Chameleons Ch. 01

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The silk of the lilac kimono grazed lightly against her perky nipples, and the upright bass in the jazz trio played a rhythmic beat that seemed in sync with the pulsing between her legs. Swaying bodies of dancing couples filled the dance floor around her, and occasionally a hand would brush her bare thigh, her hand, or there would be a finger dragged over the back of her neck. Many people wore masks. Some of the dancers were fully nude, while others wore everything from the skimpiest of lingerie to the most elaborate of ball gowns. One man wore only a glittery Speedo. Turning her head a bit, she saw the topless female bartender kissing a woman who wore a purple corset and garters.

Anything was allowed to happen at Prism, and just being in the club was making Lavender Tate wet.

“Sugar Pie, Care to dance?” a voice purred in her ear. “You look lonely and delicious.” Two warm hands ran down her back, and she looked up to see a very tall man in very high platforms wearing a long red wig and big fake eyelashes smiling down at her. Silver tulle swirled around him, and he looked like the prettiest princess from any fairy tale.

“I’m meeting someone.”

“A she?” The Royal One raised a painted eyebrow and reached forward to touch the blonde hair Lavender wore in a smart bob.


“Do you like women, too?”

“I like a lot of things.”

The tall one laughed out loud. “I’m The Queen. What’s your name, cheeky?”


“Lavender. And in the purple room, too. Perfect. Is this your first time at Prism?”


“Lucky girl. Enjoy yourself and your lucky gentlemen. If you don’t find yourself enjoying him, I bet you’d enjoy me.”

“I bet you’re right.”

The Queen bent down and pressed her lips to Lavender’s, sucking her bottom lip for a long moment before taking a tiny bite. Lavender kissed back, and felt a tongue in her mouth, controlling and curious. Like magic, The Queen broke away and slipped away in between the dancers and vanished somewhere into the purple-lit room.

Lavender exhaled and looked around eagerly. Where was he? This had been his idea, his plan, and she’d been so titillated by the suggestion she’d done exactly as she told – gone in search of a purple butterfly masquerade mask she currently wore, and come to Prism wearing the short purple silk kimono he’d had delivered to her by bike messenger in the middle of her work day. Receiving a naughty package from a strange man was not a typical part of her day, being a middle school literature teacher, and knowing what was in the package she tucked into her messenger bad all day had rendered her hot and bothered and barely able to discuss Romeo and Juliet with her students.

The craziest part was that she didn’t even know who he was. All she’d gotten were texts, and emails from a gmail address that offered no clues. Yet, from his messages, she could tell he was well-read, and the idea of having a tryst with a stranger was tantalizing. Most of her days consisted of waking early, teaching, grading papers, Netflix, and early bedtimes.

It seemed dangerous, until he’d suggested they meet at Prism. The new adult club was a popular place, and many articles had been written about its decadence and popularity. It was insanely exclusive. Along with her kimono, she’d received a VIP pass, and knew she’d never have been able to get in on her own.

So there she stood in the middle of the dance

floor of the purple room, waiting exactly where he’d told her to wait, with a throbbing anxiety growing between her legs and her purple thong growing damp with her anticipation.

Over the music, she heard a woman’s cry. Through the dancers, she could see a beautiful woman lying on her back on one of the tables, her head hanging over the edge and her breasts bouncing free for all to see. An older man, handsome even with his gray hair, held her legs wide open by her ankles and was fucking her hard and relentlessly. He looked up from the woman and met Lavender’s eyes and winked but mersin escort never ceased his movement. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from the animalistic passion of the act. Other people danced and watched appreciatively as the man moved faster and faster and the woman cried out louder and louder until he reached orgasm with a mighty yelp. The woman on the table laughed and applauded, as did several others.

Warm breath tickled her neck. “Did you enjoy watching that?”

Lavender knew it had to be him. The man stood close behind her, but none of him touched her at all. She nodded, not turning around, “Yes.”

“Hello, Lavender.”

“Who are you?”

“Call me The Chameleon. I’m happy you decided to come.”

“What happens now?”

“Whatever we want to happen. To begin, would you like to dance?”

Lavender nodded, unable to make any more words as her mouth had gone bone dry the moment he’d said her name. The man moved forward and surrounded her with his size and strength, and pressed himself against the full length of her. Wrapping his arms around her body, he began to sway with the steady beat being played by the trio. Strong thighs moved against hers, and the slick fabric of her kimono rode up until she felt the fabric of his trousers rubbing against her bare ass cheeks. The man slipped a big hand inside her kimono and rolled a nipple around in his fingers, and she pushed her ass harder against him.

Lighting up with new sensations, she brought the hand that wasn’t clinging to his arm down into her panties and began to play with herself. She felt her own wetness in the soft hair down there. Being taller, The Chameleon looked down her body and watched her hand as he took her earlobe in his mouth and began to suck on it, licking quickly. He released her nipple and took her whole breast in his palm, squeezing it firmly and pulling at it. Lavender tensed from desire.

With one swift gesture, he untied her kimono and it fell open. Appreciative eyes began to watch the two of them and their action. The older man from before had sat down with a drink directly in front of them, and raised his glass to her as he rubbed himself through his pants and watched. She knew her full breasts were visible to the world, and everyone could see their two hands working in between her legs as she stood on high heels in the middle of the dance floor with a complete stranger. Surprising herself, she realized she wasn’t embarrassed at all. In fact, she liked watching the eyes of people watching her desire. She liked it a lot.

“You’re not shy,” The Chameleon whispered in her ear.

“I guess not,” she managed, feeling herself getting closer to the edge of pleasure.

He slipped a wet finger inside her pussy and pushed it deep. She gasped and gripped his arm, digging in her nails. “I want to fuck you in every room in this place.”

“How many rooms are there?” She closed her eyes, barely able to stand as he thrust his finger deep into her over and over again.

“Seven. Seven rooms in seven nights. Are you up for it?”

Lavender’s hand moved behind her back and gripped at his pants. “Absolutely.” Her boldness surprised her, but no one knew who she was at Prism. She could be anyone. She could do anything. She could be free of the monotony and boredom of her daily life. If she wanted, she could take multiple partners a night, or all at once, and no one would care or even know.

“Pleasure for pleasure, an even trade. I’ll pull out, but you’re on the pill, right?”

She nodded, her head rolling back against his strong chest. He put a second finger inside her, but didn’t cease his hard thrusting, and she was about to lose her mind. “Then we’re agreed.”


“Good,” he said, and pulled his fingers from her and pulled back from her, turning her around to face him.

He wore a mask covered with colorful gemstones and a rather phallic nose, but she could see his eyes were blue and his hair, blonde like hers, hung a little long. That night, he wore a purple button-down shirt and black pants. Though he didn’t stand much taller than her, he was solidly built and obviously worked out to attain arms like the ones he’d had locked around her.

Gently, he kissed her lips and then pushed her down onto her knees.

“Don’t worry,” he said, putting his hands on his hips. “No one will step on you. And they keep the floors here very clean.”

Not sure why she was obeying a strange man, but knowing she desperately wanted him back inside her and would do whatever he asked, she undid his pants. He wore no underwear, which made pulling him out of the pants easy. Her fingers couldn’t reach all the way around his thick cock, and she grew excited about how it would feel when he put it inside her. More people watched as she licked her lips, and then began to run him over her lips, feeling the hardness of his member against the softness of her lips. She spit on his cock and rubbed the wetness into the tip. Squeezing her lips together, she pushed her mouth against the tip, letting it push into her mouth slowly. Once she’d taken as much of him in her mouth as she could, she looked up at his face and saw a naughty grin watching her closely.

Lavender felt charged by her own arousal and the attention of the people around, and put her hands on his. She began to move her head to and from him, letting him have all of her mouth. Moving one hand, she took hold of his balls and began to knead them at the same time, to the same rhythm. Remembering the older man behind her, she stuck her ass out and pulled up her kimono the rest of the way, revealing her round ass and her purple thong to him especially, but to anyone else who might have liked the view as well.

The Chameleon enjoyed how she sucked him off. He threw back his head and closed his eyes. When he looked back down at her, he took hold of her hair. Holding her head in place, he began to thrust himself back and forth in her mouth, and she dropped her hands to her sides to allow it. He was forceful, but it didn’t hurt, and she imagined him doing the same action to her pussy and hoped he wouldn’t wait too long to do just that.

“Fuck her!” A voice called through the crowd, and others cheered. Lavender looked up into the mask of her stranger with her mouth still full of him and smiled. It sounded good to her. All these people found her desirable, and she was enjoying it.

He pulled out of her and reached down, taking hold of her under her arms. He brought her up to him and kissed her long and deep, his tongue tracing her teeth and probing her cheeks.

She reached up and pulled her kimono off her shoulders, letting it fall to the ground. A few people cheered.

The Chameleon laughed, and leaned in to her ear. “What would you like me to do to you?”

“Make me scream,” she answered.

“Your wish is my command,” he replied.

Pants down around his hips, he took a few steps over to where a support beam stood to the side of the dance floor, and pulled her to him, pushing her back up against the beam. He knelt down then and ran his hands up her bare thighs, kissing her knees along the way. He licked his way up her thigh to her pussy, and once he got there he moved her thong aside and parted her with his thumbs and looked longingly at her for a long moment. She looked around and saw the other people in the room watching them even as they danced with their own partners. The Chameleon dove forward and drove his tongue into her, and wasted no time in licking her until she was completely wet for him. He pressed his whole face in between her legs and ran his tongue all over in between her folds and inside her.

It was only for a minute, though. Then he stood back to his full height, his penis erect and pointing at her, and practically tore her thong off. Tossing it into the crowd, he lifted one of her legs up as high as it could go and hooked her bent knee over his arm. Moving toward her, she felt his hard cock press against her pussy and then he was deep inside her, pushing into her as hard as he could until she cried out as the feeling almost hurt. Rhythmically, he began to thrust himself against her, driving home his member with every other move, and causing her breasts to bounce hard along the way. He didn’t back away from her, didn’t back down, and she put her hands on his hard shoulders to keep herself on her feet as her knees threatened to buckle. He grew sweaty as he pumped faster and harder, beating his thighs against hers and making her moan time after time.

Lavender felt her legs give out, but he wasn’t done. He simply caught her under her ass and lifted her up against the wall, pinning her to it with the heft of him. She felt her back rubbing against the cool concrete of the beam behind her, and as she landed on his cock over and over her eyes closed and she fell forward until her breasts landed in his face.

Over his shoulder, she saw the older gentleman jerking off as he watched her get fucked by The Chameleon, and another man who had a woman on her knees sucking him off even as his eyes were glued to them. When The Chameleon took one of her nipples in his mouth and began to suck at it with amazingly strong suction, and she saw the desiring eyes of the people watching her, she exploded with pleasure and release. Later, she would have sworn she saw stars. As he’d promised, she screamed a little as orgasm came, ripping through her from the roots of her hair to her toes.

The Chameleon dropped her to her feet and spun her around quickly, pushing her forward so she leaned against the beam. He shoved his cock into her from behind and bent forward, squeezing both her breasts in his hands as he fucked her hard and faster until he pulled out quickly and spurted cum between her cheeks, quaking through a few aftershocks until he was completely drained.

Applause celebrated them, and The Queen came forward with two purple drinks in hand and a napkin. She handed them the drinks.

“Congratulations on an auspicious debut, my friends. Enjoy a drink on the house. And come back again, lovelies.”

Lavender stood in a crowd of people, barely able to stay on her heels as her legs still shook. The Chameleon’s semen drizzled down her ass and thigh, and she met his eyes as they drank the grape vodka beverages hungrily.

He reached over and found her kimono, helping her back into it. Feeling more free than she’d ever felt, she left it wide open. Her thong was nowhere to be seen, but she didn’t care. He buttoned his pants and then wrapped an arm around her waist, leaning in to kiss her for a long time.

“We’ve done purple,” he said.

“What’s next?”


“What would you like me to wear?”

The Chameleon grinned and reached into the back pocket of his pants. He handed her a small velvet pouch no bigger than a pack of cigarettes. “Just this and your mask.”

“Oh my. That can’t leave much to the imagination.”

He looked down over her exposed body. “Is that a problem?”

“No.” Lavender looked into his mask, trying to figure out the mystery of him. “Who are you, though? And why me?”

“Because you’re beautiful. And you needed me to make you come alive. Until tomorrow night, Lavender Tate.”

“Until tomorrow night, Chameleon.”

Lavender tied her kimono and walked out of the purple room back into the boring gray hallway that divided the seven rooms of Prism. Making her way to the exit, she stopped to get her long trenchcoat from the coat check, took off her mask and stuffed it into her pocket, and readied to step back out into the real world.

In her hand, she held the tiny package he’d given her, containing what she was to wear for her return. The valet brought her car around, and she gave him a sly smile when she noticed him noticing her lack of underthings as she got into her car. Of all her wildest dreams, she’d never imagined herself getting off on having strangers watch her fuck, but her body tingled with the idea and the adventure.

She would definitely return the following night for another evening with the sexy and mysterious Chameleon, even if she still had absolutely no idea who he was.

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