Celluloid Carrie

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My buddy Nick arrived in town for a visit. He has been making movies in California. He has found a nice little niche doing soft-core heavy R rated movies that feature hard core porn stars. These movies allow them a higher profile as they are shown on HBO, Cinemax, etc after 11:00 on Friday and Saturday nights. Nick and I worked together when I first started in real estate.

Carrie never really liked Nick much and as tolerant as she is with me she doesn’t want me spending much time with him. I meet Nick for dinner at an upscale restaurant. We have a nice meal and a good talk. We reminisce a bit and it’s getting late. I can tell that Nick has something he wants to ask me. He inquires about Carrie and how she looks. Nick knows that we are swingers. I am pretty honest with him and tell him that I don’t think Carrie would go for any swinging, as he isn’t her favorite person. He quickly tells me that he is not looking for anything like that but he is looking for a new lady for a more hardcore film. He says that she is the exact type he is looking for. I ask what he has in mind? He tells me a full audition in a “classic” type adult film. I chuckle and tell him that I will ask her. He leaves me a number and tells me to let him know by noon tomorrow.

I have pretty much decided on not even asking her. The more I think about it and knowing Nick he will probably call her and ask himself. I change my mind and if I ask she will say screw Nick and I am not in trouble with anyone. I pull into the driveway and can she that my babe is still up. I walk in and can tell she isn’t happy that I spent the evening with Nick. I tell her that it’s only one evening and he is back to California tomorrow. As we are getting to bed I blurt out that Nick wants to know if she wants to be in an X rated film and how was your day. She laughs. I asked.

We wake up and get dressed. It looks to be a glorious Saturday. I tell Carrie that I will call Nick and tell him to find another starlet. She laughs and asks me to wait a minute. Oh boy. I walk back into the bedroom and she is looking at her tight little bod in the mirror and asks me if she would be good in film. I assure her that she is good at everything she does. To my shock she asks if we could go talk with Nick. I say sure if you want. He gave me a copy of his last film. We watch a little of it and it’s not bad. Very erotic and sexy. I get Nick on the phone and we both talk with him. He says that the next step would be a screen test. I balk a little and Nick says that we can do it at our house tonight. He has his film crew and a few other prospective actors he would like to see how all mesh and photograph. I ask what he needs from us for tonight. He knows about my love den and that will work. Nick also asks if I want to show off my 9″ of cock. I will see. Carrie, Carrie.

Nick calls and asks Carrie to be in full 80’s porn flick lingerie, nylons, and heels, whatever she likes. Carrie being a shoe and lingerie addict will be in heaven. I have the rec room set up for fun. I put out our leather bondage table along with the leather sofas. I guess the whole gang will be here by 6:00pm. Nick gets here with a camera operator at 4:30. Carrie is staying in the bedroom until everyone arrives. She is eating this up. Nick tells me that 4 ladies and 2 men will be here to test. Nick really encourages me to put on a silk robe, as it will be worth my while. I know how he operates but I am rather excited here. I tell him to make himself at home. I will go up and get ready with Carrie.

I fill her in on what Nick’s grand scheme is. He feels that “classic” porn is making a comeback. Sexy looking people in their 30’s & 40’s. Dressed nice in plush settings. It actually sounds like a good idea. Carrie wants to surprise me with her attire so she asks me to leave. She just got a short little bob haircut and is just adorable. I throw on my silk maroon robe and head out to the living room. The doorbell rings and a couple is here. Jen and Sal. They are nice looking people and seem very gracious. Nick runs over to greet them and introduces us all around. Carrie is still in the bedroom. Jen asks if she could get dressed with Carrie and I lead her to the queen. Sal and I talk with Nick for a bit. The bell rings again and I get the door and oh my. 3 women that look like they are from a Quiet Riot video are standing around a man that looks like a Mafia kingpin. Nick lets them all in and gives us a brief introduction. Its Ed with Jill,Connie, and Sophia. At this point I wonder what I’m doing.

I chat with the three ladies and they are going to be fun. I should describe our group here.

Jill is late 30’s, long teased blonde hair, slim build, long legs, purple lingerie and nylons, killer purple heels.

Connie is a good 40, long light brown hair, stacked and wearing a red bikini and heels.

Sophia is early 30’s, very athletic build, tanned, brunette, wearing a white bustier along with nylons and thigh high white boots. Yum.

Jen is probably 40-45. Bookish looking with short brown hair Dressed Eskort like a slut in heat. Black garter and nylons, black boots, collar, firm large tits hanging in her micro top. Looks very experienced but when wearing normal clothes would blend in a crowd.

Ed is cool, wearing a white silk robe, I can see he has some serious manhood hanging but I haven’t seen his cock yet.

Sal is also a neat guy just wearing silk shorts and has already let Nick’s crew take some pics of his cock. He must be a solid 7″ long cock.

Well everyone is waiting for Carrie to come out. Jen has already told the other gals about her collection of kinky wear. Well my queen comes out in her full glory. Stunning. She has on a silver leather bustier with off black nylons, strappy silver heels. Her nails are silver. Her short auburn hair is pulled back tight. Looking at her awesome tits hang over this leather bustier makes me hard right off. I introduce her around and she is at her most charming tonight. Nick is acting like a director and asks Sal, Jen, and Ed to come down to the rec room with him. He asks that for now if he can take us in assorted groups, as he needs us. He has the TV set up to view what is going on in the rec room. We will all get to view as we progress here.

The girls are really getting excited. I have a very sensitive nose and I can really smell wet pussy in the living room. We get settled. I decide to sit by Jill and Sophia. I can’t help but put my hand on Jill’s purple clad thighs. Yum Yum. Jill clearly enjoys my small advance as she scrunches in a little closer to me. Carrie gives me a slight wink. We watch as Nick has a make up girl put some powder on everyone to cut the glare. I’m rather impressed here as Nick has some serious equipment here. He has 2 camera guys and the make up girl along with. Holly is the make up artists name and she comes up to me and asks me to come into the bathroom with her. She asks if it’s ok to shave me. I agree, as I have been clean-shaven a few times. Wow Holly is quick but I trust her. I can help but get a little aroused as she holds my cock to shave around it. She smiles at me but doesn’t say anything. She is finished in 10 minutes and is clearly proud of her work. I head back out to the girls and cant help but give all a quick peek at my bald cock and balls. The girls really get bugged out eyes at the size of my shaft.

I get my seat back next to Jill. She is a cutie. Our eyes are focused on the TV as Nick gets the trio how he wants them. Ed is sitting on the leather sofa, Jen walks into the room and sits next to Ed. Jen starts to caress his thigh and chest. Jen seeming very comfortable moves over to kiss Ed. In a fluid motion she slides to her knees and is licking at his incredible cock. Ed is 9″ and 2″+ round! Jen is slowly licking his shaft. They have the lighting angled really well. Jen is really a sexy woman. They pan back and Sal walks in and asks if he can join the fun. He gets on his knees and pats Jen on the ass. He strokes his hard cock and very slowly he guides his tool inside Jen’s pussy. Jen is very busy working Ed’s giant cock. They are really doing a great job. Nick has this thing flowing really well. Jen is instructed to get up. Sal sits down on the sofa and Jen lies on her belly and starts to suck Sal’s cock. Ed is on his knees behind Jen. She lifts her ass up to meet Ed and he gently guides his big cock in her pussy. These looks just like a professional porno flick. All of them are moaning sexually. Ed is really pumping Jen. He is sweating a bit and they stop the action to powder him. They get going again and Nick starts telling everyone to get the “money shot” Sal is really struggling to keep his sperm. One of the camera guys gets about three feet away and it’s an awesome shot. Jen takes her mouth off of Sal and is stroking him with her hand. It only takes about 5 full strokes as Sal starts spurting his cum. Jen just flick her tongue around the cock. Sal has expended a full load and its all over Jen’s hands and face. She is something. Ed slowed while Sal came and he is now pumping Jen hard but in a rhythm. Ed tells Jen he wants to cum on her face. He pulls his monster out of her and she kneels in front of him. Well Ed strokes his big cock a few times and kaplow! It must be a 2 foot long stream of cum pounds Jen in the face. The sperm is silvery and slippery and just slides down her chest. Ed keeps stroking and just shoots a massive amount all over Jen’s hair. She is drenched. Ed is grunting hard as he finishes emptying out his cock. Nick yells for a cut. The first scene is done! Applause all around. They will be a tough act to follow.

Nick asks Carrie and Jill to come with him. I have to say they are the most photogenic of the ladies. They are placed sitting next to each other. Carrie moves in close to Jill and kisses her long and sensually on the lips. Carrie moves her hands and mouth down Jill’s lingerie clad body. It isn’t long and Carrie is lovingly lapping at Jill’s pussy. Nick moves Carrie’s head a tad to get a better shot and she doesn’t miss a lick as she is positioned. Jill has moved into a 69 position with Carrie on the bottom. I watch this as I sit next to Sophia. She has been lightly rubbing her hand on my thigh and has now worked up to my cock. I am fully erect and it cant be hid. One of the camera guys is up by us and tells Sophia to keep working on me as he films. It isn’t long until Sophia is stroking me hard. She moves my robe aside and climbs on top of my hard cock. Sophia is riding me hard and kissing me as she slides on my cock. The camera guys asks Jen to pull my cock out of Sophia when it’s ready to shoot. As I watch my hot wife giving head to Jill on the TV I am about ready to lose my load. I moan to Jen that I am close. Sophia is so smooth on my cock. Jen pulls my enlarged cock out and gives it a few good strokes and hot semen just pours out. I can’t see it as Sophia is all over me. I feel Jen slapping my cock on Sophia’s ass. Every slap brings out more semen. Jen laughs and asks me if I always leave a quart of cum behind. Sophia gets up and her ass and back is drenched with my sperm. Wow. I hardly can stand it as I watch my Carrie losing her composure as Jill is putting the finishing touch on her orgasm. Wow. Nick tells us to take a break and we will move onto a new scene!

We all take a little break. Sophia and Jen change into different outfits as the guys really blasted them. Sophia has on a leopard print halter and heels. Jen has black leather bra and panties with black ankle boots. Oooh.

Nick decides that Ed and me need to do one of the ladies. He asks me to pick on and I ask Jill to join us. Carrie and Sophia are going to work on Sal.

We are positioned front and back of Jill who is on all 4’s. I am at the pussy end. Nick tells us to get started. I stroke my cock and am up to full erection. I gently kiss her ass and slide my long cock into her warm hole. Ed is inserting his monster in her mouth. Jill is wriggling her behind as I pump her strait and steady. She is bobbing on Ed’s big cock the same way. It feels incredible. I think Jill is close to cumming but she will not stop the action here. Ed and I switch spots. I ask Jill how she likes the taste of her pussy on my cock. She nods. She shudders as Ed enters all 10 strong inches in her pussy. I have most of my 9 inches down her throat. We are really using every possible inch on this lady and she is taking it all. We are both getting close. Nick wants us both to cum on her face. Ed pulls out and we are both standing above Jill. Jill grabs each of our cocks and is trying to make Ed cum first and she succeeds as he blows another massive load into her hair and face. He must shoot at least 10 streams of cum. I lose it right after Ed and I also blast her in the hair and face. She keeps at my tool and it also leaves huge goobs of sperm on her. Nick tells us we have given a perfect money shot! We get cleaned up and settle in to watch Carrie and Sophia drain Sal. We have been too busy to actually watch the whole scene but Carrie is sitting on his face and licking his cock along with Sophia. This guy will be happy in a second. I can tell he is close as Sophia is trying to hold his legs still as they work his shaft. I see the camera guy move in closer and all of the sudden he erupts about 2 feet in the air. Several high streams of white jizz. Carrie is stroking and Sophia is licking his balls. Sal is moaning like a child as they drain him of his sperm. Carrie doesn’t quit till the last drop is gone. A nice scene.

We have all settled in for a lite snack and a glass of champagne. Nick asks if there are any combinations that we should do yet. Jen speaks up and asks for a scene with me. I am flattered and agree. We head down and climb up on the table. Jen is really an animal. Before I knew it she had her hands on my cock and is guiding my shaft into her pussy. She is warm and tight. Nick asks for the classic fuck shot with cum on her belly. Jen resists a bit but gives in. We have a very nice 15 minute love making scene. Her pussy is so warm and I am ready to cum. I pull it out and Jen has both hands on my tool and literally puls my semen out of me. It does make a good scene as my cum launches from my cock and even hits her black leather bra which shows up well. Umm. These women are awesome.

We head upstairs and I can’t get over how sexual Jen is. She lovingly cleaned off my cock with her mouth after I made love to her. She licked my semen off her fingertips. Wowza. Nick decides we will end with Ed and Sal cumming on Jill and Carrie’s face. The girls get on their knees in front of them. The guys are hard. Carrie is working Ed’s haft already. Jill is all over Sal’s nice manhood. They mainly want the money shot here so the guys are both ready to cum. Sal says he is ready and Ed agrees. They get about 6 inches away from the ladies and stroke the cocks. Ed fires first all over my wifes face. His large amount of cum runs down her leather bustier and is very erotic. Sal is just blasting Jill’s face and purple lingerie with white sticky cum. Both men look weak in the knees as they finish unloading. Nick get a few close ups of the girls loaded with cum and it’s a wrap.

We are all settled in and drained. Nick thanks all for cumming. Nick asks if we can talk when everyone has gone. He explains that this is almost a complete movie. He wants to edit it and then put it out. I am a little surprised as I thought this was more of a test. He tells me it went so well we could sell this a top rate amateur x-rated movie. I ask Carrie and she would like to see it before its released and Nick says fine. We are all pretty tired. Everyone has changed into their clothes and is on their way. I help Nick and the guys load up the camera and equipment. The camera guys hit the road.

Nick wants to talk to us about Holly the make up gal. She wants to be in a film but is shy. Could she stay with us a day or two and learn the ropes of swinging and adult sex. Carrie immediately feels a maternal need to help her and I though she was a little fox. I tell Nick that we will tutor her. He tells Holly to behave. We agree for Holly to come by tomorrow and we will have her and the entire day and evening.

We are in bed after all this excitement. I am wiped out. We have been swinging for a few years so I am a little used to long nights of sexual escapades. I have to say that I am very excited about having Holly learn a few tricks from us. She is early twenties, small build, deep tan, short brunette hair, green eyes, great legs. We will see what tomorrow brings.

We are up and already looking forward to having our way with Holly. I still can feel her gentle hands holding my semi hard cock as she shaved me for the film. We don’t know what we are going to do with but we will play off her mood and interests.

Holly arrives at 4:00pm and is looking good. She brought an overnight bag with several clothes changes. I suggest that her and Carrie get dressed up and we will go out to a nice dinner. Holly is almost a mirror image of Carrie’s size so they will be able to find something for her to wear. Holly is about 24. Looks like a typical college age girl with shorts and tank top as usual attire. I know Carrie will change that for tonight.

Well, I am dressed and ready to go and Carrie and Holly come out of the bedroom and my oh my. Holly looks like a model. She is wearing a tan leather skirt with classic tan pumps. A off white silk blouse sexy yet classic. Carrie is in the classic “little black dress” matched with black nylons and t strap high heels. Oh my. Should be fun showing these two off.

We arrive at the restaurant and it’s upscale. Vinnetos is the name of the place. We enter the lounge and most of the men drop their jaws a few inches. I can’t say that I blame them, as I am semi erect just being with these two. I have a feeling that Carrie is going to put on a show. We get two seats at the bar for the ladies. Carrie is facing Holly and asks her show us all some leg. Holly discretely pulls her skirt aside to reveal the tops of her silky nylons and garter. Just a peek mind you. Carrie is very engaging and has at least two conversations going. Before long we are at a small table. Its very erotic being here with two sexy ladies. Carrie has been rubbing Holly’s legs from the minute we arrived. Even as we are at the table she has her hand well into Holly’s thighs. After we eat we stop at the bar for a nightcap. We have had a lady bartender named Loni serving us and she is a fine looking woman. She asks Carrie what we all have planned for the evening and Carrie in a matter of fact way tells Loni that she is going fuck me and Holly all night long. Loni who I’m sure has heard a lot of bs being a bartender is just awestruck as are Holly and I. Well my little wife is quite the gal. As we leave I see Carrie talking to Loni and I get the car around. As I drive home Holly sits next to me in the front seat. Carrie tells Holly to suck my cock. Holly moves toward me and is pretty quick on having her hand on my zipper. In a fluid move Holly has my almost erect cock in her hand. Carrie has her hand in her panties and I know is wet. Holly tosses her hair back and goes down on my hard shaft. She doesn’t make it very far down but keeps working it. She has done this before but is no pro. She seems more at ease as she slides her tongue around my cock. Carrie is moaning pretty good and asking Holly to deep throat me. Well Holly is sure trying and is almost taking me whole. Holly has my juices getting ready. She is noisy as she slurps my tool. Looking at her nyloned legs stretched against the leather seats is very erotic. She is doing methodical strokes on my shaft. I am concentrating on driving but I pull over as I feel my cock throbbing. I grab Holly’s head and hold her down deep on my cock. She is struggling a bit but it’s too late as I erupt en masse in her pretty mouth. Gobs of semen are rolling out the sides of her mouth. She is gurgling and spitting as my cock is still shooting my spunk in her warm mouth. She never backed off. Finally my cock is spent. Holly lifts her head up and she has cum all over her face and neck. Wow. Carrie has a towel and helps clean her up. Lesson one is complete.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32