Caught Pink Pantied

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Big Tits

“You’re wearing panties, aren’t you?” I heard her Angie all of a sudden.

It was well past quitting time with just me and my assistant Angie finishing some work in my office, after everybody else had gone home, when she dropped this bomb on me.

To say I was embarrassed would be the understatement of the century. How on earth could she possibly know that I was wearing panties?! Then it hit me when I reached up to pull down the new case of paper for the copier part of my shirt had come untucked. She must have caught a glimpse of the pink lace waistband.

More mortification set in as I looked up to see her with a look of wicked satisfaction on her face. She giggled as she said, “The look on your face says it all. So does your lack of denial. No guy I know wouldn’t deny wearing panties if he wasn’t. Most would deny it even if they were.”

By then I was dying from embarrassment and just wanted to crawl in a hole and die but then it got worse when she said, “Can I see them?”

It was then that I found some of myself and got a little nerve back and said, “No way!! I don’t want anyone to know let alone see them.”

She then circled around behind my chair tracing my shoulders as she went before coming around in front of me. She then propped herself on the end of the desk using one of her feet to push my chair back so she could fit. She left one of her feet on the front of my chair between my legs. Even in this very awkward situation I suddenly thought she looked quite sexy.

She then popped her shoe off and much to my shock moved her stocking covered foot up and pressed it against my crotch. Even in this most embarrassing spot I was still a guy, so I felt my cock begin to harden under her touch.

“So, if you’re embarrassed to be wearing panties and don’t want anyone to know then why are you wearing them?” she asked as she started Bayan Eskort moving her foot up and down my hardon.

I started to relax a little even though I was now getting quite hard with her foot pressing my junk. “It was Jenn’s idea.” I told her. “She’s had exes that cheated on her so she figured if I was wearing panties I wouldn’t want to stray. I really wanted her, so I agreed.” As I told her this, I became almost mesmerized watching her foot move up and down the front of my pants pressing against my hardening erection.

Angie busted out laughing at my admission drawing my attention away from her foot. I looked up to see her laughing like a hyena and much to my horror I felt my cock twitch at her laughter at my expense. Once her laughter subsided, she continued her foot job on me as she said, “You’re a pansy, aren’t you? I’ve always wanted to meet a submissive guy and see what he would do for me. I never thought I would be working with him though.”

“Now unzip your pants unless you want everyone here to know what a pansy you really are.” She told me firmly while lifting her foot off of my crotch. With little choice given the situation I timidly unzipped my pants and parted them showing her my bright pink silk and lace panties.

Much to my surprise and horror my cock pressed forward clearly wanting attention and freedom from their silky prison. Her foot teasing had it rock hard and poking way over the top of lace waistband. The sight of my cock sticking up way over the waistband caused me more embarrassment and I pulled the panties up and tucked my penis sideways so it would it. “Sorry,” I muttered.

This caused another round of laughter from Angie before she said, “I love how you’re more embarrassed about your dick poking out than the fact that you’re wearing pink panties. Such a pansy.”

With that she began Anadolu Yakası Escort to run her foot up against my dick again. This felt simply wonderful, and I groaned in pleasure. Within seconds my erection had pushed its way out of the panties again and she was quick to rub her to across the exposed head that was by now oozing pre-cum.

She then let up with her foot and hopped down from the desk and before I knew it she had taken control of my erection and began to stroke me through the panties. She dropped to her knees and parted my legs fully and began using both of her hands to tease my erection. She was clearly an expert in teasing a cock to maximum arousal and keeping it there without bringing it over the edge. For just these few minutes I forgot about the embarrassing lead up to this and was basking in what she was doing.

Reality came crashing back when she suddenly stopped what she was doing and sat back on the edge of the desk. “I can tell by your cock’s reaction that it hasn’t had any attention in a while. Jenn doesn’t give out much, does she?” After I sheepishly admitted that was true, she laughed again adding, “You really are a pussy whipped sub, aren’t you?” My flushed face returning was all the answer she needed.

She then gave me a wicked look and said, “Well if she sees fit not to give you any, I’m not either you little pansy.”

I managed to find my voice again and exclaimed, “Oh come on you can’t leave me like this.” gesturing down to my very tented panties. I couldn’t help but be a little impressed at seeing my hardon creating a massive tent in the panties even though the head was way over the waistband. Further down my balls were swollen and hanging low. The thin silk of the panties left nothing of my anatomy to the imagination of anyone looking.

She wasn’t having it though saying, “Pansies Pendik Escort don’t get finished. Only real men get finished. Now hold still for a second.” She then stepped around behind my chair and after hearing some rustling I saw a pair of silk powder blue panties drop in my lap. My cock gave a couple of involuntary throbs as I quickly realized she had taken her panties off.

Stepping back around me she picked up her panties and hanging them on the end of her finger holding them up in front of my face she said, “You like these don’t you?” as she moved them down and brushed them across my exposed penis head. It answered for me by giving a couple more twitches under the attention.

Then she dropped the next bomb saying in a dominant voice, “If you want me to keep your pussy whipped state a secret, you’ll be wearing those panties here tomorrow. And I will be checking.”

“What?! I can’t wear these. Jenn picks out my panties each morning.” I said in shock.

She gave me an evil grin and said, “We’ll you better find a way to make it work or everyone here will know you wear pretty girly panties every day because you’re a pussy whipped pansy.”

I was too shocked to respond knowing she would do it. She then said, “Well I’m going home. I’ll see you and those panties tomorrow. Have a good night pansy.” before giving me a sweet grin and walking out of my office.

So, there I was with my pants wide open sporting a world class erection inside (for the most part) my bright pink panties and Angie’s blue panties on my lap. I quickly tucked my junk back inside and zipped up my pants before examining her panties for myself. They were thin silk like the panties I was wearing and thin lace leg and waistbands. They were a low cut and had a narrow seat on them almost like a tanga or Brazilian cut. Thinking of them on her made my dick push its way out of my panties again.

I sat there and wondered for a few minutes how in the world I would hide these from Jenn and be able to wear them tomorrow without getting caught. I stuffed the panties in my pocket before leaving the office wondering what I had gotten myself into.

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