Cash Flow

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Note from Slick – Yes, I’m still around and do read your emails and feedback. This is a short but sweet story about two women with their backs to the wall. The solution was…sorry but you have to read the story to find out. Enjoy. All rights reserved.


Annie and Sandy looked at the pile of invoices on the small desk in the office behind their boutique. “We have a cash flow problem,” the 35 year – old Sandy said to her young 25 year – old partner. “The check for the paintings hasn’t been mailed yet but should get here by next Wednesday.”

“What are we going to do?” Annie asked. She had spent all of her savings to start up the business and knew Annie didn’t have much left either. “Maybe you can talk to Mr. Jenkins? He gives me the creeps the way he looks at me.”

“I think you would have more success in delaying our rent,” Sandy said looking at the petite girl’s nice body. “I can go with you but I should wait outside so you can sweet talk and flirt with him.”

“My boyfriend will kill me if he knew,” Annie said nervously. “And I really don’t know how to…to flirt.”

“Maybe you can wear one of those new blouses we got in and one of those short skirts?”

“God, the blouse will show both of my bra straps and the skirt is almost sheer.”

“You might have to show him something to get him to agree,” Sandy said.

“What if…if he still doesn’t agree? God we can’t have bad credit or we will never get anyone to send us goods without paying cash.”

“Didn’t you ever have to jerk off a boy in high school to keep him out of your panties?”

“What? You want me to jerk him off now?”

Sandy sat down. “He’s not that bad looking and you told me that your present relationship has been getting stale in the bedroom.”

“It’s not that bad,” she lied. Her boyfriend Alex had been working twelve – hour days and was always too tired for sex.

“Annie, we don’t have money to pay our rent. You do it this time and…and I’ll do it next time if there is a next time.”

“Would you call and see if he is in his office?” Annie moved to the clothing rack and picked off a revealing blouse and skirt.


Tom Jenkins stood looking over the river out his fourth floor business window. Business was very good since all his units were rented out and he had a waiting list for others wanting in. After his wife Tina left him a year ago for a younger man he was going to sell the prime real estate building but he had a small grandson living nearby and wanted to stay. He heard someone knock on the door and walked over to answer it. He recognized the young woman who partly owned the clothing boutique on the street side.

“Hello young lady. Is everything OK?” He sometimes got building maintenance complaints directly.

“Uh…well that’s why I’m here to…uh talk to you about,” she said trembling with anticipation and fear.

“Come in,” he smiled seeing her low – cut blouse and the straps of her pink bra. He remembered in the old days how women took extra care to hide their bra straps. As she walked in he looked down at her ass and could clearly see the shape and pink color of her panties. “I’m sorry dear but I’ve forgotten your name.”

“It’s Annie Mr. Jenkins,” she said forcing a smile.

“Please call me Tom.”

“OK Tom.”

“Please have a seat and let me know how I can help.” He watched as her short skirt moved up her smooth tanned thighs.

“It’s our business. We’ve…uh…got a cash flow problem and are waiting for a large check from the new corporation that opened. They purchased 10 paintings so we will be getting a large check. They said they take up to 45 days to pay. We uh…can’t make our rent payment.”

“That’s not good,” he said without expression as he sat back and thought about it. “You don’t leave me with too many options.”

Annie knew she had to get his attention so she sat and leaned forward which caused her loose front blouse to open up. She knew he could see all the way down the front of her blouse. “We’ve always been on time before. We didn’t know about the 45 day thing until after they picked up the paintings.”

Tom couldn’t take his eyes from her young morsels and wondered if she was showing him on purpose. “The problem I have is that if I let you pay late then others will want to pay late. Now I’ve noticed your clothing today and…and I’ve noticed how sexy your clothing is in your shop. I could allow you to model for me…you know…to cover the late penalty.”

“Ma…Model?” She repeated.

“Yes, to cover today I would like to see you model your blouse and skirt for me. Tomorrow I want you to bring up some of those tiny bikinis you have hanging on the rack by the window. If you do that I’ll delay your payment until next Wednesday.”

“Now?” she asked not ready to stand up and show him her body. “I’ve never modeled before. I’m not sure…you know…how to stand and move.”

He laughed. “That’s OK. I’ll tell you what to do. Now why don’t you go and Ankara travesti tell your partner who is probably trying to listen outside that you are fine and will be back in the store shortly?”


Sandy waited outside of Jenkin’s door and tried to listen to the conversation. She could only hear him and her talking but couldn’t make out what they were saying. She jerked back when she saw the doorknob turning.

“Annie…what happened?”

Annie took a deep breath. “It’s not so bad…uh I mean it is but…but it could be worse. Go on back to the store and I’ll be down shortly. I’m not in any danger.”

“OK, but if you’re not back soon I’m coming back up here.”


Tom moved to the two chairs across from his desk and moved one aside. It left the middle of the room open for her to model. It had been months since he fucked the school teacher in Las Vegas so he was nice and hard when Annie walked back in and closed the door. “You might want to lock it to make sure no one barges in.”

She smiled and locked the door realizing that she was turned on to do this. Her boring life was about to get more exciting. “What…where?”

“Come here in front of me,” he grinned as he sat back proud of his hard bulge pushing up his pants. Her eyes opened wide when she saw the size of his battleship.

“Right there,” he grinned. “Now I want you to lean forward again like you did when you were sitting in this chair.”

Annie knew modeling was just an excuse for her to show him her body. She moved closer to him and leaned down. She felt the blouse fall open and knew he could see the pink bra cups and probably her hard tips pushing out the material.

“Come closer,” he whispered. As her face moved to within inches of his, he looked into her eyes and lifted his hand up and under the loose blouse. “Are those as firm as they look?”

“Yes,” she said breathing faster and deeper. She felt his fingertips on her neck before they slid down her body until they moved over her right bra cup capturing it in his palm. Her eyes closed as he moved from cup to cup caressing and massaging her small but perfectly shaped breasts. “Mr. Jenkins.”

“Tom dear,” he grinned feeling the hard nipples knowing she was enjoying it. “Why don’t you turn around and sit on my lap?”

She didn’t want his fingers to leave her chest so she twisted in place and looked at the large tent in his pants before sitting down on it. “God!” she gasped feeling the length and thickness of it.

“Good now pull up your skirt and show me those pretty panties.”

He continued touching her bra covered mounds as she reached down and lifted her skirt over the pink panties.

“We shouldn’t do this. I’ve got a boyfriend.” When his left hand moved down and up under the back of her blouse she knew he was removing her bra. “I’ve never…never been with another man.” Her ass lifted and moved so his cock lay lengthwise between her two soft buttocks.

“Shhh,” he whispered before sucking on her earlobe. He felt the bra open and quickly lifted the cups in front to find her bare breasts ready for his touch.

An hour ago Annie would never have believed it if you told her she was going to be touched and fondled by an older man that day. Her body was on fire as he played with and pulled her nipples while moving his lips from her ear to her lips. Her face turned to his and opened when his tongue entered.

How long they kissed she did not know but knew when he moved his hand from her breasts and dropped them to her thighs. She felt him open her legs before he slid his fingers up her thighs to her panties. Seconds later he snaked under the elastic and rubbed over her swollen throbbing clitoris. “OH GOD…OH YES…OH TOM!”

Tom knew then he could have fucked her at that moment but the chase was more to him that the finale. Her tongue fucked his lips with the same motion as his fingers did to her dripping hole. She was very tight so he guessed her boyfriend wasn’t well endowed. He felt her reaching under her ass for his cock and moved her hand away. “Tomorrow baby. Tomorrow it’s yours.”

Annie concentrated on his lips and tongue while he fingered her up to the zenith and over the top. “OH GOD NOW…I’M CUMING…I’M CUMING!”


Sandy stood outside her shop looking at the elevator door down the hallway. She finally heard it’s motor and watched as Annie finally got off. The young woman’s hair was messed up and her skirt was a few inches down on one side. “God, what happened? Are you OK?”

Annie’s mind was still in a fog. She hadn’t planned on letting him kiss and touch her like he did or remove her bra. “Let me get dressed first.”

Sandy waited for five minutes until the young partner walked back out. She waited but Annie didn’t talk. “Did he hurt you?”

Finally Annie smiled. “No, the opposite. I’ve never experienced sex like that before. It was amazing.”

“Jenkins? We’re talking about Jenkins right?”

“Tom,” Annie Konya travesti giggled. She looked around to make sure that no one was hidden by the clothes racks. “He’s really big Sandy…sooooo big.”

“You mean his…,” she gasped and covered her mouth. “Did you jerk him off like we talked about?”

“No, but maybe tomorrow.” Annie stopped after seeing a customer walk in. “I’ll see if she wants help.”

Sandy had to sit down. “Best sex ever. Sooo Big. Tomorrow I’ll jerk him off,” she whispered to herself. Since her husband died early at 40 years with a heart attack she had shied away from dating. The conversation with Annie had her thinking about it again. When the customer left Annie walked to the bikini rack.

“He wants you to model some bikinis for him,” Sandy guessed.

“Yes, he said that if I modeled then I would earn the rent payment delay.

“You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. I can take money from my IRA account and…”

“I want to,” Annie grinned.


Tom wished now that he had let the girl jerk him off but he knew he could wait another day to get between her sweet thighs. He also thought about the older woman who owned the boutique business. She looked pretty hot for her age and he wondered if maybe she would go for the modeling.

As he sat thinking he remembered the nice looking woman who owned the perfume shop and the girl who owned the cupcake shop. He knew their leases were up soon and that they would be renegotiating the new leases. The possibilities seemed to be endless.


Annie had trouble sleeping that night. Her boyfriend came home late from drinking with his buddies and went straight to bed. All of this was something new to her. She had always been the nice little good girl who never got into trouble or even had a one – night stand. Sex had always been missionary or the cowgirl positions and she had only given oral sex twice. Allowing the older man to finger her was uncovering a new Annie.

She arrived at the boutique early and had picked out her tiny two bikinis when Sandy arrived. “I’m not sure when he wants to meet with me,” Annie said trying not to look too anxious or excited.

“Annie, are you sure about this?” Sandy asked. “What about your boyfriend? Are you sure he won’t hurt you? I’ll feel responsible if something bad happens.”

“I have to do this,” Annie said to her Mother’s friend. Both Sandy and Tom Jenkins were her parent’s age. “I want to do this. Besides it is the best option we have to keep our good credit.”

“Make sure your phone is available and if you need me I’ll close up the store and come help you.”

“Yes Mother,” Annie grinned. She was 25 years old and decided it was time to do what she wanted to do. She stayed busy until 10AM when he called. She hung up the phone and grabbed the two bikinis. “I’m not sure how long I’ll be.”

“OK, but remember…”

“The phone…I know…I’ll be fine.” She looked into the mirror and fixed her hair. “See you later.”


Tom prepared the hidden bedroom behind his office with soft music and dim lighting. Sometimes when he didn’t want to drive to his beach home he stayed at the complex. He would wait to show her the bedroom once he knew she wasn’t going to back out of the deal. That morning he tried not think about having sex with the young woman but this mind kept coming back to her wonderful ass and breasts. After she knocked he waited a few seconds before letting her in. “Good morning beautiful,” said the spider to the fly.

Annie blushed seeing his eyes roam down her body. She was wearing a short dark blue dress with matching black lace bra and panties under it. “Good morning Tom.”

She walked past him thinking he might grab her and make love to her right there by the door but nothing happened. “I picked out two bikinis to model for you.”

“Great but first please have a glass of my best wine.” As she poured it she thought it was early to have alcohol but decided that maybe it would help her nerves. She sipped on the wine, walked to the window and looked out over the river.

“You have a wonderful view.”

He sat on the arm of the soft chair in front of his desk taking in the curves of her ass. “It’s more wonderful with you in it.”

She smiled and sat the wine glass on the window’s base. “How much can you see of the river walk below?” Her hands moved to the window as she leaned forward to look straight down. Her action caused her short dress to slowly lift up over her pure white buttocks, which were only covered by the thin black thong strap splitting the cheeks.

He laughed knowing she was giving him a show on purpose. “You are quite a vixen aren’t you?”

“Maybe?” She giggled as she turned without pushing down her dress. “If I knew what a vixen was.”

“It’s something good,” he smiled. “I’ve been waiting for you to model the bikinis all morning. How about now?”

“OK,” she said looking around for a place to change. “Where İzmir travesti can I change?”

“Sorry but you’ll have to do it here,” he said firmly. “I promise not to peek.” He moved next to his desk and turned facing away.

“Oh God this is it,” she thought as she walked to the chair and faced away from him. She pushed the shoulder straps off her arms and let her dress fall to the floor. Quickly, she removed her bra and black panties and stood naked only a few feet from him.

“You are amazing,” he said from behind her.

“Are…are you peeking Tom?” She asked feeling her body heating up again like it did yesterday. She looked back and saw him facing her. “Do you still want me to put on the bikini?”

“You know I don’t,” he grinned. “Turn around and let me see everything.”

She thought she would be nervous but after letting him touch her the day before she felt calm. With her hands straight down at her sides she slowly turned.

“I’m speechless,” he said seeing the pure beauty. “And you are not really a natural blonde are you?”

“Are you disappointed?” She teased as she kept turning until she faced away from him again. She already knew what he wanted but had another question. “Where?”

He wanted her in the bed but had to taste her pussy first. “Come here and sit on my desk.”

Annie smiled, turned and walked confidently to his desk. She faced away and pushed her cute butt up onto it. She let him clean off the pen holder and stapler and didn’t object when he gently guided her down on her back. Her lower legs dangled over the edge while he dropped to his knees and opened her legs.

“What are you going to do to me Tom?” She didn’t care as long as he started doing it really soon.

Tom laughed and didn’t answer her with words. His kisses on her both knees told her where he was heading. As he licked and kissed up her tender young thighs he never took his eyes from the target; her small but glistening slit residing below the small puff of dark curly hairs.

“Ohhh,” she moaned when his tongue made first contact with her sensitive lips. Unlike her boyfriend he took his time teasing around her swollen clit and licking up the escaping pussy juices down below. “Tom…Tom,” she begged wanting him to go to her need. “Please.”

As he finally sucked on the hooded flesh he pushed his middle finger once more into her hot and very tight oven. Her massive juice flow enabled him to move far inside to rub and caress her G – Spot. He felt her ass moving upward and her legs opening to beg him to fuck her. “Not yet little darling,” he whispered.

Annie rolled her upper body side to side as he masterfully worked his oral skills on her love hole. Never had she experienced oral sex this wild and free. It seemed his tongue and fingers were everywhere. “Please…You know what I want.”

Those were the words he was waiting to hear. As much as he wanted to fuck her on the bed he knew she was looking for new experiences. As he licked her pink rose pedals his fingers opened his slacks and pushed them and his boxers down his legs. He moved up onto his feet and allowed the clothing to roll down and off his body. With his long hard eight – inch cock in hand he moved up so that when he pulled her ass to the edge he would be at the right angle and distance to fuck her.

“Oh God. Go slow…you’re so big,” she gasped when she saw what was about to burrow into her.

“I will but you need to relax and trust me. It will fit but you are very tight.” He rubbed the huge crown up and down her soaked lips to get lubrication before pressing it between her outer and inner lips.

“Ohhh,” she moaned. She wanted it inside but knew if he went too fast he would hurt her.

What seemed like hours only took about ten minutes for his crown to pass the gate and head up towards the main house. Now inside movement was slightly easier and it was her that was lifting to get more and more of this manhood. “Oh my…I’m sooo full,” she laughed now experiencing tightness but no pain. “Do it Tom. Give it all to me.”

He felt his back getting stiff in this position and knew he had to move from the desk soon. As he reached full insertion he reached down and hooked his hands behind her lower back. With one burst of energy he lifted her up allowing her legs to wrap around his back and her arms around his neck.

“Oh God you’re fucking me standing up,” she grinned as she held on. When he looked into her passion – filled eyes their lips met and opened. “Umphh…Umphh…Ahh…Ahh,” she moaned each time his shaft bottomed out. She felt him carrying her but didn’t know where until he lowered her onto a bed.

“You’re full of surprises aren’t you?” She grinned realizing that he had a bedroom behind his office. “Let me get on top.”

“My pleasure,” he said feeling tired. “Or should I say our pleasure?” He reached and cupped her small breasts while she lifted and lowered her moist hole. Back and forth, up and down until she started climaxing.


For the first time in over a year Tom unloaded his spunk in a woman’s sex. “Ummmm,” He grinned feeling her inner muscles suck out all he had to give her.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32