Change of Plan Ch. 3

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This is a work of fiction, written for enjoyment and amusement; hopefully yours as well as mine. Comment and constructive criticism invited. I’m sorry that this one has been so long in coming, but I needed to finish my dissertation!


While we had been making our plans and Lisa had been ‘phoning Jeff, Mrs Larson had been working in the house. She came out now to the poolside wearing a short robe, which she discarded, to reveal a white bikini.

Eve Larson was a very welcome sight to a horny boy like me. Slightly fuller-figured than her daughter, the bikini did little to conceal her lush curves. Kathy and Lisa were chatting quietly at one end of the pool while I was at the other, having done a few hard laps for exercise.

Lisa waved to her mother. “Hi, Mom,” she called, “come to show us how it’s done?”

“Of course,” her mother replied, grinning. She took a look around then ran a few quick steps along the poolside, before launching herself in a flat dive towards where I stood at the other end of the pool from the girls.

I don’t know whether she hadn’t fastened it properly or whether the impact of her dive had loosened it, but as she surfaced beside me, then stood, the top of her bikini had slipped to reveal her left breast. She glanced down in alarm, then ducked under the water and adjusted herself. A pity, because it was a really nice tit, full and curved, brown crinkled nipple nicely erected by the cool of the water.

“Oops!” she said, glancing at me, a flush on her face. She glanced over her shoulder but the girls hadn’t noticed. “Sorry, Matt. I think I dived in too fast.”

“It’s OK, Mrs Larson, I won’t tell,” I replied, smiling at her. In truth, she looked really good. I guess she exercised or something, because she looked trim, slim and tanned.

She laughed, and then cocked her head. “I guess you probably enjoyed the view,” she said, grinning, then winked. “At least, I hope you did.”

“Very much,” I said quietly. “You’re a beautiful woman.”

She said nothing, just looked at me, then nodded slightly, turned and swam away. I thought that this was probably a good time to say nothing more. Particularly as there wasn’t a damn’ thing I could think of.

She was a good swimmer and after she’d swum a few steady laps she joined us in a game of water polo – of a sort – partnering Lisa against me and Kathy. They won. She went back into the house then and came out again about twenty minutes later in a smart suit and blouse.

“Your dad and I are having dinner with Mr Levy tonight, kids,” she said to Lisa and Todd, “so you’ll have to fend for yourselves. There’s plenty of food, either in the refrigerator or in the freezer, or you can ‘phone for pizza or a Chinese. There’s enough money in the jar in the kitchen to pay.”

“Mom,” said Lisa, “Cindy and Jeff are coming over for a swim. Can they stay to eat?”

“OK,” said her Mom, “but I want them away by ten. Your dad and I will be home about midnight. You kids had better be in bed, OK?”

“Sure thing, Mom,” said Lisa. She gave her mother a kiss. “Enjoy yourself.”

Eve Larson went off smiling and I looked around at the others.

“What’s the time, Matt?” Lisa asked.

I glanced at my watch. “Almost three,” I said.

“Jeff and Cindy will be here about four,” said Lisa, “so what do we do until then?”

Kathy laughed and Lisa gave her a frown of mock annoyance. “Not that, we save ourselves until Jeff and Cindy arrive.” She sniffed. “Although you two are OK. You have each other, while Todd and I are waiting for our lovers.” She adopted a theatrically appropriate pose, then laughed and said, “Oh, fuck it!”

“I’ve been thinking,” I began.

“Oh, poor dear,” said Kathy, stroking my cheek, “are you all right now?” she asked in treacly tones of saccharin concern.

I spanked her butt and she skipped out of reach, giggling. “If I may continue? Thank you. I was just going to say, I can check to see if my pickup is ready. If it is, I can go and get it, then we’ll have wheels which can take all six of us if need be.”

“Jeff has a car, but yeah, good idea,” said Lisa. “Hey, I don’t think Mom’s actually left yet. I’ll see if I can catch her. She can give you a lift to the auto repair.”

So a few minutes later I found myself in the VW with Eve Larson. We chatted. Nothing significant, just the sort of thing you’d expect from a mother giving a school friend of her children a lift. She was actually rather good company, which at first surprised me, then I realised that I had never heard Todd or Lisa say anything bad about her. Compared to the alleged faults of the parents of some of the other kids at school, that made her practically a saint.

Almost too soon, she stopped at the corner near the auto repair. She turned to me. “Matt, in the pool, when my top slipped.”

I flushed. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything.”

She chuckled. “Don’t be silly, Matt. Every woman likes a compliment. It’s a boost to think that a young Kastamonu Escort man like you can find me beautiful.”

“You are,” I said simply.

She leaned across and kissed me lightly on the lips. “Thank you, Matt. You’ve made my day. Time to go now. I’ll see you in the morning.”

I got out and she drove off with a wave. I ambled into the repair shop where Gus, the foreman, spotted me and came over.

“Ready and waiting, Matt,” he rumbled. Gus is big. “Your Dad said to charge it to him, so it’s all yours.” He held out the keys.

“Thanks, Gus. I guess I’m Dad’s slave for the next thousand years to pay for it.” I shrugged and grinned.

Gus smiled sympathetically and put a huge hand on my shoulder. “It was a lot less than I thought. Maybe only a hundred years, Matt.” He patted my shoulder gently. “It’s out back.”

Ten minutes later I was in my old pickup and driving back to the Larson place. I got back at ten to four and five minutes later Jeff Tallman’s old Dodge pulled in. Jeff and Cindy were wearing shorts and t-shirts like the rest of us. In Cindy’s case sleeveless and cut away to reveal her tanned midriff. She’s a good-looking girl, Cindy, tiny compared to Lisa and Kathy at a bare five feet tall, and her cropped red hair was a nice contrast to Lisa’s blonde and Kathy’s brunette. Like his sister, Jeff’s hair is red. Jeff’s a little older than the rest of us, an ancient twenty. The rest of us are all 18 or 19.

Cindy skipped across to where Todd was sprawled in a lounger, resting his ankle, and bent to kiss him. Her cut-off t-shirt was loose and as she bent it fell away, giving me a good view of her neat tits, braless. I caught Kathy’s eye and she winked, raising her eyebrows. I laughed silently and glanced across at Jeff and Lisa, snug in a warm embrace.

Kathy came across to me and slipped her arm around my waist. She glanced at the other two couples and then turned to me, her eyes sparkling. “It looks as if we’re redundant here.” She paused. “Matt?”

“Yes, love?”

“Would you give me a ride home? I’d like to pick up some extra clothes. We can be back in an hour. I don’t think the others will miss us. We could pick up some pizza or some Chinese or something for eats. It would save us having to prepare anything ourselves.” Kathy laughed. “More time for sex!”

“Yeah, sure, no problem. Want to go now?”

“Please. I’ll just tell Lisa where we’re going.”

Kathy went over to Lisa and Jeff and coughed politely. They broke their clinch, laughing. “Do excuse us,” said Kathy, grinning at the others, “but Matt’s going to give me a ride home, so I can pick up some extra clothes. We can call and get pizza or Chinese, if you like.”

“Naw,” said Lisa, “we’ll have it delivered. You guys want to eat about six?” she called over to Todd and Cindy. “And do you want pizza or Chinese?”

It turned out that we all preferred Chinese, so we left it to Lisa to organise. “Be sure to be back for six,” she told us, “or we’ll eat yours.”

Kathy laughed. “We’ll probably be back before five.”

“No rush,” said Lisa significantly, with a glance at Jeff, “just be back for six.”

“OK,” said Kathy, “I’ll just grab my t-shirt and shorts and we’ll be off.” She headed off to the bedroom she was sharing with Lisa, loosening her bikini top as she went. She was swinging it by the ties as she went into the house and Jeff’s face was a picture as he tried not to stare at her pertly bouncing boobs as she went past him.

Lisa grabbed him by the ear and turned him to face her. “If you want to look at tits, you look at mine. OK?”

I wished I had a camera with me, because the expression on Jeff’s face was priceless, but he managed to say, “OK, show me.”

Lisa grinned like a fox in a chicken run, unfastened her bikini top and handed it to him, then turned and ran to the pool and dived in. Jeff smiled slowly and picked up his duffle bag. He turned to me. “Where do I change, Matt?”

“Use the downstairs bathroom,” I replied. “See you about six.”

Five minutes later Kathy and I were in the pickup on the way to her home. Kathy was laughing at my description of the little interlude between Jeff and Lisa. “But where were Todd and Cindy?”

“Do you know, I completely forgot about them. I think they must have already gone inside,” I said thoughtfully.

“I never saw them,” said Kathy, grinning. “I wonder if they were already in bed?”

“Quite possible,” I said, laughing.



“Can I ask you a question? It’s personal, and I’ll understand if you don’t want to answer.”

I glanced at her. “OK, ask.”

“Matt, when you made love to Lisa and me, we weren’t the first you’d ever fucked, were we?” She was solemn, and slightly anxious.

I figured honesty was probably my best policy, because if I lied, I could end up tripping over my own fabrication. “No,” I replied, “but you were the second and third.”

“If I asked you who she was, would you tell me?” Kathy asked quietly.

“Can Kastamonu Escort Bayan I ask why?” I was stalling.

“Because I want to thank her.”

I was dumbfounded. “Thank her? Why?”

“For making you such a considerate lover.” Kathy smiled at me. “Truly,” she said.

I thought furiously. Dared I tell her?

“On my honour, Matt, I’ll never reveal her identity,” Kathy said solemnly.

I glanced across at her. “Hope to die?” I asked.

“Hope to die, Matt.”

I looked along the road. There was a space to pull in, so I signalled, pulled in and turned off the ignition. I turned to Kathy. “You know the invitation we had last weekend, that you couldn’t make?” I asked.

Kathy nodded slowly. “Your Aunt Ellen?”

“My Aunt Ellen. Ellen’s only five years older than me, she’s the baby of Grandma Tranter’s kids. Mom’s the oldest. I’ve had a crush on Ellen since I realised boys were different from girls. She’s always been nice to me and I thought that was all it would ever be.” Kathy’s face was alive with curiosity and she signalled me to go on.

“We had a swim in the Elsman pool. The water was a little cool, I guess, and, well, Ellen’s nipples were showing. I guess I was turned on, because I was getting a hard on. Ellen spotted it and teased me, asked me if I knew what to do with it.” I shrugged ruefully.

Kathy giggled. “What did you say?”

“Well, yes, of course, but then Ellen asked me if I had ever actually done it, and of course I had to tell the truth and say no. I’m still not sure why, but then she asked me if I wanted to do it with her, there and then.” I laughed. “I said yes, of course, and we spent most of the rest of the day in bed.” I laughed again. “Best time of my life until Todd and I came back on Tuesday and I caught you and Lisa.” I took her hand. “Especially you, Kathy. I always wanted to know you better. I never dared hope I’d get to know you quite as well as I have.”

Kathy leaned over and kissed me gently. “Matt, I wanted to know you better, too. I wish we’d gotten together sooner.” She giggled again. “I’m sure as hell enjoying the way we’re making up for lost time!”

“You enjoy having me make love to you?” I asked.

“All the way from holding hands to naked, sweaty fucking and back again,” She squeezed my fingers. “When that lovely, hot, hard prick of yours goes into my pussy, I could drool.”

I had a thought, and was about to voice it, but hesitated.

“What is it?” asked Kathy. “Is it Todd?”

I nodded.

“What about Todd? If you’re going to ask ‘did I enjoy fucking him?’ then the answer is yes, very much.” She smiled gently. “But I prefer fucking you. What about Lisa? Did you enjoy fucking her?”

I laughed. “Yes, very much, but I prefer fucking you,” I mimicked. I squeezed her fingers. “Very much more.”

“That’s all right, then,” said Kathy. “Tonight, when Jeff and Cindy have gone home?”


“Do you want me to sneak into your room again?”


“Well fire up that engine and let’s get on and collect these clothes for me. The sooner I get them, the sooner we can get back to Lisa, Todd and the others and the sooner I can get you into a bed again!”

“Your wish is my command, O mistress of delights!” I declaimed, and started the engine.

We were only a couple of blocks from the house where Kathy lived with her Mom. Anne Evans is a widow and I knew from talking to Kathy that her Dad had been dead for about four years. I knew, too, that she still missed him. Anne worked as a photographer for the local paper, mostly on the social side.

“Will your Mom be home?” I asked Kathy as I parked the pickup in their driveway. I couldn’t see any car, but the garage door was closed.

“I don’t know. With me being at Lisa’s for the week, she may be out somewhere.” Kathy grimaced. “Mom hasn’t had much of a life of her own since dad died. I kind of wish she’d start dating.”

“Nobody significant in her life?” I asked.

“Not that I know of,” Kathy replied. “Are you coming in?”

“Yeah, sure.” I locked the pickup and followed as she opened the door and ushered me in.

“Mom?” she called. No answer. “I guess she’s out.” She turned to me. “There’s sodas in the fridge if you want one. Grab a seat in the living room. I won’t be long.” She kissed me lightly and ran up the stairs.

I didn’t bother with the soda, but went into the living room and sat on the couch. A photography magazine was on the coffee table and I picked it up and browsed through it. An article on figure photography caught my eye and I studied the models, idly comparing them to Kathy and Lisa. My girls won. I never heard Kathy come back but suddenly she was there before me. I looked up at her and my breath caught in my throat.

Kathy had changed her clothes. And how! She was wearing a strapless, pale blue, silk teddy, trimmed with white lace. The bra cups were wisps of cobwebs, just about supporting her lovely tits and barely Escort Kastamonu covering her nipples. The suspenders that graced the lower hem were fastened snugly to sheer black stockings, the whole ensemble framing her neatly trimmed bush. She wore two-inch-spike heeled sandals, which enhanced the lovely curves of her calves. She looked gorgeous, and eminently fuckable. My prick started to show an interest. She smiled at me and pirouetted, the muscles playing in her ass as she turned.

“What do you think?” she asked, giggling. “I bought these for the Senior Prom, to go under my dress, but I thought you’d prefer to see them without the dress.”

“I think Wow! is indicated. Kathy, love, you look hot!”

She smiled happily and stepped forward, straddled my legs where I sat on the couch and sat on my knees. She leaned forward and kissed my nose. “Got a rubber, Matt?”

I dug into my pocket, hampered by my ever-hardening prick, and took one out. “Yes,” I said, brandishing it. “I came prepared.” I could hardly take my eyes from her pussy, pink and pouting as she straddled my legs, a trace of moisture visible.

Kathy took the rubber from me and stood up. “Right, mister, get naked!” she ordered.

I obeyed eagerly, stripping off my t-shirt and shirts, then pulling my boxers down and over my now-rigid prick. Kathy gave a gusty sigh and pushed me back so that I sprawled on the couch, my ass at the edge, and straddled me again. With serious concentration she unrolled the rubber onto my rampant prick, then lined her pussy up with my rigid pole and lowered herself delicately until I was firmly lodged inside her superheated tunnel.

“God, Matt, that feels so fucking g-o-o-d!” she whispered, beginning to rock herself back and forth, taking me deep inside her then easing until I almost left her before taking me deep again. Her eyes closed as she moved and I let my hands roam over her hips, her thighs, sliding them up her sides then up, under her tits, cupping them, letting my thumbs caress her nipples. Kathy moaned deep in her throat and quickened her stroke, beginning to pant in time with her movements on my prick.

I was hard, hot and enjoying this. Oh, boy, was I enjoying it! I began to thrust up at Kathy as her pussy slid down my well-lubricated pole, revelling in the sensations that her tight, hot pussy was building in me. I could feel myself getting closer, and tried desperately to think of something to cool my ardour a little, to make these wonderful sensations last as long as possible.

I imagined Kathy’s Mom catching us, and that slowed me down for a while, but then I began to imagine her joining in and groaned inwardly as my urgency quickened, the image of a naked Anne Evans taking my pole deep within herself racing across my mind. I tried to concentrate on something non-sexual, but my vision of a clear blue sky with fluffy white clouds became the blue and white of Kathy’s teddy.

Kathy was panting now, her teeth gritted as she thrust herself down upon my prick, moaning wordlessly in time with her gyrations. I gritted my teeth to hang on, trying desperately not to let myself go and surrender to that incredible sensation of orgasm deep within a woman when Kathy suddenly keened, clamped down hard on my prick, and came, her belly rippling, her cunt clamping my prick in spasming reflex. I groaned, letting the sensations take me, and came in my turn, thrusting violently into Kathy’s pussy as her contractions milked me into stillness.

Kathy collapsed across me, panting, her face flushed, sweat beading her brow, her breathing – and mine – gradually slowing toward normality. Eventually, she sat up, my wilting prick still inside her, and kissed me lingeringly.

“That was good,” she breathed, hugging me, then suddenly jerking upright as we heard a car in the driveway. “Shit!” she gasped. “It’s Mom!” She impressed me with her quick thinking then. “Quick, Matt,” she said, disengaging herself hurriedly and grabbing my clothes to thrust them into my hands, “downstairs bathroom. Get dressed then flush the john and wash your hands. Be surprised to see Mom when you come out. I’ll get changed and come down when I hear her. Move!”

I scrambled to do her bidding, thinking that I must be a sight – a naked guy in sneakers with a jizz-filled rubber and an armful of clothes. I was fighting not to giggle hysterically as I locked the bathroom door behind me. I eased the rubber off my limp prick, wrapped it in toilet paper and shoved it in my pocket, dressed quickly, flushed the john and washed my hands – as ordered! – then went out.
I’d heard Anne Evans calling for Kathy. She was at the foot of the stairs and turned quickly when she heard me. Relief crossed her face.

“Hello, Matthew. Is that your pickup outside?”

“Yeah. I brought Kathy across to collect some extra clothes. I think she’s upstairs.”

“I’m relieved it’s you, Matthew. I thought we had burglars at first.” She turned as Kathy came clattering down the stairs. “Hi, honey.”

“Hi, Mom,” said Kathy, in fresh t-shirt and wrap around denim skirt, a duffle bag in her hand. She kissed her Mom. “Matt brought me over for a change of clothes. It’s so hot I was running out of clean ones.”

Her mother’s brows lifted in surprise. “I thought you’d be in a bikini all day, by the pool,” she said, smiling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32