Choice of a Lifetime Pt. 02: Ava

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Creampie Eating

(Sex dream)

The next morning John woke up and started masturbating. He opened his phone and went to the pictures of Ava hair. He got a notification on Snapchat in his private story with Ava and Celeste he opened it and there was a picture of Ava and he mom who by the way was a hot MILF John had offen dreamed of fucking that 52 year old Puerto Rican. Then he almost cummed the next snap was a video of their really wild mom getting her thick black ponytail removed and Ava had convinced her to give it to me. Then I got a text it was their mom she said that she wanted to see what her 18 year old daughters would be dating Johns penis was purple she then FaceTimed him he scarily answered she said hi John I know you like me two so come over when you’re done masturbating so we can review some meats John cleaned himself up an rushed over opened the door Mrs. Carione opened the door grappled John by his cock got down on her knees and started to blow then…

Shit fuck my alarm John screamed he checked his phone another perfect sex dream ruined fuck well John opened his Snapchat and there was a picture of Ava and Celeste getting their hair done now he cummed again now his underwear full of wet dream cum and awake cum. He screenshot it pulled down his pants grabbed his full erect cock and pumped now Ava’s hair was usually curly and looked okay but it really in Johns opinion can together when it was straight.

Celeste texted him and Johns breathing slowed and his cock retracted. She had said.

Celeste: Come to the treehouse we are gonna FaceTime Ava and go over what’s gonna happen and the restaurant is Tias Ma the Chinese place.

John got Nevşehir Escort up and cleaned him self off walked outside to the treehouse climbed up and Celeste was their not Ava they FaceTimed her and she began

Ava, “The rules

1: no sex after or before

2: As previously stated no talking to the others

3: Have Fun

4: Kissing is okay

5: Dress nice

Everyone got that okay.”

Ava then said, “Hi John can’t wait what’s your cover story for your parents mine is I’m going to bolder run with Hayley?”

John responded, “I’m going to Saslow’s?” She nodded and hung up.

Celeste looked at me and said, “you wanna try the hair again?”

John said, “It’s against the rules but it can’t hurt right.”

Celeste got up and turned around but I asked her to face me. She did I grabbed the part of her side bang that tucked behind her head and flip it over she giggled. Then I felt my penis growing I also could see her as sticking out through her yoga pants and that did not help either. She said it was okay though I scooted behind her so is was at her side and I grabbed a comb on the floor and brought it next to my leg. I ran my hands through her freshly done do and grabbed the comb. I ran it from her side burns down to the bottom. By now my raging boner was pretty noticeable but it did not matter I looked her in the eyes and did something I’ve wanted to do for a long time I gave her a hug. I smelled the sweet lavender of her hair and her smell and the softness of her she wrapped her hands around me I wanted to kiss her but I wasn’t ready yet. I then got up knowing we had a understanding and Nevşehir Escort Bayan left. When I got home I went to sleep got my cloths ready for the date and drifted off to sleep.

John woke up the next morning and played Fortnite till it was time to go John put his clothes in a sling bag and left.

Ava put her clothes on and walked not to boulder run but to outside the restaurant. I arrived changed which I did behind a tree when I saw her I almost fainted she was beautiful her hair was down but looked amazing I can’t describe how it was done but it had braids around it it wasn’t fancy but it was pretty hot for a guy with a hair fetish.

I said, “Hi you ready, I’m exited?” Actually I was almost about to explode before she answers I examined her outfit she had on she had on chalk colored jeans and a black shirt that covered up to her shoulders and over that she had a jean jacket.

Ava said, “yeah I can’t wait this is gonna be awesome but first let’s take some pictures.”

I responded, “sure let’s do it.”

We took pictures went inside and ordered we ate and then we talked.

I started, “How long have you guys known I liked you and i really liked Celeste first and then you and I really like you both i wanna break the rules with both of you and when we’re done I want to do some role play.”

Ava, “Slow down okay but I’ve known that since last year and what role playing thing.”

Me, “Nevermind just one of my dumb fantasies well I bought pull up diapers and want you to be my baby so I could do your hair I have all the stuff at the tree house.”

Ava responded shocked but not but Escort Nevşehir before she spoked she leaned in and we kissed her soft American and Puerto Rican lips touched my my boner came to life and she had to be wet, we got up I paid and we walked back we said nothing but our eyes said it all we climbed up the tree house. She told me tograb the stuff I through her a baby pull up she changed I didn’t even peak but when I turned around I saw the same beautiful girl but with a diaper my boner raged.

I said, The baby needs a haircut I grabbed her hair and pulled.”

She yelled, “Yes daddy please.”

I grabbed a fake pair of sissors and the comb from last night I grabbed a hair tie and gave her back her beautiful ponytail but now her hair was curling as it normally did I grabbed the diaper bottom and squeezed she made a sexual noise and my boner almost broke my pants.

I said, “Baby no want ponytail is to sexy yes?”

Ava responded, “If daddy wants.” I fake cut it off I then grabbed her in the crotch again i asked her if she wanted to do the same to me.

She said, “Its breaking the rules but one won’t hurt.”

She squeezed and I cummed so hard she giggled I saw the diaper get wet I wanted to touch her and I know she wanted to touch me I looked at her with lust and said, “Ava get dressed in want to ask you something.”

She did I asked, “Can I have a piece if your hair I when behind her and grabbed that fat thick sexy ponytail and got a small section and grabbed real scissors.

She said, “Just a little piece.” I nodded.

I snapped the piece off and put it in the vial I had. I gave her a long kiss and I left I went home and fell asleep.

At the Carione’s, (their last name) Ava went to her room and Celeste was their her long hair down.

She asked, “How was it?”

Ava looked at her and smiled and said, “I’ll never tell.”

She went to sleep dreaming about his penis.

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