Cee Cee Ch. 1

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It was an accident! Honest to God I didn’t plan anything.

My son Jerry had called to say he was coming home from college for the summer and would get in late. Ever since my ex-wife had taken off with some guy she met on the Internet my son had taken it upon himself to try to be around whenever he could.

I woke up around 4:00 AM as his car pulled in the drive and went back to sleep hearing the thumps and bumps as he carried his bags into his room. The next morning I slept in late, as it was a Saturday when I did get up I headed straight for the shower. As I stepped out of the shower I couldn’t find a towel so I to the bathroom next to Jerry’s room. Imagine my surprise when I pushed open the door to the bathroom and found a naked girl standing in front of me.

She was beautiful, about 20 years old, 5’4″ tall, green eyes and strawberry blond hair down to the middle of her back. One look told me she was a natural blond as the line of hair just above her pussy was blond too. Her tits were great, about a 34c with areolas the size of a quarter and nipples the size of a pencil eraser. We were both so shocked we just stood and stared at each other without saying a word for a good 15 seconds. As I looked her up and down I noticed that her eyes were focused on one place, my cock.

I finally came back to reality and said, “Hi, I’m Jack – who are you?” I figured she must be one of Jerry’s girlfriends that he had “neglected” to tell me he was bringing with him to the house.

Her face broke into a big grin and she said “I’m Bayan Escort Gaziantep Celeste, call be Cee Cee. You must be Jerry’s father.” And with that she grabbed my hand and shook it like we were meeting in the middle of a mall. The fact that neither of us had a stitch of clothes on or that I was dripping wet didn’t seem to phase her. “I was just about to take a quick shower. I’d ask you to join me but it looks like you have already had your shower. Although, you do look cold and I’ll bet a shower could warm you up.”

“OK, aha, yeah, I do feel kinda cold” fell out of my mouth as I tried to get my mind working. Cee Cee turned around to turn on the shower, which give me a first view of her exquisite tight ass. By now my cock was standing straight up. When she turned around and saw my cock her smile got even bigger. She reached out and grabbed my 8-inch dick and used it to lead me into the shower with her.

The water was hotter than I liked but I didn’t care. She started to jack my cock between her little hands; I reached out and started to play with her tits. Taking her nipples between my fingers and twisting them until she moaned and said “Oh that feels nice. Bite them, please.” How could I refuse such a request? My mouth was immediately on her right nipple. My tongue circled it then gently chewed on it. Her moans got louder and her hands were rubbing faster up and down my cock. I had to grab her hands or I would have shot my load right there. “Take it easy Cee Cee, much more of that and I’ll cum all over both of us.”

“We wouldn’t want that,” and she dropped to her knees and took my cock down her throat. I can honestly say this was the best blowjob I have ever had. In one gulp she had her nose in my pubic hair and 8″ of cock down her throat. Her hands were busy rubbing my balls and playing with my ass. When she raised her head so that only the tip of my cock was still in her mouth she brought her hands up and rubbed the exposed part of my cock while playing wonderful games with her tongue and teeth on the head of my dick. “Fuck don’t stop!! I’m gonna cum!!!” It was too much for me and with a shudder I started to cum. She sucked every bit of it down her throat. My knees were so weak I slid down the side of the shower until I was on my ass facing a still grinning Cee Cee. “That was great.” I said.

She smiled licking her lips and said, “I love sucking big cocks. I can see where Jerry’s cock came from. God I’m going to love living here.”

Without another word she stood up, grabbed the shampoo and started to wash her hair. Her pussy was right in front of me and I had recovered enough that I now wanted to return the favor. I moved up onto my knees, grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled her beautiful cunt into my face. I sucked her clit into my mouth and tongued it up and down. Cee Cee began to squirm and moan. “Cut that out, I’m getting soap in my eyes.” “I can’t, you taste too good,” was my reply. It only took another minute or two before she started to shake, “Oh shit, I’m CUMMINGGGGG!” and she flooded my waiting mouth with her sweet nectar. She too dropped to the floor panting just as I had done a few minutes before. We both sat there with hot water beating on our heads too exhausted to move. Cee Cee finally got up and turned off the water.

“Well, now that I have had my breakfast I’ve got to find some coffee.” She pulled on a pair of short shorts, a tiny T-shirt that barely covered her tits and showed off her pierced belly button and headed out of the bathroom and downstairs into the kitchen. I stood in the bathroom for a good 5 minutes thinking about what had just happened when I was pulled out of my haze, “Hi pop, looks like you’re on another planet.” Jerry pushed past me as he headed to the toilet and began to take a piss. “By the way, I forgot to tell you I brought along a friend. Her name is Celeste, but please call her Cee Cee.”

“Yeah, we met. I think she’s downstairs looking for coffee.” I left the bathroom before Jerry could say anything else. I remembered how good Cee Cee’s cunt tasted my dick started to twitch again. “This is going to be a very interesting summer,” I mumbled to myself as I got dressed. I walked into the kitchen I found Jerry and Cee Cee in a passionate kiss. Jerry had his hands on her tits pulling on her nipples and both of her hands were between them obviously working on his cock. “Hi kids, is the coffee ready?” They broke their kiss and Cee Cee smiled at me and licked her lips as she handed a cup of black coffee to me. “Hope you like it strong. I can’t stand weak coffee.” The coffee tasted great, I walked into the dining room with my son and we sat down at the table.

Yes, this was going to be a VERY interesting summer…

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