Catching Mom Ch. 02

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The rest of the day passed excruciatingly slowly. Allison went to her room to do homework and, I think, to replay the events that had just happened. I tried to follow her lead on the homework front, but kept finding myself pulling out my phone and replaying the video. I loaded it onto my computer to watch from a larger screen, staring at my mother beg to be taken harder, meaning and screaming like a whore as her eyes rolled back in her head in obvious pleasure. I couldn’t help but get hard, rubbing my erection as I replayed scene over and over. I finally came again, spraying my cum over my hand as I watched my mother go from her ass to her mouth. Panting, I cleaned myself off, closed the file, and tried once again to get some schoolwork done.

The day went on, and Allison and I did our best not only to avoid our mother, but each other. She feigned a headache and skipped dinner, while I sat at the table that had earlier been the scene of the intense fuck, staring at the spot she had been bent over while ignoring her and my other sister Hannah talk about plans for her upcoming birthday party. I found myself staring at my mom, both in anger of her cheating on my dad, a good man who deserved better, and my own selfish, growing lust. It had been in front of me this whole time, how hot my mom was, but I never saw it until now.

Her tits were huge, having been implanted just over a year ago. I remember her begging my dad for them, and the thought of her making herself hotter for a string of boyfriends just made me angrier. They were easily DD, and sat high on her chest, bouncing with every movement. Her long hair was pulled back into a ponytail, bright red and hanging to almost her waist. Her pale skin was covered by a smattering of freckles, and she had dimples whenever she smiled or laughed. She certainly kept in shape, spending time at the gym every day. Was that where she had met her lover? How many had there been before?

I excused myself, having barely eaten anything, and returned to my room, quickly bringing the video back up. I kept staring at it, pausing to focus on the lust in my mom’s face, slowing down to watch the way her breasts bounced with every thrust, blowing up the image of the mammoth cock pushing its way into her tight ass. She looked amazing, and was clearly made to be fucked. I realized I was moving past anger, and thinking about how easily this video could be put to use for my own purposes. The only question was, was this really something I was willing to do?

Shortly after nine, there was a quiet knock on the door, and Allison let herself in. She clearly had just gotten out of the shower, as her hair was wet. She was wearing her long sleep shirt that came down to her knees, and closed the door and leaned against it. She was clearly nervous, looking down at the floor and refusing to meet my gaze.

“Look, Ryan… I…” she paused, unsure of what to say. She bit her lower lip and was trembling slightly. I knew I would have to take the lead here, so I stood up from my desk and closed the distance, standing right in front of her. I leaned closer, so I was only inches away, and reached behind her to lock the door. She jumped slightly at the click of the lock, and I could see her bottom lip trembling. She was nervous, having doubts… but she was here, she clearly wanted something. It was my job to make her realize what she wanted was me.

I leaned close to her neck, inhaling, smelling her clean, fresh scent. She smelled like soap and citrus, and her skin was pale and soft. I exhaled slightly, blowing across her neck, and she shuddered, breathing in sharply. I leaned back, smiling, as I placed my hand under her chin and lifted her face up, forcing her to look at me. I looked straight into her deep green eyes, and my thumb brushed lightly over her lips. They parted slightly, and Allison held her breath. I smiled at her, and spoke softly.

“Ally, you’re absolutely beautiful. I know you’re confused by what happened today, so am I. But I think we should talk about it and figure a few things out, ok?” I stepped back slightly, creating space between us, and she started breathing again. I reached down and grabbed her hand, pulling her into the room. I sat in the chair, leaving her nowhere else to sit except the bed, which she did almost reluctantly. I leaned back, and saw her look to my computer screen, which was paused on an image of Mom being yanked backward by her hair as a huge black cock was forced into her asshole. Her eyes widened and her breath started coming more rapidly.

I smiled and hit play, and the movie started again. Allison just stared, clearly getting more and more excited. I saw her nipples hardening under the thin cloth of her shirt, her hand unconsciously moving down between her legs, lightly touching herself to the vivid scene unfolding in front of her again. I smiled, saying nothing, knowing this would only help her get more excited.

I slowly stood up, making sure I didn’t distract her attention, and slowly moved to sit behind her on the bed. Kayaşehir Escort She almost immediately leaned back against me again, and I could feel my hardening cock press against her back. I saw her hand starting to move slightly faster between her legs. I leaned in, kissing her lightly on the neck and the shoulder blades. She gave a soft whimper as I reached around her, placing my hand over hers as she worked it between her legs. She finally moved her gaze from the screen to look at me, biting her lower lip and nodding at me almost imperceptibly.

I reached down, grabbing the base of her shirt and slowly pulled it up. Allison raised her arms over her head, allowing me to strip her quickly. I threw it to the side, staring down at her now nude body, taking it in for the first time and noticing how flawless it was.

Her pale, creamy skin was perfect, flawless, lightly smattered with freckles. Her firm, young C cup breasts sat high on her chest, perfectly sized, pointing slightly upward, tipped with beautiful pink nipples. Her rapid breathing caused her breasts to heave up and down, enhancing their perfection. Gazing down at her slightly parted legs, you could see her completely shaven pussy, already glistening with excitement. Her long, smooth legs sat akimbo, giving a great view of shapely calves, this ankles, and flawless feet.

I leaned forward and lightly kissed the side of her neck, watching goose bumps rise on her shoulders and arms as she shuddered slightly. She tried to put her hand back between her legs, desperate to resume touching herself, but I grabbed her wrist and gently but firmly moved it behind her back. She whimpered slightly, and I repeated it with the other wrist, holding both arms behind her back, keeping a firm grip on both her wrists with my left hand. She whimpered slightly and tried to pull away, but I held her tight, making her lean back against me.

“Shh… Just watch, Ally… just watch Mom take that huge cock. You know she’s done this before, right? It’s obvious she’s a slut who has been fucking around for years. Listen to her moan and scream.” I spoke in a low, deep voice, almost growling in her ear as my right hand began slowly and softly running over her skin. Her neck, her stomach, the sides of her breasts. I was teasing her; I wanted her to get so excited, so horny, so ready that she would be begging me. I needed to make her want this; it needed to be her idea to go to the next step. I knew I was manipulating my own sister for my sexual desires, and that’s what made it so good.

Allison squirmed, moaned softly as our Mother screamed in pleasure and pain on the screen. I let me touch graze her nipples, focusing on her perfect tits. I cupped one from behind, feeling the soft yet firm resistance, the perfect weight, the hard nub of her pink nipple between my thumb and forefinger. I squeezed, pinching the nipple gently at first, then with more force, eliciting a gasp, then a whimper, then a moan. She responded to the force, holding her breath and sticking her chest out farther, pressing against my hand. “Ryan… please…” she whispered.

“Please what? What do you want, baby?” I whispered in her ear, and then sucked on her earlobe.

“I need… Ryan, I can’t keep watching this without… please, let go of my hands.” She pleaded, still focused on the video unfolding before her.

“Tell me what you need, Ally. Say it.”

“Ryan… I’m so excited, I need to touch…” she whimpered, and tried to pull away again, but I held her firm.

“Say it, Allison. Tell me what you want.”

She whispered almost inaudibly “I need to cum, I need… I’m so horny, please…”

Smiling, I slid my right hand down to her wet slit. I lightly ran my finger all around it, teasing, grinning as she tried to shift her body, trying to get my hand on her moist pussy. I finally touched the outer lips, running my middle finger slowly up and down the length, never pushing it in. I finally let my finger graze over her hard clit, and she almost immediately shook against me, biting her lower lip as her eyes fluttered. I pressed harder, flicking it firmly, tracing firm, slow circles around it. She moaned louder, turning her head away from the video to finally look at me.

“Ryan, I’ll suck your cock, I’ll do whatever you want, please, please let me cum.” She starred into my eyes, breathing heavily, tongue flicking over her lips as I continued to tease her clit. I smiled slightly and pushed my middle finger deep into her once, as far as it would go, and she shuddered, trying to push me in farther, and whimpered as I pulled my finger all the way out. She looked at me, pleading, and I placed that finger to her lips. I was testing her boundaries, and she surprised me pleasantly.

She greedily opened her mouth and hungrily took my finger into her mouth, licking all around it before sucking it deep, hard, firm into her mouth. Her deep green eyes never left mine, keeping my vision locked as she sucked my finger up and down. I pulled it out Kayaşehir Escort Bayan of her mouth and automatically placed it back at her dripping pussy, shoving it in hard. She kept my gaze, moaning as my finger violated her hard, and fast. Her hands, held tight behind her back, found their way to my hard cock pressed against her back and began rubbing me over my shorts.

“Are you going to keep teasing me all night, or are you going to fuck me?” She panted heavily, grinding on my fingers as I added another finger to her sopping pussy. Her eyes widened, her body shuddered and shook, and she leaned in quickly to kiss me, tongue pushing into my throat as she screamed into my mouth, her body overcome with orgasm.

I kissed back hard, fingers still pumping in and out hard, finger fucking her through her orgasm until the shuddering stopped and she almost collapsed against me. I broke the kiss, looking at her as she rested, closed her eyes, slumping back. I quickly stood up, letting her fall back on the bed, and moved to stand between her legs. Before she could react, I knelt between her legs, throwing her legs over my shoulders, and leaned in to lick her wet slit, finally tasting her.

“Oh shit!” Allison almost yelled as my tongue pushed deep and quick into her wet cunt, lapping at her, tasting her sweet, tangy juices on my lips, drinking her in. She reached down and grabbed my hair, hard, grinding herself against my mouth. My left hand reached up, grabbing her breast hard, pinching her nipple and eliciting another cry. My right hand parted her lower lips, exposing her clit, and I quickly moved up to take her hardened nub between my lips and sucked hard. I looked up to see her grab my pillow and hold it over her mouth, and heard her muffle her scream. Her hips thrashed off the bed, and I felt another rush of her juices on my mouth as she came again. It didn’t matter to me, I kept going.

I changed it up a little, mouth moving down across her slit and to her puckered asshole. My tongue licked all around her pink hole before it pushed into her butt as I once again pushed two fingers into her cunt. I relentlessly fucked her warm pussy with my fingers while I tongue fucked her tight ass. The pillow flew off her face as she lifted her head, looking down at me. “Oh jesus, Ryan, yes… lick my asshole, finger that cunt…”

On the video, at the same time, my mother was screaming “fuck my white ass, cum in my asshole…” and I saw Allison’s eyes fall back on the video, watching her mother get fucked in the ass as her brother ate her own. She grabbed my hair again, and pressed against it, forcing my tongue deep into her ass. I flicked my tongue in and out and slammed my fingers into her, my left hand finding its way from her breast to her clit.

The assault on her ass, pussy and clit proved too much, and Allison tensed up for the third time in less than twenty minutes. She opened her mouth wide, as if to yell, but no sound came out as she held her breath. Suddenly, she began shaking hard, fast, hips pumping up and down against my hand as juices flooded out of her. I focused on her clit, rubbing it harder and faster. She came for what seemed like minutes, before finally relaxing, falling limp on the bed.

I kissed her inner thigh one more time, feeling her shudder, and stood up, gazing down at her. Her face was scrunched up, hair wild all over the bed. Her hands grasped her breasts, still heaving, trying to calm down from the intense feelings. She was covered in a thin layer of sweat, glistening on her whole body. She looked tired, satisfied…

I was still rock hard. I quickly pulled off my shorts and shirt, standing in front of her with my raging hard on. I wanted to just bend over, to shove myself into her dripping pussy and fuck her until I sprayed my cum deep inside of her, but I didn’t want to scare her off. I felt if I did too much, too fast, it would make her not want to continue, and more than anything, I wanted this to keep going.

As I stood there, her eyes fluttered open, and then grew wide as she realized I was naked and standing between her legs. She sat up quickly, pulling her legs together and looking up at me. “Ryan, that was amazing… I have never come so many times, so fast, so intensely, but I don’t think I’m ready to take this to the next level yet.” She looked into my eyes, but her gaze fell to my crotch for just a brief second. She reached out her arm, and placed it on my hip. I said nothing, just continued to look at her.

She cleared her throat “I mean, I know I asked you to fuck me” she started, but I interrupted.

“Begged. You begged me to fuck you, Ally.”

She nodded slowly “Okay, begged you to fuck me, but I was caught up. What with watching mom, you touching me, remembering blowing you earlier. It was in the heat of the moment. I was so horny, I would do anything to get off.” Her hand on my hip starting moving closer to my rigid erection. I kept quiet, reaching out to gently pet her hair, seeing if she would Escort Kayaşehir make a move on her own. Her eyes kept gazing at my shaft, her tongue kept running over her lips.

Finally she sighed, looking up at me and smiling slightly. “I guess I can’t just leave you like this.” Her hand moved to my penis, softly starting to run up and down its length. She kept my gaze, smiling timidly as she began jerking me off, slowly. It felt great, but slow was not what I was in the mood for, and neither has her hand.

“Ally, sweetie… you’re going to suck my dick now.” I said, softly but firmly, looking into her emerald eyes. She bit her lower lip, hesitant, as she kept the steady motion with her hand. I took a step forward, making my cock almost hit her face as I moved my hand to caress her cheek. “I know you want to. I know you loved it earlier today. I know you went to your room and fingered yourself thinking of my dick.” She blushed and looked down, but didn’t deny any of it. I moved my hand under her chin again, forcing her head up and making her look at me.

“It’s okay, Ally, I can’t get you out of my head either. It’s okay to want to suck me. I wanted to eat your sweet pussy, and I did.” I could tell this kind of talk was getting to her, as her hand was moving quicker, her breathing coming more rapid. “I licked your cunt, and tongue fucked your ass, and you loved every second of it. You came harder than ever before, didn’t you? And now, you want to suck you brother’s hard dick again. Show him how good of a cock sucker you are.”

She leaned in slowly and flicked her tongue out over the head of my cock, holding my gaze. Seeing my shudder slightly, she took the entire head in her mouth, rolling her tongue around the head and sucking gently, jerking my shaft a bit harder now. Her hand moved down to gently cup my balls, her fingers stretching my delicate sac as she took more of my length into her moist vacuum. I reached out, placing my left hand on her head and gripping the base of my dick with my right, applying just a bit of pressure to let her know I wanted her to take more of me.

She looked up at me, eyes sparkling as she opened her mouth wide and let me see her tongue dancing along my rock hard shaft. I moaned slightly, nodding at her, and she took a deep breath before leaning in and sucking my entire cock into my throat, her nose pushing up against skin. It felt amazing, but then she stuck out her tongue to lick my balls while she deep throated me.

I had never felt such an amazing combination of pleasures, and I didn’t want it to stop. I wrapped her hair around my left hand and held her face there, enjoying the feeling of her mouth and throat massaging my cock as her tongue took long, firm swipes at my sac. She whimpered, but never tried to pull away, as I moaned loudly. “Oh Ally, that’s amazing… you love sucking cock, don’t you?” I could feel a faint nod, and looked down. Her eyes were watering, her face was turning a bright red, and she looked up at me, pleading. I held her there a second more, then pulled her hair, bringing her off my dick and allowing her to catch her breath. Spit dripped down her face, onto her chin and dropping to her tits. I slapped her face with my cock a few times, and she obediently opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue.

“Tell me, Ally, is it any cock, or just my cock you love so much?” I slapped my cock against her tongue, and she tried to catch it in her mouth. She was rubbing the spit into her chest, pinching her nipples.

“Yours. This is the hottest thing I’ve ever done, and I just want to please you and get you off.”

I smiled, jerking my cock lightly as I looked at her, enjoying the sight of my hot sister now acting like a little blow job toy. I knew eventually I wanted more, but for now, I just wanted to cum. I yanked her head forward, and she complied automatically. “I’m going to fuck that mouth now, hard. I’m going to treat you like a slut, is that what you want?” I wanted to see how she would react, and the response was more than I could have hoped for.

She looked straight into my eyes, nodding. “I am your slut, Ryan.” And leaned in, taking my dick into her mouth and started bobbing on it, hard and fast, opening her throat and moaning. I took her head in both my hands and started picking up the pace, fucking her sweet lips with long, hard strokes. I could hear her moan, and the sound of her trying to take me all the way, as my head pressed against the back of her mouth. Her hands came up, one to my sac, the other around my waist, pulling me forward with every thrust, trying to take me deeper.

I was already on the edge, and after just a few minutes of this assault I felt myself ready to cum. I grunted once, and then felt the first stream flow up the length of my shaft and shoot hard into my sisters waiting throat. I looked down, seeing her eyes widen in surprise, but then she pulled back and started jerking my shaft, keeping just the head in her mouth, swallowing hard. She continued rubbing my shaft, swallowing every drop of cum that expelled into her greedy mouth. I looked behind me, finding my chair, and collapsed into it hard, and Ally just leaned forward, falling off the bed and onto her knees, keeping my cock in her mouth and greedily drinking every drop, franticly jerking, trying to get more out.

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