Chasing a Waterfall Ch. 07

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Disclaimer: Do not read further if you are under the age of eighteen or are otherwise prohibited by law to view sexually explicit material.

All characters engaging in any sexual activity in this story are at least 18 years of age.

Do not reprint this work on any other website, or any medium, without express consent from the author (me!).

This is the seventh, and probably final chapter in the story arc. I hope you enjoy this submission! As always, comments are appreciated and encouraged.


Standing Under an Umbrella, and Chasing a Waterfall

Chapter 7, Part 1: “To Everything there is a Season”

A ringing sound from the door woke Cass and Eve up. The two women had a late night, not retiring fully until around 2am. Eve let out a moan of frustration, while Cass just pretended to ignore it. Eventually, however, the two of them came to their senses as realized two things. First, neither Helena nor Michelle was going to get the door. Second, it likely was Shauna at the door.

Out in the kitchen moments later, Cass gave pause and Eve walked onward to the door. Unlocking it, she peeked ever so briefly around the door, her body shielded from view. When she confirmed that it was Shauna, she merely stepped away from the door and Shauna came in.

“So how was your trip?” Cass said, from the kitchen.

“And how’s the boyfriend?” Evelyn added.

Only now did Shauna fully turn around. Her eyes did a bit of a double take. She had of course seen them when entering, but only now had her brain focused on them. Shauna was tired; she still had jet lag from visiting her parents out in Massachusetts. The plan had originally been to stay there for the holidays, but she wanted to get back to Washington.

The women noticed her second glance. Eve only a few in front of her had on a flannel pair of shorts with a white bra, while Cass had on a black pair of boi shorts and a blue short sleeve shirt. It was not all that unfamiliar to Shauna really. She had roomed with both women in college, even after they had come out about their relationship. Something, somehow felt different now, and she couldn’t quiet place a finger on it, though she knew it likely would eventually come to her.

“We just got in last night. The flight was delayed early in the morning due to a travel advisory. We’re staying at the holiday-In-Express.”

“So how is Troy?” Evelyn asked again.

“Tired, though for other reasons,” Shauna coyly responded.

Eve looked again at the white floral print dress with black flowery prints and a solid band tie just below her chest. It did a lot to emphasis her chest. The strapped number exposed her bare arms and long legs. Neither girl had noticed what she had been wearing when she had entered. Her coat had been a black ribbon jacket with buttons down the front and many pockets. It had dropped well below the waist, almost to her knees. With it she had worn black zippy peak toe platform shoes.

Shauna had noticed Eve’s wandering eye, and she had looked away, embarrassed. Cass for her part paid no notice to the eye. She had long ago gotten used to Evelyn’s wandering eye. Though it was a bit strange for Eve to get caught ogling another woman given how good her peripheral vision was.

Still, Cass had no problem seeing what Eve saw in her. Much like Mary Jane, Shauna a tall and elegant, models like body. Her looks didn’t rise to the level of MJ, but she was a close second. Oddly, that had given Cass a bit of pause at times in the past that both of their straight friends were the lookers, but did not seem to display even the slightest bit of bi ness.

What, however, had really caught her eye was how much Michelle and Shauna looked alike. Well, that wasn’t really true. She had seen it right from the beginning, though it seemed to reinforced every time they were together. The only real difference between them was a slight height difference and some maturity. Shauna was a bit taller, more mature and poised. Michelle was just growing into her body. Shauna, like Eve was a youthful twenty-seven, while Michelle looked more like a twenty year old girl, not quiet at the drinking age yet. The other discernible difference was their breasts. Michelle was a low C-cup or so, while Shauna was very much a full D-cup.

Cass now snapped out of it, and felt a bit guilty as well. She had been eying Shauna all the same. Shauna was giving Evelyn her coat and making her way into the kitchen.

“So how is my sister doing?” she asked Cass, as she passed her for the refrigerator.

“On the bottom left,” Eve said.

Cass at that point realized that Shauna had wanted something to drink. Eve had pointed out to her where they kept the freshly chilled soda. “The’re in Michelle’s room,” Cass absentmindedly said.

Shauna stopped dead, partially bent over with a Diet Cherry Coke in hand. “They?” she asked, not even bothering to look up.

“Helena spent the night,” Eve chimed in.

Shauna spun bursa otele gelen escort around, her eyes were wide. They had of course told her about some of her younger sister’s exploits, though they had kept it to a minimum. They believed that had been for Michelle to go to Shauna about when she felt comfortable. Shauna had been led to believe that Michelle was still interested in boys. It had been a bit of a white lie.

“So they are serious… as in together?”

“Yes,” Eve and Cass added, in sync.

The can of Coke was now down on the counter. Shauna hadn’t bothered opening it. It had felt odd to Shauna ever since she had found out that her baby sister was hanging around her one of her friend’s younger sisters. She of course had not been angry. Michelle’s bi-sexuality was to be expected. Shauna had seen it in her from the beginning.

“I’ve got to see this,” Shauna uttered. Moving past the two, she made her way through the laundry room and stopping just short of Michelle’s bedroom door. Ever so carefully, guild softness to her motions, she peaked through the door. What she saw dilated her pupils a bit. They were mostly naked. Michelle wore only a shirt, a white cotton chopper, while Helena wore a black panty shorts. Michelle was draped over the smaller girl, though Helena’s breasts with puffy nipples were on display. By the smell, Shauna guessed that they had recently been making love. The room stank of exquisite aroma of womanly wetness.

Pulling her head back, she was almost out of distance when Michelle opened her eyes. They locked focus, and she wanted to smile, but was too embarrassed to do so. Instead, she simply looked down.

Coming out, Shauna just shook her head, a bit of a smile traced her lips. “It seems that your exploits have rubbed off on my baby sister,” Shauna mocked sarcasm.

“Don’t knock it until you try it,” Eve laughed nervously.

“I’m serious guys, I leave her with you for a single semester and she’s turned lesbo.”

“Now that’s not fair, she’s been with a few guys,” Cass added with an ever-so slight coyness to her lips.

“Do you remember any of their names?” Shauna inquired.

The two girls looked at each other. Eve turning back made eye contact and simply said, “Well, no not really.”

“Tell me something Shauna, have you ever had a bi thought about another woman?” Cass asked.

This stopped Shauna in her tracks. The playfulness was gone. A look of worry crossed her. “Come on guys, you know I have, but I never acted on it like this,” she said dryly. This was of course a lie, and they all knew it.

“Huh,” Cass and Eve said in sync.


“Helena thinks that Mary Jane might be experimenting,” Michelle responded.

Shauna twirled around, she hadn’t heard Michelle approaching. The two other women looked up. Michelle now longer had on her white chopper top. She wore a baby blue tee that hugged her bra-less breasts and white cotton panties.

It took Shauna a bit to collect her thoughts. “What?” she asked turning back to Cass and Eve. Michelle came in behind her and gave her a hug. Shauna was momentarily embarrassed by the embrace but warmed to it in seconds.

“Well… Helena… well,” Cass mumbled, at a loss for words.

“Helena saw her sister in a… well, you know,” Eve added.

Shauna still looked mystified. “Helena walked in on Mary Jane with another couple,” Michelle chimed in. “The two girls seemed to be close.”

Only than did Michelle back away, and Cass asked, “Did you know anything about this?”

Shauna looked shaken. “No, never… she never seemed the type.”

“We weren’t either,” Eve remarked.

“Well, not really,” an embarrassed Cass put in.

Now it was Michelle’s turn to be confused. This was news to her. She had pretty much known of Cass and Eve as a couple.

“What do you mean guys?” Michelle inquired.

They didn’t answer, but her sister did. “They were both as straight as Mary Jane and myself. Being bi is often just a phase that some girls go through.”

“We started out as friends and kind of just grew into each other,” Eve tweeted in.

“I don’t think either one of us saw it at first,” Cass mumbled.

Her sister didn’t really agree. “I think I had a pretty good idea of what was going on before the two of you knew.”

“Maybe,” Eve coyly added.

“Where’s Helena?” Shauna asked.

“Taking a shower, she wants to get back before midday,” Michelle responded.

“Why don’t you take a shower to, and then we can go shopping afterward,” Shauna remarked.

“Sure,” Michelle said. Turning her back she disappeared through the adjoining hallway. For their part, neither Cass nor Eve looked at the gentle swinging motion of her hips.

The three of them talked for a while. Michelle and Helena’s departure from the shower had been a long time in coming. Upon entering, however, neither of them looked or smelled of any fresh play.

Helena who looked to be about escort bayan five-five or so, pretty much as Shauna had remembered her was wearing blue jeans, a gray long sleeve keyhole sweater and high brown boots. Her brunet hair was combed out and she had added some freshly applied makeup to her face, an oval face with big eyes.

Michelle was dressed much the same. The same style of skinny blue jeans adorned her body. Her sweater was a darker gray and of the ruffled cardigan variety. Much like Helena, she wore high arced boots, though these were black and not as high.

“Come on girls,” Shauna replied.

“Have fun you three,” Cass commented behind them.

A bit of a smile went to her older sister’s face as the three of them exited the apartment. Moments later, the three of them were in the parking lot. Michelle and Helena stopped, a bit confused. Only than did they realize that Shauna or Troy had rented a Tahoe. It was silver, and looked to be a recent model.

The three of them climbed in. Shauna in front and the two girls in back, and she saw the smile the two women exchanged as they locked fingers. The cabin of the automobile was spacious with gray seating and black interior. Turning on the keys to the ignition, she looked back at her sister and friend.

“No funny business gal,” she remarked.

“Scouts honor,” Michelle responded. Holding up her two fingers with a mocking smile tracing her face, and a smirk from Helena followed.

Shauna mumbled, “Right.” A roll of the eyes later and she finished, “You were never a scout Michelle, at least not…” A look of nervousness came over her face. It was if she was about to say something that she shouldn’t have, realized it and backed off. For their part, neither girl was at all interested.

The drive to MJ’s had been relative short. The women had been true to their word. Well, mostly anyway. Shauna had not seen much play, though they had continued to hold hands with locked fingers. Helena at one point had even crossed her legs and squeezed a bit, as if to work off from pent up steam, but had uncrossed them not to long after Shauna had seen her.

Pulling into the street, she pulled to the curve and parked. Turning off the engine, the three of them exited the car. Her out in front and the two girls, wrapped in each others arms tailed behind. As Shauna looked back, she could not help but smile. She was happy for her sister, she was finally at peace. Honestly though, what they were doing was not that intimate. It just looked like two extra friendly girls, who could have been close friends horsing around.

A strange sense came over Shauna as she stepped up onto the front steps. Something did not feel right. She didn’t know why, she really didn’t, but something was amiss. Helena had texted and called her sister. She had gotten no response from the text and the voice call had gone to her mailbox. A bit of a smile traced her lips as she imagined walking in on Mary Jane being intimate with a guy friend. It had happened countless times before.

When a quick knock had gone unanswered, the three of them entered behind Helena. She had wanted to ring the door bell, but Helena had wanted to get inside. Upon entering, the three of them were greeted to an empty living room. No one was in the dining room or kitchen either. Shauna began to wonder if MJ was gone, though her car was still parked outside. She could have gotten a ride from a friend.

Only than did they hear a moan, a long winding moan, followed by a gasp and laughter. What Shauna realized is that it had been laughter by two feminine voices and her blood ran cold. No traces of a man’s voice could be heard either. For a slight moment, Shauna had actually thought about sneaking up on them, but had decided against it. The door was shut, and it would have been too difficult. Placing her bag on the kitchen counter she called out, but she was not really sure if her voice had been heard over the living room television, which was still on, and had just come out of screen saver mode.

The door handle moved and she held her breath not at all sure what to expect. Mary Jane exited, mostly nude, wearing only a white robe that was not tied. Behind her, however, was a lanky red head. The woman, who she had never seen before in her life, was nude. Her arms were hugging Mary Jane from behind. It looked innocent enough at first, but as Mary Jane saw Shauna she froze. The girls had since entered Helena’s bedroom, though they had left the door open.

The red head having seen Shauna had frozen and then retreated without word to the bedroom. Mary Jane had a guilt ridden look on her face. A smooth vibrator with a blue flower pattern was clutched in her hands. Embarrassed, she had dropped the device onto the floor before bending over to nervously search for it, while maintaining eye contact with Shauna. Grasping a hold of the vibe, she had it in hand once more. Shauna knew that there was something more to this.

Only know did Helena and Michelle mudanya escort peek out. “They must have been in Helena’s bathroom,” Shauna thought. Turning her attention back to Mary Jane, she had tied the robe and the vibrator had disappeared. The girls had looked on with interest but soon grew disengaged as Helena playfully pulled at Michelle.

Now sooner had the two girls disappeared back into the bedroom and Mary Jane had walked forward, then Shauna heard the shower run. As Mary Jane cam closer, the flush grew. She was not really embarrassed as much as she was mortified.

“I’m sorry you had to see that,” Mary Jane stumbled.

Shaking her head, she put up her hand to silence her friend. She was cool with it, though a bit surprised to be honest. “When did this all begin?”

“Well,” Mary Jane whispered, biting her lip. A moment of silence came between them. Shauna wondered honestly if she might lie. It really wouldn’t have been all that unusual for two women to masturbate together. Well, OK it would have been, but not on heard of. MJ didn’t even bother with this as a cover.

“We met through our boyfriends.” Shauna wanted to ask what boyfriend, but she held her tongue. “The four of us kind of fucked.” More silence, downcast eyes. “The guys wanted us to put on a bit of a show.”

“Typical of men,” Shauna thought.

“I think we both kind of liked it,” Mary Jane continued. “It was different.”

“So are you…” Shauna met Mary Jane’s eyes. “So are you to a couple?”

Mary Jane eyes went wide, and she looked away. “No… we just like… like playing around a little. I don’t even know if what were doing…” Mary Jane stopped.


“I don’t even know if it meets the definition of lesbian sex or anything, we just kind of fool around.”

Shauna really didn’t understand. “I’m lost.”

“We haven’t really done much. We just kind of felt each other up and kissed.” Long pause, Mary Jane was being a bit guarded. “And did some other stuff.”

“What other stuff? Did you go down on her?” Shauna felt guilty before the words even left her mouth. It really was none of her business, though she was curious.

Mary Jane made a face. “God no girl… ewe!” The two made eye contact again. “Like I said, we kind of just fool around a bit.”

“Huh, and here I thought maybe she was using a strap-on or something,” Shauna laughed.

Mary Jane did not join her. When Shauna looked at her, she broke the gaze and looked down at the floor momentarily. “Well, actually…”

“No way, you and she are?” Shauna said a bit too loud.



“Well, anyway… yeah, she’s really… really good at it!” MJ winced. “At least for a girl.”

“Oddly, that doesn’t surprise me,” Shauna remarked. Mary Jane always did like to have her pussy pounded. The way Shauna understood it, though it had never really been confirmed, Mary Jane kind of got off that way the best.

“I know,” MJ responded. More dead space between the two, neither really sure how to go on with their conversation. “You know in a way it actually is a bit better than being with a guy,” MJ said coyly.

She turned to leave, but Shauna’s hand went out to grasp her arm. “Wait. What do you mean… overall or with a strap-on?”

“Aren’t you curious?” Mary Jane teased.

Letting go of her arm, Shauna looked away. She was not sure what to say to her friend.

“I was talking about when she uses… well, it on me.” A long silence fell as Mary Jane thought of how to say it. “You know a guy is like good and all, but her thing is like bigger, so it kind of hits some spots and well, she doesn’t like get all excited and cum just after I do.”

“Interesting… actually, it kind of is,” Shauna whispered. “So your chick has got stamina?”

Mary Jane gave out a nervous laugh. “Sometimes, I think you actually might… well, you know before I do… but the thing doesn’t go soft or anything.”

Now the girls were once again curious, and they were out. Just as she left she said, “You know, you really should stay.”

As Helen and Michelle came forward to engage in conversation with Mary Jane, Shauna excused herself to the bathroom. It was merely a step off from where they were standing, and she felt an urgent need to relieve her bladder. She did so, behind a close door as the girls talked around. For the most part, she heard most of their conversation over the whirl of the bathroom fan. It was not really sexually charged at all. The girls were inquiring into something about a dress. Shauna had been about to join them when she spotted it. A slight stain on her ivy panties, in the cotton crotch, though not much but still observable. She had been so focused that she had not even noticed the dampness. A finger came down to trace her upper pussy lips and a bolt went through her.

Guilt consumed her at this point, she wanted out. She was only months away from marrying a very loving man. She did not need this now. At no point in the past had she ever really been that curious. Okay, maybe a bit of a tingle from time to time. This was not a tingle, but rather, outright arousal toward her friend. Well, maybe it was the situation really. It didn’t matter, however, as it made her really uncomfortable. “This was not good,” she thought. “I need to get out of here.”

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