Chemistry Between Nerds and Sluts Ch. 04

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Stef tossed and turned but finally gasped awake as the vivid dream broke to reality. She sat upright in bed, panting from the intensity of her subconscious thoughts. Her mind raced as she glanced at the clock. It was 6:55 AM, and it would sound to music in five minutes. She needed to get up to go shopping even as she slumped back to her pillow.

‘Oh, god,’ she thought, as she tried to recall what she had just been dreaming.

She remembered being in a lovely meadow with Cole. They were enjoying the day together, picnicking, when suddenly somehow there were two of him, then four, then eight, and sixteen…they were all standing around her, naked, and with big hard cocks pointing towards her equally naked body. They closed in around her and the huge snake-like cocks probed her mouth, cunt, and ass as if searching for points of entry. She remembered lifting her hands to ward them off only to have grasped two of them while the others moved closer. Her body trembled with fear and shook to try and stave off the attack but the brazen cocks pressed their assault.

‘No, too many,’ Stef remembered thinking.

However, no…it was not fear, it was lust. She wanted them. She needed them, but not all at once. They were too numerous. They threatened to overwhelm her senses and abilities. She wanted to service them all in turn but they were impatient and attacking as one. She felt one enter her pussy as another pushed against her wet luscious lips. One entered her mouth as several others caressed her face. The one in her pussy probed deeply as yet another teased her rear entrance. Stef jerked the two in her hands, wanting them to coat her tits in their come even as two others teased her distended nipples.

The lust-filled gangbang continued as Stef fought to get each of Cole’s beautiful cocks off in turn. Her body began to flow with repeated discharges of their seed. It coated her tits and face and ran in rivulets down her sides. She moaned and climaxed continuously as different cocks fucked her cunt and spewed gallons of cum into her and onto her belly. She heaved and climaxed in never ending waves as the cocks served her every need. Her body was spasming on the ground, but it was then she awoke. She was unable to absorb another ounce of pleasure. Completely sated and covered in come, the intense pleasure of the moment overwhelmed her.

‘Oh, geez…,’ Stef groaned, recalling the intensity of the feelings.

Her hand slipped below the covers and down to her abdomen. Her hand approached her mound just as the alarm sounded and music filled the room. She reluctantly extracted her hand to hit the snooze alarm button for another ten minutes.

‘Shit,’ Stef thought. ‘I got to get up or I’m going to be late to meet Kendall and Michelle.’

Her hand stole once again beneath the covers. She could feel the swell of her pussy and the wetness that was already there. Her fingers teased over the panty-covered surface of her sex, feeling the moistness and the aching desire.

‘Fuck, I got to get up,’ she groused to herself, wishing she had time to use the toy Jordan had given to her for her birthday.

When she had first opened the box with the vibrator, she looked curiously at the strange gift. She thought he was weird giving her such a nasty and dirty thing. But since that day, her vibrating toy had come in handy many times. Today would not be one of them though as she needed to get going.

Stephanie got out of bed, hit the off button on the alarm, and headed for the bathroom that adjoined her room with her younger sister’s. Stacy was only in eighth grade and just starting to think about boys. Stef had talked with her sister several times on the subject but reserved much of her real opinions of boys and sex for sometime in the future.

After showering, she got ready for the mall to try on prom gowns. She put on a strapless bra and brightly colored thong. She knew she would probably be sharing dressing rooms with Michelle and Kay at some point so she wanted to have on nice underwear. Plus she didn’t want to worry about panty lines or straps as she tried on various style dresses.

Stef was ready at the appointed time and they all headed off to the mall. Kendall knew she was going to the prom with Kyle and Michelle had been asked by Wally and John. She was leaning toward accepting John’s offer but had yet to commit. Stephanie was in the same place. She had been asked by Chris and Jordan and was leaning towards Chris at this point but didn’t want to disappoint Jordan either. The girls joked about agreeing to go with several guys at the same time and just alternating dances. The conversation invariably switched to sex as they joked about the idea of multiple partners on prom night, which had them all giggling and talking dirty.

It took nearly all day but eventually, after four stores, they each settled on a dress that was the right combination of dressy for their parents, and sexy for the guys. Stef had gone with a red gown that hugged her slim body. It was strapless and showed just a Ataşehir Escort hint of breast. If she wore a push-up bra, she could enhance that feature. It was a long gown but had slits up the sides that ran up to mid-thigh. As she moved it gave tantalizing glimpses of her long shapely legs. The other girls thought, with her brunette hair, she looked stunning in the red dress. With shoes to match, she was set.

Michelle naturally settled on a number that accentuated her larger bosom. The dress fit her tightly too and would show even more cleavage with the right bra. It was blue and went great with her blonde hair. Kendall went more conservative to please her dad. She knew he would get testy if she tried to show too much tit. She went with a light yellow dress that looked great on her. Stef and Michelle encouraged her to pick it as it was elegant and very spring looking at the same time. It also had slits up the sides that showed off her great legs.

Stef told Michelle and Kendall she was going out with Cole tonight on the ride back home. They both kidded her about not being able to get enough of that big cock. They all laughed about it but inwardly Stef knew they had a point. She thought about telling them about her dream but declined, thinking they might really think she had lost it.

The girls had eaten a light meal at the mall so Stephanie was starved by the time Cole picked her up. He took her to dinner at Olive Garden and later they went to play miniature golf. Stef was pretty good at it and she had nearly won. They had laughed a lot both during the meal and while playing golf. She was have a great time and Cole was enjoying himself immensely too.

As they got back into Cole’s car, Stef noticed him glance at his watch quickly. It was only ten. She didn’t want to go home but by the look on his face, this was all he had planned for the night and their first official date.



“Let’s go for a ride out in the country. Not far, but it’s such a nice night, I’d like to roll the windows down and just enjoy it some more,” Stef stated.

“Okay,” Cole readily agreed, not wanting to see the evening end so soon either.

Stef smiled to herself as she noticed him brighten and start the car. She tried to look inside his mind to see what he might be thinking at that moment. Was he thinking like the typical male and believing he might get lucky. After all it wasn’t like he didn’t know her to be a willing participant in sex matters. She nearly giggled aloud at her own dirty thoughts.

The drive she took Cole on headed towards a place she had been to with Jordan several times. It was a scenic overlook off one of the interstates. The first time she made out with Jordan had been there. It was also the place he had first fucked her in the back of his car. It was a short fifteen minute drive from the golf place to the turn off. Cole glanced at her questioningly when she suggested they take the exit and check it out.

Cole wheeled the car to a stop between two other cars already parked atop the hill. Fortunately the space between cars was considerable. The open expanse and view before them looked out onto the suburban towns below. One could see miles in each direction and a whole mass of lights twinkling below. It was a clear warm night and it felt good to be able to park and sit with the windows down. Even with the many lights from below, the heavens still offered up an impressive array of stars to gaze upon too. They tried looking for shooting stars as they leaned back in their seats.

Cole was just laying back and looking at the stars as Stef looked over at him. He wasn’t nearly as aggressive as Jordan had been each time they had come here. One time Jordan had just pulled his long semi-hard cock out and wiggled it back and forth while smiling at her. Chris was not as aggressive but even he knew how to push her sexual buttons and start things off. With Cole acting more gentlemanly, she would need to be the aggressor if things were going to progress quickly and before she needed to be home tonight. ‘But how to do it properly?’ she thought.

They continued to look for shooting stars. Stephanie watched the skies but couldn’t see any. She glanced over at Cole again and he was intent on finding one, it seemed. She finally decided to make the first move by reaching across to him but, just as she started to move, he yelled to her.

“Stef, over there!” Cole shouted, pointing to the sky to the right. “Do you see it?”

“Yes, there you mean,” Stef said, pointing too.

“Hurry! Make a wish,” Cole shouted.

“What? You believe that’ll work?” Stef kidded.

“Yes! I hope so anyway,” Cole admitted.

“Okay,” Stef said, and in another instant the shooting star was gone.

After a few moments Cole said, “Well, did you make a wish?”

“Yes. Did you?”

“Yes,” Cole replied.

“Tell me what you wished for?” Stef asked.

“I can’t do that. It won’t come true,” Cole stated.

“You really think these things come true?” Acıbadem Escort Stephanie chided.

“I certainly hope so,” Cole claimed.

“That’s cute,” Stef said, taking the opportunity to pull on his sleeve.

Cole looked at Stef, who was now sitting sideways in the seat facing him. The skirt she had worn was showing plenty of white leg in the dim moonlight. She looked at his face and her expression was even clear enough for Cole to gage. She seemed to be beckoning him to her. He sat up and took her hand that had been pulling gently on his sleeve. Their other hands came together too and now they were only a short distance apart facing each other. Stef smiled at his cute face which was strained with confused emotion.

Stef leaned in closer and Cole reacted by meeting her more than half way. Their lips came together and they kissed tenderly. Her lips felt so soft and tasted like strawberries to Cole. They kissed again and soon were making out ardently. After many moments of kissing, they finally took a break, to breathe, and to gaze at each other.

“I guess you’re right,” Stephanie said.

“What do you mean?”

“I wished that you’d kiss me,” Stef claimed, with a huge smile.

“Oh, you did, huh? I guess it’s true then…well, hopefully anyway,” Cole offered.

“Why? What did you wish for,” Stef asked again.

“I still can’t…,”

“I told you mine,” Stef proclaimed.

“Yes, but that was after the …,”

“Come on, Cole! Tell me, please.”

“But it might not come true…,”

“I know,” Stef announced with a giggle. “You wished to have sex with me.”

“Well, not exactly,” Cole said.

“Not exactly! What then?”

“Hey, did you get a prom dress today?” Cole asked, changing the subject.

“You didn’t answer me, butthead, but yes, I did get a prom dress.”

“I guess you’re going then?” Cole stated.

“Yeah. Chris and Jordan asked me,” Stef said.

“Both of them?”

“Yes. But I haven’t given either an answer yet though,” Stef said.

“Why not?”

I don’t want to hurt either of them,” Stef stated.

“Oh,” Cole responded.

Stef was going to say something else but stopped. ‘Was he leading up to asking me to the prom,’ Stef wondered. “Cole?”


“Are planning to go to the prom?”

“I hadn’t planned on it,” Cole replied.

“Do you want to go?” Stephanie asked.

“It’s too late,” Cole said.

“No, it’s not, you can still go,” Stef stated.

“But…I don’t have a…you’re already going with one of those…,”

“I haven’t given either of them my answer yet. Maybe I was waiting to see if someone else would ask me?” Stef offered.


“Yes,” Stef stated, knowing he only called her that name to be funny or very serious.

“I don’t suppose you’d consider going to the prom with me?” Cole asked.

Stef caught herself as she was almost too quick to answer. She thought about the best response. Cole studied her face with mounting worry as she looked at him.

“Of course not,” Cole stated quickly. I’m sorry I asked and put you…,”

“Cole, be quiet a minute,” Stef said.

He stopped talking and just looked at her looking at him. After a few seconds Stef leaned in and kissed him again. One kiss led to two, and soon many that gained in passion each time until they were both breathing heavily.

“Yes,” Stef muttered, as she pulled back away from him.

“What?” Cole queried, not sure he heard her right.

“Yes, I’ll go with you,” Stef stated.

“Oh, my god!” Cole exclaimed.

Stephanie smiled and kissed him again. The kisses grew more urgent with each passing moment. Cole’s hands held her shoulders as they kissed and their tongues danced. Stef’s hands had been on his sides but soon one drifted into his lap. The tenting of his pants told her all she needed to know about his current state.

“Shall we climb in the back?” Stef asked, half out of breath.

“Sure,” Cole readily agreed.

They shut the windows and scurried into the back and immediately started undressing each other. Cole’s shirt was open and off in a few seconds, followed by Stef’s moments later. Cole then tried to reach around her back for her bra but she stopped him to show him the clasp in front. When he undid her bra, the cups fell off her breasts causing Cole to suck in his breath. He had never seen a more beautiful sight than Stephanie’s tits at that moment in the moonlight. The nipples were distended and begging to be touched. He didn’t wait.

“Oh, shit,” Stef groaned, as Cole’s hands caressed her tits and teased the sensitive buds.

“I love your nipples,” Cole blurted out.

“You do?” Stef asked, with a broad smile.

“Oh, god, yes!” Cole growled.

“Suck on them for me, Cole. They adore that,” Stef exclaimed.

Cole palmed her left tit and held it as his mouth closed over the erect nipple. Stef sucked in her breath as Cole flicked the tender pink morsel with his tongue. Stef’s hands İstanbul Escort held his head to her breast as if encouraging Cole not to leave.

“Oh, geez, Cole. That feels so good,” Stef gasped. “Suck on it.”

“They’re delicious,” Cole said, as he switched between breasts.

“Oh, keep doing that,” Stef begged, as Cole sucked harder on the whole nipple until half of her tit flesh was in his mouth.

“Oh, shit!” Stef groaned.

Stef’s hands left the back of his head and dropped to the top of his jeans. She undid them and peeled them down over his butt. She then grabbed the waistband of his boxers. She eased them down and over his long stiff cock. She glanced around his head at her breast to see the magnificent cock pointing at her pussy like a spear. Her right hand immediately encircled the shaft and lightly teased the foreskin back and forth as Cole continued to suck on her perky tits.

They stayed like that for what seemed a long time but was mere minutes. Stef could feel the wetness of his pre-cum soaking her fingers and making them slick as she teased the cockhead. Cole’s sucking of her nipples had increased the aching in her pussy never sated from her dream of him earlier that morning. Now her panties were soaked from her secretions as her hormones went into overload at the feel of his cock and the attention to her breasts.

“Oh, god! Fuck me, Cole. Please!” Stef said, letting go of his cock only long enough to undo her skirt.

Stef fell back on the seat pulling her nipple from Cole’s mouth. She peeled off her skirt and thong in seconds. Immediately she could smell her own overheated cunt in the now enclosed car. Cole lost his pants and boxers in seconds and moved over her. Stef reached for his big pole and guided it to her soaked pussy. His pre-cum slickened head parted her wet lips with ease and sank several inches into her in one thrust.

“Oh, shit!” Stef grunted.

“What?” Cole asked, not sure if he had hurt her.

“You’re so beautifully big, Cole. Don’t stop, push it all in,” Stef pleaded.

Cole thrust forward again driving several more inches inside her tight pussy and drawing yet another grunt from Stef.

“Oh, mother,” Stef gasped.

Cole waited a few seconds then pushed again. More cock pushed her inner walls aside and wedged deep into her womb.

“Goddd…,” Stef growled. “Oh, you feel so big inside me.”

“You’re so hot and tight,” Cole gasped.

“Fuck me with your big cock, Cole. Fuck me long and hard!”

Cole extracted most of his long thick dick before once again easing back deep inside her. Stef held his sides and wrapped her shapely legs around his waist just above his hips. Her legs encouraged him to probe her even deeper, which he did.

“Oh, god,” Stef hissed.

Cole felt the beginnings of his balls rumbling with the need for release. He picked up the pace trying to get Stef off before he shot off inside her. He was pounding into her aggressively when he decided to stop for a while to try to hold off his cum. It worked for him but Stef groused her disappointment and need for him to continue to fuck her. When he had regained some manner of calm, he once again started fucking her hard.

“Oh, wow! That feels so good,” Stef moaned.

“You feel so good,” Cole gasped, as he leaned down and kissed her.

The tight space in the back of the car was beginning to take its toll on his bent legs. Cole realized he needed to finish this one way or the other. He sped up and fucked Stef with long hard strokes. Each time he drove into her, she moaned with ever increasing passion. As Cole felt his orgasm nearing, he realized Stef was probably close too. He quickened even more.

“Shit! I’m going to cum,” Cole groaned.

“Do it!” Stef yelled. “Pump me full of your cum.”

“Here it comes,” Cole informed her.

“Oh, shit! Keep fucking me, Cole!”

Cole thrust one last time as his cockhead swelled even bigger inside Stef’s cunt. He was buried deep inside her when she felt the first white hot blast of his thick cum. Cole still tried to get her off by continuing to fuck her as best he could as his mind glazed over from the intensity of his own climax.

“Fuck,” Cole groaned, as his cock spewed repeated wads of cum into Stef.

“Oh, shit!” Stef growled as her own orgasm crested.

Rockets seemed to burst in Stef’s head. Her orgasm hit her like a freight train. Cole’s still pumping cock was driving her into a sexual frenzy. She lost track of where she was. Only the shockwaves of blissful pleasure coursing through her body mattered at that moment. Her pussy clenched and unclenched around his steel hard cock buried deep in her cunt. Cole groaned and sweat broke out on his face as he tried to fuck through her incredibly tight cunt muscles. His cock was starting to soften as he felt her relax beneath him. He nearly collapsed on top of her as he stopped moving.

“Oh, god! That was good,” Stef exclaimed, panting.

“Glad you got off too,” Cole admitted.

“You always get me off,” Stef said. “You’re a marvelous lover, Cole.”

“Thanks,” Cole said, still gasping but proud of himself.

“Oh, my. I feel really wet down there. You must have pumped a lot into me.”

“I guess I did at that,” Cole allowed, but with a smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32