Caught in the Office

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I work in a small office, just four of us. Actually, only three most of the time. Two guys, two females. I’m the oldest, nearly 60 but looking and feeling more like mid-forties. The other guy is just over thirty. The older woman, almost my age, is only part time and usually works during the lunch hour or in the evenings. The other woman is a hardbody of just over 30. She’s pretty, keeps in tight shape, wears very tight and form fitting clothes, and for a petite girl has large breasts.

This morning I was in the office alone, not unusual, as the other guy was on some errands picking up supplies and I knew he wouldn’t be in until around lunch. The older woman had told me yesterday that she wouldn’t be in for several days, and the younger girl usually doesn’t come in until just before lunch. Also, we have a wind chime hanging on the outer office door so that we can hear someone come into the office.

So I was sitting here this morning in a quiet office, all alone and knew I’d be alone for some time, and decided to pull up some adult webcams and porn on the computer, and pleasure myself a bit. My office space is in the rear of the office, so I knew if someone came in I’d have plenty of warning via the wind chime, to make myself presentable.


So there I was, sitting there with my pants down to my knees and a full erection while I stroked Escort Sefaköy slowly while watching a beautiful woman on a live webcam pleasure herself, with her webcam up close and personal with her very moist pussy. I was feeling really good, was really getting into myself, and then out of the corner of my eye I see movement.

The young girl, Ellie, is standing at the doorway to my room watching. I have no clue how long she’d been there, but as soon as I looked up, she turned away. I was busted, big time.

I hurriedly stood up and pulled up my pants and made myself presentable, but I didn’t venture out of my space. I thought it best to let it settle a bit first. Things were quiet, and if Ellie was on the phone I’d be able to hear it. Still, I figured she was either emailing or texting all her friends about the pervert in her office.

I waited out until lunch time before I left my office space, and when I did leave I calmly walked through the office without turning to glance into Ellie’s room. The other guy in the office had come and gone, having to attend some sales meetings an hour away and would be gone until the next day. Great.

I returned from lunch hoping to find Ellie gone for the day. She often finishes up her office work in a few hours and leaves early, and since she came in a few hours earlier Yenibosna escort bayan than her norm, I had hoped to avoid any direct confrontation with her today. But, she was still there, and this time the tables were turned a bit.

Although I wasn’t trying to be particularly stealthy when I entered the office, I did notice that for some reason the wind chime didn’t sound out like it usually does. That, at least, explained my misfortune this morning. And as I am wearing soft soled shoes, my footsteps on the carpet were nearly silent. So as I approached Ellie’s office space I glanced over to confirm that she was indeed still sitting there. What caught my eye was a total shock.

Though her chair was turned so the back was to me, which is normal for the arrangement of her office furniture, her feet up on the desk flanking the computer screen, in a position much like being in stirrups at the OB/GYN office was not normal. I stopped and could tell her hands were in her lap, her body was moving slightly, her head laid back against the headrest of the chair, and her eyes closed. The computer screen had a video playing of a woman being orally pleasured by her male partner, and from where I was standing it was difficult to tell if the moans were from the computer or from Ellie.

I wanted to move closer, to see if Halkalı escort I could catch a glimpse of her pussy, or perhaps to see if her breasts were exposed, but I was afraid of being caught peeping. I stood there several minutes, rubbing my cock through my pants while I watched Ellie pleasure herself, until she convulsed in a muffled orgasm, her body contracting inwards as the energy flowed through her body. I slipped quietly back towards the front office door.

I opened the front door briskly enough to force the wind chimes to sound out, closed it equally as briskly, then strode though the office with heavy feet. I made a point of speaking to Ellie as I passed her office, then went into my own space. Ellie hadn’t turned her head as I passed by, and I suspect she wasn’t in condition to do so.

About two hours passed when I heard Ellie get up from her desk and turn out her room lights. Most of the time she merely announces her departure without actually stepping over to my space, but this time was different. I was looking up at my doorway when she stepped into my space, her face reddened a bit but her eyes clearly towards me.

“I’ve known a long time that you masturbate here in the office, and now you know I do too. I’m not promising any touching, but in the future if you’d like to try it together, I’d like that.” She stood there very briefly before starting to turn away, and I spoke up just in time.

“I would like that very much.” Ellie turned her face back towards me, smiled, then she was out the door.

Just thinking about what was to come, hopefully, gave me a boner and I just had to stroke that one off before leaving for the day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32