Cheating Wife’s Revenge Ch. 02

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Cin’s Story

Cin was born in the living room of a tenant farmhouse in a small mid-western community. Being born at home was fairly common back in mid 1930’s. It was more common if you lived in a small community, and even more common if your home was some distance away from a major city hospital. Her father farmed. Her early years were spent on that farm and she remembers well the farm hands, the tenant farmers, the time requirements and constraints of being a farmer, the lack of being able to earn a decent living being a tenant farmer, and the mating of the animals. The mating of the animals she found fascinating. It was a lonely existence, however, as her one sibling, a brother, didn’t come along until several years later. She entertained herself watching the farm hands work, playing house with her dolls, and, being the first girl born to the family in two generations, enjoyed being the center of attention.

Like most girls, Cin would begin to discover her sexuality at an early age. It is said that for some kids that age can be as young as age 3, and most often it is earlier for girls than for boys. For Cin it was about age 6. One day her finger found that “touchy feely” place between her legs and in touching herself she quickly realized the delightful sensations that ensued. Playing with her vagina became a regular ritual, one that would follow her through all her school years and right up to, and often during, her marriage. And she discovered, back on that farm, that if she climbed up in the hayloft, she could lie in the hay, slide her hand down into her panties, and play away to her hearts content. Her mother had caught her doing it once in the living room and had disciplined her. Up in the hayloft, no one ever knew. It became her secret place.

At age five she had started school. It was a typical country school with all grades, one through eight, grouped together in one large classroom. She was only in school there for her first two years. Then her dad, unable to make a satisfactory living for his family had moved them to a larger city in their state where he took a job working in a defense plant. World War II had started the year before with the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Her father was exempt from the service, at first due to being a farmer, and that exemption continued because he worked in the defense industry.

Like every other person in America during the war, Cin did without. By the time the war ended, she was in the 5th grade. She remembers the celebrations and the re-introduction of bubble gum, a big event to a young girl. You could now buy tires for your car, gasoline was no longer rationed, and women were standing in line to buy nylon stockings, something they had done without during the long war years. And, best of all, the GI’s were coming home. Along the way, Cin was maturing into womanhood. In the sixth grade her breasts began to form and a year later she had her first period. By ninth grade and entering high school the next year, she was nicely developed for a girl of her age.

By all comparison, Cin was a very late starter in the dating department. I have often wondered why, but the more I understand human nature from back in those days, the more I realize that it was probably her choice of friends that ended up having a lot to do with it. If you were good friends with people who dated a lot, attractive people who got asked out a lot, you often ended up being asked out too. You were invited out on double dates. I like to refer to is as getting “dragged along socially!” The other guys in their group asked you out because they didn’t want to not have a date when all their friends had one. This was especially true for special school events. But, when your close friends didn’t date much, didn’t get asked out them selves, you lost that “getting dragged along” advantage.

I look back on my high school years and note the number of girls who were not attractive, some even overweight, and yet seemed to have lots of dates. I realize now that their best friends, the other girls they hung out with, were socially very active. They had the advantage of what I have also dubbed “dating fallout!”

Cin’s three closest and very best friends, the four of them inseparable since their early grade school years, unfortunately were not very dateable during their high school years. Nice girls! Good best friend material! Based on what I have since seen and learned they were not girls that I, for instance, would myself have called up and asked out for a date. Nothing wrong with them! Just don’t perceive them as dating material! The high school was large and there would have been too many others to pick from. So Cin didn’t get to enjoy the advantage of dating fallout.

In addition, in my opinion and based various high school pictures that I have seen of her, Cin wore the completely wrong hair style for the shape of her face and maybe also needed some help in the wardrobe selection department. Her clothes were always clean and nice and of good quality, but never flattered or showed off her greatest asset, her great body! If anything, her choice of conservative clothing combined with the wrong hairstyle probably served to actually detracted from her natural beauty and attractiveness. diyarbakır escort In other words, she knew nothing about selling herself! By college she had shortened her hairstyle and was making better wardrobe choices. She looked much more attractive in her college pictures as compared to her high school pictures. She showed more cleavage, for instance, with her choices of blouses. Good cleavage is a natural man attractor! Instead of floppy skirts, her pictures show her in more form fitting ones, skirts that show off her hips in a positive manner. She had learned to promote herself better.

Also Cin is one of those persons who actually grow more attractive as they mature. I could see that going back to her 10th and 15th high school reunions with her. Many of the so called “hot” girls of her class were already beginning to deteriorate badly. They had reached their attractiveness peek back in their high school years. Many of the so called “homelier” girls of her class were now quite attractive. Their beauty years just came later in their lives as they matured.

But Cin’s biggest benefit in college was that she roomed with two girls who themselves were very active socially. So, she started dating much more frequently, doubling with her roommates, getting fixed up, and growing in her social confidence. The combination of all these changes in her lifestyle probably resulted in her getting asked out more often, and she enjoyed a normal college social life.

Although only dating very occasionally during high school, Cin did have a couple of great summer camp memories occur. The first was at church camp. I call it a near miss! Or maybe a near hit! Either way, it occurred during the summer just before she started her senior year of high school.

Hugh was a Senior Counselor at the camp. He was from another church in another state and was a college student, about 4 years older than Cin. She learned he was studying for the Ministry and it didn’t take long for Cin to fall for him. In fact, she fell for Hugh almost from the moment she laid eyes on him that first day at camp. Maybe it was his steel blue eyes that seemed to undress a girl as he looked at her? Or, maybe it was just his more mature physique. He was very physically fit. Hugh worked out and lifted weights.

Or, maybe it was that he had more experience with girls and knew the “lingo” when it came to talking to them. I sense, in retrospect, from what she has told me that Hugh probably preyed on the younger girls at camp each summer. It was probably a game for him. A way to get off his jollies! Nonetheless, Cin was enamored and secretly hoped something romantic might develop between them during her two weeks there. She fantasized what it might be like to be a minister’s wife. She had a good sense of it as her best friend’s father was a minister and she had been around her best friends family often. She had seen them function.

But the next bus full of campers to arrive blew that possibility clean out of the water. Arriving with the others on that bus was Marcie! Marcie had to be a cheerleader. She was cute, blond, nice lean figure with large breasts that she obviously dressed to emphasize! And, she was extremely outgoing. She hooked onto Hugh her first day there, flirting unashamedly with him nearly from the very moment she got off the bus. In life, Marcie was the type of aggressive girl who obviously got what she went after. Hugh very obviously gravitated toward Marcie, ignoring Cin and the other female campers, other than to interact with them as any camp counselor interacts with any camp attendee. He interacted with Marcie a lot more than anyone else at camp, however.

There were rumors about Hugh and Marcie that started circulating throughout camp as the week progressed. The juiciest one of them being that someone from one of the other cabins had been on her way to the bathroom building late one night and had seen Marcie coming out of the lake. And as she walked out of the water, it was purported in typical young girl wide-eyed manner, she was definitely carrying her bathing suit. “You could see she was nude,” the teller continued on divulging her juicy tidbit! Hugh was beside her but was wearing his suit, however. At least that’s how the rumor circulated in Cin’s cabin. Cin saw Marcie every morning in the shower area and knew that Marcie had a great body. Nice firm breasts, nice full ass combined with well proportion legs. And, had an almost perfectly triangle shaped patch of blond hair between her legs. Her firm breasts attested to the fact that there was no padding in Marcie’s bra; a common illusion created by girls for us guys back in those days. What a disappointment to us guys to often find out those bumps under a girl’s blouse were not completely real! You’d work and work and finally succeed in getting the girl’s bra off only to see that there was really only half, or maybe even less, of what we had thought was going to be under there. Oh well, most of us were desperate enough to accept whatever was there and be grateful for our accessibility to it. And, that little triangle of fur between her legs attested to the fact that Marcie was indeed a natural blond. She had all the tools, and those edirne escort tools were definitely all real.

Marcie was definitely nice merchandise in the eyes of any guy, thought Cin. Definitely Marcie was the best looking girl attending camp that week. So, instead of competing for Hugh’s attention, feeling she had no chance to win, Cin simply retreated from the competition.

But, there was good news. Marcie was there only for one week. At the Saturday night bonfire, the good-byes were said and to Cin’s pleasure, she knew that Marcie would be leaving the next day. That would leave Cin another week to see if she could get somewhere with Hugh. That was, provided of course, that another Marcie type didn’t arrive with the next group of campers. Cin wasn’t thinking about having sex with Hugh. Hell, she hadn’t even kissed a boy yet. But a little romantic fling, maybe with just a little kissing, would be something great to remember camp by.

To her relief, no great competition arrived in the new camper group the next day. But, to Cin’s dismay, no matter how hard she would try, Hugh just treated her like all the other campers. She took every chance she could get to sit next to him, assist him, and talk to him about her possibly becoming a camp counselor the next year. And, Cin was no slouch in the figure department herself. She was well built. She had great body, a trim, well proportioned, figure. And so on and on it went all week! She tried, as best she could, to win his favor; to get his attention. She even stayed in her bathing suit extra long each afternoon, hoping Hugh would notice her better. How she wished she had a 2 piece suit like Marcie had worn. Cin’s was a one piece. Dull! But, nothing happened. That is, nothing happened until Friday, two days before Cin was to leave.

Maybe Hugh just woke up suddenly to notice Cin’s charms? Hey, she wasn’t the prettiest of girls, but he’d have to be blind to miss her great body, especially considering she was in a bathing suit at some time each day. She looked great in a bathing suit. Her breasts, nearly D-Cups, were firm and stood out proudly. Her waist was small, stomach flat, and she had a nice flair to her hips. Her ass was one of her major attributes. Maybe if he had scored on Marcie the previous week, his desires were now returning to their normal level? Maybe Cin had accidentally said or done just the right thing to catch his attention? Maybe he was ready for another conquest? Whatever!

On Friday, right after dinner, Hugh asked Cin to meet him that night after the bonfire down by the lake, after everyone was asleep, to talk about becoming a counselor. He told her it would be better not to tell any one, as Counselors were not allowed to meet with campers after hours, and they’d both get into trouble. And that there probably would not be another chance for him to talk with her about becoming a counselor, so it was now or never if she was really serious about becoming one. She agreed. Hell, she’d have agreed, no matter what he had told her. Besides, she really thought she knew where such a visit would lead. She was not thinking sex, but she was thinking about making out with Hugh. Some kissing would have made her very happy. She felt she was long overdue to be kissed by a boy. Way long overdue!

It seemed like no one wanted to go to sleep that night in her cabin after the bonfire. Waiting and waiting, in what seemed like forever as the other 5 girls one by one finally fell asleep. Cin finally slipped out of her cabin around midnight, looking behind her to be sure no one else was stirring in their bunk, and headed down to the lake. There was not a sole around and the late night noises from Mother Nature made it a bit creepy. Fortunately the camp had outdoor lights lighting the main areas of the camp all night. She waited by the picnic tables and Hugh shortly appeared out of the darkness. Walking around to the picnic table located the furthest to one side and out of any light they sat side by side on a table, talking about counseling for a while. She was starting to get concerned that all Hugh had really wanted was to talk to her about counseling! How dull and disappointing that would be. Then Hugh pointed out a certain star formation to her. Putting his arm around her shoulders, he pointed her in the direction he wanted her to look. She couldn’t spot it and he moved his face close to hers, both of them looking up into the heavens. When she spotted it, she turned happily to tell him. Their eyes met. She was instantly in his arms. They kissed. That kiss started a make out session that went on for nearly an hour. His mouth was both warm and slightly wet to the touch of her lips. At one point his tongue briefly touched her lips, but was withdrawn quickly.

“Maybe I didn’t respond fast enough,” she later told herself. She would have liked to have his tongue enter her mouth. She and her girl friends had talked about French Kissing. Some of the girls in her class had done it a lot, at least according to their own reports, but neither she nor her close friends had ever done it.

Cin felt she could trust Hugh. After all, he was a ministerial student. After one last long, slow kiss, mouths in firm and loving contact elazığ escort with each other, she agreed to meet him the next evening at the same time. It would be her last night at camp.

All day she was on pins and needles. Her feet barely touched the ground. Hugh selected her that day to help him with the younger campers. She was in 7th Heaven, to coin a phrase from that era. They brushed against each other often while they were with the young campers. She almost sensed that Hugh was coyly making body-to-body contact with her, going out of his way to do so frequently. It seemed a bit clandestine, a bit naughty, and for Cin there was excitement in that. There was excitement in being a bit naughty.

First it seemed like that night’s bonfire would last forever. Then it seemed like everyone took so long to say their farewells. Then, again, it took the girls forever to get to sleep that last night. It was well after midnight, nearly 1:00 A.M. in fact, before she could sneak softly out of the cabin to meet him. He was waiting patiently by the picnic tables when she arrived.

He was obviously very sure of himself at that point and had no doubts that she’d show up. This time he took her hand and they walked well away from the picnic table area and along the lake shoreline following a path that lead to another beach access to the lake; a site well out of view from the cabins. They were well out of the lights of the campgrounds. This time they sat on the sand of this much smaller beach. This time there were no pretenses. No looking up into the heavens. No hunting for star formations. The minute she settled onto the ground Hugh’s lips were on hers.

After about 5 minutes of long kisses, she felt Hugh’s tongue again lightly touching her lips, moving gently across them, lightly probing them. This time she was ready, parting her lips slightly at the first touch of his tongue. Sensing her acceptance of his tongue, her go ahead signal, his tongue entered her now further opened mouth, moving in and out and circling the inside of her lips, rubbing on her tongue, as they kissed. Shortly, feeling brave and not wanting to seem inexperienced, and following what she seemed to remember the other girls saying they did, she responded as he withdrew his tongue by moving her tongue into his mouth. To her surprise and delight Hugh started gently sucking on it.

What a rush! Cin could feel herself starting to flush in response to his tongue’s touch. She immediately felt a wetness developing between her legs. Her face felt flushed and warm. She could feel her nipples harden in her bra. She felt warm all over. She wanted to pinch her thighs together and rub them slightly. She felt great; a bit naughty, but great! Her mind blurred slightly. She knew she should not allow all this to happen. But, naughty or not, forbidden or not, it all felt wonderful.

Releasing her tongue from his mouth, Hugh rose from his sitting position beside her to his knees and now towering above her he pushed her gently back from her sitting position. She was now lying on her back on the sand. He nestled his body down beside hers, its full length now tight against her. His lips again moved down to make contact with hers, his mouth covering hers. Her arm came up over his neck in response, her hand holding the back of his head. Hugh moved his hand up lightly touching her breast through her shirt. It was almost as if it was done by accident. Her shirt was camp tee shirt, so there was not much fabric covering her bra. Bras in those days were pretty firm, however, and Cin’s was no exception. They did not allow a girl’s nipples to show through back then.

Did I say pretty firm? Boy, is that an understatement. They were damn hard, “solid as a rock” we used to say. Often, you could put your hand all over one and never really feel the breast contained within it.

When Cin didn’t protest the accidental touch, Hugh continued more boldly. She let him continue to touch her as they now kissed harder and harder, tongues more involved than before. His hand started to massage her breast within its bra. It was but a moment and his hands were covering both her clothed breasts, lightly squeezing them through her shirt and bra.

More emboldened now by his obvious success, Hugh reached down and pulled her shirt out from where it was tucked into the front of her shorts. Still kissing her harder and harder, tongue moving slowly in and out of her mouth, he moved his hand up under the shirt and in one smooth motion he slipped two fingers under her bra. Pulling it out away from her body, he easily stretched the elastic enough to slip the bra up and over both of her breasts. In a moment each breast had been released from beneath the bra, and the bra pushed up well above the two globes it was intended to hold. Next he pushed her shirt up. It slid easily over her now fully bare breasts, joining the crumpled bra well up her chest by her neck. Cin now felt the cooler air of the wee hours of the morning against her bare skin. Knowing she should protest, that she should stop him, she started to say something. She tried to protest. But Hugh just kissed her all the harder, stifling her coming protest. So she just lay there allowing it to happen. It was as if her feeble attempt at protest was the last vestige of the innocence of her youth, and it had failed. She now allowed the fondling of both her bare breasts by his hands. His hands felt very warm and comforting on her bare skin. And, it felt very erotic.

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