Charlene on the Street Ch. 05

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Charlene was trembling when she got on the bus. If it hadn’t come when it did she could have been in big trouble. Those guys were big and dumb and they could have hurt her. That’s what she was afraid of.

When she danced as a stripper she felt protected in the club. Billy and the bouncers made sure nothing would happen to her. But the people watching her were not there to see her strip. She had been in real danger. There had been more than a frisson of excitement about it all. She could have been attacked and they could have hurt her. At the same time it made her hot.

But what a rush! It had been like two wild animals pawing at her. If the bus had not come when it did, they would have drug her off behind some dumpster and forced her against her will. She started to have a fantasy involving coercion and submission. She could see herself being held down by the tall one while the short one grabbed her tits. She imagined the tall one pulling up her dress. She thought of the short one’s hard cock slamming into her against her will. She would have screamed, of course, but still….

She tried to put it out of her mind and concentrated on paying the fare.

The bus driver did a double-take when he saw Charlene — he didn’t usually get riders who were quite so provocatively dressed, at least on this route. Her little tight brown knit dress showed everything she had. When she stepped up into the bus, she flashed her white panties. He noticed they weren’t clean. Her boobs jiggled in her cleavage in the low-cut dress as she climbed aboard the bus. Her nipples were sticking out when she stood up. She handed him a bill to change for the fare. He noticed it was wet. He hated that. He hoped it was just sweat from her palms. You never know where money’s been. Still, she livened up his day. It wasn’t often he saw tit and panties, both.

She ignored the impolite stares she got from the old ladies up front, several of whom had seen the altercation with the punks, and sat halfway down the aisle in an empty seat on the far side. She looked out the window and saw that the bus seemed to be going in the right direction. The only question was, how far did it go? One of the old ladies that looked so disapproving sat across from her. She couldn’t ask the old biddy.

A young man was sitting behind her, nose buried in a book. There were math formulas and diagrams in it. It was wrapped in a cover, like she’d done herself in high school. The cover was for City College. She twisted around to talk to him, and the slinky dress twisted with her, binding her tits and lifting them up in a lewd display.

“Excuse me” she said. She was still coming down from the adrenaline rush of her altercation with the punks. Scary as it was, the excite had aroused her but now she was thinking more about how to get home, in her exposed and vulnerable situation.

The young man looked up and their eyes met. She gasped — he was gorgeous. He looked about twenty, a couple of years younger than she was. He had wavy black hair, a boyishly handsome face, and deep, puppy brown eyes. Charlene’s arousal started to take over. She tried to calm herself. She gushed a little into her already damp panties.

“Yes ma’am?” She had paused too long and he was puzzled. Was she coming on to him? As he looked at her, he first grew suspicious and then very lucky. Why was this puta talking to him? She looked like the kind of woman his granma kept warning him about. He certainly hoped so. This puta would give him months of masturbation fantasies.

“Uh, I wonder if I could ask you, uh, does this bus stop as Western Avenue?” She knew that once she got there she’d be OK. There was a bus that went in front of the club and it was only five or six bus stops from the intersection.

“Yes ma’am. That’s where I’m going.”

“Oh.” She wanted to continue the conversation. “You live around there? I live around there too. Well, not that close but still near Western, kind of down further…. What’s your name?”

The kid knew that there was nothing special about the neighborhood — it was kind of run down. He wondered why this beautiful anglo girl who was dressed like a puta was talking to him. But he wasn’t going to argue.

“Enrique”, he said. “It means Henry.”

She knew that — she took Spanish in high school. Everyone in Arizona took Spanish in high school. “That’s a beautiful name. Mine’s Charlene.” Just then the name Enrique seemed magical.

He nodded. “Pleased to meet you.” He really didn’t know what more to say.

“Do you go to City College?” Charlene was struggling to stay on safe ground, not to spook or intimidate him.

“Yes. I’m trying to get really good grades so I can transfer to UCLA.” He tried to keep his eyes on hers but he couldn’t help glancing down at her breasts, all twisted around and about to pop out of her dress.

“Oh, I see. Are you studying on the bus?” She knew this conversation was really dumb but she felt like she had to keep him yalova escort talking. After all, a woman like her would be intimidating to a kid like him. She had to keep it going or he was going to walk out of her life.

“Yes. I am studying for a physics exam.” Suddenly it dawned on him that maybe she was interested in more than conversation.

“You are very beautiful. I think you have the most wonderful eyes.” Enrique said, softly, showing good instincts. It was not as if he had learned pickup lines, growing up surrounded by his Mexican cousins and the daughters of family friends, Catholic school kids, and people from church.

She felt another gush in her panties. Who was seducing who, she thought.

In his nineteen years, he had never gone out with a girl except to parties chaperoned by his parent or dances at school. He had come home by 11 o’clock. He was a good boy and he made all A’s and B’s. In fact, he didn’t really have to study to ace this physics exam. So, he let her have a little more information.

“My parents and my sister and I went to mass with my grandmother this morning to remember my grandfather. He died a year ago. I’m going home early to study. They’ll stay with my grandmother most of the day.”

Charlene gulped. He was telling her that he had time alone.

“Oh, that’s nice” she said, trying to figure out her next move. “I never took physics. I’d like to. Is it hard?”

It was a clumsy opening but he saw it. She was telling him she wanted to come home with him. This was a lot better than what he had actually planned to do. He was really going home to pull a dirty magazine — the only one he had – out from underneath his mattress and masturbate to the pictures while his family was out. He almost never had time alone at home and he was all pent up and needed release. Maybe that’s why he responded to her overtures, despite his cautious nature.

“Well…if you’d like to do some simple problems in physics I could show you. We can go to my room.” It was lame but it was better than nothing. “But you’d have to go before my family comes back. They would never understand.”

“Sure.” She said. She’d bet they would understand, all too well. “Yeah, I’d like to do that.” She was truly touched that this young boy would risk having her in his room. She glanced down and noticed that he had a raging hard on, which he was trying to conceal with the book.

They got off together at Western, to the horror of all the biddies and the shocked dismay of the driver. Twelve years driving a bus and this was the most spectacular pickup he’d ever seen.

Enrique glanced right and left when they came to the doorway, sandwiched between a taco stand and a shoe repair shop that advertised that they also made keys. Charlene guessed that his family operated owned the shoe place. He made an elaborate display of opening the door for her so that she walked in front of him and he could see the lewd display of her hips and ass in the tight knit dress. He followed her up a couple of flights of stairs to a narrow hallway, still holding the book in front of his erect cock, and opened a door marked number 12.

He pulled out a key and opened the door. There was tidy little living room, furnished with inexpensive but new furniture. A religious statue was on the TV set and there was a crucifix on the wall. In the tiny kitchen she saw a calendar from Mexico hanging on the wall. Everything was spotless. It was warm in the apartment.

“Let’s just go right into my room, where we can be comfortable.” His pronunciation of the word “comfortable” displayed a slight hint of an accent she hadn’t noticed before. She figured he was getting nervous and didn’t want her to linger in the living room. She thought that was sweet. She had noticed long ago that his penis was erect.

She stepped into a tiny bedroom, obviously his pride and joy and inner sanctum. It must have been the one place he could be himself, away from the family and the outside world. There were books on the shelf, a UCLA pennant on the wall and a bed that was so neatly made Charlene thought that the mother probably made it. There were curtains on the large window. There wasn’t much room so they stood right next to each other. She could smell his fresh, clean scent and a hint of after shave. He could smell something musky, erotic, sexual now that he was up close.

He didn’t know how to begin so she broke the ice. “It’s hot in here. Do you think we can open the window?”

“Sure, Carlene” he said, getting her name close but not quite right. He scrambled on top of the bed on his knees, leaned over, and opened the window. There was no screen and it opened directly into the fire escape. She looked at his young, tight ass and wanted it.

That fire escape might come in handy, she thought to herself.

“Well, Enrique, shall we get down to physics?” He looked puzzled, like he hadn’t expected her to remember their edirne escort flimsy little excuse. She continued “The angle of the dangle is proportional to the heat of the meat?”

He laughed — he’d heard it before. “You are something else, Carlene. You’re the sexiest girl I’ve ever seen.”

She laughed — it was rare in her line of work for someone to give her a line like that and mean it. She was beginning to feel genuine affection for this guy. Shyly, he put his hand on her ass.

She was going to say something about it getting warmer and let’s get comfortable but she decided to dispense with the indirect approach. She kissed him gently, putting her arms around him. He raised his arms slowly, then hugged her tight. To her surprise, she felt a little giddy from his kiss. He felt a little giddy, too, when he inhaled deeply of her scent, which now combined the fresh perspiration of a hot day and a long walk, the pheromones of her arousal, and the ripeness of the brown knit dress.

“Let’s take our clothes off, Enrique.” He took off his shoes — but she just stood there looking at him. He thought they were going to undress together but she had changed her mind. She was turned on by the idea of turning this into seduction. She figured that if Enrique wasn’t a virgin, he was close to it.

She started by unbuttoning his shirt, unbelting his pants and letting him slip them off. He folded them neatly and put them on the side table. He took off his socks and shorts. Looking into his eyes, she reached down and felt between his legs — nice cock, fully erect, big balls hanging low. His cock twitched in her fingers. He had the equipment, all right. “Now, undress me” she said, husky-voiced.

He didn’t have much to do to undress her but he was nervous. He pushed the straps of her little brown knit dress off her shoulders, then figured out maybe he’d have to pull the dress over her head instead. So he knelt down in front of her and put his hands on the back of her legs, slowly moving them up toward her ass and raising the dress. He felt her firm thighs and ass. His nose picked up a scent he couldn’t quite place. It was old sweat combined with dry cum and womanly secretions.

First he caught a whiff through the dress. Then when he had the dress over her hips, he smelled it on her panties and he knew it was coming from her crotch. It was good, deep, fresh woman-scent, the first he’d ever known. It was almost intoxicating and it made him even more excited.

He stood and pulled the dress over her head. She demurely covered her breasts with her arms at first, then let her arms drop, knowing the show of modesty would turn him on. He stared at her chest. He had never seen anything so sexually perfect in his life as those twin globes, so round, tanned, the big nipples sticking straight out of rosy pink areola.

He heard her voice say “Go ahead. Kiss them. Play with them.”

Trembling, he bent over and kissed between her breasts and licked the salty skin, to see what she tasted like. Charlene ran her fingers through his shiny black hair and felt his strong, muscular shoulders and back. He ran his tongue over and under her tits, suckled on her now-hard nips, first the right, then the left, then back again, like he could do it all day. She closed her eyes and reveled in the feeling. To him this wasn’t mere foreplay — it was a dream come true. To her it was unaccustomed romance.

“Do you have a towel?” she said. He got one and she laid it on the bed. She didn’t want him to have to explain a big wet spot to his mother. As she was laying it down, Enrique came up behind her and hesitantly put his hands on her breasts. She put her hands over his and showed him how to knead her pretty, generous tits and pull gently on the nipples. After a few minutes of this, she leaned over and kissed him. “Let’s get on the bed.” She still had her panties on. They were wet now with her fresh juices. She was getting carried away by this little adventure.

He sat on the bed, hoping she’d guide him through the next steps. She picked up on his hesitation.

“Sit down for a minute.” She knelt down in front of him. “You’re about to have sex” – his dick bobbed up at that — but the very first time men always come real soon. So I’m going to do something you’ll really like and then you’ll last longer and we can have real sex.” She took his penis in her mouth and sucked gently. It was rock-hard and almost throbbing. She licked the tip and noticed a little gush of salty precome. She held it with her fingers and blew on the wet organ — he stiffened at the sensation. Her hands fondled his sac and balls while she went down on him again. When she felt his balls rising up in his sac she took him all the way down her throat and gave him powerful head with her throat muscles and he came in a woman’s mouth for the first time in his life. Gobs of semen spurted out of his dick and into her throat — his come seemed to last erzurum escort forever. It tasted clean, salty and delicious. She kept up with swallowing most of it but kept a little in her mouth to enjoy. She looked up at him and saw his face all contorted — he was in ecstasy. She held him in her mouth for a while longer, until he calmed down, just because she wanted to. She knew no lady would ever give him head as good as that again — she was that good — but she figured he deserved the best.

Then she slipped off her gooey panties and got onto the bed with him.

“Enrique” she said, “I know you haven’t had much experience. So let me show you some things. This is a very special kind of kiss you give your lover” and she kissed him passionately and thrust her tongue deep into his mouth. He opened his eyes, surprised, but he quickly got the hang of oral play. She thought he was a really good kisser, naturally gifted. He made her feel like it was her first time, not his. In fact, the last time she could remember this feeling of something entirely new in sex was when Deidre went down on her the first time.

“And this” she said, looking down, “is a woman’s pussy. Have you ever seen one before?” Not up close, he said. She showed him what the parts were and told him what they did. She wanted him to touch it, smell it, taste it. How to fondle the dangling labia and rub the mound softly. To know what the clit did and where the juice came from and which way of penetration with fingers feels best. He was a very good pupil. Within a few minutes he had gotten the hang of frigging her the way she liked it (palm resting on the clit), fingering her (she liked the fingers curled to push on her sweet spot), and the basics of licking her (upstroke). She figured they didn’t have enough time for the advanced course so she just told him to spend lots of time learning to pleasure a woman with his tongue. She felt like an angel sent to bring him into manhood.

He had never known that women tasted so good or that the parts were so complicated. It was a revelation. A whole new world to explore.

Charlene was so wet she was dripping — she was dabbing her crotch with her panties. Teaching this young man to fuck was the most fun she’d had in a long time. And it was making her so hot. She had to hold off on her own release but teaching him the things he was doing made her hot and brought her own pleasure to the edge.

He got hard again, of course, and this time she led him through a real fuck. With the towel under them there would be no tell-tale clues on the bedspread. She had him start from the beginning to kiss her using his tongue, to caress her face and shoulders, to feel her up, to kiss and fondle her perfect tanned breasts, to touch her gently between the legs, to put her in the missionary position, to mount her. She guided his stiff cock to her vagina, which was gaping open and wet because of all the cunt play. He slipped in easily, all the way, and the look of surprise in his eyes at how it felt was worth a million bucks to her. He was a bit uncoordinated at first. She held him tight, squeezed him with her pussy muscles and thrust up to help him get a rhythm going.

Usually, it would take her a while to come but she was so hot from her arousal and all the touching – and from the romantic feelings she was getting with this young man — that she was ready to pop. Juice was flowing out of her. After a seeming eternity, on a big thrust she suddenly lost it. She tightened up, shut her eyes hard, curled her toes and let herself go with an epic orgasm. It was one of the most satisfying comes of her life, and there had been plenty to choose from. It was eroticism at its peak — sexual release with the stirrings of passion. She throbbed and she shook and she melted into a puddle of sex.

Enrique marveled at what he saw — it was like she was possessed. Her vagina was throbbing around his dick and she was flushing all over her chest and face. Her eyes were tightly closed but her eyelids were fluttering. She broke out all over in a light sheen of sweat. He never thought he had seen a woman so alive before. And he had made it happen! He had done this to her! A slinky puta — not that he didn’t like her, but she was a puta, no mistake – not only wanted him but got off on him! The thought brought him over the edge. Before her orgasm was over his began. He rode it like a roller coaster, doubly thrilled at the experience and the pleasure, proud that he had actually fucked a woman, on top of the world that he had brought her to climax and grateful that she had let him come inside her.

It took them both a long time to recover. His semen and her cunt juice were smeared on their crotches and on the towel and she was still dripping from her hole. She reached over and slowly mopped herself up with her panties, still feeling kind of dopey from sex and out of it.

They heard a noise. It sounded like a key in a lock.

“Oh no!” Enrique said with a groan. “They came home early!”

Charlene snapped out of it and grabbed her little brown dress. “Don’t worry about me. I’ll go out this way” she pointed to the window as she whispered. She pulled her knit dress, on as fast as she could inadvertently stretching the fabric, and pulled on her high-heeled shoes. He hugged her.

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