Caution Blown to the Winds

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The lads had come round, we had plenty of cans in and then, lo and behold, the match was cancelled due to flooding!

For want of anything better to do we started browsing on e Bay. Dave was the first to spot a group of students advertising dates to raise money for rag week. Some of them were serious lookers and the jokes soon got lewd. The bids were getting serious as well. But what is four figures when you are pissed. Some of the guys started talking about bidding but a scrap threatened to break out when several guys wanted to bid for Annette.

For some daft reason the peace maker in me suggested giving them numbers, drawing lots and each making a bid for one girl. That’s how I got number 7, lucky for some but not, apparently, for me.

She said her name was Claire. There was no photo probably because she admitted that she was a mature student, aged 42, with two kids and a few extra pounds. Unlike the others her profile was not salacious. Not surprisingly she had attracted no bids. She had no reserve price so, for a lark, I bid two quid.

None of us had realised that the auction had only one hour to go. But the only sucker who got caught with a winning bid was me.

Next day sure enough I had an e mail via e Bay asking me to contact her. I sent her a non committal reply that didn’t offer any time or place. To my surprise I got a pleasant, chatty response within an hour with an invitation to chat on MSN. Feeling this was getting out of control I hesitated. But curiosity got the better of me.

If she was insulted by my valuation of her it didn’t show. In fact she seemed genuinely interested in the prospect of a date. But she was also a realist about herself. “I don’t suppose you want to splash out on an old fattie like me,” she wrote and proposed that we go for a walk in Bradgate Park, a free local beauty spot.

I agreed and the following Sunday pulled up outside her home and hooted as instructed. I didn’t really know what to expect because she didn’t have a webcam and had been coy about giving more details of her appearance. She came to the door with a friend who noted my registration number. Clearly she was no fool taking heedless risks. Claire herself, for that was her real name, smiled and waved.

She had long, thick, tawny hair, chubby cheeks and a rosy complexion. She hadn’t tried to disguise it with blusher and looked natural and homely. Her blue eyes stood out beneath high arched eyebrows divided by quite a prominent nose. She wasn’t a conventional beauty but she had her own charm especially when her full lipped mouth broke into a smile.

Aside from her hair her most striking features were her breasts. They were huge and pendulous, braed but not enough to stop them swinging under Antep Bayan Escort her tight short sleeved pink sweater. Lower down she was in jeans which made an only partly successful attempt to disguise flab at her waist and, buttocks. She had meant what she said and completed her outfit with walking boots and a rucksack, both well broken in.

I sensed her mentally assessing me as I had done her. Friendly and relaxed on the journey she seemed to like what she found. She knew Bradgate Park well and directed me to a nice spot for a picnic. There I realised that she had gone to a lot of trouble. The food was delicious. Not in the least self conscious about her weight she indulged in sandwiches, cakes and biscuits as well as fruit.

That didn’t mean that she neglected herself; far from it. I noticed little things like the fresh apple scent of her shampoo and her beautifully manicured pink nails. She wanted to impress. But she wasn’t taking any chances. She had chosen a well known beauty spot which was busy on a fine spring day so there was no chance for anything personal to develop. In any case she seemed happy for us to get to know each other slowly. It helped of course that she was intelligent and easy to talk to. I learned that she was studying for a BTEC management certificate; aiming for a second chance in life after a bad marriage and messy divorce. But her love was nature and she knew a lot about the plants, trees and birds in the park.

Normally I am more interested in things mechanical, but she had a way of explaining that brought topics to life. She offered to show me some of what we had talked about and we set out to walk into a less frequented, wooded region of the park. She was used to walking but I wasn’t, the sun was high in the sky and I was soon seriously hot in my sweatshirt. When we sat on a tree stump for a break and a drink I took my shirt off. She wondered aloud, “Why can’t women do that?” and laughed.

“I’m not stopping you”, I replied and there is nobody around.” That was true. Her enthusiasm for nature had overcome her caution and we were completely alone apart from a squirrel watching us from the trunk of a fallen tree.

She decided to risk it and revealed the prettiest bra I have ever seen on a mum. It was baby pink with solid bases to the cups and a sturdy back strap. But the top parts were chiffon with rose pink lace trimmings. I couldn’t help taking a close up look which revealed that she had small aureoles but huge, soft, rosy nipples, just made for sucking.

She seemed to enjoy my whistle of surprise and appreciation as well as the breeze cooling her skin and let the straps off her shoulders. There was no sign of tan lines and I risked asking her if she ever sunbathed topless.

That’s my secret,” she replied which I took to mean yes.

I wondered what might follow but after a few minutes the sweater went over her head again and we walked on aiming for a small pool which she promised was the jewel in the park.

“Thanks for not mauling me, Paul,” she said in a tone which implied I had passed a test.

“I was tempted. You are beautiful,” I admitted.

She flushed at this. “Nobody has told me that in years,” she said with a catch in her voice. “I’m beginning to like you,” and she took my hand.

I was beginning to more than like her and let my eyes absorb the natural sway of her hips and bottom. It was so uninhibited that I wondered how much she was wearing under her jeans.

I found out at the pool. It was the little piece of paradise she had promised and too far off the beaten track for anyone else. The water was crystal clear and, below a shelf of flat rocks, deep enough for swimming. “It’s perfect!” I exclaimed. “I’m going for a dip. Come and join me. I dare you.”

I was feeling shy and guilty at the thought of a stranger appearing. But I didn’t want to admit that I had never done this on a first date before. The moment might not come again and was too precious to waste. So I stripped to my underpants. Claire had disappeared behind a rock but I sensed that she was secretly appraising me and I found that I was enjoying it and becoming aroused.

I jumped in, yelped and danced about. The water was freezing! But I soon forgot about it. Claire appeared standing on the sun bleached limestone rocks. She hadn’t brought a bathing costume. Not just sweater and jeans but also her bra had been discarded. Her wonderful breasts were swinging free in a wide vee, nipples erect, ripe as water melons. All she had on was a pair of pink lace panties that covered about two square inches of her pudgy front and left her tawny fur peeping provocatively above the elastic.

I stared open mouthed but she just laughed and jumped in beside me with a massive splash. I retaliated and we sloshed and laughed in the chest deep water for a few minutes. The combination of sunlight on the top half of her breasts and ripples of pale, clear water on the lower half was breathtaking. I wished I was an artist and could capture it for ever.

Instead I moved in to kiss and lick. But she saw me coming and made off. She was a surprisingly good swimmer and I had to go some chasing her. But I did, caught her legs and ducked her. When she came up she lay on her back floating on the surface, paddling with her hands. Her panties had become completely transparent and her generous, fleshy lipped fanny was too inviting to wait any longer.

The freezing water was keeping my cock limp so I got into the rescue position and pulled her backwards to the shore, marvelling at the little wavelets rippling over the rolls of her belly and ample, firm thighs.

Once ashore she found a tiny beach, screened by bushes and lay down. I stood above her, stripped off my wet underpants and waited for her magic, and the restorative power of the sun, to enlarge my cock. When it was big enough to produce a moan of desire from her I knelt beside Claire and slowly peeled off her panties. They were soaked in more than water.

Driven by the urgent need to take her before we were interrupted I lay beside her and pulled her into my arms, warming and devouring her all over with kisses and licks.

By now she had completely surrendered to her need and used every part of herself to build up greater power for me to satisfy her cunt. I propped myself up on my elbows to look at it. It was glorious, unbelievable with her wet bush slicked to her skin, her fanny lips rosy and engorged. She led my fingers to spread them and I looked deep into her depths, aware of a quivering clit and juice oozing out of the back onto her arse. I couldn’t help it. She was begging to be used as a medieval peasant had probably used his dairy maid on this spot a thousand years ago.

I just boned her as hard and long as I could. She loved it, wrapping her legs round me and moaning. I extended the pleasure by putting my hands under her big bottom, lifting her up and grinding our fronts together. Normally with an unshaved woman this irritates me but we were still wet and slippery and it was fantastic, like fucking a horny whale.

I fired deep towards her cervix not once but twice and felt her buck underneath me like a coiled spring as her orgasm hit her. The force rolled us onto our sides but she clamped her fanny muscles to my cock, held me in and rolled me all the way over until I was spread eagled on the ground and she was kneeling astride me.

I thought I was done but began to fondle those amazing udders, giving her a hand bra then squeezing and pulling her tits like milking a cow.

The effect was better than Viagra and I was ready to cum again when I heard crashing in the bushes behind me. Startled and scared I let go and my deflated cock flopped out of her fanny. She jerked back and folded her arms to protect the modesty of her breasts then burst into hysterical laughter.

“She wants milking too,” Claire said and pointed at a large, brown and white cow which was staring at us from the bushes, its bloated udder swinging between its legs.

Our moment was over and we quickly rinsed off then threw our clothes on and left the cow alone to have its drink.

“That was amazing, Claire,” I said when we reached her home. “But let’s have our next date in private.”

“OK,” she agreed. “And it won’t cost you two quid.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32