Checkmate – Flashback 01: Susan

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This flashback is part of a larger story, and tells of an incident which shaped Susan, a character in “The Chess Bet.” I would love any feedback, and am always open to suggestions. More flashbacks can be found on my profile.


Susan had learned to play chess in her early twenties, when she shared an apartment with an astronomy student. Max had urged her to learn the complex game, insisting that it would help her develop her creativity. Desperate for inspiration for the umpteen essays looming before her, she had watched closely as he set up the pieces and explained the rules. He’d been impressed by her talent, so much that he started to wonder what other talents the natural beauty had yet to reveal.

Max and Susan had played late into the night many times before she was able to best him. He’d allowed his attention to drift to the shape of her collarbone, just visible underneath her light cotton shift. When her elated cry of “Checkmate!” claimed his attention, he leaned over the chessboard to catch her face in his hands.

She’d caught her breath, and let her expression soften. Time slowed for a moment as he looked into her eyes, bright against her flushed cheeks, her mouth opening just a little. He’d moved his head ever so slightly closer to hers, his thumbs gently pressed against her cheeks. She was soft under his hands, her face growing ever warmer.

Just before his lips brushed against hers, he stopped. She whimpered, filled with a sudden longing for his touch. The amusement in his eyes spurred her on to close the gap, and she melted into him.

Max stood up, breaking the kiss only for a moment. His firm hand on Susan’s shoulder kept her in her seat as he crossed over to her and bent to capture her with another kiss, hungrier and more passionate than the last. He felt her growing arousal as she grabbed at his shirt and attempted to pull it over his head, eager to see what she’d only glimpsed from time to time as he left the shower, only a towel between decency and total exposure. He laughed, grasping her hands in his, refusing to let her take control.

She was taken aback; certainly no man had ever stopped her from pulling his clothes off. His natural possession of her caused a Bostancı Türbanlı Escort flush to spread over her face and across her ample chest. Even in those days she had dressed in loose flowing outfits and generally eschewed bras, and this gave him an excellent view of the cleavage he’d pictured during his many nights alone with his hand.

Max kissed her again, this time pinning her hands behind her chair back. “Now keep them there, and don’t move. Understood?” His voice had dropped to a low growl, primal and concupiscent, and caused her to gasp, her nipples stiffening as the blood rushed in. All she could do was nod, spellbound by this new side of her friend.

He kept his left hand clasping both of hers, and dropped to his knees beside her. His height allowed him to loom over her despite her being seated. He kissed her roughly, his tongue probing her mouth, his right hand coming up, almost able to encircle her pale throat. He squeezed a little tighter, eliciting a moan from the squirming woman in his hands.

“You’re going to stay still,” he whispered in her ear, causing the hair on the nape of her neck to stand erect, “and I’m going to do whatever I please. If anything is too much, just say red and I will stop.”

“Yes Sir,” she murmured, the honorific slipping unbidden from her lips. He grinned and moved both hands to roam over her chest, then began to trail soft kisses along her jawbone, traveling down her neck, noticing her elevated heartbeat as he reached her decolletage.

Susan’s chest heaved as she tried to stay still. The pressure around her neck was too soft to cause any constriction, but just hard enough to send shivers through her whole body. Her legs parted slightly, of their own accord, allowing him access to her most private places. She strained towards his face, begging with her eyes for another kiss that would set her whole body afire.

His eyes sparkled as he held himself just out of reach of her lips, frustrating her even further. She moaned again as he abruptly withdrew his hands and stood up. He reached down to her waist and slipped his hands under her blouse, brushing against the skin all the way up her torso as he pulled the garment off and flung Bostancı Otele Gelen Escort it aside.

Her breasts, free from their confinement, were firm and expansive. They were also soft and surprisingly tender, he thought as he caressed them, a hand on each. She whimpered as he took his time, stroking her, kissing her tender breasts, alternately biting and sucking her erect nipples.

“Stay there,” he cautioned, as he withdrew abruptly to stand in front of her. He removed his belt and slapped it across his palm. Her eyes widened, but she heeded his words and sat still, unsure where he would lead her next.

She was relieved to see him walk around to the back of the chair and kneel, clasping her hands in his as he looped the belt around them and pulled it tighter, his nimble fingers working swiftly on the buckle. She was surprised to discover that she wouldn’t have minded if he’d had something more painful in mind with that broad leather belt.

He walked back around the chair and knelt before her. He reached his left hand upwards to feel her ample chest again, twisting her nipple and eliciting sighs of pleasure. She opened her legs a little more, again involuntarily, and he spotted the damp spot on her panties becoming more prominent.

With one swift motion he had her panties off and joining her blouse in a heap on the floor. His first look at her pussy, neatly trimmed and flushed, was enough to make his composure waver as he contemplated fucking her right there. But there would be plenty of time for that later.

His hands looped under her thighs, spreading her legs wide apart, his fingers gripping the soft skin on the delicate upper areas. He bent his head to follow the trail of his fingers with kisses. Her pussy lips were swollen and moist, inviting him. His desire overwhelmed him and he thrust his tongue forward, eagerly lapping at her nether lips, keen to taste her, to claim her.

She was struggling to control her hips now, too turned on to resist her desire for him. She needed his tongue on her vulva, her clitoris, every part of her. Susan’s self-control had gone, her body surrendering entirely to the skillful tongue bringing her closer to the brink Bostancı Ucuz Escort of ecstasy.

“Stay still,” he warned, pulling away from her pussy, to her anguish. “If you squirm, this stops.”

Fuck, she almost burst out, I’m about to explode. But she settled herself back into the chair, hoping that his talented tongue would soon follow. Her pussy was aching, desperate for his touch.

Max laughed and made a motion towards her dripping crotch, as if to resume his delightful ministrations, but to her dismay, pulled his head back again. “Please…” her lips formed the word but she didn’t utter a sound, unwilling to give him any excuse to prolong the sweet torment.

As much as he’d enjoyed teasing her, Max’s own ardour was growing and his pants were feeling tighter than usual. He gave in to her plaintive moans and buried his face in her aching pussy, feeling her writhing in pleasure under his touch. He dug his fingers more firmly into her inner thighs, relishing her sharp intake of breath as his nails scraped at the tender flesh.

Susan’s breaths were becoming ragged, her intakes of air staccato, as Max increased his pace, licking her up and down her slit, eagerly lapping at her pussy. Her attempts to restrain her thrashing around proved less and less effective, her hips bucking around his mouth. Her body stiffened and relaxed over and over, responding to Max’s expert motions.

The desperate ache in her loins was building, and the thrusts of Max’s tongue grew faster and harder. He licked up and down her slit, over her clitoris, over and over, down the folds of her wet pussy, into her vulva, up again to the clit, until her body could take it no more. Twisting her body to and fro, she came, explosively, waves of warm pleasure cascading over her entire body, giving into the ecstasy of his movements, her legs buckling. Her eager lover continued to lap at her spasming pussy, each lick perfectly timed to enhance her euphoria. Her yelps grew louder and louder until she finally erupted in one echoing scream, grinding herself into his face, coming up to meet his fluttering tongue.

When at last her breaths grew more even and her hips had become earthbound once more, he finally released her thighs and held her trembling body close to his.

He spent the next six months teaching her, showing her more complex moves as she grew more familiar, and opening her mind to new possibilities. He opened her eyes to how a single move could leave one wide open and exposed, ready to be taken. They played a lot of chess, too.

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