Caught Two Times

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Big Tits

Ugh, today is so hot, thought Maria, sitting on the couch in the living room. She was home by herself today while her parents went to the hardware store so her father can pick up tools to fix the central air condition unit outside. Her mother went along as well, she needed to pick some things up for dinner that night. Maria looked down at herself and saw she was bathed in sweat, she had a bikini top on and very short, cut off jean shorts. The sweat was making her body shiny and red, she wiped her forehead than rubbed her shorts to dry the back of her hand. “God summer sucks!” She muttered cursing the hot weather.

She stopped flipping through the channels and looked at the time, it has been about a half hour since her parents had left. She stood up, stretched and yawned, looking back at the couch where she had been sitting and she saw her body form from sweat on the couch. This is ridiculous, she thought to herself. She drank the last of her what use to be ice cold drink than headed to the bathroom. She was hoping a cold bath would help her cool down some.

Peeling her bikini top off of her B-cup breasts which glistened from being wet her nipples puffy and soft looking from the heat as well. Maria pulled her cut off shorts down her bare bottom and kicked them aside with her foot. It felt so great just standing there bare and feeling a whole lot better than what she was moments ago. She swung her long black hair back and turned the water on and watched as it filled the tub up. She kept her hand under the cold water coming out of the faucet, oh, how it felt good to her. She took her hand and rubbed it against her forehead and her flush warm cheeks. She let out a breath of comfort, feeling the coldness touch her tan skin. She kept at the base of the bathtub waiting for it to finish filling up, still rubbing her hand over parts of her body with the cold water.

“Finally,” she saw the tub was full of cold water.

Maria stepped in and even though it was extremely hot. She found herself having to get use to the cold water. She slowly slid her small, petite, tanned teen, body into the tub and let out a breath as she felt better with each passing second she was sliding herself into the cold water. She laid back and with her legs opened slightly and resting against each side of the tub. She could feel the coldness surround her whole body cooling her down slowly. Her nipples began to perk a little from the coldness and she just relaxed in the tub, dipping her head once in the water. She looked down at her tanned body and admired it in all its beauty. She was proud of her looks, she does ballet so she is kept limber and fit, she looked at her stomach lean and beautiful tan spread across. Her legs are long and thin, a little short but she was ok with that it fit her for her ballet routines, she only stood at a mere five, five. She looked at her pussy and noticed she needed to shave again, she kept completely shaved for some of the leotards and other outfits she has to wear in ballet recitals, so she figure just keep completely shaved.

Looking around she couldn’t find her razor and gel, she raised herself out of the bathtub and stepped out onto the step out towel. She felt the air hit her wet naked body and it felt so cold to her and so good. She walked to the bathroom closet and looked in and found the razor and gel. Scooping it up she went back to her cold blanket of water. keeping her one leg out of the tub though and the other against the wall. She raised up a bit and started to rub the shaving gel all over her pussy lathering it in. Oh god how that gel feels so good against her pussy, she kept rubbing it a little more over her pussy lips. Maria took her razor and started shaving her pussy in the cold bathwater. She would feel her fingers hit a little bit into her tiny clit. She would shudder with excitement each time she would rub over it.


Drying herself off , she figure since she was home alone she would go about naked until the sound of her parents car pull into the garage. She dropped her towel and looked down at her freshly shaved pussy, she liked the shave patted her smooth pussy out of pride and she picked her sweaty dirty clothes up then tossed them in the hamper. She started for her bedroom but decided to head to the kitchen to get something to drink.

Laying on her queen size bed, feeling so good being completely naked letting nothing constrict her body to make her uncomfortable and hot. She started to doze off listening to her music, slightly rubbing her soft belly. She woke up after a half hour and she stretched over her bed. Her breasts raising high with her arms and her stomach stretching wide while she let out a long yawn, relaxing again on her bed. Her mind started wondering and she soon found herself touching her pussy, slowly rubbing up and down over her little puffy pussy folds, opening them slightly as she slid her fingers down. She could feel her juices starting to seep past her pink lips, so she would slide harder and deeper each time she slid her fingers down her pussy. She loved Antep Bayan Escort feeling her pussy after she shaved it is so smooth and soft feeling.

She started rubbing her clit more, pulling it up and squeezing it more, her round little butt bucking up on the bed when she would squeeze on it really hard. She was almost to an orgasm when she started pushing three fingers inside her wet pussy hole and rubbing her clit with her other hand, until her door opened.

“Maria, for dinner would yo-” Her mother stopped and stared at her naked daughter masturbating on the bed, her sopping wet fingers knuckle deep inside the little pink flesh hole. “Oh my god! I am so sorry!”

Maria screamed pulling a blanket over to cover herself. “Don’t you knock?”

“I’m so sorry Maria,” she said, looking down away from her naked daughter and left the bedroom. Embarrassed and also… Turned on?

Maria felt her round face heat up and redden from the embarrassment of being caught by her mother while masturbating. She kept thinking over about it, then she thought of something, was she looking a little bit too long when she realised what was happening? No of course not, she thought, that’s crazy! Maria got off her bed and pulled on some yellow panties and then another pair of cut off shorts and a little pink tank top. She tried to calm herself down a little bit so her face wouldn’t be so red when she went into the kitchen. She turned her radio off and headed to the bathroom, she felt herself getting hot again especially with all the emotions she has being caught masturbating. She was incredibly turned on the more she thought of it, but also guilty for feeling turned on thinking of her mother watching her do it.

She was sitting on the toilet and then felt the pee starting to flow out in its golden stream, she kept thinking about being caught by her mother still. Though she isn’t feeling embarrassed about it as much, instead she is feeling her pussy heat up over it. She felt the last of her pee trickle out and she wiped herself dry then pulled her panties and shorts back up. Grabbing couple hair ties she did her long black hair up into two pigtails on each side. She started to calm down more and she felt she could now show herself to her mother.


Dinner was a little awkward that night, Maria always sat across from her mother and her father would either sit at the head of the table or near one of them. He was sitting at the head tonight and he as well could feel the little bit of tension in the room.

“So Maria, what did you do today?” Her father asked her trying to ease up the silence taking a bite of his salad.

“Oh-,” she was thrown off by the question still thinking of the events that took place earlier. “Nothing much just watched some TV.”

Her mother was looking down at her plate while Maria spoke about her day, she felt a little uneasy knowing what she was doing at least when they came home. Maria looked up at her mother and noticed how beautiful she really was. She didn’t look bad at all for her age, she had black hair just like hers though it was longer, it went to her mid-back. Her face was small and round, with her green eyes and button like nose. Also like herself her mother was tan also, she wasn’t as skinny though she had some meat on her, but not fat, just some weight on her to make her very sexy and beautiful looking. Her lips are one of her best features, they are full and not too big, not too small but just right. I wonder how it feels when kissing? What, she thought, oh my god, stop this, she is screaming at herself in her head.

“Maria I asked you question,” her father chimed in during her scolding of herself.

“I’m sorry daddy,” she looked at him. “What did you say?”

“I said, it wasn’t too hot in the house while we were gone was it?”

“Oh no, I soaked in the tub with cold water when it got really hot in here.”

Her mother coughed when taking a sip of her drink, she looked at her husband then at Maria for the first time since she came in the kitchen earlier. She felt her pussy moisten from the thought of her daughter masturbating, with three fingers, deep inside that little teenage pus-, damn it, she thought to herself. Maria looked at her and let her eyes roam over what could be seen in the fast observation. She took notice of her mother’s big breasts, as they were pushing out against her white silk blouse she was wearing. The buttons looking like they could pop at anytime and let her breasts just spill out of the blouse and sit high and heavy, bare on her chest. Maria felt her pussy begin to tingle and heat up with that, oh so familiar feeling. She stared at her mother’s breasts until she looked up and saw her mother looking at the same thing she was, but at her.


After dinner they all were in the living room together watching a movie they just bought, Maria and her mother were on the sofa and her father was in his easy chair reclined back. Maria had her head in her mother’s lap like they always did when they were in the living room like this and her mother would scratch her head. The awkward feeling has sort of passed before dinner was over and seemed completely gone during this every night routine. And it seems like what happened earlier in the day never happened at all.

“Jack,” her mother spoke lightly across the room to her husband. “Jack are you still awake honey?”

“Yes Monica,” He said lazily in a lazy tired voice. “What you need dear?”

“Nothing honey, just seeing if you were awake.” she returned to the movie.

Monica kept scratching Maria’s head and twirling her finger in her soft black hair, feeling its softness wrap around her finger. Pulling her hand away from her daughter’s hair and reaching down to the coffee table to get her cup of coffee. Maria’s eyes widened as she felt her mother’s huge breasts push and rub into the side of her face through her thin blouse. It was so soft feeling, she thought, they feel so good and so big pressing into her face. Monica seemed to have spent longer than usual grabbing for her coffee mug, her breasts still rubbing against the side of her face. She was enjoying the feeling of them, they were firm and big and felt so soft at the same time, as if two round, firm pillows were pushing into her. She felt her lift back up and her face felt funny now without the feeling of her breasts against her face. Now it felt a bit cold.

After awhile Jack was sound asleep in his easy chair and Monica was laid out on the sofa while Maria was sitting on the floor leaning against the sofa. “Mommy?”

“Yes dear?” Monica raised her head to look at her daughter.

“About earlier today,” she felt her face getting hot again from the flood of emotions it brought out.

“Don’t worry about it honey,” Monica looked at her daughter thinking again, about her masturbating naked on the bed, with her three fingers deep inside of her wet little pussy, pushing in and out, so wet and so tight her pussy must be. She felt herself becoming hot between her legs and she started to move them slowly back and forth while laying on her side on the couch.

“I almost died of embarrassment,” she looked back at the TV.

“Honey, we all do it sometime or another.” Monica told her, hoping to comfort her.

“You mean,” Maria looked wide eyed and shocked at her mum.

“Yes honey, I do, sometimes.”

“When?” Maria blurted out.

“Well, whenever I feel the need or your father isn’t around.” Monica hesitantly told her to make sure she sounded parental like.

“Mommy, can I crawl up on the couch with you and lay with you?”

“Yes baby,” she scooted back some to let her daughter get beside her.

Settling in to fit the position her mother was in and she felt immediately, her big breasts again pushing into her shoulders and back. She could have sworn she felt her breasts rub against her when she finally settled in a comfortable position. Monica rested her hand on her daughter’s hip and she could feel her little butt pushing, than resting against her pussy while laying there. Feeling her pussy heat up even more and getting wetter, her breasts were pushed into her back as well. She slightly rubbed them against her daughter’s back masking it with her breathing to make it seem natural as she can. Maria could feel her mother’s breathing and how her huge breasts slightly pushed and rubbed against her back. She could feel her pussy getting slightly wet from feeling them rub against her, along with her mother’s hand rubbing softly over her hip.

Maria pushed her back against her mother’s breasts to feel them better, her shirt and Monica’s shirt also kind of ruined the rare experience. She was laying there mindlessly watching the movie, just thinking about what if they were both naked and daddy wasn’t home. Monica’s hand slightly traveled down her daughter’s soft hip between her shirt and shorts, finding herself lightly rubbing Maria’s soft tummy. Maria let out a breath and a little coo, she moved her hands up to her own breasts and lightly rubbed them. She circled over her nipples through her shirt and felt them harden, feeling her mother’s hand rub lightly against her tummy was making her even hotter. And wetter.

Monica kept rubbing her daughter’s soft stomach and increased her speed a little bit, Maria breaths were becoming awkward and heavy. She took her mother’s hand without knowing and rubbed with her over her soft skin. In the heat of the moment both women lost themselves and Maria guided her mother’s hand down into her shorts to her freshly shaven pussy lips. Monica felt around and then reality slapped hard and she felt what she was touching, her own daughter’s pussy lips that were soft, wet and bare against her hand. Monica tore her hand away from Maria’s pussy and she bolted off the couch and hurried to the bathroom. Maria laid there with a hit of reality too, she felt her face go flush and red with once again embarrassment. How could I be so stupid, she was yelling at herself.


The next afternoon Maria finally ended up in the same room with her mother which was in the living room. She looked shyly up at her and Monica looked shyly back, she felt something tingle inside her when she looked at her young daughter. She tried to naturally smile at her but it felt more forced than natural. She saw her daughter was wearing a white undershirt that didn’t hide much of her body, she could see her white bra underneath the shirt. Her legs were pretty much bare with the really short shorts she had on, they stopped at her crotch when sitting down and Monica could tell she wasn’t wearing any underwear at all with the shape that was shown between her legs and little view of her pussy lips if she opened her legs. Or if she was it was mighty small and tight underwear that must be going up inside her sweet pus-, god, Monica thought to herself. Stop thinking of your daughter like that!

“Hello mommy,” she said lightly and awkwardly.

“Hi, dear,” She walked over to one of the easy chairs near the windows.

“So, um, what you planning on doing today?” Maria felt her face turning a little red from this tension and embarrassment of being near her mother.

“Nothing much, just relaxing and thinking of what to have for dinner tonight.” She stared at the TV. “What about you?”

“I don’t know, it is so hot outside I can’t wait till this heat wave is over with.” She sprawled out on the couch now, stretching her body, her breasts rising with her arms as she is stretching wide and long on the couch. Maria’s white shirt rising up and showing her athletic tan stomach, her muscles slightly showing as she moves around and situates herself back on the couch in her new position. She was laying on her stomach, with her arm hanging off the side and legs slightly spread open, enough to see up her shorts if you looked closely and had a nice angle. Monica watched her stretch and find a new position and she looked at her back leading down to her round little ass, it wasn’t anything special but it still looked good for her body type. Her eyes went past her butt and than to her legs, but went back up real fast and she noticed her shorts opened between her legs, and she was staring at a little bit of her pussy folds, they looked so soft and inviting. Monica felt her own pussy wet up from the view and she was becoming flustered from looking at her young daughter’s pussy lips.

Unaware she was giving her mother a view and turned around and smiled at her hoping it would break some of the tension. Monica thought it was her letting her know she was feeling the same way and she smiled back at her. Her eyes kept between her legs and Maria noticed it, and then realised that her shorts must be showing right up and baring her pussy! She felt once again embarrassed by showing herself like this around her mother, why does this keep happening, she asked herself.

Maria also felt her pussy become wet and hot knowing she was giving her mother a view of her sweet shaven teenage pussy. She slightly opened her legs more, so she could look up her shorts and get a even better view of her sweet pussy lips. Monica took notice of this and she was still feeling a little weird about it, but as each minute passed she was losing that and gaining a better feeling. Arousal and lust overtake her. Monica opened her legs a little bit and kept staring at her young daughter’s exposed pussy. Her breathing became heavier as she was becoming more and more turned on by the sight. Maria also was overwhelmed by lust and enjoying the show she is giving her own mother.

Reaching around and lifting the bottom of her shorts up to give her a glimpse of her round little ass cheeks also. Monica really began to lose it and she unbuttoned her blouse down a couple and she slid her hand inside her shirt and started to rub her huge breasts. Maria could see glimpses of her mother’s breasts, bra covered, but they were spilling out of even her bra, she thought about sucking on them and that really drove her crazy. She slid couple fingers inside her shorts and rubbed around her soft little pussy lips. Maria turned around and stretched her short bottoms with her free hand to give her mother a complete view of her pussy and some of her butt, she kept rubbing her wet puffy pussy lips. Monica kept rubbing her breasts squeezing them and she slid her bra down a little so she can have access to her pink puffy nipples. Monica pinched her nipples and then traced them lightly with her index finger before squeezing them again.

Maria could now see one bare breast since her mother slid her bra down and moved her blouse to the side. She looked at her mother in her eyes and could see the lust as well, she smiled at her and then with her two fingers she opened up her pussy showing her mother her tight little pink pussy hole. Monica gasped at the sight and what her daughter was doing in front of her, she opened her legs up even more feeling her pussy getting wetter and hotter watching her daughter put on this private show. Maria slide a finger inside her hot wet hole and let out a little shudder and gasp, she reached up lifting her white shirt up and began rubbing her breasts as well, her shorts sliding back in place resting on her fingering hand now.

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