Changing Swimsuits

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Ironically, I was studying for my orals when Mom came in from shopping and flapped the little scraps of fabric in my face. “What do you think?” she crowed. “Isn’t it just perfect?”

“What the heck is it?” I asked. All I could see was a couple of thin bands of yellow fabric on a plastic hanger.

“It’s my new swimsuit, hon.” She sat down at the kitchen table and looked at me cheerfully. She was in a much better mood than I’d seen in years…ever since Dad died five years ago, in fact. That was good to see.

I looked at the little scraps of thin cotton again. “That’s a swimsuit? I think they forgot a few pieces.”

She stuck her tongue out at me. “It’s a bikini, silly.”

I leaned back and looked at her. “A bikini.” Look, my Mom is a well-preserved 45 and all, but she doesn’t really have the body for a bikini. And from what I could see, she’d bought one meant for a toddler anyway. “And what about your one-piece? It’s nice.”

“It’s old and boring,” she said, as I reached for the tall glass of water I always keep near at hand. As I took a long gulp, she said, “And also not sexy.”

I did a spit take, I really did. Hadn’t expected that.

“Okaaayyy…” I said, when I finally caught my breath, and she stopped giggling. My mom, giggling!

“So what do you think?” she asked excitedly.

Deciding to humor her, I said daringly, “Well, I can’t tell you that until I see you wearing it, now can I?” I winked at her and she giggled again. Then she was up out of the chair and headed for her room, and I stopped thinking about teeny bikinis for the moment.

I say for the moment, because that’s about all it took for her to return to the kitchen, this time wearing nothing but that…thing. I looked at her and my jaw hit the floor. Apparently, the bikini was meant for more than a toddler, because it did cover the important parts…barely.

Let me set this up for you, okay? First you have to remember that my mother is not a centerfold model. Nor is she ridiculously young, like most mothers in porn stories. What she is is a normal, middle-aged American mom. She looks nice, and she’s very sweet, and she carries around maybe twenty or thirty pounds more than she could, okay? Let’s say she’s ample in all proportions.

In the bikini, she looked like a fertility goddess. And I don’t mean the kind depicted in that ugly Venus of Willendorf statue that European archaeologists are so ecstatic about. She looked like the kind of goddess who could make you rock-hard by waving her hand, and then happily fuck you to death, or at least until she was pregnant with quintuplets. My mouth went dry, and when she put her hand on her hip and pouted seductively, I was lost.

And I was very, very erect.

I stared. My mother was a heavy girl, I decided, Yenibosna Escort but it was a good heavy…the kind of heavy I’d never really been attracted to until now. The bikini she was showing off her body with consisted of three defiant golden triangles; the rest of her creamy, smooth Mommy-flesh was exposed to my fervid gaze. The top of the swimsuit, which tied around her neck and around her back under her swollen, majestic tits—I could no longer think of them as mere breasts—just barely covered her nipples, and in fact didn’t cover them completely; I could see pink arcs of flesh above the fabric. The bottom…well, it almost disappeared into her matronly sex, and when she twirled around to give me the full view, I could have sworn she was naked. The bottom was a thong, and the thin strings of the closures were almost invisible.

“So, whaddya think?” she asked, not shy at all…which is entirely uncharacteristic of my mother, which should have told me something weird was going on in the first place.

“Looks good,” I croaked. She licked her lips, and suddenly her nipples got really hard! I realize I could see them sharply through the thin cloth, which was already nearly transparent as it was. I could only imagine what it might be like wet…

I pressed my legs together, suddenly very aware of my huge erection, and said gruffly, “It’s really nice. You look really good in it. Uh, I gotta study.” I looked away as quickly as was polite…though I didn’t want to. She looked edible. I certainly couldn’t study with her in the room. I couldn’t even think about anything but her.

She sounded disappointed as she said, “Okay, I’m going to go sun myself out by the pool.”

I breathed a big sigh of relief when my Mother left the room…but I couldn’t stop thinking about her body. I don’t know why. I do know it took a supreme effort of will not to unzip my pants and jack myself off right there at the kitchen table. Instead I took a long sip of water, wishing we had something stronger, and then pressed the cool glass against my forehead, which helped ease my hot, flushed flesh a little. But it only helped a minute. The cool, damp glass made me think of glass cutting, which made me think of my mother’s sharp little nipples pressing against the tiny triangles of her bikini top…

I snapped my book shut decisively and left the kitchen, headed for the deck. When I got there, I found my Mom sprawled on one of the deck chairs, the dangerous weapons that were her tits pointed at the sky. She was pulling her hand away from her crotch, looking guilty.

“I’ve been thinking, Mom,” I said, pretty much oblivious to the jutting tent-pole in my pants that was leading me by, oh, a good three or four inches. Looking back, I realize that she wasn’t oblivious Yenibosna Escort Bayan to it at all. “I have to say, I love the bikini, but I can think of a way to make it better. You’ll have to sit up in the chair.”

She did. I grinned and walked around behind her chair. “Now, lean forward a little.” I felt dizzy when I saw the creamy expanse of her unprotected skin, and smelled the sharp scent of her womanly perspiration. Quickly, before she could respond, I untied the strings securing her top on and whipped it off her. “There! Nothing sexier than that!”

I walked around the front of the chair and studied her revealed tits. She didn’t seem bashful in the least, and I was surely well past that point; she just thrust her tit mounds out at me, and I stared at her heavenly nipples, the perfect toppers to the large fleshy scoops of her breasts, like pale berries atop generous servings of ice cream…and I sure as hell wanted to put all my toppings up on that. Grinning, she tweaked her nipples between thumb and forefinger. “You haven’t had a taste of these in 20 years,” she said coyly. “Care to taste what you’ve been missing?”

I was sweating with passion. I hadn’t felt like such a hornball since I was 13 and peeked on the neighbor lady humping herself with a dildo. But I shook my head decisively and, without a word, stepped forward and tugged off her bikini bottoms to reveal a delightfully bald snatch…not at all what I had expected. I sank down between her legs and started snacking.

I started slowly, licking her fat cunt crack from bottom to top, which made her grab my hair and gently push me down into her. When I hit her throbbing clit on one pass, I thought she was going to push my head right into her vaginal canal (which might have been fun). Soon I was tongue-fucking her, thrusting my oral digit into her like a tiny cock, and finally I just focused on her clitoris, sucking on it like it was a tiny cock, because I absolutely wanted to blow her mind like she’d blown mine. I pushed her through at least two enormous orgasms before I came up for air.

My clothes were getting in the way, so I peeled them off… and she whistled in amazement when she saw my rampant prick. “What a horse-cock,” she said happily. “Is that for me?”

“Yeah, but I need you to stand up for a minute,” I said hoarsely, licking the taste of her off my lips.

“How come?” she asked in a sultry voice.

“‘Cause for this first time, I just gotta be playing with your monster tits while we fuck!”

She blushed prettily and stood. I adjusted the chair to my liking, and invited her to sit down on my lap. She eased down carefully until she was straddling my cock, and then worked her way down its hot length. Mom’s cunt wasn’t super-tight, but it wasn’t Escort Yenibosna loose either…it was just perfect. We were an excellent fit, in fact. Was this why family fucking was outlawed? Because close relatives were so perfect for each other that we’d never fuck someone else when we had a choice? We both gasped out our pleasure as two became one, and just sat there panting for a moment before doing anything else. He weight was insignificant to me; I felt like I could bounce her on my cock for hours, if said cock could hold out that long.

She turned her head toward me, and we kissed for the first time as lovers: long, passionately, and hot enough to melt plastic. I pulled back first, trailing kisses down her neck as I reached out and took her over-generous breasts in hand. I wished fervently for a moment that I was two boys, so that I could fuck her between the breasts even as I reamed her steamy snatch…but first things first.

I started to squirm, rocking my length into my mother’s pussy, and she lifted away on my down-stroke and then pressed down to meet me as I came up, and we set up a delicious rhythm that was sweeter than anything this side of Tupelo honey. By the third hard stroke she was coming her brains out, screaming at me to fuck her deep and hard. (I wondered what the neighbors thought, but they never said. Within a month it didn’t matter anyhow.) Her pussy clenching my rod pulled me up and over the edge, and I showered her cervix with incestuous come, sticky and thick.

Squeezing her tits, feeling the sharp points of her nipples on my palms, I whispered, “I’m still hard, Mom. I’m going to keep fucking you forever. I’m gonna do you until you beg me to stop, you sexy Southern belle. I’m gonna fuck you till you’re full of my babies, and I’m gonna keep fucking you until they’re fully of my babies.”

She groaned in ecstatic laughter at my weird little sex talk. “Even the boys?” she asked huskily.

“Especially the boys.”

“And what…what will you do…if I do get pregnant,” she moaned, her voice vibrating because I was pounding her cunt so hard. “What will you do when they get old enough…!” She screamed through another organism.

When she was done I licked her earlobe and whispered, “I’ll plant my seed in the girls’ tight cunts and the boy’s tight asses both…when the time comes.” Then I planted the next load of my incestuous seed in my mother’s cunt.

I’d like to say we screwed all day long, but we didn’t. After a few more orgasms we disengaged, suddenly exhausted. After we lay down together for a long nap we did go at it again, and Mom introduced me to anal pleasure before showing me how to use a dildo on her…and myself.

It just went on from there, and got better every time.

Nine months later, to the day, Mom gave birth to our first son. By then, everything had changed—consensual adult incest was not only legal but rapidly becoming normal. I’m told we were among the first family couples, maybe even the first, to conceive as a result of the F-Cubed Epidemic…but now I’m getting ahead of myself.

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