Caught with Daddy while Home from School

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I had just come home during my first break from college. I loved that I was now 18 and away from home to make my own decisions and live my own life but I still loved my Mom and Dad and had been looking forward to seeing them, especially my dad.

Daddy and I froze when Mommy opened my bedroom door. We were caught. We were both naked as the day we were born. Dad was on his back and I was sitting on his cock facing his feet. My hands were on his knees, his hands were on my hips and I was bouncing up and down the length of his stiff prick. My 34-B tits were bouncing up and down on my chest.

I probably fucked myself on his flag pole three or four times after the door opened before Dad and I understood what had just happened and were able to stop. It was hard to stop because I was right on the edge of a fabulous orgasm. Holly shit, were we in a pack of trouble. Would she rush over and pull up apart? Would she throw me out of the house? Would she throw Dad out and Topkapı Escort divorce him? I bet that the same thoughts were going through his mind. Dad’s cock was starting to soften even though it was still deep in my pussy.

Mom walked over to the bed. I was dreading what might happen next. She pushed my shoulders causing me to fall back so that my back was against Dad’s chest. Mom got on the bed.

“Don’t just lay there John. Fuck the little slut.”

Then she dropped her face between my legs. Her tongue parted my labia and found my clit just above my fuck hole that still had Dad’s cock in it. She licked and I jerked and moaned. My cunt muscles contracted around Dad’s prick and his man meat started to harden again. He reached around me, grasped my tits and squeezed. He rolled my hard nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. I love someone doing that to me. He started sliding in and out of my cunt again. Mom licked my clit and every once in a while dropped down Topkapı Escort Bayan a little and licked Dad’s shaft as it plugged my teen twat.

It wasn’t long before Dad was moaning and telling us that he was going to come. It put me over the edge and I flooded myself with girl cum. I usually like it when Daddy comes deep in my pussy but this time Mom told him to pull out and shoot his cum on the outside. He did and he soaked my slit and my pubic hair with his thick spunk. Mom proceeded to lick his stuff off of me till there was not a drop left. Finally Mom stripped off her slacks. Then she moved and sat on Dad’s face and he licked her to a hard orgasm while I watched. She came all over his face. She asked me if I wanted to clean him up. When I didn’t offer, she did the job of licking her cum off of his face herself, frequently kissing him as she slurped all of the wet spots.

“I was wondering how long it would be before you two were going at it like stray Escort Topkapı dogs. Have I missed a lot of the fun?”

We all sat on the bed and talked. They admitted to me that they were swingers and had been sharing their bodies with other people for years but they were very careful not to let me find out about it. Mom got me to tell them that I had been fucking with my last two boyfriends. Mom asked us how long Dad and I had been screwing but neither of us offered an answer and she did not press the matter.

Mom and Dad got off my bed and holding hands went to their room. It wasn’t a half hour before I heard a lot of loud noise from their room. Dad was grunting and Mom was telling him to fuck her harder and deeper. One thing I remembered Mom saying was, “Show me how you like to fuck our daughter.” A couple of minutes later it was quiet again.

The next couple of days were sexually wild but then I had to go back to school. When the next break came I brought Ted home with me. At first he was surprised that Mom and Dad allowed him to sleep in my bed with me. One time just before we went back to school we wound up swapping. Ted fucked Mom and Dad and I fucked. We spent the night in each other’s beds and the next morning we had a good conversation about the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32