Change of Plan Ch. 5

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Big Tits

‘Change of Plan, Part V, Thursday’, by Frederick Carol (c)

Thanks are due to my editor, Katherine, for finding a lot of my errors. To her, the credit. Any mistakes are mine.

* * * * *

There are many ways of being awakened, a lot of them pleasant. Few, however, as good as having your gorgeous girlfriend licking you to a full erection. Kathy’s long, dark hair obscured her face but I could feel her warm, pointed tongue lapping at my expanding rod.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” I murmured, curling my toes as a particularly delicious shiver ran through me.

“Gug mddng,” she replied. Or something like that, because now she had taken my pole into her mouth and was busily moving her lips up and down its length. She stopped, licked around the end of my shaft and sat up, throwing her hair back from her face. She grinned at me, her eyes sparkling, her nipples stiff little buttons, but no stiffer than my rock-hard woody.

“Did you enjoy that?” she asked.

“Mmm, yes,” I replied, “but you’re not stopping, are you?”

“For the moment, yes,” she replied. “Remember what I said last night?”

“Yes. You were going to wake me for your very first pre-breakfast fuck.” I grinned at her.

She frowned at me. “Pre-breakfast, note. If I’d carried on doing that, I would have been getting protein for breakfast instead of cereal and toast.” She smiled at me. “You’re awake, so pass me a rubber, stud.”

I’d actually thought ahead and the little foil packet was ready at the bedside. I passed it to her and she tore it open and took out the rubber. She looked at me slantways. “I read about this,” she said. “Now let’s see if I can do it.”

To my surprise she popped the rubber into her mouth, then bent her head to my erection. I felt her lips around the end of my pole, pursed, gripping lightly, then she moved down, slowly, tightly, gripping me with her lips as her head came down. In a moment or two she sat up, grinning at me.

“There,” she said. “I did it.” She grimaced. “I’ll have to learn how to deep-throat you. I didn’t get it all of the way on.” She reached out to my pole and finished unrolling the rubber onto my erection. She had actually managed to get it more than halfway on by just using her mouth.

“Great work, honey,” I said, impressed.

Kathy made a face and rubbed her lips. “Get the strawberry flavoured ones if you want me to do that again, Matt.” She grinned and straddled my legs, wriggling forward until her pussy was poised over my prick, then guided me into herself, sinking slowly – oh, so slowly! – down until her ass was resting on my thighs and I was buried to my root inside the heated wet velvet of her pussy. Kathy sighed. “That feels so fucking good, Matt.”

It did, too, for she was so warm and snug and tight. I raised my hands to her tits and ran my thumbs lightly over the erect buds of her nipples. She shivered and covered my hands with her own.

“I like that,” she murmured, her voice throaty, “but squeeze just a little harder.” She smiled slowly and began to move, raising herself until my prick almost left her pussy, then sinking slowly back until I filled her again. Her hands were still covering mine on her tits and she grinned at me and began moving my hands, sliding my palms over her nipples, erect little buds on the soft smoothness of her orbs. I gave myself to the moment, enjoying the smoothly lubricated heat of her pussy sliding over the head of my rampant prick, my hips beginning to pick up Kathy’s rhythm.

I began to thrust more firmly up at her and in her turn Kathy came down harder, so that the full length of my prick was stimulating us both. She grinned at me and took hold of my shoulders to steady herself, then moved so that as she went up I almost left her, and as she came down her ass hit my thighs and she almost squashed my balls. Almost. Her breathing was deepening and her movements almost imperceptibly quickening. My body responded to her stimulation and I thrust up at her harder. We were each stimulating the other, a mutual reinforcement, and I knew that it would not be long before one of us came.

Kathy was almost gasping now in time with the thrust of my prick into her pussy and she began to moan almost inaudibly, grunting softly each time she bottomed on me. My prick was starting to get that incredible feeling that goes before ejaculation, my balls tightening, then Kathy’s pussy was clamping down on me as she came, whimpering wordlessly, then gasping as I thrust fiercely, almost violently, up into her, blasting my seed up into the rubber that sheathed my rampant prick, my own orgasm shaking us as slowly I trembled back into stillness.

Kathy collapsed across me, gasping for breath, then turned and kissed my ear. “Thanks,” she breathed. “That was a biggie!”

“Thank you,” I said. “Wow! What a way to wake up.”

Kathy smiled. “Today and tomorrow and Saturday.” She brightened. “But we’re going to see your Aunt Ellen on Saturday. Are we staying over? Will we be Bayan Escort able to sleep together?”

I thought back briefly to the previous weekend, when my Aunt Ellen had introduced me to the pleasures of fucking. I reflected that from my previous sexual desert I had certainly entered the land of plenty, what with Ellen, then Lisa and Kathy.

“Ellen did say we could stop over,” I said to Kathy, “but I don’t know if we’ll be able to sleep together.”

“We’ll just have to wait and see, then,” said Kathy grinning as she eased herself from my dwindling prick and stood beside the bed. She stopped, startled, when there was a hurried tap on the door and Lisa scurried in, closing the door behind her, cute in an oversize t-shirt which completely failed to hide the jiggle of her tits.

“Jeez, Kathy, what are you doing?” she hissed. “You should have been back ages ago! What if Mom caught you.”

“She did,” I said. “Last night.”

Lisa’s jaw dropped. “What did she say?” she asked.

“Had a long talk with us, told us to be careful and went back to bed,” I said, reflecting on the events of the previous night, when I had fucked Lisa’s amorous and slightly drunk mother, to her obvious satisfaction.

Lisa gave a long, low whistle. “Wow!” she said, then giggled. “You guys are lucky.”

“Mmm, yes,” said Kathy, “I just had my first-ever pre-breakfast fuck.” She chuckled. “Not my last, I hope.”

“No, sirree,” I said fervently, then glanced at Lisa. She was scowling slightly. She glanced at me.

“I feel horny in the morning, too,” she said hopefully.

I laughed and swung my legs over the side of the bed. “Lisa, love, I just fucked Kathy, so I’m beat, but if you can get me hard, well, who knows, we might get lucky.” I carefully avoided Kathy’s eye, but as Lisa hugged me, Kathy moved behind her and made an ‘o’ with finger and thumb, then pushed her other index finger into the ‘o’ in a fucking motion and nodded, winking at me and indicating Lisa. I nodded slightly, then bent to kiss Lisa who responded enthusiastically.

I broke the kiss and held Lisa at arm’s length. “Just a moment,” I said. “I have to get rid of this first,” indicating the jizz-filled rubber. I went quickly into the bathroom I shared with Todd, wrapped the rubber in tissues and buried it in the waste bin. I quickly washed my prick then went back into my room, just in time to watch Lisa strip the t-shirt off over her head. She turned to Kathy and the two girls hugged, breasts squashing together most delightfully. They both turned to me.

“Lie down, Matt,” said Kathy. “I promised Lisa I would help to get you hard. You lie back and enjoy.”

I had a sudden nervous thought. “What about your mom, Lisa?”

Lisa grinned. “Have you two not seen the time? Mom and dad left twenty minutes ago. That’s why I came to see where Kathy had gotten to.”

I grinned at Kathy. “I guess we slept well.”

Kathy laughed. “Eventually,” she murmured.

I laughed too and lay back on the bed. Lisa reached out and ran her finger along the length of my limp prick. It twitched and Lisa giggled.

“It’s still alive, Matt!” she declared dramatically. “I can hope.”

“You can do more than hope, Lisa,” said Kathy, “you can do this.” She bent gracefully and again she licked at my rod, slowly, sensuously.

Lisa laughed. “Move over, Kathy,” she said, “I can sure as heck do that.” She proved it, too, over the next few minutes as she raised my erection from its soft beginnings to a raging hardness. A hardness that was caused as much by my knowledge that Kathy would be watching as by Lisa’s ministrations.

Lisa smiled at me. “I think that’s as hard as I can get you, Matt. Will you fuck me now, please?” she asked plaintively, her fingers idly twining in my pubic hair. I sat up and reached over to my jeans, taking another of my dwindling supply of rubbers from my pocket. I tore open the packet and was about to roll it onto my hard length when Lisa stopped me and bent to do it herself, tongue between her teeth in concentration. She smiled brilliantly at her success, then threw herself flat on the bed, arms and legs sprawled.

“Fuck me, Matt!”

I knelt between her spread legs and bent to kiss her tits. They are bigger than Kathy’s, and jiggle delightfully whenever she goes braless. I couldn’t bear to ignore such lovely tits, especially her alluring pink, and now hard, nipples that begged me nibble on them gently. The touch of my teeth caused Lisa to shudder. As I bent so that the tip of my prick was pressing against Lisa’s pussy she took gentle hold and guided my hardness into her welcoming warmth and wetness, tight and clinging against me as I pressed gently into her, easing as I pulled back.

I pushed further into Lisa, easing and pressing until I was buried in her as far as I could go. I was conscious of Kathy beside us, lying on her side, her hand gently caressing my back as I slowly fucked Lisa, who reached out to touch her friend’s cheek.

Kathy took Lisa’s hand in her own and kissed it, then laughed softly. “Togetherness!”

“Mmm,” said Lisa, then gasped as I pressed further into her, her thighs clasping me, her fingers almost clawing at my back. “Oh, yes, Matt!” she moaned.

I began to use the full length of my prick, pulling back until I almost left her then pressing forward again, deep into her hot wetness. Lisa’s breathing began to quicken and her hands were hot on my back. Beside us I was conscious of Kathy sitting up and soft murmurs, but Lisa’s gasps were loud in my ear and I couldn’t make them out, then suddenly Kathy was on her back beside us and another figure joined us on the bed. Todd!

Lisa moaned, then smiled across at her brother. “Hi, Todd,” she gasped, flushing slightly. Being naked together, having sex together, was still a novelty for Todd and Lisa. It was for the rest of us, too, but they’re siblings and were still shaking off taboos.

“Good morning, sis,” said Todd. “Mind if I join you?”

“Not at all,” she breathed, “but you won’t mind if I concentrate on Matt just for the moment, do you?”

Beside us Todd chuckled. “Of course not, I have Kathy to attend to, don’t I?”

“Yeah, and you’d better start attending,” said Kathy, mock-fiercely, then hissed a breath in on a gasp. From the corner of my eye I could see Todd’s prick starting to enter Kathy’s pussy. A brief flare of jealousy went through me, but was swiftly extinguished. ‘Hell,’ I thought, ‘I can at least loan him my girlfriend while I fuck his sister’.

I think it was because I’d already fucked Kathy that I could hold on longer, because despite the fact that I’d started fucking Lisa a while before Todd started with Kathy, the four of us came almost together. Lisa was first, her breathing becoming gasps in my ears, then a wordless moan which grew to a sudden cry as her belly rippled and her pussy clamped down on my prick. Kathy was next, the now almost-familiar tight scream in her throat my indicator of her climax, while somehow Todd and I had unconsciously matched our rhythms and moments later climaxed almost together, violently, almost moving the girls bodily on the bed.

For a while there was no sound except the four of us trying to get our breath back, then I eased my half-soft prick from Lisa’s pussy and sat back on my heels. She smiled up at me and blew me a kiss, her pussy lips reddened and pouting between her spread legs. Todd eased himself from Kathy, then stood beside the bed, bending to kiss Kathy lightly. He grinned across at me.

“A very nice way to start the day, don’t you agree, Matt?”

I nodded and grinned at him. “The best, buddy, the very best!”

Kathy reached across and took Lisa’s hand, squeezing gently. Lisa rolled over and kissed her lightly on the lips.

“Thanks for the loan of Matt, Kathy,” she said.

Kathy grinned at her friend, then up at Todd. “I was kinda too busy to notice,” she murmured.

Lisa sat up. “Breakfast is indicated, I think,” she said smiling around at us, “but first, a shower.” She looked around at us. “Who wants to share with me?” She arched her brows in query, paused, then said, “Oh, come on, Todd. You’ve been trying to spy on me for years, come and see the real me. You can even wash my back. If you do a very good job, you can wash my front!” She scrambled off the bed and took Todd’s hand, then stopped as she caught sight of the plaster cast on his lower leg. “Shit!” she said explosively, “now I’ll have to wash my own back!”

“No,” said Todd. “I’ll tape a plastic bag over it to keep it dry.” They went out laughing together.

Kathy looked at me and smiled. “Can I wash your prick if I let you wash my pussy?” she asked innocently.

She managed to raise an erection for me, but almost as if we were telepathic, neither of us tried to take it further, at least not then. We showered and dried, then donned our usual summer attire of t-shirt and shorts, or in Kathy’s case tank top and shorts, then went for breakfast, joined soon by Todd and Lisa similarly clad.

“What are we doing today?” asked Lisa around a mouthful of cereal as the four of us broke our fast.

“Dunno,” said Kathy. “Anyone got any particular ideas? Remember, Jeff and Cindy are coming over at two.”

“Yeah, but until then?” said Lisa.

“I need to do some shopping,” said Kathy. “Girl things,” she told me with a smile. “So how about we go down to the mall? We can get some sandwiches at the deli for lunch, then maybe when Jeff and Cindy arrive, we can go down to the beach?”

“Sounds good to me,” said Lisa. “Let’s do it, OK?”

It was a good day. I wondered about Kathy, though. She went into the ‘Lingerie Lounge’ and had a very intense talk with the salesgirl, who kept eyeing me as I waited. The really strange thing is that not only did Kathy not buy anything, she didn’t even look. We went back to the house, then down to the beach with Jeff and Cindy. Jeff took his car, with Lisa, Todd and Cindy, and Kathy came with me in my pickup.

It was good to see how our girls compared to the beach bunnies. I decided I didn’t like enhanced boobs after comparing a couple of spectacularly endowed synthetic blondes with my slender, brunette Kathy. She glanced at me in amusement as my eyes came back to her, chuckling gently to herself. I raised my eyebrows but she shook her head, smiling, then took my arm so she could read the time on my watch.

“Will you take me back to the mall, Matt?” she asked.

“Sure, no problem. Forgotten something?”

“No, but there’s something I want, and something I want to show you.”

“OK, any time.” She had me mildly intrigued. Kathy went over to where the others were sprawled and told them we were going and a couple of minutes later we were away. It was about two or three minutes to five when we arrived. Kathy took my hand when I locked my pickup and led me away. She was still wearing her bikini top but had put her shorts back on.

“Here we are,” she said. I found myself outside ‘Lingerie Lounge’ again, where the sign said ‘Closed at five’.

“Cutting it fine,” I remarked to Kathy. She shook her head, smiling and led the way inside. The same salesgirl that Kathy had been talking to earlier was on duty. She smiled radiantly to see Kathy, glanced at her watch and went to the door. To my surprise she locked it, hung up the ‘Closed’ sign, and pulled down the blind on the door. Turning off most of the lights in the store, she beckoned and led us through to the changing area at the rear of the shop, where she and Kathy hugged each other, grinning.

Kathy turned to me. “Matt, I want you to meet my cousin, Maria Chavez. Maria’s mom is my mom’s sister. Her dad is Doctor Chavez, you know, over at the clinic.”

I held my hand out to Maria and she shook it courteously. “I’m pleased to meet you, Matt. Kathy’s told me a lot about you.”

“All lies of course, Matt,” said Kathy with a giggle.

“I’m delighted to meet you, Maria,” I said, and I was, because Maria Chavez was stunning. Raven hair sprawled in wild profusion down her back and her olive skin was the perfect foil for her emerald eyes. I turned to Kathy.

“OK, why are we here?” I asked.

Kathy grinned. “Remember the teddy?” she asked.

I nodded. I certainly did remember the blue and white confection she was wearing when her mom almost caught us fucking. “Yeah,” I said. “So?”

“So Maria told me they had some new ones in. I want another and I want you to choose it, so I need to model them and I wanted to do it in private.”

“So you arranged with Maria to do it after the store closed.” I nodded. “Nice one, Kathy.” I took a chair and grinned at the two of them. “OK, when does the show start?”

“As soon as I can get Kathy into the first one,” said Maria, winking at me. I remembered how hot Kathy looked in the teddy she had already worn for me and my cock twitched. Maria turned to Kathy. “OK, cousin,” she said, “let’s excite the man!” She led Kathy into one of the changing rooms.

There was a short delay, then Maria came out, now without her store coverall. She was wearing a simple white blouse and black skirt and she looked fabulous. “Ready?” she asked me, her eyes sparkling.

“Yeah,” I drawled.

Kathy came out, wearing a confection of black and red silk, and black stockings. She wasn’t wearing any panties, her cute bush on display between her garter straps. I raised my eyebrows and she grinned, flushing slightly.

“I’m trying to turn you on, Matt, and I’ve gotten myself wet,” she explained. I daren’t try any of the panties on, I’d have to buy every pair I tried!” She glanced across at Maria who grinned at her. Kathy stuck out her tongue to her cousin, but Maria just laughed. I could feel my prick starting to thicken and I moved uncomfortably. Maria glanced across and I could almost read her mind. She smiled at me and her tongue tip passed quickly over her red lips.

“Do you like this one?” Kathy asked me, bringing me back from my fantasy of making love to both of them.

“I do,” I replied. “Any others?”

“One or two,” said Maria. “Come on Kathy.”

I was in male heaven for a while, as Kathy modelled the teddies and bustiers for me. There was a green one I could visualise on the little red-headed Cindy, a white one, with bra cups that barely existed but showed her figure off wonderfully. There was one in Ferrari red that was guaranteed to set any pulse racing and another in dark blue, but when Kathy asked me which one I liked best I replied, “the first one, the black and red.”

Kathy smiled and nodded. “My favourite, too.” She glanced across at Maria, who nodded. “I’ll just get changed,” said Kathy, “there’s something else you have to see.” She went back into the changing room with Maria. I took advantage of their absence to try to get my increasingly stiff prick into a comfortable position.

“Close your eyes,” Kathy called.

“OK,” I said, complying. “Tell me when to open them.” I waited as soft footsteps came to my ears. The sounds stopped in front of me.

“Ok, Matt,” said Kathy softly, “you can open them now.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32