Celebration Ch. 04

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IV. Night

We enter the city. You have given me your body for the day, and the day is about to end. I’ve just finished having you strip in the car. After a masturbation show for a car full of college guys, you masturbated to orgasm again as I drive down the highway. Now my thoughts are set on the finale. I have saved my orgasm for the last act as a condition for playing with your body today. I want it to be special.

You are still naked in the front passenger seat of our car and your clothes tossed in the back seat. Traffic is heavier and lights are more frequent than on the highway. But even though lights are everywhere and cars pass slower and more closely, you are no longer worried about being seen by others.

I turn into a hotel and pass by the front. I park in a back corner of the parking lot where no rooms overlook us. We are next to a tall light pole, but the light is burnt out. We are in the shadows.

“We’re here,” I say.

“Where else would we be?”

“Let’s go check in.”

“Should I get dressed, or shall I come as I am?”

As crazy and playfully sarcastic as the question is, I feel my penis twitch.

“Come as you are.”

With an air of nonchalance, you open your car door and step into the dark parking lot wearing nothing but your heels and pearls. The car’s interior light illumines your body. You skin glows with warmth and sensuality. Without a care, you unfold your gentle curves, stand and shut the door. You look to see how I respond.

My penis surges. I wonder how far you will go. I hold out my arm and you step up to take it.

I walk with you into the light. You seem nervous, but you stand tall as you heels click loudly across the parking lot. With each step, your breasts bounce and your ass jiggles. Your nipples are erect. I wonder if your pussy is still wet, or if it’s wetter now.

You flinch as a car pulls in. Headlights shine starkly onto your naked body. You continue to display your finest feminine assets as the car drives closer to us. They honk twice as they drive by, stopping us in our tracks.

“My heart is pounding,” you say.



“Is that all you feel?”



“And very turned on.”

“Do you want to keep going?”

“Yes. If you want me to.”

“Maybe you should put on your clothes.”

“Only if you insist.”

As we turn back to the car, I notice someone looking at us out their window. It is an older man.

“You have an admirer,” I tell you pointing to his window.

You see him, smile and wave as we walk. He waves back.

You point out a woman in another window. She is tall and blonde with long pretty tied with a ribbon. She is wearing a robe, but it has fallen open. She is naked underneath. One hand is on her breast and the other on her pussy. We can barely see her wrists moving.

“I know what she’s doing,” I say.

“She’s having a little fun, isn’t she?”

Her body convulsed just then.

“I’d say so.”

“I think I am turning her on,” You say.


“Yeah,” you reply. “It’s kind of sexy, isn’t it?”

“How do you feel about turning on a woman?”

You look up at me and smile, leaning your head on my shoulder.

“It is kind of arousing.”


Uh-huh. It . . . makes me curious.”

“About what?”

You blush.

“About what it would be like.”

“What what would be like?”

“Being with a woman.”

I am speechless all the way back to the car.

You open the back door and again your smooth uncovered flesh glows in the night, just like your pearls. You bend over to grab your skirt and top. You dress next to the car in the privacy of the darkness, unhurried because I am watching you.

We walk, our arms linked, toward the front desk.

“Did you pack anything?”

“The hotel has all the essentials.”

“What about a change of clothes?”

“Why would we need clothes?”

We walk slowly. When I parked, I wasn’t thinking about convenience. The woman has disappeared, but the man waves at us, at you. You wave to him again.

“I have a question,” I say.


“Would you really have ‘come as you were’ all the way into the hotel?”

You smile.

“There are some things in which a woman prefers to maintain an element of mystery.”

We enter the lobby. The hotel is a nice one, with lots of plants and a fountain and high ceilings in a courtyard. I give my name at the desk and they find the reservation I made earlier. You stand patiently at my arm as I sign all the paperwork.

“Can we take your bags?” the clerk asks.

“We’ll take care of that. Thank you,” I answer.

“Let us know if you need anything.”

“Actually, we forgot our toothbrushes and tooth paste.”

“Enjoy your stay,” she says as she hands us the toiletries. We didn’t need her to tell us that.

We meander through the large courtyard. I clutch your hand.

Your pearls recline gracefully over your bare neck and collar bone; your heels cause even your soft footfalls Kastamonu Escort to echo across the cavernous space. People look our way. They find something to look at when they see you.

Your skirt and legs are elegantly sexy. Your hips swing enough to give the skirt a tempting flip and swish. Gliding among the other guests, you are relaxed, even as the air conditioned breeze wafts under your short skirt, licking your bare vulva enticingly.

You ease your shoulders back for me to see your nipples standing at attention under your loose silk top.

We look up and see the man from the window walking toward us from the opposite direction. You gasp. He is older and distinguished looking, well dressed with a small moustache.

He walks up to you.

“Good evening, Madame,” He says.

“Good evening,” you answer, scared.

“I wonder if you might like to come visit my room later this evening?”

Your eyes are wide open and you jaw drops.


“Are you available later this evening?”

You understand and gain your composure.

“I’m sorry,” You say. “I am booked for the night.”

He bows politely and goes on his way.

“He thought you were a prostitute,” I whisper.

“I know.”

“What do you suppose will happen if we see the woman in the window?”

You laugh.

“I might be free for her,” you tease.

I slap your bottom in response.

We are alone for the elevator ride to our floor at the top of the high rise. You turn into me and kiss me, leaning into my body. I squeeze your hand tightly as I kiss you back. The stirrings in my groin are nearly unendurable. I reach under your skirt, groping your bare ass. I grind my hardness into your crotch through our clothes desperately. I want to seize you and take you. I wonder how far I could go before the doors opened again.

You tantalize me, pressing your crotch into mine. Our kiss is uninhibited and wet. We gasp as our mouths join. We would not stop, even if the doors parted like a stage curtain and we found ourselves before an audience. Somehow, we manage to wait until the privacy of our room before we do what we really want to do to each other.

The room is dimly lit when we enter. The curtain on the large picture window is open. It is romantically decorated with warm colors, sensuous paintings and a soft charming elegance that is comfortable and tasteful. We pass by the large king-sized bed on our way to the window to check out the view.

The vibrant city pulses below us. Its glow illuminates us standing together as we admire the sparkling lights outside. We turn toward each other with our arms around each other’s waist. Your skirt falls gently over the curve of your back and hips, resting on your round buttocks enticingly, teasing me with your smooth, pantiless bottom.

Leaning into me, you reach up with your lips and we kiss gently, engulfed in the city’s soft glow. We kiss again, longer and deeper, our desire rising again until we have to stop to breathe.

Your eyes sparkle as you look at me.

“It’s beautiful.”

“You’re beautiful.”

You look down with a demure blush.

“Have you enjoyed our celebration?” you ask.

“It isn’t over.”

We kiss again, before exploring our room.

We glance into the bathroom. There is a large shower with glass doors and two heads and controls on either end. Above in the center is a large rain head.

With excited glee, your clothes burst off your body as you prance into the shower. I watch as drops of moisture on your naked flesh merge and dribble down your smooth naked. Tiny clear streams trace down your curves, making me want to follow them all over the paradise of your body.

You give me a tempting smile.

“Are you going to just stand there and watch?”

“I could.”

“Is that what you really want to do?”

I step out of my clothes and join you. I reach for your waist as you step into my grasp, draping your arms around my neck. Tenderly we touch. Your skin is already warm from the gentle shower falling over our heads.

We kiss, our lips brushing, our tongues dancing outside each other’s mouths. The water is a soft warm rain engulfing us like a blanket. Our tongues find each other. I feel your soft breasts in my chest. Our skin slides as we press our bodies together. The rising intimacy of our embrace warms us more than the water.

“Scrub my back,” you ask softly. You turn your back to me.

I reach around you for the soap, intentionally brushing my arm against the smooth skin of your waist. I lather my hands thoroughly before slowly rubbing your back.

You moan softly.

I grab a washcloth and soak it well. I press my hands into your back with the soapy cloth and press my hips forward. My hungry loins are yearning for contact with your flesh. I press my rigid penis into your thighs, and then adjust it upward to rest in the crease between your buttocks. You wiggle your hips, allowing it to rest deeper inside. For several minutes we press together.

You turn around to face Kastamonu Escort Bayan me. I step forward against your hips as I reach around you and continue to stroke your back. You caress my chest, and then work your hands under my arms, down my back to my soft cheeks. You tenderly knead my fleshy butt.

Your breasts press into my chest. I reach down your back, too. I slide my soapy hands over your luscious bottom. You giggle as a finger strays into your crease.

Your hands roam up to my waist and forward to my abdomen, then down. You fingers run through my pubic bush, churning the dew-like drops of water with the thick soapy lather. You cup my scrotum and gently fondle me, rubbing the bottom of my rigid penis. My shaft rubs gently against your warm wet thighs.

With a meandering hand, I press into your sternum and up over your collar bone to your neck. You are still wearing your pearls, even in the wet sensuous shower. Something about that seems sexy to me.

I stroke and rub around your upper chest in a wider and wider circle reaching out for the soft fleshy mounds of your naked breasts. I cup each one in m hands and lightly titillate your nipples in my fingers. You moan happily.

I lower my lips to your chest and softly kiss each nipple. Gently I shower tiny kisses around each areola brushing my lips over the sensitive tips in the middle. Your nipples stiffen in my mouth as my tongue laps them and softly bats them with swift flicking blows.

With longer strokes, you continue to stroke my erection, reaching the tip on each upstroke and my testicles and perineum on the down strokes. I gently bite down on your nipples with my lips over my teeth. You squeeze my shaft tighter.

I run my hand downward over your tummy toward the center of your pleasure. I brush your pubic hair, and then gently tug small wisps in my fingers. I explore further down over your vulva and press your outer lips.

Gently but firmly, I rub my hand in a lazy circle around your sex. Cupping you in my warm hand, I press upward rubbing in sync with my thrusting hips. You meet my thrusts.

With one finger I toy with your inner lips. Then, I invade your flesh and find you wet inside, too.

You place a hand on my shoulder and take a step back, still holding my warm wet hardness. You prop a foot up on the tile shower seat and pull my penis to yourself, guiding its point to your ready target.

You thrust into me with your hips and I push back and slide smoothly into your warm cavern. You clasp my butt with one hand and wrap your arm around my neck, pulling me into a passionate, wet kiss under the flowing warm water. I hold your waist and we slowly thrust together.

My urgent hunger rises. My famished flesh begins to take over as I thrust more and more rapidly. The pressure of my surging juices builds, demanding release. But before I explode, you stop thrusting clamp down on my hips with your hands, and lock my member inside with the muscles of your vaginal wall. We are coupled together motionless. You kiss me deeply until I regain control of my loins.

Then you break off the kiss and smile at me.

“Don’t get off too soon. I want the celebration to last a little longer,” you say.

I’m ready now. But I understand. Stretching out the pleasure will make our orgasmic explosion even more powerful later.

“Okay,” I say.

You turn off the water and slip out of my arms. My penis bounces free of your flesh, glistening with your arousal. You step out of the shower and grab a thick fluffy towel, and toss it to me.

“Dry me off,” you say.

I don’t want to disturb the droplets of water trickling slowly down your bare body. But I seize the opportunity to embrace you in the towel and slowly stroke your wet naked flesh from feet to legs to bottom, hips, waist, ribs, breast and neck. I kiss you as I stand.

You take another towel and rub my back and chest, then down my stomach. You kneel in front of me. You lean forward and trap the end of my damp rigid hardness in your lips. Gently you lick and suck, teasing the tip with your tongue as you dry my legs. It seems to take a rather long time, but I don’t mind.

You drop the towel and grab my shaft. You begin to pump your face over my hardness as you reach between my legs to play with my testicles. You reach back over my perineum and press your fingers into my crease.

I part my legs to allow your fingers easy access to my anal opening. Tenderly you fondle and tease my rear opening as you suck and lick my swollen member. My head begins to reel.

Sensing my control slipping away, you slide off of my hardness. Still massaging my anus, you rest your cheek against my glistening erection.

“Enjoying that too much?” you ask.

“Not too much,” I answer. “Maybe just right.”

You laugh as you get up and prance out of the bathroom. I follow you through the room toward the wide floor-to-ceiling window. You turn on a light by the window and look back at me, grinning mischievously.

The glow of the city lights illumines our naked flesh further. Escort Kastamonu You step up to the window, the city twinkling in the night below us. You place your hands on the arms of a chair and bend over, spreading your legs far apart.

“Come enjoy the view,” you say.

“With these lights on, we are the view,” point out.

“I hope so.”

I smile and step up behind you. You reach back for my stiff erection and guide it, as I step forward, into your soft warm sex.

I place my hands gently on your hips and hold you as I push my firm rod through the moist folds of your pleasure. You arch your back and push into me to receive me. Holding your hips tenderly, I thrust slowly.

“Thank you for my present,” I say.

“You’re welcome. I enjoyed it, too.”

We looked down over the city before us several moments before you spoke again.

“Can you imagine what people would think if they knew what we were doing today?”

“I bet a lot of them do know. They are watching us now.”

“Right now, I want everyone to see us fucking.”

Bent over, your breasts sway with each thrust.

“I bet they wish they were doing it,” I say.

“They should copy us.”

“It’s okay if they just watch.”

I lean over you, reaching forward around your hip for your clitoris. I press a finger into your wet vagina, slathering it in your lube. I feel my hard shaft, filling your hole, sliding in and out, and in and out, gently pumping you full of my flesh. Then I find your clitoris.

You gasp as I touch it. Gently I rub my finger around it, and down its length. You moan softly as I continue to thrust you and manipulate the center of your arousal.

We admire the lights, sparkling before us, and crawl of traffic in the night. But we pay less and less attention to the beauty of our city as our arousal begins to engulf us with the sensations of our lust.

“It’s beautiful,” I say.

“I love it,” you reply.

“I love you.”

You smile.

“I don’t want you to regret giving me your body for the day.”

“Don’t worry about that,” you say. “Keep doing what you’re doing.”

We thrust slowly for several more minutes as I continue to work your flesh into an enflamed passion.

Suddenly, lightning flashes outside. A low rumble of thunder sounds so deep and powerful, it rattles the window. The sky seems to collapse as torrents of rain drop from above.

I thrust you harder and faster. Both hands grasp your hips as I hump, slamming you into the window as the lights smear into obscure streaks.

Then you stand, causing me to slip out of you. I pull you to myself in protest, but you break away.

“You’re forgetting about me,” you plead.

My own hunger fails to understand right away.

“We’re changing venues,” you insist.

You dash to the bed and flop down onto your back over the covers, your legs open wide.

I flop between your knees. Grabbing your thighs, I lift your hips, raising your swollen sex to my mouth. I swallow your sex, sucking your lips and thrusting my tongue deep inside your vagina. I taste my own juices mingled in with your luscious flavor and gorge myself greedily on the feast. Hungrily, I devour you, grunting and panting.

My tongue finds your clitoris. I lap it eagerly, sucking it prodded on by your response as your body twitches and bucks as you moan squeal and scream. I consume you eagerly; delighted with the way your body twists and writhes as I devour your hot flesh.

“Go in,” you plead. Your cry is urgent. Your need is severe.

I crawl up your body. You grab my rigid flesh and drop me into your eager opening. You pull your legs up and I roll you back as I press in to you, all the way to your cervix. I hump you frantically.

You scream.

“Don’t stop!”

I hump you madly.

“You’re hitting my clitoris just right!”

I respond with a steady rain of deep thrusts. Lightning flashes permeate the room with bright light, even as your squeals, gasps, moans and screams resound against the walls. Thunder bellows outside, unable to drown your cries of rapture.

My hot flesh slaps against your skin with wet smacks at each thrust.

Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack.

You are blind to everything but filling yourself with my hard flesh and the boiling sensations of your aching lust. I pummel thrust upon thrust into your body.

Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack.

I bounce you on the soft bed with relentless hammering as you wail and moan in uncontrolled ecstasy.

Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack.

Then a shrill scream explodes with the roaring thunder as you are finally overcome with an explosion of an orgasm. Your body tenses and thrashes in writhing spasms as lightning fills the room, coursing through your body with electric shockwaves blasting through your legs and back and toes.

I erupt soon after. Hot semen pours into your deepest recess, pumping against the walls of your spasming vagina. A loud moan escapes my lips as cum fills you, and overflows onto your thighs and butt.

I collapse onto you and roll to your side. You roll over me and capture me in a passionate kiss of gratitude. We kiss deeply and hard as our enflamed climax fades with the passing storm.

We hold each other, nude, on top of the covers, and drop off to sleep. A final distant roll of thunder leaves us together with only our naked love.

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