Changing Room Pt. 03: The Gym

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Foreplay: I decided to add this to the Changing Room series as it uses common characters and the video voyeur theme. I think it’s also a good illustration of how powerful covert surveillance can be, with many people being viewed by CCTV up to 300 times a day in the UK. Big Brother and Terry are watching.


“Hi, Terry,” said Bill, “How’s things.”

I could tell from the noise in the background that Bill was on the payphone at the Rampaging Ferret, his local pub. “Good,” I answered. Actually my pocket rocket was a little sore from overuse and misuse. Ever since I’d started work on the Grandbutts changing room project I’d either fucked or wanked my ram-rod into submission most every day.

“Listen,” continued Bill, “A friend of mine needs some work doing that’s right up your street.”

“Like what?” I asked.

“Similar kind of thing you’ve been doing on that website. For a new gym he’s just started up. I told him about your webcam work and he wants to have a chat; he’s prepared to offer good money.”

The conversation continued to a background of jukebox music, video gaming machines and the regular clink of empty beer glasses being collected at the popular pub. I arranged to meet up with Rob at the Ferret a few days later.

Rob came to the point within a few minutes of our first meeting. He’d had some guys dealing steroids and, he thought, hard drugs. All had been word of mouth but he believed what he’d been told. There was also some petty pilfering and unpaid gym sessions, simple things like towels, slimming products and protein shakes going missing. Rob wanted a security cam system installed that would link in with his website. In that way, he could covertly sneak a peek at whatever was going on, whether he was working in the gym, chilling at home or even on the go.

“So why don’t you get the experts in to fix you up a CCTV system?”

“They’d want everything kosher, all the i’s crossed and the t’s dotted. It would be registered somewhere and traceable; planning permission, local council consent, health and safety, etc, etc.”

“What about the kit you’d need for the system? Someone must have an order and an invoice filed to get back to.”

“Really?” Rob’s simple reply. He grinned, “I have my contacts.”

He gave me the gym address and I promised to meet him there at the weekend.

I must admit I had to use my satnav to find the gym. It was in an part of town that I wouldn’t normally go near. There was a short parade of shops, half of them boarded up and the other half with dirty windows and peeling paintwork. Round the corner in the next street was Rob’s gym – in what appeared to be a small converted warehouse. OK, I admit the entrance was clean and newly painted with a tasteful, not gaudy, neon sign, ‘Manor Gymnasium and Spa’. Rob was sat at the small but tidy Reception desk, busily completing some paperwork.

“Hi Terry,” he said, standing and shaking my hand. “Thanks for coming. Tea, coffee, mineral water?” he asked, walking over to the brand new vending machine.

“I’m fine, thanks,” I replied. I’d built up total intolerance to vending machine coffee at Grandbutts offices. Only occasionally did I waste my well-earned coins there, partaking of its wares with great reluctance. Most of the staff waited for the sandwich van which drew up in the company car park every day at precisely 11 am. It had an assortment of sandwiches and cakes and delicious freshly brewed coffee. The young lady driver, smartly dressed in a pale yellow uniform, bearing the same logo as the van ‘Take a Bite’ and with long legs, cute butt and small tits, was an endless source of fantasies for me and, no doubt, many of my male colleagues. ‘Take a Bite’ indeed … a logo or an offer? I often wondered.

Next to the hot drinks vending machine stood another, offering an assortment of healthy overpriced snacks and very overpriced vitamin and mineral enriched bottled juices and water. I wasn’t offered a choice of those.

“I’ll take you through to the changing room and gym,” said Rob, flashing a smile bright enough to light up the whole building. I got the impression he could charm the pants off any of his female clients and he probably did. He pushed a button on the phone and asked one of the staff to take over reception for a short while.

“Thanks,” I offered. I was more interested in what money would be in the deal for me. Gymnasiums and keeping fit in general didn’t fit in with my lifestyle. I didn’t know it at the time but those ideas would change.

“Like I said before. I have several problems going on that need to be sorted before the business builds. I work on quite a slender profit margin and I keep membership fees very low to encourage more people to join. Much of the profit comes from extras, such as the vending machines, fitness plans, protein shakes and slimming products. Oh, and the tanning booths and massage tables. They’re very popular with the ladies.” He paused, then smiled again. “And some of the Kars Escort men.”

“You’re not … surely not … ” I didn’t want anything to do with a massage parlour.

“Heavens no,” Rob interjected, but he still had a knowing smile. “The massage tables are only available to members who regularly use the gym and who have been members for more than 3 months.”

“But you’re not wanting a camera in there?”

Rob smiled again, tapped his nose, “Only for security purposes. If anything dodgy is going on I need to know.”

“I bet you do,” I smiled back. “And it would have to be covert?”

“I’d be the only one able to access the security,” he added. I doubted that. All it needed was a back door into the program. The trojan would be well hidden too. I felt a familiar stirring.

The main area of the gym was well set out. The equipment looked good and varied though not new. The warehouse walls were painted in a pale, neutral beige. Being Saturday afternoon there were a number of members busy getting into shape, a mixture of already fit, and some far from fit men and women. There’s something I really like about female butts on exercise cycles and I felt myself firm up again.

“Well, you have all the basics here,” I noted. “But,” I looked around, “No security cameras.”

“This was just a rundown warehouse I rent cheap. I’ve enough contacts to be able to keep this cheap and enough suckers to pay for the extras.”

He continued the tour and bit by bit it became apparent to me that what he had in mind was well beyond my skills.

“I can handle the on-site computer system and the Web upload but all the internal wiring for the CCTV is beyond me. However, I do know someone who could handle the wiring for the main system, and I can add some more, covert, WiFi cameras later.”

Rob seemed to pass by the idea of me using one of my friends to do the wiring. We fixed a price and shook on it. The deal would include 4 free basic memberships for my family to use, Rob would get one of his contacts to supply and another one to wire up the new CCTV.


It was several weeks later that Rob rang me again. The main areas of the gym, spa and reception were all fixed up with surprisingly good cameras, as high quality as any I’ve seen. A couple of weeks afterwards we also had covert, WiFi wide angle cameras covering the massage rooms, the tanning booths, the shower areas and the changing cubicles. Rob insisted it was purely for security and maintaining watch over what his staff were doing.

“Particularly the massage and changing rooms,” he told me, “It’s there that anything illegal is likely to change hands.”

I doubted that was his true need; with the number of coverts I’d installed he simply wanted to spy .. . three cameras in each treatment room, five in the changing rooms and two in each tanning booth seemed a bit OTT. All the work was done outside business hours so only Rob and I knew where the covert cameras were positioned and, believe me, they were very well concealed.

Once I’d got hold of the source code I was able to integrate the CCTV system in to the gym website. Not only that but, with my Grandbutts experience, the coding was in place so Rob was able to sell his more profitable health, spa and beauty products mail order if he so wished. A few weeks later most of it was up and running. A bit more coding, a few tweaks and my side of things, the covert WiFi and the Web access would be available. But of course, not only would Rob be able to view the cameras, so would I.


“Hi daddy,” Holly always welcomed me with a hug and a kiss. “You’re late again.” Holly gave me that disapproving look that always made me feel guilty that I was neglecting home.

“Sorry, sweetheart,” I said, “I’ve been round to the gym again, trying to fix stuff on their website.” Sometimes it was much easier logging in to the site there and quicker if there were any queries. To tell the truth, Rob and I had a difference of opinion regarding how morally it was right, or wrong, to intrude on his clients’ privacy. Sure he had security concerns and sure he needed to weed out any problem with drugs and steroids before it became a major issue. Every time I came up with a potential Peeping Tom issue he covered it with a very plausible excuse.

“And remember,” I added, “When it’s all completed, you and a friend get a free membership of the gym and half price spa treatments.”

Holly still had her arms around me, her head against my shoulder. I could smell the perfume behind her ear and the residual shampoo fragrance from her shower mingling in with the sexy undertones of the shower gel. My baby would spend all day in the shower if she could, allowing the foam off the scented gel gently tickle her nipples as it ran slowly over her breasts.

“What’s on your mind daddy?” she asked, aware that my thoughts were distracted.

“Actually,” I whispered in her ear, “I was enraptured by the smell of your shower gel and I was Kars Escort Bayan thinking of you naked in the shower, a million tiny soap bubbles moving slowly down, caressing you …”

Holly stopped my flow of words by tilting her head and covering my lips with her own. Her kiss always sent the gentlest of tingles down my body, causing an almost immediate erection. Confident she now had my full attention she now moved even closer, her hips pushing and grinding in the same movement, which hardened my erection until it was like solid steel.

Pulling her head away she whispered back, “Come upstairs now and won’t need to think it, you can experience it first hand.”

“But I haven’t eaten yet.”

“So what? You can eat me.”

Rachel, my wife, no longer queried any interaction with Holly. Her mind had been remapped to accept that anything I chose to do with Holly would make my arousal greater with her, in bed, later. She knew it was daddy’s duty, yes his God given duty to sexually please his daughter, and that it was Holly’s duty to prime me for her mother. In that way all three of us could have the ultimate pleasure.

In fact, if truth be known, if Holly kissed me in a sexual way, or if, for example, Holly asked me to caress her, then Rachel herself would often became aroused. It didn’t happen often, but Rachel had been known to masturbate while watching Holly and I. What a perfect way to sustain a happy family.

“Kiss me more,” I whispered again in Holly’s ear.

I could hear murmurs of approval from Holly as I moved my hand inside her bra cup, pinching and teasing an engorged nipple. Her hips ground against me very slowly and I strained to fend off cumming in my pants.

Within a few minutes we were in Holly’s bedroom.

“I eat first,” I demanded, “Then we shower.”

Holly made no move to undress herself for she knew I preferred to take on that task. She never queried why, as soon as her panties were removed, I immediately put the warm, damp gusset to my nose. Having undertaken her day’s tasks, which included working busily in a restaurant, Holly’s panties smelled really good. There was just a tinge of red on the white gusset cotton, her cycle having just finished. Holly was often more responsive before, during and after that time of month. There had been a couple of times I’d taken her, mid stream, my cock coated with menstrual blood. Surprisingly (I thought) Holly seemed dryer, increasing the friction, but she’d been so horny it was unbelievable.

“You’re very wet,” I commented.

“I’ve been waiting for you coming home, and your kissing skills are improving,” replied my daughter with a smile. “Now stop talking and get me licked out.”

“Yes, little Miss Impatient,” was my reply. ‘Cheeky bitch,’ I thought. My kisses weren’t that bad, but I knew Holly had a fling with one of the girls in her year. No-one better to teach her than another girl – I’d heard that before.

Her pussy was completely devoid of any hair as she knew I preferred her that way and I admired its beauty before my tongue attack. Both the aroma and the taste were to my satisfaction and I think I displeased her by forcing a fast tongue attack on her clit which made her cum very quickly but with great moans of delight. We showered together, each sponging the other’s most sensitive parts, ending with a very fast blowjob – Holly’s idea of revenge.


As anyone who’s dabbled in computer programming will know, nothing ever goes right at the first or even the tenth attempt. I was visiting Rob’s gym far too many times and it was beginning to take its toll.

“Why don’t you have a massage on the house?” asked Rob.

I laughed. “Not by you! All the other staff have gone home.”

Rob smiled. “I didn’t mean tonight. Wait … I’ll see what we have available. When are you next free?”

“I was intending doing some work here on Saturday. Rachel’s usually shopping – she won’t nag if I’m out at the same time.”

Rob stared hard at the appointments screen, “Marta has a cancellation – an hour’s session. If you arrive here about 2.30 you could have a sauna first, then you’d benefit much more from the massage. Marta is our best masseuse. She’s Polish but speaks good English with a very sexy accent. I’ll book you in and I’ll explain to her who you are. The hour session that was cancelled was a full body gold star massage, our best. I know Marta likes giving the gold star, as well as the extra tips she gets. The massage is on the house, the tip is at your discretion.”

I thought I caught the briefest of smiles on his face. “OK, thanks,” I said, unaware of what the gold star really was.


Holly never had any intention of just a quickie and following the shower we’d fucked hard on her bed. Nothing had been mentioned the following day nor the day after. The weekend arrived quickly and by that time I needed a break from work and the moonlighting had me totally stressed out.

“Hi, ” I said to the receptionist Escort Kars on the front desk of Rob’s club. I hadn’t seen her before and she was the perfect girl the club needed, young, fit, enthusiastic and drop-dead gorgeous. “Rob booked me in for a massage with Marta.”

Simona smiled, “Ah, yes. You must be Terry. Rob says you’ve been doing a lot of work for us. He left a VIP pass – it’s a key card and you’ll need it to get in to the spa area.”

I remembered the first time I’d visited the club there was very little security. Now no-one without the necessary appointment could get access to the sauna and massage. Simona went in a cupboard and gave me a towel and robe.

“It’s a mixed sauna today.” she began, “It’s at your discretion whether you keep shorts on, but you may feel embarrassed if you’re the only one partly clothed. In any case you need the towel to sit on as it’s part of the hygiene regulations.”

“Oh,” I replied, and my face must have flushed red.

Simona beamed a wide smile and touched my arm. “You’ve obviously not been in a European sauna.” I shook my head. “You’re in luck today. We have several mums and daughters who are regulars (I’d swear she was enjoying this). Go on, give it a try. It’s quite a large sauna and very popular.”

And there began a quick guide to do’s and don’ts before I ventured in to the changing area, via the coded door. I could quickly see why it was kept locked as the changing area was unisex that day; no cubicles, no modesty.

For some reason, and I didn’t know why, shedding my clothes with minimal embarrassment seemed quite OK. It was difficult not to stare as the spa area of the gym was quite busy. I figured that although my body wasn’t as trim, my equipment was more than adequate. Women would surely cast a glance, so it was fine that I could return a glance back.

I hadn’t been in a sauna for several years, and certainly never in a nude sauna. Although I knew darned well that club rules forbade any under-18s, one of the young ladies in there would certainly have difficulty getting admittance to a night club down town. Perhaps it was just her fresher face, perhaps her tiny breasts, perhaps the fact she’d shaved that day … I don’t know. Something about her had my mind pleading ‘don’t look’, but my cock disagreeing.

Her boyfriend was sat behind her, giving her a shoulder rub; except that occasionally his hands moved down, lightly brushing the nipples of her tiny breasts. He kept up a steady rhythm, never letting his eyes wander away, intent on his task in hand. I could feel what was happening to me, despite turning away and hoping that my cum gun quietened down. Eventually it did.

After 7 or 8 minutes in there, my skin basted with my copious sweat, I took my cold shower, dried off with the supplied towel, donned the white bathrobe and made my way to Treatment Room 3. I was a little puzzled that I needed the key card card here too.

Marta was in the room to greet me with a friendly smile.

“Hello, you must be Terry,” she said, with an accent that immediately made me think she came from some impoverished Eastern European state. Of course, some cities in the UK have thriving Polish communities, with second or even third generations having lived there all their life. Whatever it was, her looks and accent oozed sexual undertones.

“Hi,” I replied, returning her smile and moving to accept her offered handshake. Her hands were soft and smooth, her grip reflecting the exercise her hand muscles needed to work their magic on her clients tired muscles.

“Rob, he has booked you gold massage. Is OK?” she continued, her mastery of our island’s language not yet perfected.

“I don’t know,” I quite honestly replied. “My daughter sometimes massages my shoulders if they get tense, otherwise I haven’t a clue.”

“You look tired. You have worked hard for Rob?”

“Yes, but the work is near complete.”

“Com,” she pointed, “You com lie down. I help you relax.” I could stay forever just listening to the sexily pronounced clipped words and abbreviated sentences. “On your tummy. I show you proper massage. We have much time.”

I hesitated with the robe. My Polish masseuse stood with a ‘why are you wasting valuable pleasure time’ look on her face. I dropped the robe and laid naked, face down on the massage table. Marta warmed some delightfully scented oil in the palm of her hand then began to work the magic oil into my tense shoulder muscles.

By the time Marta had worked a quarter way down my back I was almost asleep. I couldn’t quite pick out the scents in the oil but the sensuous tones were filling my head. Marta’s soft flexible fingers soothed and relaxed everywhere they moved, but one part of me was reacting in the opposite way. With the lightest of touches her fingertips traced a line down my spine to the top of my butt crack, then without the slightest pause she tickled both my sides, reaching the tips of her oiled fingers just far enough forward to catch the edge of the skin just in front of my pubic bone.

Pubic bone? Yes, and also the boner which wasn’t a bone – although it very much felt that way. I was embarrassed – hell, what would this woman think of me? I moved enough to try to hide my embarrassment.

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