Cheating Ch. 04

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Part 4: Lance’s Little Brother

My little brother, Kenny, came to stay with me while he was on Spring break from his Sophomore year in college. I hadn’t seen my brother in over a year. It was amazing how much he changed. The irritating, little pest was gone, and a grown ass man had taken over. Seeing him for the first time in a long time got my ass wet and dick hard. Ya’ll know how I do. I takes the dick from whoever, wherever. I planned on seeing how my 20 year old brother was like inside of me.

“Lance! What up?!”

“Damn, Kenny. It’s been a while. I see you finally got you some facial hair and shit.”

“Yo, chill with all that Kenny shit, man. It’s K-Killa, or Ken, that’s what the ladies like to call me.”

“Boy, you are still my little brother. And, you will be staying in my house for the next 3 weeks, so your name is whatever I wanna call your ass. You will still be annoying ass Kenny to me.”

“Aight. We gone see what you call me after these 3 weeks are up.”

I didn’t know what to make of that last statement. Was he flirting with me? Probably not, but that wasn’t going to stop me from getting some of my little brother’s dick. My, boo, J, came over to meet Kenny and have dinner with us. My bro knew about me, so it was nice not having to hide my relationship in my own house. That shit ain’t wassup. I could tell by the way that J was looking that he wanted to fuck Kenny, too. Most bitches would be mad, but I wasn’t. Me & my boo agreed to have an open relationship. As long as we were upfront, honest, & safe, it was cool. Family members included.

“So, J, how long have you been fucking my brother?”


“It’s cool, boo. Lance & I have been together for a year and a half now.”

“Okay. That’s wassup. It’s good that you didn’t hesitate. Be a man about your shit. I’m glad that my brother ain’t fucking with no trick ass nigga. I’m not having all that.”

“I’m shocked that you’re so comfortable with your older brother being gay.”

“Our parents didn’t raise us to be bigots. We judge people by their actions, not their race, gender, or sexual orientation.”

I bursa escort was shocked that Kenny matured so much while being in school. He was right. Our parents raised us to treat everybody the same way that we wanted to be treated, with respect. J was turned on by Kenny’s relaxed demeanor even more. I could see my baby’s dick growing inside of his jeans. It was time to push the envelope. I wanted t see how far I could take things. Me & J started kissing in front of Kenny. He didn’t say anything, just watched.

“Wow. I see that ya’ll don’t care who’s around, huh?”

“My bad, Kenny. We just haven’t seen each other all day. I just had to get a kiss in from J. We weren’t trying to make you uncomfortable.”

“It’s all good, Lance. Being in college, I have seen niggas do a lot more than kiss.”

J & I looked at each other, but said nothing. We finished dinner, and J bounced. He had to be at work early in the morning. Before leaving, he encouraged me to fuck Kenny tonight, then tell him about it tomorrow. I took that as an assignment. I went into the guest room to see if Kenny needed anything. He was laying on the bed talking to some chick, while his hands was in his basketball shorts. I watched for a while and listened to the convo.

“So, what you got on, baby? Just panties, huh? That’s wassup. Take them off. Play in that pussy for me. Is it wet? Mmmm. What am I doing? I got my hand in my shorts rubbing my dick. It’s hard as fuck for you, boo.”

That shit had me so turned on. Kenny caught me standing at the door and motioned for me to come in. He started pulling his shorts off and I was surprised to see that he didn’t have on underwear. That dick was beautiful, and hard as fuck. Peanut butter colored with heavy, low hanging balls and a thick head. I salivated at the sight of my little brother’s dick. I wanted it. I needed it. Now….

He kept talking dirty to that chick on the phone while I crawled onto the bed and started licking his shaft up and down. His masculine hands caressed the back of my head as I took his pipe into my mouth. My tongue swirled around bursa escort the thick head, then I took it to the dome. Kenny’s eyes rolled into the back of his head. I glided back and forth on that steel rod, making it drip with my spit.

I eased my jeans & boxer briefs off, then started to play with my wet asshole. It twitched, wanting to be penetrated by a big dick. Kenny big nuts slapped my chin, only making me want to engulf them with my warm mouth. I took the both of them and sucking gently. Booty juice ran down my legs and onto the bed. I knew that it was time for some of that dick.

Kenny reached into the night stand and got a condom out. I eased onto his dick, then sat down. Once I felt his balls against my ass, I exploded with passion. To feel my brother’s dick deep inside of me felt like nothing else that I had ever felt. With his free hand, Kenny played with my nipples as I bounced on his dick furiously. Him talking to that chick dirty on made me a fiend for the pipe even more.

“Yeah, you like that shit, don’t you? You feel my big dick deep inside that pussy? Huh? Yeah, that’s it. Finger that twat, baby. I bet it’s warm and tight. You love this dick, don’t you? Tell me you love this dick. Daddy feels how warm that pussy is, boo. Shit! Fuck, yo. Mmmm.”

My little brother raised up and hooked his arm around my waist. He silently sucked and licked on my nipples while he drove his dick deeper into me. My ass got wetter with each thrust. The chick he was talking to moaned loud enough for me to hear her, which turned me on more than I already was. Kenny took the time that the chick was distracted and kissed me. Our mouths melted together like it was meant to be. This nigga was gone have me sprung if he kept this up!

“That shit sounds like fire, baby. Are you close? Yeah? I want you to come for me. Cream all over this big dick, boo. Make that pussy squirt. Hell, yeah. Do it. Do that shit. Bust that nut. You want Daddy to come inside you? Ooh, yeah, shit.”

Hearing him talk that shit pushed me over the edge. Nut shot from my dick without me even touching it. bursa eskort Thick, creamy ropes of cum splattered across Kenny’s chest. My ass muscles gripped my brother’s cock and milked it for everything it had. He kissed me deep as all three of us had orgasms at the same time. I got up and pulled the condom off of Kenny’s dick. I cleaned all of the left over nut from his rod. He hung up from the chick and held me.

“Yo, that was some hot shit. I’ve never had sex while I phone boned.”

“I had no idea that you were bi, Kenny.”

“I’m not into labels, Lance. I just go with the flow. I’m always down for fucking a tight hole & getting my dick sucked, whether it be a man or a woman.”

“Or family member, huh?”

“Right. It doesn’t matter to me. Gimme a warm hole and mouth, I’ll take it . I don’t give a fuck who it belongs to.”

“I feel the same way about dick. I could care less who it’s attached to, I just want it.”

“I wonder if our parents are as nasty as we are. We should find out.”

“When Memorial Day weekend comes, let’s pay them a visit.”

“Cool. Tell that boyfriend of yours, if he wants some dick, he can get it.”

“How do you know that I wanna share?”

“It’s enough of me to go around, Lance. Let that nigga know that I’m fucking the both of you whenever I’m in town.”

“That’s wassup. K-Killa.”

“See, I told you that Kenny shit would be out the window once I got through with you.”

I laughed at him being right. My phone vibrated and it was a text from J’s roommate, Derrick. He wanted to know if I was down for some dick. I told him that I had already got some from my brother. That shit turned him on. My phone started vibrating again and it was him calling.

“So, you fucking family, huh? That shit sounds disgusting and hot at the same time. It’s my turn to take your brother’s ass out for a test rive.”

“I doubt that will happen, D. Kenny is a strict top.”

“Aw, he just ain’t met me yet. J was talking that same shit until I fucked that booty good. How long is he going to be there?”

“3 weeks.”

“Cool. That’s plenty of time to bust that nigga down.”

D was telling the truth. He has a knack for turning strict tops into either vers, or pussy boy bottoms. It will be interesting to see if he can do the same for my brother. Knowing, Kenny, he will have D calling him K-Killa, too….

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