Cheating Husband?

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Female Ejaculation

Over the past few years I have been promoted more than my fair share. I am a pretty jaded person so while I am completely deserving of each promotion I have a sneaking suspicion it is because I am an attractive woman in a predominantly male dominated field. I have a hard time working with women so when I was allowed to hire an assistant I picked a young man to cover my desk. He was ten years my junior and exceedingly handsome. To be honest I was never really attracted to him because I was happily married.

Jeff had worked for me for two years when I began to suspect my husband was cheating on me. I confided my suspicions to Jeff one day and from then on he became my sounding board. Six months later my husband was travelling for a week at a time twice a month. I was convinced he was having an affair. Jeff tried to convince me otherwise suggesting I was being paranoid.

It all started on a Monday afternoon. My husband was headed out of town and we began fighting on the phone just as he was getting on a plane. The argument was completely out of control. I threatened to divorce him. It got ugly too quickly. I told him I knew he was seeing someone and instead of denying it he told me he was and that we needed to talk when he got back on Friday.

I spent the week stewing. Was he serious? Was he really cheating? I was so convinced before, but now I was pretty sure he was just playing with my head. I didn’t call him all week and for his part he didn’t call me. I shared the ordeal with Jeff who was supportive through the week. On Friday I realized I was going to have to go home and deal with the situation when Jeff peeked his head in the door and asked if I wanted to grab a drink before heading home. I jumped at the excuse not to go home and agreed.

The bar was crowded and I began drinking heavily. By midnight I was blitzed and Jeff offered to drive me home. I took him up on his offer. We walked to his car and he put me in the passenger seat and then he walked around to the drivers seat. When he sat down he didn’t start the car. Instead he looked at me and told me that my husband was a fool for cheating on me. He began telling me how attractive I was. How he had had a crush on me since he took the job. How he had often thought about me when he made love to other women. I leaned over and kissed him to get him to stop talking. He kissed me back hard and before I knew what was going on I could feel his fingers inside of my vagina. I was pressing back against his digits as he finger fucked me. I began having a small orgasm when I realized what was happening and pushed his hand Kastamonu Escort away. I apologized, told him I was drunk and asked him to take me home.

When I got home my husband wasn’t there, but there was a message from him saying he was going to be staying another week. I flopped on the bed and began masturbating, imagining what would have happened if I had let Jeff keep going. I came and fell asleep soon afterward.

On Monday things were awkward between Jeff and me. I apologized for getting so wasted and tried to pretend I didn’t remember kissing him. Later that afternoon I told Jeff that my husband hadn’t come home and that he would be out for the rest of the week. I don’t know why, but I started crying. Jeff stepped inside my office, closed the door and locked it behind him.

I watched Jeff quickly cover the ground between us and soon he was standing next to me as he took my arm and lifted me to my feet. Before I could say anything he began kissing me. My body was limp, but I kissed him back. In a single violent motion he ripped open my blouse exposing my bra and turned me around and leaned me over my desk. I started to protest, but as I did he pulled my panties down and lifted my skirt around my waist. It was all I could do to hold myself up over the desk.

I felt him slide his penis inside of me. I was turned on, my vagina was wet and it felt amazing to feel him inside of me. He rammed his cock inside of me over and over until he quickly pulled out, flipped me around and lifted me on to the desk. He slid his cock back inside of me and began kissing me. I wrapped my arms and legs around him and kissed him back. Oh God this was amazing. He was so strong. I loved fucking him.

He only lasted about five minutes, but I managed to have at least two orgasms before I felt him ejaculate inside of me. It happened so quick, I couldn’t believe he was fucking me right in my office. I couldn’t believe I was letting him. I couldn’t believe he came inside of me. When he was done there was so much to say, but all I could say was, “I needed that.”

Jeff pulled his pants back up and quickly exited my office. I was left to try to find the two buttons that he had popped off my blouse. I sat down at my desk having been completely sexually satisfied. Fuck, what had I just done.

I stayed in my office until just after six hoping Jeff would have already left. Thankfully he was gone when I walked by his desk. I went home and got in the shower. About halfway through I heard the doorbell ring. I quickly got out of the shower and put on my robe thinking Kastamonu Escort Bayan it must be one of the neighborhood kids. To my surprise when I opened the door it was Jeff. He had a rolling suitcase with him and asked if he could come inside. I looked around and let him inside.

I couldn’t believe he was here. He explained that he wanted to stay with me for the week. It was a terrible idea. My husband was cheating on me and wouldn’t be back until Saturday, but he was my assistant, but I had let him fuck me earlier in the day. The answer was obvious, I told him he could stay.

That night we stayed in and ordered take out. Jeff barely finished his meal before he carried me to my bedroom and began making love to me. He took his time and made sure I was satisfied. We made love four time until around 3AM I was so tired I begged him to let me go to sleep. The next morning we slept in and by the time we woke up it was 10AM. I started to rush to get to work, but Jeff pulled me back in bed and we made love again until just after 11AM. I couldn’t get out of bed. We just laid there kissing and loving each other. I was like a teenager again. Finally I called in sick and we spent the rest of the day together at the house.

We spent the rest of the week together. Fucking like rabbits until he finally left early Saturday morning. We made love one last time that morning just after 6AM. It was amazing and I didn’t want it to end.

My husband got home around 4PM and we had our talk. He sat me down and admitted he had been keeping things from me. First, his business had been in trouble, but now it was back on track. Second he had learned he had prostate cancer. He had been lying to me so that I wouldn’t get upset. He had learned last week that the drugs he had been taking had worked. Between the depression caused by his work situation and the anti-cancer drugs he had been unable to get an erection, much less have an affair. He apologized for lying and begged me to forgive him.

He explained that he had to take his medication for six more months, but after that he would be back to his old virile self. I felt horrible. I couldn’t believe I had spent the week sucking and fucking my assistant while my husband had been going through hell. What slut I had been. I couldn’t tell him, but I felt horrible. I forgave him on the spot and tried to comfort him.

On Monday I told Jeff what my husband had told me. He was shocked. I told him we had to keep our relationship professional and I apologized for leading him on. I begged him to forgive me. He hugged Escort Kastamonu me and told me he understood.

Two months passed and I found myself thinking about Jeff. When he would come in my office I would secretly wish he would rip my blouse off and bend me over my desk again. Then I would feel guilty for fantasying about him. One afternoon Jeff told me he wanted to talk to me about something. He sat down in my office and told me he was going to start seeing someone, but that he still had feelings for me. He wanted to know if I had feelings for him. I admitted that I did. That I thought about making love to him, but that I couldn’t betray my husband again.

Jeff was clearly upset so I walked over to him and put my hand on his shoulder. I tried to comfort him, but I felt myself become aroused. I started getting wet and I wanted to feel him inside of me. Jeff turned and put his hand on my leg, slowly sliding it up under my skirt. I didn’t stop him, but I closed my eyes and whispered that I couldn’t do this.

Jeff used his other hand and slowly pulled my panties down to my ankle and I stepped out of them. He unzipped his pants and freed his cock and pulled me around to straddle him. I lowered myself over his cock and once he was inside of me I opened my eyes and began kissing him. It felt amazing having him inside of me. I hadn’t had sex in two months and it felt amazing. Jeff told me he loved me and didn’t want to be with another woman ever again. He told me he wanted to marry me. We fucked for almost half and hour until he legs fell asleep. When we were done I didn’t know what to say so I put on my panties and went home.

Jeff called me three times and I let the first two go to voicemail, but I took the third call just after midnight. He just wanted to talk. I curled up on the couch and we talked about everything and nothing. Before we hung up he told me he was in his car in front of our house if I wanted to come out and give him a kiss good night. I told him to come to the door and I would let him kiss me. When he got to the door I let him come inside, my husband was upstairs asleep. Jeff pushed me against the wall and kissed me. I didn’t stop him when he opened my robe and began fucking me. I just wrapped my legs around him and pressed my back against the wall so that he could penetrate me. God I love fucking him, I thought to myself. He came almost immediately before I was able to have my own orgasm.

When Jeff let down off the wall I pulled him to the couch in the living room and pushed him backwards so I could ride on his semi-hard cock. Jeff’s semen was leaking out of me on the cushions and he tried to get me to stop so he could get a towel, but I wouldn’t let him. I rode him until he was hard again and I had my own orgasm. It felt amazing. When I was done I kissed him goodbye and he left, my husband none the wiser.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32