Change of Life Ch. 08

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I woke first about 4 hours later realizing we hadn’t eaten. It was 1AM and I sat there just looking at my wife laying there with her pussy covered with my cum. I still had a hard time trying to understand exactly what happened just a few hours ago. The woman I was married to had gone from the ice queen of the neighborhood to a hot and very horny sex machine. And she had done it with me! I looked at her and wondered why? Why did she all of a sudden come to me and fuck me like I had always wanted? I had no idea but I wasn’t going to fight it. I was going to enjoy it for as long as it would last.

I sat there and looked down at her physique lying on the quilt she had made weeks ago. The fire burning brightly as I took in her fully naked body with nothing covering it. I hadn’t seen her like this since, well, I couldn’t remember when I had seen her fully nude and with all the lights of the room on and the fire shinning on her as she slept.

I had to say, Shirl was still a very beautiful woman! She wasn’t as magnificent as she was in her late teens and 20, but then hell neither was I. Well maybe I was never what you would call magnificent! Back then my stomach was hard, flat and a size 28.

Shirl had solid breasts that still sat up fairly nicely on her chest. They weren’t huge maybe 35C nut her nipples were still very suckable. I wondered if that was a real word? They stood out long and hard whenever she was excited. Yes, her nipples, were still like they were when she was a teen and in her 20s. They always stick out maybe a full inch when fully hard and I knew she really loved to have them pinched, sucked and licked. I smiled as I remembered how they look to me in the car the first night I saw them. I told her she was so beautiful as I covered one with my lips. I remembered how she sighed deeply and held my head gently with her hand as I nursed on that wonderful young breast!

She now a larger stomach now and it wasn’t as hard or as flat as it use to be but still not bad at all for a woman in her forties. Oh hell, again I said, “My gut isn’t a 28 inch one any more either.”

Her hips were wider too but she had given birth to two large children. Her legs were still very shapely and solid. She always did have great legs. I smiled as I remembered how she looked that night when she dressed for the big dance at her school! God she looked so good in that short, tight skirt. I was so hot for her and she was so beautiful. I remembered I could have shot my load if she had just touched me the right way that night. What a beautiful woman she had been and still was now so many years later.

I looked at her pussy with the light color and closely trimmed brown hair covering her slit. It still looked like a young woman’s pussy. It was soft and sweet and had a short slit. Shirl’s slit wasn’t long like some women. Instead of being 6-8 inches long, hers was more like 4 inches long. And her small opening of a sex hole was small as well. One thing I knew she hadn’t been fucking any guy lately that was for sure. When I entered her tonight it was like entering her for the first time. She was still very tight but it always took just a moment with my cock in her before her body let her juices flow giving me easier stroking motion. Then she was smooth and opened and I pumped her pussy tunnel like a man processed. I usually was from waiting so long between fucks..

But it was her thighs and ass!! Oh man that ass was still so nice. It was very round and elevated her pussy about 6-8 inches up off the floor when she was lying on her back. I remembered the first time she lay back against my chest between my legs with her knees bent and opened as we both watched the fire shinning between them. I ran my hands around her sides and down between her thighs. I slowly stroked her upper most inner thighs with both hands. God I loved that soft skin next to a pussy. It’s the softest thing in the world. As I slowly teased her and stroked her, every once in a while I would glide my hand and fingers over her dripping pussy. Sometimes I would cup the entire thing in my hand and squeezed it gently. I could feel its softness and its fullness as it swelled from her excitement. She would turn her head and kiss me long and hard. Ahh yes! Those were the days!

Now as I watched her sleep, her body recovering from sex and multiple orgasms she had with me, I wondered if things had changed. Would she be a sexual hungry wife now? She must have cum 4 times over the 40 minutes that I had been making love to her before we actually had intercourse and made love. Know that wasn’t right, I had been fucking her, not making love to her and we both loved it.

I watched her pussy lips still quiver as they stayed open a little waiting for something come back and go into her silky pussy hole. I wondered if I should use my hands and fingers to give her just enough simulation to keep her cunt open while she slept! No, she was sleeping so soundly I decided to wait a little while. I could see her nipples sticking out a little towards Fatih escort the warmth of the fire. She was breathing slowly as she slept. I watched her breasts rise and fall. I love watching a woman’s naked body any time, but especially as it recovers from an orgasm. She lay there on the quilt as I bent my head closer to her pussy. God how I wanted to lick it, to please her again. She must had felt my breath on her thigh and she rolled over facing away from me as she mumbled something in her sleep. She was completely gone in the world of orgasm afterglow sleeping like a young girl.

I looked at her round ass that was now facing me. I could see the cum tracks from the sex we had earlier. There was also a dried puddle on the quilt where she had been lying. I moved around and was now up against her ass laying there spooning her. She sighed and pushed back a little. I ran my hand over her body and she took it and held it to her chest. I cupped her left breast and enjoyed the feel of her larger breast. One thing about gaining a little weight, it always went to her breasts first. My cock was getting harder and was now sticking between her legs as I faced her back. She moaned as she felt it pressing against her ass and pussy hole. I squeezed the breasts and felt the nipple begin to harden. Was she awake? I wasn’t sure. I moved my hand over to the other breast and cupped it! She rolled back against me. She turned her head and kissed me and put her tongue in my mouth. I slid over and she was now laying on her back again.

She said, “I need a shower. Would you care if I took a quick shower?”

I said, “NOW!”

She said, “I stink. I’ll only be a second or two. You wait here and I’ll be right back.”

So off she went and I laid there for what were only a few minutes. When she came back she laid down and positioned her body exactly where it was before. Then she around and rolled over on top of me. She sat up and this time her knees were straddling the sides of my body. She looked down and smiled as I reached up to cup her breasts with both hands. She put her hands over mine and squeezed her tits as she said, “I was taking a shower and started to wonder how you enjoyed your fantasy. I remembered you telling me one time you wanted to fuck me in the dining room and then in the family room in front of the fire. Did you enjoy it Bud?”

I smiled up at her as I watched my hands playing with her tits and said, “Yes! But then I would enjoy making love to you anywhere you know that. We do it so seldom!”

She said, “Would you call what we did making love or fucking?”

I was a little taken back, I knew she didn’t like that word. At least that’s what she had always told me when I used it. I said, “Fucking. We were fucking! And yes, I fucking loved it! Did you?”

She laughed and said, “Oh my yes you were….were different tonight!”

I said, Different? How so?”

She aid, ” Well……more demanding…yes…. Yes…that’s the right word….demanding. You were telling me what to do and GOD, I did it! It was fucking great Buddy! I loved it! We should certainly do more of this that way. You know, you telling me what to do and me doing it and we fucked like wild animals. Very exciting don’t you think?” Before I could say anything, she went on, “Then maybe one night it could be my turn and I could be demanding and you could do it! What do you say? Please! It’s one of my sexual fantasies darling!”

She covered her face with both hands and began to blush!

While her face was covered I looked at her body. Oh my! My cock started to rise and get hard again. I looked at her thighs opened and her pussy and ass sitting on my stomach. Her thighs were so nice, firm and very smooth. I moved my hands off her breasts and down her body. As I began to rub the inner skin high up on her thigh, my fingers came very close to her pussy. Each time I would run a finger or the palm of my hand over it, she shook a little with her excitement.

She smiled down at me and said, “Oh that’s nice Buddy! Keep doing that! So what do you say, “Would you let me take control one night? Would you do what I ask you to do as we made love… make that, as we fucked?”

I smiled and said, “Well if you grant me one of my fantasies, sure babe I’ll grant you one of yours. That’s only fair. I used my finger to touch the center of her pussy and push it between her cunt lips. I felt them open and my finger slide into her hole about an inch. I could see her shiver again as goose bumps formed on her thighs from the chills and pleasure I was giving her pussy.

Every couple of seconds she would lift that magical ass up to take my finger deep inside her. As she sat down on it, I would move it in and around in a tight little circle before pulling it out! It was covered with both of our cum from the sex we had hours ago.

I showed it to her and she surprised the hell out of me! Shirl took my finger and sucked on it taking off the wet cum which was covering it. Then Fındıkzade escort bayan she would place it back inside her. She had never done that before in all of our marriage. It made me rock hard, and I didn’t know why but I knew she felt my cock jump. She smiled down at me and moved up on my body. She moaned a little now and the she asked me, “Bud! Do you have any really large fantasies? You know one you would really like to do more than all the others?”

I told her, “Well sure Shirl. We all have them.”

She said,” NO! I know we all have them baby. I mean do you have one that really drives you lustful! You know, one that makes you hard as hell….one that you jerk off too maybe…..maybe more than the others?”

I began to sit up thinking she wanted to talk. But, she pushed me back on the quilt and said, “Oh Bud! Please don’t take your fingers out of me. Leave them inside. It feels too good!! That it!! Keep it inside me. Please!”

She was swaying back and forth as I fingered her watching them move in and out of her cunt. I could feel her wetness on my stomach now. She was dripping! “What the fuck”, I said to myself, “What’s gotten into her?”

I use my free hand to pull her towards me and she smiled as she moved her lower body up my body. As she came closer to my face, she left a wet stain on me. With her thighs now straddled my upper chest I could now smell her musk and see her fat swollen pussy lips much better. I continued to finger her. She said, “If you tell me you biggest fantasy I’ll tell you mine.”

I said, “Well now? You want me to tell you it now or later when we’re finished her?”

She slid closer still and whispered almost in a little girl’s voice, “Oh new baby! Tell me it now.”

I didn’t realize it then but later I looked back on that time and understood why and what she was doing. As we talked she inched her body closer to my face. When she said, “Oh now baby”, I could actually smell her body’s aroma! She was intimidating me with the sight and smells of her sex. Her pussy was only inches from my face and her musk was filling my lungs and making me want her more and more. So of course like any man in that position I told her my deepest feelings, my deepest secrets and sexual fantasy.

I told her, “OK Well, I have two of them.”

She said, “Tell me both. Please!”

I said, “One is to have sex with your youngest sister!”

She laughed out loud and said, “Oh hell Bud I have known that since she turned 16! Come on, tell me one I don’t already know.”

She moved closer to my face with that sweet cunt of hers. As she straddled my head she moved down and ran her pussy over y lips as she said, “I’ll tell you mine afterwards.”

She looked down at me and pressed her cunt on to my mouth. My tongue automatically licked out and began to give her pleasure. She slowly rocked back and forth on my face as I ate her. When she was close to cumming, she backed off and slid down my chest. She laid on top of me and as she took my swollen hard cock in her had and moved it towards her opening, she said, “And your other one?”

I moaned and then said, “Well we have been married for a long time. And one thing I would like to do is to fuck another woman one last time. It’s not that I don’t want you it’s just a fantasy and won’t ever happen. But that’s what I usually jerk of too”

She came up and kissed me shoving her tongue into my mouth. As I sucked on it she moved her pussy on to my cock and as she lowered her body down on top of me, my cock went into her pussy all the way. She didn’t move she held it there as she broke the kiss and licked up my chin. She looked in directly in the face and said, “Who? Who do you want to fuck Bud?”

I said, “Mandy!” I don’t know why I said it so fast. But it just came out as she was rotating her hips and fucking me gently! I was about to cum when I said it! But once I did, I felt my cock start to shrink!

She smiled and said, “I know! I know you want to fuck her again! Yes Bud, I know you did once already. Was it as good for you as it was for her? She told me she loved the way you ate her pussy and the way the two of you fucked her at the same time!”

I felt my cock begin to soften quickly now! But she squeezed her thighs together and said, “It’s OK! It’s OK I’m not mad or even upset! Well a little I guess because you didn’t tell me when I asked you. But now as long as you fuck me like you fucked her the other night we’ll be good baby!!”

As she lay between my thighs, I inhaled our sexual musk as we began fucking with Shirl laying on top of me! Her musk was fresh and clean and it was making my cock point out to it’s maximum again in seconds! She knew about Mandy and me and it was OK with her. Now I was very concerned. What was going on?

I gently began to thrust up into her as she laid on top of me. She said, “Oh this is much better than a finger or two. It’s better than a mouth, better than most anything. It’s even better than a vibrator!”

I Escort Gaziosmanpaşa looked at her and said, “You have a vibrator? Since when?”

She laughed a little and said, “No Buddy! I don’t have one. But Mandy does! I used hers. In fact we have used her one long one together. That was really fun.”

I was stunned! Our bodies were enjoying the fucking and in fact I was harder thinking about these two women together. I said, “Ready Shirl? Are you shitting me? You and Mandy had sex together?”

She smiled and said, “No Bud. I’m not shitting you. Mandy and I have shared a great deal of secrets and have fucked each other a great many times.”

I said, “Secrets?”

She laughed and said, “Yes. Like I know she wants you to fuck her again because her husband Paully can’t satisfy her any more. Well that’s not exactly true, Paul does please her sometimes. Actually Bud, it was my idea to have you do her. Did you like it? Aren’t you glad I recommended you to her? She is very beautiful don’t you think? What a body she has! Don’t you think so?”

I didn’t answer so she said,. “It’s OK baby! I know everything!”

She sat up on me and arranged my cock inside her. Her opening then squeezed my cock and as she sat there straddling my body with her thighs, I pumped up into her with almost all of the length of my hard cock. She said, “Yes! That’s what Mandy liked Bud. How you thrust your cock deep inside her. Again baby! Do it again!”

I looked down at her open pussy lips and saw my shaft push in and out of her as she rode me hard now. My cock was leaking pre-cum with each exciting moment I was so ready to cum! God this woman, my wife, was doing and saying things to me that was driving me wild.

I told her I wanted to rollover. She came down on top of me and said, “Roll us but don’t you dare take that wonderful cock out f my pussy!

I held her and we rolled over. I raised her ass up so her cunt would meet my cock hard as I pumped down into her. Shirl said: “Now just relax and fuck me Buddy. Please try not to cum to soon. I want this to last a long time. Get your cock deep in my pussy my love! That’s it!.”

She whispered in my ear: “Easy baby! That cock feels so good! It’s so hard and thick. Fuck me a long time baby!”

She smiled up at me as she said it. “After you get me full of cock you can fill my pussy with all your cum! Now do a good job on my cunt Buddy! Oh your cock feels so good You’re so gentle and fuck me like a crazy woman! You really good now! We’re going to have such a good time together and when I tell you my fantasy you’re going to cum so hard! Oh yes! Oh fuck me Buddy!”

In a second. I was fucking her hard and she was fucking me right back! OK? It will be good for both of us! I promised myself that. Oh Yes!” she moaned.

She felt the cock head moving in and out of her hole faster and harder now. She began to wiggle her hips around a little and her ass was pumping p into me like a pro.

Oh Shirl!! I really love this baby! It’s better than anything! We have to start doing this much more often. If demanding will get you hot then hell I’ll demand it everyday!”

She said as she grunted, “Well, ugh, if, you, let me, ugh, demand, ugh, too, ugh, I’ll, give you , ugh, all you ,, can handle!” Oh Bud! Fuck me harder!! Oh yes! Just like that!!”

I had pulled her body to me opening and lifting her legs as her orgasm started. I was buried deep when she started to cum! She went wild fucking me like I never knew she could do. This wasn’t my wife any longer under me. This was some beautiful fucking whore who was going to kill me. I loved it!

With her legs lifted higher I knelt between them and drove my cock into her cunt now. As my big swollen purple cock head touched that dark area inside her pussy tunnel I could almost see her cum leaking around my shaft. She was dripping et as I pumped into again and again.

She held me tight around my neck and said, “Let my legs go Bud!”

I did and she wrapped them around my body and pushed down with the heels of her feet on my ass. She pulled me tight against her as her cunt was sucking my cock in as deep as it could. She held me and said, “My God that’s good baby! Harder! Fuck me harder!”

I was just about there. Seconds from cumming. As my cock thicken and actually got harder she knew it too! She aid, “Ah…my greatest…. fantasy Ah….is ah….to see…..ah…. you fuck Mandy! OH JESUS YES!!! BUDDY CUM IN ME!!!!! OHHHHHHHHHHHH GODDDDDDD!!!”

She cried out as a huge orgasm swept over her body. I screamed when I heard her whisper in my ear that she wanted to watch me fuck my lover. I slammed into one last time and pumped a huge load of cum deep into her womb! It coated her cervix and filled her womb, before pumping out the sides of her cunt all around the shaft of my thick hard cock!!

” Jesus Shirl!” I said as our cum was leaking all over us. I was still deep inside her pussy. She smiled and said out of breath, ” Yes Bud. Tomorrow when you go over there to “play gold”, I’ll be with you. We’ll all four of us be in the room as you fuck my best friend. Oh, and Mandy is my part time lover too!”

I looked down at her and she said, “Well it’s my greatest fantasy Bud. The other one was to have sex with a woman. I have done that so you’re next.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32