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The clover clamps are attached to my nipples. I’m naked and blindfolded. My arms are behind my back, left hand holding right forearm; right hand holding left forearm; bondage tape holding them securely in place. My legs are cuffed to the spreader bar at my ankles, and the bar is extended as wide as it will go. There are two weighted metal kegel balls inserted deep in my pussy.

You have affixed one of your short heavy chains to the center of the spreader bar, and you have used a carabiner to fasten the chain of the nipple clamps to the chain on the spreader bar, which forces me to bend over (the nipple chain itself is 12 inches, but it extends to almost 19 inches including the length of each clamp. This means it’s almost exactly 9 inches from my nipples to the center of the chain when both clamps are attached. [Yes, I have actually measured this with a tape measure]). You have chosen to fasten it to a link of the bottom chain that ensures my back can be raised no higher than parallel to the floor.

You’re fucking my pussy from behind. Your hands gripping my hips are the only reason I’m not falling over on my face, since I have no means of supporting or bracing myself. With every deep thrust of your cock, my torso is jerked forward, causing the clamps – already unforgiving due to their attachment to the spreader bar – to bite harder into my nipples. The pressure of your cock against the kegel balls inside my pussy Ataşehir Olgun Escort creates powerful internal sensations.

I can barely stand this pain; it feels like my nipples might be ripped out; the angle of your cock in my pussy is just right for hitting my g-spot but you’re pounding me so hard with the metal balls and your cock that it hurts; I can’t move away from you or even change my position; there is absolutely nothing I can do except take this punishment for as long as you choose to inflict it on me.

While still gripping my left hip with your left hand, you bend forward so you can reach your right hand around between my legs, and with your fingers covered in a slick lube that creates tingling and heating sensations, you very lightly stroke your fingers across my clit. This sudden touch is electrifying, and my back involuntarily tries to arch from the jolt of pleasure, but of course I cannot arch my back because of the chains and clamps on my nipples. My attempted movement makes me scream as the pain in my nipples intensifies to a level I didn’t think possible. But you don’t stop what you’re doing. You keep your fingers over my clit, almost tapping it rather than stroking it, your touch so light it’s barely perceptible. Your index finger presses down on the top of my swollen clit in tiny gentle repeated motions, varying the pressure and the intervals between taps, so I can’t Ataşehir Sarışın Escort anticipate when the next touch will be or whether you will finally apply enough pressure on my clit to get me off. I can feel an orgasm beginning that might make me lose consciousness from its intensity. I can’t do anything to stop you; I can’t speed up your finger; I can’t move; I can’t see; I can’t avoid the searing pain from the nipple clamps; but mainly I’m terrified you will stop touching my clit before I orgasm. I am so desperate to come.

You can hear my desperation in my panting breaths. You do not change what you’re doing at all. But – praise God – this also means that you do not stop what you’re doing with your hand. The insistent butterfly-light touches from your finger are finally too much for the pleasure center of my brain, and I explode wildly into a blinding orgasm, screaming and gasping, tears coming from my eyes as I fight to breathe. You still don’t stop the gentle taps on my clit, so my orgasm continues and continues until I think I really might pass out. After an exquisite eternity of pleasure, your right hand finally moves away from my clit, and you slide your cock out of me. I shudder as the aftershocks continue, but less violently now.

You stroke my back with your hand, then reach around my front to remove the clamps from my nipples. First the right breast – and I scream again Ataşehir Şişman Escort from the agonizing pain as the clamp comes off, but you quickly apply pressure on my nipple with the palm of your hand, which helps; then the left breast. My scream this time is more of a strangled cry, since I knew what was coming. My nipples finally freed from the cruel biting of the clamps, I slowly straighten up. I am so shaky and weak from this session, and the recent shattering orgasm, that I can barely stand.

You pull me back against you, supporting my weight with your arms around my torso. You retrieve the bondage tape scissors and deftly slice through the tape binding my arms. I sigh in relief as the pressure on my shoulders is finally released. With my ankles still cuffed to the spreader bar, you gently guide me to the bed and help me lie back on it. You uncuff my ankles as I focus on simply breathing. Once my legs are free, you lift them onto the bed for me (I am still too shaky and weak to do it myself), the lie down next to me. You stroke my hair, stroke the side of my face, stroke my breasts oh-so-softly, and kiss my mouth hungrily. I turn my face toward yours, still blindfolded, and respond to your kisses with what little energy I still possess. You have overwhelmed me with intense pleasure mixed with intense pain, made me helpless and taken me violently, and brought me to orgasm so hard I am totally spent. I am sated and very, very grateful.

I know you don’t understand why this fulfills me so completely. I know you are fearful of hurting me and don’t always enjoy sessions like this as much as I do. And your willingness to give this to me, despite your own reservations, is one of the best gifts I have ever received.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32