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It was late on a Saturday when Chad and his dog, Flint, walked down the street that ran opposite the river. They had come back from the park, after a long day of walking and fetch, Chad smiling as the sun turned the sky a purply-orange colour. A young man, about twenty years of age, approached the two and stopped them with a smile.
“Do you know the way to Bell Street?” The man asked.
“If you go back the way you came, and turn left at th- ”
The young man clamped a rag over Chad’s mouth, his eyes flickering before his body goes limp, falling to the ground, Flint barking.

  When Chad opens his eyes, he’s naked and strapped to a hard wooden table in a dark room. He looks around, past his spread legs. Flint sits in the corner, waiting patiently.
“Flint…here boy!” He whispers loudly.
Flint growls and falls silent as light beams in through an opening door.
“I see you’re awake.” The young man smiles, his thin naked shape a shadow which casts over Chad.
“Let me go, you sick bastard.” Chad snaps, Flint growls loudly. Not at the man, but at Chad. The man walks over and climbs on top of him, his back against Chad’s cock, bouncing slowly.
“You like this don’t you. I can tell.” The man raises himself as puts his asshole to the tip of Chad’s cock. “You’re so hard.”

  He carefully lowers himself, the cock sliding inside bit by bit. Chad groans reluctantly as he feels the man’s asshole tightens casino şirketleri around his length.
“Fuck…” The man moans, now sitting on Chad. Chad watches as the man begins to raise himself before slamming his body back down with a slap, getting faster with every up and down. The man can feel Chad’s width and length, stretching his asshole. He moves his left hand down his body and takes his cock in his hand, pre cum slowly oozing out of the head. Another shift in speed and the man begins to stroke himself, Chad uncontrollably moaning as he  is used as the man’s toy. “You’re close… I can feel it twitching.” The man moans, the fear Chad had felt before had turned to pleasure as he feels his orgasm nearing quickly.  

The man slams his body down one more time, Chad’s cock ready to burst with one more bounce. The man raises himself off the cock, his asshole red and a bit sore.
“Here, Flint.” The man says, turning his ass to Flint.
The dog strides over quickly and laps roughly at his asshole, the man winking it as the dog’s wet tongue slips in and out of him. The dog steps away and the man turns back to Chad.
“Let me cum.” Chad moans. “It hurts.”
The man smiles widely and releases the straps. Chad reaches down instantly and finishes himself off, a thick shot of cum hits him in the chest and drips down slowly, his cock covered in a layer of it. Flint jumps up on the table and begins licking the casino firmaları tip, Chad moving back.
“Down boy.” Chad growls. “Down.”
Flint continues, his tongue moving down quickly, massaging his balls, before moving up and following the trail of cum that leads up to Chad’s nipple.  

The man whistles and Flint jumps down, allowing Chad to get off the table. He is quickly forced to the ground by a sharp push on the shoulders, the man standing over him.
“I think Flint needs some help.” The man smirks, Chad crawls over to Flint and rolls him on his back. His mind taken over by a confused pleasure, Chad rubs his hand over the dog’s sheath, a glimpse of red slowly revealing itself. He rubs his hand faster, the dog fully erect now, Chad leans down and takes the dog in his mouth. He bobs his head, unable to fit it fully in his mouth, he forces it down his throat with a wet gagging.
“Bend over.” The man laughs as Chad pulls his head up, a thin string of spit forming a temporary link between his lips and the base of the dog’s cock.

  He gets on his hands and knees. Flint stands up and mounts him, his cock poking sharply at his balls before being guided into his ass by the man. The dog pants rapidly as he thrusts quickly and deeply inside Chad, Chad moan loudly as he is fucked by this animal. The man moves behind the two and raises Flint’s tail, revealing a tight round asshole. The man pokes at it with güvenilir casino his cock before very carefully pushing it in, the dog jumping and forcing himself deeper into Chad. “Fuck!” Chad yells, the dog’s knot swelling, entering and exiting with wet pops. The man pushes himself as far as he can go, the dog yelping a bit as the man begins to thrust.

Chad’s elbows hit the goround under the weight of the two, Flint slowing down as his knot becomes stuck inside Chad, filling him with bucket loads of warm and slippery cum. The man quickens his paces as he reaches down and takes a loose hold of Chad’s cock, already wet with pre cum and dog cum, which is dripping out of his ass and rolling down his balls, and on to the ground.
“I’m cumming!” The man yells, the wet noises becoming louder and more wet as the assholes of Chad and Flint are filled with cum. The man pulls himself away and licks the dog’s asshole, savouring his own cum. He then reaches down and pulls the dog’s cock out of Chad with a long suction sounding pop, leaving his ass gaping and wet. Flint sits down and licks the cum off his own cock, cleaning himself, cum leaking from his ass.   The man pushes his tongue into Chad’s ass, rapidly stroking his slippery member. Chad lets out a moan and collapses, landing in a stream of his own cum. Flint comes back over and begins licking Chad’s asshole, the long cock and swollen cock dripping with fresh cum.
“See you tomorrow.” The man smiles, closing and locking the door behind him, leaving a horny Chad and a horny Flint alone, already readying themselves for a session without the man.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32