Change in Roles

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Gabby was talking to Jamie over the computer. He had left for work early the morning and she wasn’t awake when he walked out. “What are you doing?” Jamie asked.

“Nothing, just sitting here talking to you.” she replied.

They conversed back and forth a little, but nothing too interesting entered their chat. He’d been having a really busy day at work, and wasn’t responding much. So, she decided to go chat room surfing. She was feeling inquisitive and wanted to learn about some kind of sexual lifestyle she didn’t know about. She headed to the adult user rooms to see what she could dig up.

Reading to herself she said “Hmmm BDSM, Fetishes, Masturbation, Gay/Straight,” then she came across one that she had only heard of in movies, “Role playing?” She knew what she’s read online about BDSM and she wasn’t interested in it at all, lots about masturbation, and all that good stuff. Gabby clicked on the role playing link, which brought up several different topics in itself.

Most of it sounded repulsive, yet it sparked a curiosity in her that she had never known before. She joined a few of the rooms and just sat in and read through what other people were typing about. It was hard for her to understand at first. why someone would want to do that stuff, but after a little while she found herself becoming aroused by it. It you had asked her why, she couldn’t have told you.

“Hey, are you still there?” Jamie asked.

Feeling a little embarrassed over the whole ordeal, said “Yes, I was chat surfing.”

He replied with “Oh, what did you find today?”

Gabby tried to cover herself and make it a joke, “I was being stupid in a Role play chat.” but most of the damage was already done. Things she’s never even imagined turned her on in a major way. She was desperately trying to hide it.

Of course, Jamie started teasing her about it. “What kind of Role play chat were you in?”

“Just different ones, a guy asked me if he could be my daddy. So i told him he would have to ask my mommy.” She joked off.

“You liked it and you know it.” He poked at her.

“I was just joking about all of it shithead.” she cringed, “Unless you didn’t want me to be.”

“Well just tell me which one when you figure it out.” he replied.

Gabby didn’t know if he was joking or not though. Now she was flat out terrified to tell him, he would make fun of her even more. Jamie had to get offline for a meeting, and it gave her time to fantasize about her newly found turn on.

She pictured herself walking into the house with a report card. Jamie was sitting in his chair watching television. She stood by the chair and said “Guess what Daddy.”

Jamie asked “What Baby?”

“I got all A’s on my report card!”

“That’s great, I’m so proud of you.” he told her.

She leaned down to hug him and said “Daddy does this mean I can have a reward?” as she pulled back she grazed her tongue against the bottom of his earlobe.

“Sure, Pumpkin, anything you want.” He smiled.

Gabby kneeled in front of his chair and said “Anything?”

“Anything.” Jamie whispered.

“Even if it’s to suck your uşak escort big hard cock, Daddy?”

“Even that Pumpkin.” he half moaned.

With that he undone his pants for her, and let his rock hard dick go free. Gabby reached out and wrapped her fingers around it. As she lowered her face to it, she looked up at him with her big blue eyes, and she touched her moist warm lips to its head, she let out a low “mmm”.

Her eyes stayed locked on his as she slid his cock down her throat. When she came back up, she sucked on the head hard and pulled back making a pop sound when it pulled out of her mouth. Gently caressing his balls in her hand, she picked up a rhythm, and started speeding it up until her daddy’s breath was fast and heavy. Jamie began grunting and moaning, still with her eyes looking up into his. Then at last he shot his hot load into his baby’s mouth. She swallowed every drop.

Gabby stood up and said “Mmm. Thank you Daddy.” then gave him a deep passionate kiss. “I’m going to bed. I love you Daddy.”

When she finally snapped back to reality, there was a big wet spot on the crotch of her jeans. There was just something about looking at Jamie as her superior and calling him “Daddy” that made her feel so naughty and kinky. But as much as she wanted to she just couldn’t tell him. It could make things weird between then, and after two years she didn’t want things to be weird.

Gabby thought to herself ‘Well I can’t just sit here all day’ and got up. She drove down to the grocery store to pick up some stuff for Jamie’s birthday party that was coming up soon.

On her way home she stopped by the mall to have some lunch and look around. She met up with her friend Stacey at the food court and they talked about what was going on.

“I was in bed with Evan last night,” Stacey said “and he lost his balance and fell off the bed and hit his hear on the night stand beside the bed.”

Gabby laughed and asked “Well is he ok?”

“Yeah, I took him to the ER because I was nervous and excited at the same time.” she replied “Evan begged me not to tell anyone exactly what had happened.”

“And you blurted it all out, right?” She asked her.

“The nurse asked what had happened so I yelled out that we were fucking and he fell off the bed. Oh my god he was pissed. Stacey said.

They sat there laughing about poor Evan’s broken ear as they ate. Finally a moment Gabby gad been dreading came up. “So, Gabs how are you and Jamie?”

She told Stacey everything, so she felt almost obligated to tell her about her fantasy as well. She looked down and bit her bottom lip before starting to speak. “We’re really good.”

“Any interesting sex romps lately?’ Stacey asked.

Now Gabby wanted to tell Stacey, it was exciting to let someone in on it. “Promise you won’t tell anyone?”

Stacey replied “Of course, spill it girl.”

Gabby started “I kinda want to try role playing with him, but i am too scared to ask for it.”

“Role play as what exactly?” she asked.

Gabby took a deep breath in and said “Daddy and daughter.” then blushed.

Stacey was a little dumbfounded asking “Why are you too scared to ask?”

“Because I am scared he will freak out.” she replied with a laugh.

“Well come on we have to go shopping.” Stacey said with a smile.

They threw away their trash, and Stacey led the way up the escalator. Making their way to the end of the mall, the passed a shop called The Sex Kitten. Stacey suggested that she but Jamie’s birthday present there. She just laughed and said “I don’t think he’s kinky enough for The Sex Kitten.”

Stacey said “Oh Gabs, don’t you know. All guys are kinky enough for The Sex Kitten. You just have to give them the opportunity.”

Gabby playfully rolled her eyes as they walked in. There was any kind of sex toy you could imagine, stirrups, strap on’s, nipple clamps. She wanted to turn and run, but Stacey grabbed her arm and made her stop.

They filled up a basket of goodies and went on their way. Parting in the parking lot Gabby reminded her “The party is tomorrow at 8pm at the house.”

“We’ll be there, Evan is taking Jamie golfing and i will help you decorate.”

She said.

When Gabby got home Jamie was already there, so she put the box of goodies in the fridge in the garage. He met her at the door with a kiss and said “I love you!”

“I love you too Jamie.” she replied

“Can I have my birthday present early then?” he propositioned her.

“No” she was plain and simple with it.

They had a quiet night at home, watching some TV, eating dinner, and cuddling on the couch. She fell asleep and he practically dragged her to the bedroom.

Evan was there bright and early the next morning to pick him up. She was still laying in bed when he kissed her bye. “Happy birthday baby.” she told him as he left.

After that she rushed to take a shower and start cleaning on the house. She walked into the kitchen to see that Stacey had picked up the ice cream and the cake.

“Oh my god Stacey! I had forgotten all about that stuff. Thank you!” She yelled out.

They put up all the decorations had it all ready by 5 o’clock. They sat down to rest a little bit. Stacey said “He’ll love this.”

“I hope so.” Gabby said.

By 7:30 everyone had gotten there and someone said “They’re in the drive way.”

They walked in and the party started. It was just a small party and it was over by 10:30.

Stacey asked if Gabby was going to ask him about the role playing thing that night and she told her that she may do it later on. Everyone was gone out of the house and Jamie Said to Gabby “There’s just one more birthday present that I want from you tonight.”

“Oh and what Is that?” she laughed.

“You sure you really really want to know?” he teased.

“Yes, now just tell me butthead.” she insisted.

He whispered in her ear, “I want you to play a game with me.”

“What game?”

“I want you to call me daddy.” He said.

“How did you know about that?” she was so surprised.

He told her “You should always make sure you turn the chats off of the computer when you log off.”

They laughed and headed for the bedroom. She walked in first and bent down to untie her shoes without thinking about Jamie being behind her. Her shorts were short and her ass showed when she was bent like that. Jamie brushed his hands on her bottom and she giggled “Daddy!”

He said “You know what Daddy would like from his girl first?”

“What’s that?” she replied.

“Mmm for her to get on her knees and suck on his cock. Can you do that for me baby?” He said.

“You mean like this?” She got down on her knees and unzipped his pants. His Dick was already hard from the anticipation. She jacked him with her hand a couple times before closing her mouth over it and going down on him. When she came back up and sucked hard on just the head then asked “Is that how you like it Daddy?”

Jamie moaned “Yes baby. Ohh that’s it!”

That made her go even faster on him. He asked “You want Daddy to cum in your mouth?”

She looked up at him with her big blue eyes and plunged her mouth back down over his cock. He started pivoting his hips and fucking her mouth. She was taking him all the way down her throat and playing with his firming balls. Gabby could tell he was about to cum from the was he was breathing. She moaned with him in her mouth and he grunted loudly. “Oh Daddy is cumming baby!”

She kept going until she had every drop he had to offer. When she stood back up to face him, he kissed her deeply and she said ” I want more Daddy.”

He striped her shirt over her head and unfastened her bra letting her tits go. “Humm baby you have nice titties.”

She giggled and said “Humm Daddy you have a nice cock.” With that his cock started to grow stiff again. His hand slid down her shorts and found a spot between her legs. He undid her pants with her other hand as he sucked one of her nipples into his mouth, tweaking it with the tip of his tongue. He pushed her back on the bed and lay over her with his fingers massaging her pussy lips. Jamie smiled to see that he was pleasuring her so much.

Gabby was moaning and saying “Mmm Daddy” and “Ohh Daddy” he was liking it a lot. Finally he moved his mouth down to her soaking pussy and sucked her one o her lips into his mouth. His nosed pressed into her throbbing clit. She moaned out again “Oh don’t stop! Please.”

She came in a spat. Jamie came up over her again and asked her if she was enjoying it. Gabby said she loved it. Just then he placed his cock at the entrance to her pussy, then slid it in. She gasped out. He told her “Yes that’s it baby. Make Daddy want to fuck you harder.”

He pushed her legs up and apart and said “Watch my cock fuck you.”

She did and asked “Can I rub my clit for you?”

“You should do that.” he commanded.

A few more thrusts and moans made Jamie fuck harder and harder until Gabby was exploding in and orgasm. Her cum seeped out around his cock as he pumped away. “Yes Daddy. Oh Yes!” she moaned.

That sent him over the edge again and busted his cum deep inside her. She could feel it start to leak out of her when he pulled himself out. They lay there in bed side by side, he asked “Was it what you hoped?”

She replied “Not sure. We’ll have to try again later.”

He laughed and gave her a kiss good night, an they fell asleep holding each other.

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