile here ~ well ~ they’re all dead! They are all dead except for the one young lady that is a member of your company, Debbie Reynolds and your good friend Adam McCormick. Seems awfully suspicious if you think about it? The only two people who survived that night are members of your special little group here?”

Alicia picked up all the photos in the one pile as her hands began to shake realizing the severity of the conversation now and said, “C-C-C-C ~ Can you tell me what happened? Besides I can’t be held responsible for the actions of the people that are part of my business. Besides I never revealed to you that Adam was a member even though he is. Also, Salvatore is a member here and if you are telling me the truth well he’s dead I don’t see the connection?”

Karen asked, “Do you know if there have been any problems with Adam and Sal?”

Alicia said, “I have no idea! I am not privy to their books but if there was going to be any problems the problems would be rolling down onto Adam not Sal?”

Matt said, “Why is that?”

Alicia said, “Well, I’ve known Adam for a really long time. He knows how to make other people money but not for his self. Not until Sal came along. Sal put up all the money for that ridiculous club of Adam’s and Sal cut him in for a percentage, how much I have no idea. If things were going bad I would imagine that Adam would be the one in trouble. Sal was his meal ticket he wouldn’t do anything to hurt that.”

Karen looked at her, “Well, if Adam is a good friend and Sal is a customer did either of them reveal any kind of discontent between each other?”

Alicia kept staring at the photos shaking nervously and asked, “How in the world is this possible?” She counted the photographs to herself as tears began to well up in her eyes and said, “You mean ~ you ~ you mean to tell me that ~ these five ~ five of the seven people that went to the hotel that night ~ they are actually dead? I don’t understand? Why am I only hearing about this right now? I mean five people dying in a hotel room would have been plastered all over the nightly news.”

Karen said, “Well, the FBI is involved and it was their call to keep this thing hushed up. It has made our job almost impossible to bring the villains to justice. This investigation has had many twists and turns and rabbit holes so far. You are one of those little rabbit holes. We’ve only been able to piece together very few things. The longer it takes us to put the puzzle together the more likely the actual people responsible for these heinous murders are going to get away with it. Hence the reason why I’m so upset and just burst into your office. The only two people who are alive right now are Adam and the other girl who identified as Debbie Reynolds but your friend Adam also knows her as Farah Johansson? Is that accurate? We’ve already talked with Adam and he told us that he called your company and requested a ‘young teenage looking lady to entertain his business partner Sal’, is that right?”

Alicia knew the seriousness of her situation at this point. She sat for a few moments debating whether she should contact her lawyer at this point or just cooperate and she said, “Hold on a second.” She pushed the intercom button, “Jill can you bring me this month’s request book.” Several minutes later Jill entered the room with a book. Alicia looked through it and said, “Ah, here it is this request was on a Friday? Yes, Adam’s request was, could I provide a young lady that looked like she was still in high school and was willing to party hard with his partner Sal. Knowing Sal’s personal tastes I knew whom he would like. Debbie Reynolds is her ~ let’s just say ~ Debbie is how she is known here at Corporate Partners. You are correct her real name is Farah Johansson like Adam told you.”

Matt said, “So, Alicia I have an idea of what you do hear but I would love to hear it in your own words. Can you tell me, what exactly is Corporate Partners?”

Alicia said, “Basically we provide temporary eye candy for very wealthy men and women that attend various functions and they need what they call a ‘plus one’. You know when you get invited to a wedding, fund raisers and corporate parties and you are not currently with someone they put your name on the RSVP card with a blank space for you to fill out your, ‘plus one’. We help provide that plus one.”

Matt jumped in with a big smile on his face, “So, you are a glorified escort service?”

Alicia was quick to dismiss Matt’s notion, “Bite your tongue detective. We are a legitimate and extremely exclusive dating service. If a member calls and has specific needs it is up to me and my staff to satisfy your needs. Also any male or female member has the right of refusal and not to go on any date that they do not wish to go on. My job is to provide companions that will not embarrass the other member when they are at a particular business meeting, charity event or function. During the date if the two members get along and wish to extend that date to a one on one alone time then that is their prerogative. No one is under any obligation to have sex with the other party but they are both consenting adults. I have never had a female member reveal to me that they had ever been paid for sex as well as a male member complain or say that they had to pay for sex.

Karen said, “Adam tells us that there is a strict policy as to who is accepted as a member and that you are like a ‘Professor Henry Higgins from My Fair Lady’ and your other members are like Eliza Doolittle’s. You take a round piece of clay and mold it into something that has quite a bit of value, is that true?”

Alicia thought about that for a moment, “Wow, I’ve never had that type of analogy before but that seems to be quite accurate. My membership is driven mainly by very wealthy men. I happen to provide a very exclusive pool of women of class and sophistication that any man would be ecstatic to have on his arm. It also helps that every female must pass the string bikini and lingerie tests before being admitted into the club.”

Matt sat up with that last comment, “Can you go into further detail about the bikini thing.”

Alicia turned to Karen and chuckled, “See typical guy ~ mention bikini or lingerie and it’s like you finally have their full undivided attention. Well, detective if you must know our female clients put on a string bikini, we take pictures of them and they must look flawless in that g-string bikini. That also goes for lingerie detective. I am not a saint here detectives ~ there is a need out there and I provide the answers to those needs.”

Matt said, “We are going to need a list of your members.”

Alicia said, “Detectives ~ let’s stop right there and get real okay. There is not a snowball’s chance in hell of that. Before you say that you’ll go to a judge and get a court order ~ you need to know that there is no list and I would never reveal any of their names anyway. Like Shakespeare said, ‘Discretion is the better part of Valor’ detectives. That is what my clientele is paying for anonymity. My male members well let’s just say ~ it’s like this they consist of professional athletes from all over the world, rock stars from all over the world, movie stars from all over the world, politicians and captains of industry from all over the world. This is the flagship office that you are sitting in and is just one of fifty-three other offices that are worldwide. By the time any list could possibly be compiled and made public I will have already passed away from old age. Why don’t you two try some other tactics?”

Karen said, “What if we asked you if someone is a member and you can tell us yes or no as long as it pertains to this case? Is that fair enough?”

Alicia said, “Sure it will depend on the person.”

Karen said, “Well, you have already revealed that Adam and Sal are members and so is Farah, is that correct?”

Alicia seeing that those names would never come back to haunt her said, “Yes.”

Matt said, “What about Sal Palandolpho can you reconfirm he’s a member?”

Alicia knew that he was dead so what the hell, “Yeah he’s a member?”

Matt who has thrown his self in this case was hit by a lightning bolt. He thought to his self that if she has offices all over the world and Sal kidnapped young attractive white girls and sells them into the black market. This would be the perfect vehicle for them to move the girls around the world indiscreetly. The girls would think they are traveling with another member to a locale and then would be kidnapped.

Karen said, “Alicia the night of the murders we found Karen Valentine’s mobile phone under the bed. There were only a few phone numbers found in her disposable phone. One was to a cab company, 911 and the other to Debbie or should I say to Farah. When we tried Farah’s number she answered the phone. When we identified ourselves as police officers she immediately hung up and hasn’t been heard from again. Do you know where she might be?”

Alicia said, “Well, she does have a standing date every week with one of the members she could be with him.”

Matt said, “We are going to need that contact information.”

Alicia said, “See detective that is a sticky situation there. See I do understand the strain that you are under ~ I really do. I also know that you need to find Farah but like I’ve said before a member doesn’t pony up several hundred thousands of dollars as an entry fee then over a hundred thousand dollars a year so that when a detective such as yourselves asks a question like that ~ that their information is just given out arbitrarily.”

Karen said, “Well, instead of us sitting here having a pissing contest how about this Alicia. Instead of us making your company known to the public and trying to get your membership list through court orders ~ could you just contact your member and see if Farah is with him?”

Alicia said, “Sure seeing that this is a homicide investigation. I wanted it noted that I am cooperating with the police. I do understand detectives ~ there are all sorts of bad people out there. Wait here detectives for a few minutes I will be right back.”

After she left the room Matt turned to Karen and moved over to her and whispered in her ear. “Do you feel the same way about her that I do? She knows a whole lot more than what she is telling us.”

Karen whispered back to her, “Well, you don’t throw around big names like she did when we barged in. There are a lot of people who threaten her so that is not the way to go about this with her. I feel she’s into a lot more than just running her dating company.”

Matt said, “Try this theory on for size. Sal was suspected of kidnapping teen, pre-teen white girls and sold them on the black market right? How many guys unwittingly took a girl over to Europe down to a remote Island or Asia the Middle-East and the girl just disappears. How about these guys think that the girls are of age and they are just barely teenagers for god’s sake. These guys are not going to say anything they don’t want any trouble especially if they found out that they are underage. This is the perfect front for that business they set the guys up and then blackmail them by setting them up with teenagers. We need to dig a whole bunch more than what she’s giving up. She should be considered a key suspect. It wouldn’t surprise me if she even paid for the hit. So far no one can come up with a decent theory as to the reason why they wanted Sal dead. Her and Adam are working together could have wanted a bigger piece of the pie and with Sal out of the picture how much more money could they actually make?”

Karen said, “That’s good we definitely need Tom’s help with the FBI. Shh ~ Shh ~ Shh here she comes.”

Alicia walked back after about five minutes or so later. “Here is the information you need. It has Farah’s current phone and address but I don’t think that you are going to be happy. She could very well be in Europe right now probably in Paris as a matter of fact and there is no extradition from France from what I understand.”

Matt said, “Thank you Alicia.

Alicia said, “You’re welcome.”

Karen then opened a new line of questions, “Alicia let’s talk about your relationship with Adam McCormick okay. First off he told us that you worked for him a few years back.”

Alicia said, “Yes that’s true. Before he opened his new club with Sal he ran a club called Sunsets. I was working there as a waitress and the place wasn’t really making any money. Then when Adam showed up to his credit it started turning a very good profit. Adam convinced the owner to expand the place and make a VIP room to attract celebrities and once again to Adam’s credit he was able to pull off bringing in big names back in the day.

Then he asked a group of us younger waitresses that were pretty and had nice figures to work the VIP rooms. The money I made back then was insane. No one made the kind of money when we were with Adam during that time. Before we started each shift Adam would go through the daily events that took place around the world, local news, politics and sporting events. If there were special guests coming in he would prep us to be able to talk on various plateaus on a myriad of subject matters. When a guy is talking about a subject and a girl can speak on that subject it turns them on even more and they tend to spend a ton of money it was genius.”

Matt then said, “Then how did this all come about ~ you know ~ how and when did you start Corporate Partners?”

Alicia said, “Well no matter how good a working relationship may be there comes a time to break out on your own. When us girls started to realize how much money the VIP rooms were making Adam and the owner of the club, we, the VIP girls asked for a bigger cut of the money from the VIP rooms. It didn’t take long when some of the girls were being let go because they never stopped complaining about the money. Soon they began to gun for me so I decided to go out on my own. It took several months but when the time came for them to let me go I was prepared and so were several other ladies and we all left them high and dry. It took them almost a full year to recover but Corporate Partners took off. Within the first year we opened seven offices around the United States. Each girl that left with me put up money and became small partners in the company. We had teams of young hot ladies that were molded into special VIP ladies just like Adam did for us. Our reputation became impeccable with the wealthier men and the business just flourished beyond our wildest dreams.”

Matt wanted to start and pin her down and see if she was involved somehow in kidnapping, “So, Alicia if I were a member and let’s say I needed a companion and no hassles then I would call you and you would set me up right?”

Alicia said, “Well, that is the condensed version of what happens but yeah that is basically how it would work.”

Matt said, “What if my company went worldwide and let’s say I had a trip for say four days to Hong Kong in China. Does your company afford for a member to accompany me on my trip??

Alicia said, “Well, that would depend on the lady but I’m sure with all of our offices we could find someone to accompany you. We would first direct you to an office in the country to which you are traveling and we would ask you to make a selection from there first.”

Matt followed quickly, “Well, now this is going to be a two parts here. The first question, what if a girl decided on her own to stay behind in a foreign country? Am I responsible to make sure she returns with me? What is my responsibility to her? Second, what if I was to meet one of your girls overseas and wanted to bring her back here with me? How would that work?”

Alicia said, “Well, that’s a mouthful. Okay, first you are under no obligation whatsoever for her travel plans. Once your business has concluded if she decides to stay behind then that is her discretion. Second, if you are able to bring her back through customs then there is no problem and yet again you are under no obligation to provide for her needs here in the States. Everyone here is an adult and they have free will to do as they choose detective.”

Karen asked, “Alicia let me give you a scenario. Let’s just say there was a professional athlete that plays on a European football team and he’s enamored with a member that lives in ~ let’s just say Miami ~ would you be willing to fly her to him?”

Alicia said, “Those arrangements are made between the male and female. There are times when we do help with travel arrangements if necessary.”

Karen asked, “So what guarantees do you give your female members when it comes to protection traveling internationally?”

Alicia said, “Well, the clients that are part of our dating service have very thorough background checks done. For the past ten years we haven’t had anyone go missing if that’s what you’re trying to get to.”

Matt knew she had Alicia, “So, Alicia, tell me did you do a background check on Sal?”

Alicia said, “I am sure we did.”

Karen said, “Then you would know his complete business and personal background, likes and dislikes that sorta thing?”

Alicia said, “Yeah.”

Matt double backed, “Let me put a scenario out there for you. What if let’s just say for arguments sake a Sultan from ~ oh I don’t know ~ Dubai ~ he calls you and he knows about your friend Farah Johansson. He calls and requests her for a charity event. He tells you that there are several other business meetings he needs her for a total of two weeks. How would you put that together?”

Alicia said, “Well first I contact Farah I show her a picture and give background info on the gentleman. If she then agrees to meet the next thing we do as a company is find out about immigration information to make sure there will be no problems with entering and exiting any countries they plan to visit. If she agrees and we are able to get her there then she goes. When she leaves the country I am no longer responsible for her. If she gets arrested for doing something illegal she’s completely on her own.”

Karen said, “What if there is a problem with the business arrangement with the female not wanting to be around the male any longer because she has no desire to ~ oh, let’s just spit ball here for a moment ~ let’s say she doesn’t want to have sex with him.”

Alicia says, “Farah comes home and that’s that. My clients understand the rules.”

Matt asked, “What if they hit it off and she wants to stay?”

Alicia said, “Again she is an adult. Look guys you are going around and around in circles here. Basically I have a dating company and many consenting adults. Whatever happens ~ happens.”

Karen realizing she didn’t want to give any parts of their theory of actual kidnapping with Sal said, “Alicia thank you for your time. The next time we want to speak with you we will call ahead and respect your time.”

Alicia said, “Just a little heads up and I will be more than willing to accommodate you detectives.” With that ended the interview.

Thank you for taking the time to read all the way to the end and experiencing all the perverted ideas that sometimes dances through my mind. It is nice to know that there are other perv’s out there just like me. I know this chapter was a little longer than normal. Thank you for sticking with it all the way to the end. Stand by as there are many many more chapters being edited as we speak. If you wish to leave a comment please do. I appreciate constructive comments as writing stories takes time and some effort.

Thank you.
End of Chapter 6

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