Cassandra’s Power

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Remembering back on the past couple of years and all the strange exciting things that have happened to me, I can recall that special day most fondly. The day I became Cassandra, the Goddess that I am today.

It was a cold Friday in January of 1999 while I was driving home from my job. I was in my mid twenties, and had only recently graduated from engineering school when my company hired me. It was only a few months later that the President of Research and Development offered me this opportunity to re-locate and head the micro-electronics and semiconductor research team at their new location. Of course I gladly accepted the position and the generous relocation package. I had only been living in this town for a month or so since my transfer to the new research complex a couple of towns over, and things have been going fairly well for me. On the way home that night I figured I would stop into this little antique shop called Curious Goods I had passed the other day and pick up a few pieces of vintage art to decorate my place with.

Upon going inside, I was greeted by the kind, yet eerie face of the old woman who owned the store. We exchanged silent greetings and I proceeded to look around. There were paintings, and sculptures, crystal vases, nick-knacks, furniture, a few musical instruments, and racks of old clothing scattered throughout the shop.

While wandering around the shop I couldn’t help but be drawn to an old hand carved wooden “foot locker” that was over in the far corner of the store, tucked away from plain view. It looked like it would make a perfect addition to my living room’s décor.

Before I could even turn around and ask about it, the old woman appeared behind me and startled me by saying in a thick, possibly European accent, “Yes, nice piece of work, isn’t it? It is very, very old”

It appeared locked, so I asked her if she knew what was inside of it. A look of fond reminiscence came over the woman’s face as she replied with an eerie tone to her voice, “Its contents has not seen the light of day in many, many years.” She continued to speak, starring down at the large trunk and lowering her voice to almost a whisper “It has been so long since I felt the…”

“Never mind,” she said in a sharp tone as she abruptly cut herself off, and quickly changed the topic: “I don’t even remember where I hid the key it has been so many years.” With that she turned and began walking back to the counter at the front of the store before I had a chance to question her further.

Nonetheless, I felt so drawn to it, so I brought it to the counter and asked her how much she was asking for it. She said it was truly one-of-a-kind and to her no price is great enough. After some long conversation and her asking me some off the wall, almost nonsensical questions, she said, “I believe you are the right one.” I asked what she meant by that and she seemed to ignore me, only replying with “That will be $100.00 sir.” I figured she had wasted my time and freaked me out enough for one day and took out my credit card and paid the woman. She said, reading my signature off the receipt, “Thank you Mr. Jameson. When you do get it open, you will be most pleased with your purchase.” The old woman had a strange tone to her voice and a peculiar glint in her eye as she made her statement. I asked her once more if she would tell me what was in the trunk, and what she meant by her statement, but she just said “Good-bye to you, sir. I must be closing the store now. Have a nice day” as she hurried me out the door. With that she shut the door sharply behind me, and closed the blinds.

As I was carrying the old wooden trunk to my car, I could faintly hear its contents shifting around inside which further raised my curiosity. The few short blocks I had to drive to my condo seemed to take forever. I could not wait to get home and crack that chest open and see what the old lady was being so mysterious about. If there isn’t anything of real value or at least some nice art to display I could always keep the trunk and post the contents on E-Bay and make back what I had spent. I raced inside and put the trunk down on the living room floor and went to get my toolbox. After a little messing around with the old fashioned lock, I was able to pop it open without damaging the beautiful hand-carved box.

Upon opening the heavy, creaky trunk lid, my nose was assaulted by a very strong heady odor. It wasn’t a mildew kind of smell as would be expected from such an old trunk. It was more of a warm, musky, earthy aroma that while being rather pungent, for some reason, still triggered some intense feelings of arousal within me. After clearing my head and looking down into the old trunk, there was not much in there at all. All I was able to see was a bundled mass of black cloth. I can remember thinking to myself at that point “What a damn rip-off!! All that drama and mystery for a bundle of cloth. The old hag certainly knows how to make a sale.” As I would soon find Muğla Escort out, boy was I wrong!!

Reaching in to take whatever it was out of the trunk, the cool, slippery feel made me realize that what I had smelled a few seconds earlier was rubber. Holding it up and unfolding it, it turned out to be a one-piece rubber catsuit. I thought to myself “Wow, I haven’t seen anything like this since that kinky chick I hooked up with at Steve’s frat party in college a couple of years ago” As I held it up in front of me to look it over more carefully, it was a very highly mirror polished, heavy rubber cat suit made out of thick, yet extremely pliable latex. It felt much thicker and heavier than the one that girl had back in college. Also at the bottom of the trunk was a pair of high heel rubber boots that looked as though they would come up to about mid-thigh, made from the same thick, highly polished rubber as the cat suit.

After staring at this mass of shinny rubber sprawled out over the living room floor, with it’s enticing aroma filling my nose and wreaking havoc on my senses, I decided “what the hell” I may as well see if it fits. Maybe I can at least wear it out to a nightclub or something and get my $100.00 worth.

I began taking off my shoes and clothing and picked the rubber suit up off the floor.

I carefully slid my legs into the opening of the suit. The cool, smooth feeling of the latex moving up my legs felt soooooo amazing as I pulled it up my skin. It felt like billions of tiny “electric shocks” as I slowly and carefully pulled the rubber suit up over my feet and legs. I made sure that the built in feet of the cat suit were not twisted or wrinkled as I adjusted my feet and toes in them, and smoothed out any wrinkles in the rubber covering my legs.

With the tight rubber suit covering just my legs up to about my upper-thigh at this point, I sat on the edge of the leather sofa put on the boots before attempting to pull the rest of the suit up over my groin and onto my upper body. I had figured that would make it a little easier to put them on now since it does not look like it will be too easy to bend and move freely once the rest of this tight rubber suit is on. It took a few minutes to get the tall, tight rubber boots on, but they fit perfectly after zipping them up, hugging the muscular curves of my masculine legs beautifully.

It took a couple of minutes to catch my balance and get used to the added height that boots gave me before I attempted to pull the rest of the rubber suit over my groin and up over my waist. The fact that I had a raging hard-on at this point made it somewhat difficult at first to maneuver the tight rubber over my protruding erection. To my surprise, the rubber suit stretched almost effortlessly to accommodate my rock hard penis. The cool, smooth feeling of the rubber sliding against my manhood sent shivers down my spine as the taught rubber pinned my hard penis back against my body. With every inch of the suit that I put on, the “electric shock” feelings it gave me got stronger and stronger.

Finally after getting the rest of the suit on and my arms into the sleeves and smoothing out the wrinkles, I started pulling the zipper up. With each “tick” of the zipper, the suit got tighter and tighter and the incredible sensation of the “electric shocks” caused by the latex against my skin got stronger.

As soon as the zipper was finally up all the way to its highest point just below my Adams Apple, the zipper disappeared leaving no seams or trace that it was ever there, just smooth, flawless latex covering my body. A split second later a gigantic bolt of “white lightning” shot right through me knocking me back into the couch behind me. I screamed at the top of my lungs “OH YEEEES! OH DEAR GOD, YES! HOLY SHIT! OH DEAR FUCKING GOD! OOH GOOD LORD THAT FEELS SOOO GOOD! OH GOD, OH YEEEES!” in pure ecstasy as the most incredible orgasm I ever experienced erupted within me. My entire body became rigid almost like I was having an epileptic seizure. The most incredible orgasms too amazing for any words to describe overtook my whole body causing me to cum over and over again into the rubber suit I was now wearing.

When the rapture of the multiple orgasms subsided enough for me to sit up on the couch, and then finally recover the strength to stand, my skin felt all warm and tingly under the tight rubber. And the suit seemed to draw itself over my body even tighter than it was when I was putting it on. There were no wrinkles in the perfectly mirror polished black rubber covering me.

As I walked over to the hallway mirror to look at myself, the feeling of the latex pulling and stretching and sliding over my skin with every movement almost put me over the edge again into another fit of extreme pleasure. As I stood there turning and posing in front of the floor length mirror to admire my shiny latex covered body, I noticed my body was starting to change right before Muğla Escort Bayan my eyes!

My whole body, every single cell of my being, felt a warm tingly “electricity” radiating from the magical latex catsuit into the very deepest fibers of my body. Even my hands, neck and face, which were the only parts of my skin not covered by the tight rubber suit, felt the effects of its magical energy.

My brown eyes were now a piercing crystal blue. My short brown hair was now changing to become a golden blond color reaching down to the middle of my back. The shape and bone structure of my face changed into what would make any runway model furious with envy and green with jealousy. Startled and intrigued by what I saw happening to me, I let out a gasp only to hear that my voice too had changed to take on a sultry, seductive feminine tone.

A warm surge of electricity burned and swelled beneath the tight rubber covering what was once my well-defined masculine chest, and before my eyes I watched my chest change and grow, into a perfect pair of supple, perky 38C breasts. The feeling of them pushing against the inside of the magical rubber suit as it stretched to accommodate my new figure sent wonderful sensations through me as the magical rubber pressed tighter, rubbing against my newly acquired hyper sensitive nipples. My stomach flattened and re-shaped into a sexy, perfectly formed midsection, giving me a perfect hourglass figure.

Then I felt a burning, tingling, pulsing sensation in my groin. As I looked down, I saw the bulge created by my manhood slowly disappear before my eyes, and the rubber suit tighten and re-form itself to perfectly cover my new vagina. I now stood there at 5′ 11″ (including the 4″ heels of the boots) and my measurements were now a stunning 38 – 26 – 36!!

My legs became slender, sexy and shapely, and my ass became firm and luscious. The shiny, tight rubber of the suit further enhanced the gorgeous shape of my new body as it hugged every curve flawlessly. My hands and fingers, right down to my long blood red nails, became sexy and sensuous. I was transformed into a vision of absolute female perfection in shiny black latex. I had been changed into what every man dreamed he could have and what every woman wished she could be.

Just when I thought things couldn’t possibly get any freakier, an image of the old woman from the store appeared, hovering in the mirror next to my reflection. I quickly spun around on my heels (nearly falling down since I was not yet fully used to them) to see who was behind me, but there was nobody there. I looked around me in all directions but I appeared to be alone. Then it spoke, drawing my attention back to the image hovering next to mine in the mirror.

She said “I see you have found my little secret, and I see it has begun to work it’s magic upon you. Take heed young man… or should I say, young lady… The power of that suit is greater than you can even begin to comprehend right now. Your mind is still confused by all the new feelings and sensations the magic rubber has opened up to you. As your mind clears and your body adjusts you will begin to understand, and all your questions will be answered. Not only has this magical latex suit give you a new appearance, a new identity if you will, but as long as it is worn upon your skin, it shall grant you unimaginable magical powers. Should you ever decide to remove it from your body, you will once again revert back to your prior mortal self until the next time you place the magical rubber back upon your naked flesh.”

“I must tell you that because this latex suit is magical, there really is no need to remove it from your body. While you are wearing this magical rubber garment you shall not age at all. As long as you choose to wear this magical latex suit upon your body you will live forever; never falling victim to sickness or disease of any kind; remaining forever young, beautiful, healthy and powerful. While sheathed in this magical rubber suit, you also cannot be harmed by any weapon, or physical strike against you. But as I have already told you, should you remove the suit from you body, you will once again become mortal and are subject to all the same sickness, disease and injury and aging as any other being until you once again place the suit back upon your body. You should also know that while wearing the suit you will sweat, but it will never become bothersome or uncomfortable because the magical latex will absorb any solid or liquid waste and bodily fluid you produce. In fact, sweat and bodily fluids will actually add to the comfort of the suit.

I stood there, hanging on every word the image of the old woman said not knowing weather to laugh out loud in disbelief or to pinch myself to wake up from this crazy dream. I had to believe it. It was happening to me. I could feel the magical energy radiating from the latex and it surging within me. I could see right there in the mirror in Escort Muğla front of me how this magical rubber catsuit changed me from a rather average looking man into this incredible blond bomb-shell Goddess with super-powers. This was no joke, and it was defiantly not a dream. This was happening to me.

The woman’s image continued, “You now have the power to transform yourself into any form you desire at will: man, woman, or beast. You can create or destroy anything you desire with but a mere thought. You can read the thoughts and control the will of others with your mind, you can fly through the air and teleport anywhere you wish to be. You can pass through solid objects like a ghost and make yourself invisible to the mere mortals around you.

These are just a few of the many, many powers this rubber suit has given you. Remember young lady… Along with great Power comes great responsibility. It is up to you weather you use this gift for good or for evil. You alone now command the greatest power in the universe!” And with that the old woman’s image faded away and her voice faded off as well.

I stood there for a moment to let the old woman’s words sink in and register. I thought about what the old woman said, and wanted to see what would happen to me if I removed the suit from my body. But first I needed a name for my new female identity. I couldn’t go around now that I had become a beautiful woman and still call myself Mr. Mark Jameson. After some thought, I decided to name myself Cassandra. I always thought that was one of the sexiest names in the world, and now that I had become the sexiest, most powerful woman in the world, it only seemed fitting.

Now that I had a name for myself, it was time to see if I were to remove the suit would I retain my new female body for a few minutes, a few hours, or would I change back into Mark immediately? With the thought of wanting to remove the suit, but not being able to find the zipper going through my mind, the zipper reappeared on the front of the suit. I hesitantly reached for the zipper, and pulled it down a couple of clicks. With that, a fuzzy warm wave came over me and I was transformed, almost instantly, back into the man I was before I put the magic latex suit on.

I finished fully unzipping the suit and pulled my arms out of the sleeves, letting the top half of the catsuit flop down behind me leaving only my lower body and legs still covered by the rubber suit and the boots. There once again was my manhood, standing at full attention, as if it was never gone. Other than being a little sweaty, and highly excited, I appeared to be fine.

With a combination of the throbbing erection I had begging for release, and a strong urge to feel the power of the latex against my skin again, I reached behind me and pulled the suit up and put my arms back into the sleeves and pulled it over body. With trembling hands and a racing heart I closed my eyes and slowly started pulling the zipper up the front of the suit. As before, with each tick of the zipper the sensations the suit gave me became stronger.

When the zipper finally reached it’s highest position, it once again vanished leaving only the smooth seamless latex covering my body. Less than one second later the “white lightning” overtook me and the transformation back into Cassandra took place. This time around, the transformation was almost instantaneous. I was once again changed into the beautiful, powerful Cassandra, just as the suit had done earlier.

I once again had the wonderfully tight latex catsuit covering my body, and I once again had its magical powers pulsing within me. It was causing an incredible aching in my loins. I desperately needed to release. I went over to the couch and lay down on my back and began to rub at my sex through the tight latex suit. The friction of the rubber against my sweaty crotch beneath felt incredible, but I wanted to feel more. I wanted to feel what exploring my most intimate of areas and penetrating my new body would feel like. With that thought, the rubber of the suit over my groin “melted” away, absorbing into my skin, leaving my perfectly hairless vagina exposed for me to fondle.

I slowly traced my index finger around my outer lips and it sent ripples of pleasure through my body. I continued to trace around my opening, teasing myself, until I could no longer stand the throbbing and aching. I slipped my index and middle fingers deep into my sopping wet hole and began to stimulate my g-spot, and my clitoris. Huge waves of ecstasy overtook my body quickly sending me into feverish fits of orgasmic release. It felt more incredible; more intense than any orgasm I had ever felt when I still had a penis.

The power of the tight rubber suit amplified every touch and movement. Gushes and gushes of cum poured out of my hole and ran down my smooth rubber covered thighs, soaking the leather couch under me. With my mind still racing and my loins still throbbing from the incredible pleasure I was experiencing, I wiped up some of my cum on my fingertips and began to lick it off while still caressing my tender clit with the other hand. My juice tasted sweeter, more delicious than the that of any woman I had ever been with when I was still a man.

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