Chloris Pt. 01

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Introduction: Sister Suzie didn’t sew shirts for sailors, she showed me sorts of sexy satisfaction.

Suzie and I have always been close, about as close as sisters can be. Our father edged off, as our mother, Iris, expressed, when I was two and Suzie was five. So Iris had to work full time as a dentist’s receptionist and much of the caring for me was taken on by Suze. And she was utterly wonderful, endlessly kind and patient, with everything from potty-training to teaching me to read and write before ever I went to school. Of course, she was herself at school much of the day, during which time I was at the day-minder’s, Mrs Robertson. But it was Suzie who took and fetched me and looked after me between the school and Iris reaching home, and she took care of me all the time during the holidays.

We were, naturally, always intimate. She wiped my bottom when I was little, and I helped her cope with the menarche when she was eleven, enabling me to handle my own puberty with the greater ease. We usually bathed together, ate together and played together. But we didn’t sleep together till I was eighteen, by which time she, at twenty-one, had gone to university, got her degree and returned home.

She had had a bad experience with a young man. She had fallen in love with him, and, believing he loved her, she had given him her virginity. Then he had cooled, and when they finished their degrees, he had left without making any proposal for furthering the relationship.

On the third night that I heard her sobbing in her room I knocked on her door and found her lying on front, soaking her pillow with her tears. I persuaded her to get up, undressed her and tucked her naked into her bed. Then I sat beside her a little while, then got up to leave. She grabbed at me and asked me to stay with her. So I slipped into her bed and took her in my arms.

For the next few nights we got into bed together, in her room or mine, without having to say anything. She found this comforting and fell asleep quite quickly, especially if I stroked her back and bottom. I found this strangely exciting, like the touch of her pubic hair on my thigh, when her nightdress rode up, and the feeling of her breasts pressed against mine. Several times our nipples coincided through our nighties and I found this arousing.

Then there came the night when I was awoken by her moving rhythmically against me and trying to keep her fast breathing quieter. I decided to pretend to be asleep, not wanting to interrupt her masturbating, because I thought that must be helping her. Perhaps she was missing the sex she had had with the young man. Her hand was busy at her pussy and actually touching mine, too, and her nipples were hard against me. It was difficult to maintain the pretence bursa eskort of sleep, because she was so much arousing me.

I wondered, of course, if this was wrong. Should I be finding my sister sexually stimulating? Should I be in bed with another woman, sister or not?

Quite soon she climaxed, with a trembling sigh, and fell asleep in my arms. I was now far from sleeping, however, and being well on the way to satisfaction, decided to seek my own release, and cautiously slipped my hand down my tummy seeking my vulva.

I found my nightie was damp from my juices already, and also, I suspected, from hers, since the back of hand, touching her thigh, was wet and slippery. This was the more exciting and I needed only a few fingerings of my clitoris to reach orgasm.

The next night, when we were tucked up together, in each other’s arms, Suzie asked, ‘Were you sexing yourself last night, Normy?’

‘Yes, I was,’ I said, ‘You got me excited by doing it yourself.’

‘So you weren’t asleep, of you woke up?’


‘Were you hoping I’d do it again tonight?’


‘I’ve got a better idea,’ she said. ‘Why don’t we do it for each other?’

‘Oh gosh, Suze,’ I said, ‘Would that be all right?’

‘Well, I like the idea of it, and I suspect you do, so what’s the problem? Come on,’ and she switched on the bedside light, threw back the bedclothes and continued, ‘Get your nightie off and let me look at you.’

‘You get your nightie off,’ I said, and she did, and as a result I went on, ‘Look at that. There’s wet all down your thigh.’

‘Of course there is, sweetheart,’ she said, ‘I’ve been thinking about doing this all day. Come here!’

She gently slipped her finger down my mons into my vulva and sought my clit. ‘There,’ she said, ‘Does that feel good, or what?’

‘Yes,’ I said, ‘It feels good. Different when someone else does it, isn’t it?’

‘Tweak mine with your finger, please Normy,’ she said, ‘Because I so much want to come. And I’ll stroke yours, like this. Is the feeling getting stronger?’

‘Yes,’ I told her, ‘And that little thing, your clitoris is getting hard, isn’t it?’

‘It’s like boys’ cocks getting hard. You know about that, don’t you?’

‘Oh yes,’ I told her, ‘I have been out with boys, you know.’

She said, ‘That feels so lovely. My whole pussy feels so hot and it’s so wet, like yours.’

There were a few minutes of our mutual caressing, then she said, ‘I’m coming now. I’m coming. Here it is! Oh, delicious. Slowly now, sweetheart, just gently. Oh, thank you, that was wonderful. Now I’ll concentrate on you. Can you feel it coming?’

‘I think so,’ I said. ‘Oh yes, it’s growing, the lovely feeling. It’s going to – it’s bursa escort bayan going to – do it. Oh yes, heavenly!’ And the orgasm exploded in my vulva, my vagina, my bottom, my stomach, and I shook with the ecstasy.

We hugged each other tight, pressing our breasts together, and she said, ‘There are many more things we can do, darling, but that’s the start. Now you’re truly a woman. Your first period is the first sign you’re a woman, and your orgasming is the second. The third is your first full fuck.’

I was a little shocked at this, for Iris discouraged all ‘bad’ language. But I recognised this was the proper use of the word. Then I wondered again whether it was all right for sisters to give each other orgasms like this.

‘Why not?’ she said. ‘We share everything and love each other. Why shouldn’t we give each other pleasure?’

‘What else can we do, then?’ I asked.

‘There are tongues and nipples and bums to be explored and exploited. Tonight was learning the clitoris. I don’t much like the word, though, and there aren’t any other words, except ‘clit’ or ‘clitty,’ that I know of or like. So I call her “Chloris.” She was a nymph, the goddess of spring, so her name seems right, don’t you think?’

‘Perfect,’ I said.

She pulled the covers over us again, but we didn’t put on our nighties. She said, ‘Now, we’ve made love to Chloris. Enough for now. Stroke my bottom, help me sleep.’

I loved doing that, I found. It was so smooth and round. She began to stroke mine, and it was soothing. So she switched off the light, and we concluded our first night of mutual masturbation in that way, content in each other’s arms.


The next night, we kept the light on and left our nighties off from the start, because, as Suzie said, ‘Tonight is titty and twatty time.’

I had long admired her breasts, which were not huge, but full, firm and rounded, with large areolas and long nipples. I was longing to caress them and suck them, and now was my first opportunity, for she did something so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes. She hefted her right tit in her right hand and my left tit in her left hand, brushed her thumbs across the nipples, then moved to bring them to touch, gently rubbing them together.

As the nipples caught against each other they visibly hardened and we both drew in a breath sharply with the sweet, tingling sensation which spread outwards and inwards into the soft tissue, like ripples from a stone dropped into a pond.

Then Suzie drew away far enough to lower her head and take my right nipple into her mouth and mumble it between her lips. Again, only more so, the sweet tingling spread and moved down my body to reach my vagina and görükle escort bum, as if bosom and bottom had discovered a new pathway.

Naturally, I wanted to suck her nips, too, and there was a brief, silent, debate about who would take first suckle. Suzie pushed me down on my back, engulfed one breast-tip and tweaked the other with finger and thumb. I abandoned myself to the double tuning of my nervous system, feeling my vagina beginning to moisten.

She withdrew her mouth long enough to ask, ‘Can you feel it in your cunt?’

Another rather shocking word, but, again, not so shocking in its proper usage.

She sucked and nibbled a while longer, then said, ‘It’s time for Chloris, but this time with lips,’ and she kissed her way down my stomach, slipping her tongue into my crease, spreading her mouth across my vulva. Already aroused, Chloris was hardening and Suzie’s tongue-tip spread flame through my lower body, and I raised my hips to meet the stimulator.

She again withdrew her mouth long enough to say, ‘Let’s see if your cunt is ready,’ and she dipped her head again, and ran a hand up my inner thigh and wriggled a finger into me. It slid in without trouble and she moved it gently about inside. That felt right, though there was no particular sensation, other than a sense that it was good to have something within.

She continued to lick and probe and the fiery feeling in my pubes, reaching to my bum, intensified, and I recognised the orgasm was on the way. I needed to say so, but as I drew breath she murmured into my puss-fuzz, ‘You’re coming. Come for me, sweetheart. Come for me.’And I did, more tumultuously than the night before. My vagina spasmed round her finger, Chloris radiated ecstasy, my whole body hummed and twanged, every nerve taut and vibrating like a violin string.

She slowed and simply held her lips to my labia, stilling her finger and waiting while the wash of bliss ebbed. Then she said, ‘That was so sweet. What a joy to make you come.’

‘And I want to make you come, too, Suze,’ I said, and after a few minutes we reversed roles, and it was I who was sucking luscious nipples, and tonguing another manifestation of Chloris. The only difference was that I inserted two, and then three, fingers into her cunt, and the squeezing of her eventual orgasm almost made me come again.

That was when I learned, and have ever afterwards rejoiced in, the joy of another woman’s climax, sensed, seen, heard, felt, often to the point of actually making me come from sheer empathy and the satisfaction of giving such pleasure.

We soon found that we could both orgasm several times a night, and it was not long before we were able to come together, usually tongues to Chloris and fingers buried. And the mutuality, the simultaneity, augmented the ecstasy, as if the two climaxes combined inside each of us.

Sometimes we wondered what Iris would think if she knew of our love-making. We were to find out quite soon, and I will write about the outcome in the next instalment of ‘Chloris.’

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