Chris’ Adventures in Love Ch. 01

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Big Tits

DISCLAIMER: All persons, events, and places are fictional. Any similarities and/or recurrences of persons, events, and/or places is surely coincidental. All participants in the story are at or above the age of 18.

Ever wonder who your “true love” may be? I know I did. Well, I remember explicitly the day I learned. It wasn’t the situation I had dreamed of, or even the person I thought it would be.

It was a Friday, and it was last period. We were all sitting in AP Physics, anticipating the weekend. There was no school the following Monday, and so we were excited for a three-day weekend. I slowly looked around the room as the last person turned in their test. I observed the chatty girls on the side of me taking random pictures that would surely be on the internet the next day. I looked to some other friends who were talking about various things. Then I saw Andrew. Truth be told, I’ve been secretly admiring him/crushing on him since Sophomore year, and it’s not exactly easy to tell if a guy likes you back when you’re also a guy. However, I’ve not spent my time staring at him and wishing I was with him, instead I dated girls. Being bi has its advantages!

Andrew and his girlfriend of three years had just broken up that morning, and he was definitely out of it. They got into a fight over something unknown to me. I felt terrible because now he would need a prom date within a month or else he’d be lonely for prom. To make matters worse, he was having a party tonight. How can you have a party when you just broke up with your girlfriend? Well, he did. I put my head on my desk and looked at him for a few more seconds. He had his head in his hands. He was like that in every class today. I just wanted to walk up to him and tell him it would be okay–but I knew I couldn’t, and it really wasn’t okay.

The bell rang, signifying the end of class and the day. We all got out of our chairs and headed to our lockers. Andrew and I ended up being the last two out of the room.

“Hey Andrew! See you at your party tonight!” I said to him.

“Y–yeah. I’ll see you then.” He mumbled. “Look–I’ve gotta go. Sorry…” He stumbled out of the room. I watched him cover his face with his hands as he ran to the bathroom.

“He’s really out of it.” I said to myself as I went to my locker. I got the books I needed before shutting it to discover something odd on my locker I had not seen before. It was taped between two locker signs I had received for the musical we did the week before telling me to break a leg and the like. I tucked it into my jacket pocket as I headed to my car. After starting the car and plugging my iPod in, I slowly opened the note. There, in the lines, was a love note, clearly addressed to me. But the writer failed to put their name.

“Curious.” I said to myself. I texted a few friends asking if they had seen anyone slightly suspicious near my locker and all of them replied with a negative. After telling myself I’d see to it later, I drove home thinking of the party tonight.

After I got home, I placed my bag and things on my bed and hopped in the shower. My thoughts drifted to Andrew, much like the times I had thought of him in my dreams–naked, with a full 9″ hard on, and ready for me to do with him as I pleased. I stroked my dick to its full 8″ self and began thinking of everything I would do to him. I felt the sensation of orgasm slowly coursing through my body. I came on my chest and stomach after about ten minutes of jacking off. Afterwards, I finished cleaning up, shaved, and then put on some fresh clothes. I resolved to myself that I would tell him–tonight. No matter what it took, he would know how I really felt for him. Whether it would lead to what I desired, I couldn’t say. I didn’t care, as long as he knew.

I hopped in my car at exactly Seven. After heading on the highway, I once thought of him again, but this time it was romantic. We would just hold each other and kiss, not even nude. It made me drift slowly away into fantasy, until I almost slammed into an 18-wheeler in front of me. I quickly changed lanes and avoided the accident, but I missed my exit.

“Fuck!” I said to myself as I got off the next exit and headed towards his house. I parked in a nearby parking lot and walked to his house. I adjusted my shirt slightly and rang the doorbell. I waited for a maximum of two seconds when the door opened. It was Andrew.

“Hey, what’s up?” I asked him. He seemed slightly happier.

“Sky!” He laughed. I was happy to see him laugh. Truth be told, in that two years of jacking off to him, I found myself slowly bursa otele gelen eskort drifting from lust to love. Seeing Andrew laugh was a good touch on my heart. “Come on in! Everyone’s already here.”

“I missed my exit on the highway. Some fucking idiot wouldn’t let me pass him.” I lied.

“Well, you must be thirsty.” He said as he handed me a can of beer. I took it and he closed the door. I followed him to a group of our mutual friends who were all drinking and laughing. I noticed his now ex-girlfriend was nowhere to be seen. I shrugged it off and sat down next to one of my friends, who was also an ex of mine. We were discussing the AP English test today, and how horribly ridiculous it was.

“I totally failed,” one of my friends began, “I didn’t even read Macbeth.”

“I didn’t either!” Andrew replied. “I just guessed.” We all laughed.

The night continued on as usual. We all sat and joked about random things in class, other times we’ve been drunk, and analyzed other parties. I watched slowly as Andrew got quieter and quieter. After about an hour, he simply disappeared. I looked around the room for him, but he was nowhere to be found. I walked downstairs to his basement and found a few friends playing Guitar Hero, some others playing air hockey and pool, and a couple making out, obviously drunk and obviously oblivious. I went back upstairs and headed to the second floor. I saw some people watching a movie but that was it. I passed by Andrew’s bedroom and found him face down on the bed. I slowly walked to him and sat on the bed next to him.

“What’s wrong?” I asked. He turned to see who suddenly accompanied him and found me. His face was red and stained from tears. I put my hand on his shoulder as he cried into his pillow for another few minutes. I had never seen someone this upset over a break-up before. After he was finished, he sat up next to me.

“I’m sorry. I thought I could get over today by drowning it in alcohol and fun, but I can’t.” He said to me. “I thought I loved her, Chris. I really thought I did. But then we broke up.”

“Why did you break up anyway?” I asked.

“It was something stupid.” He began, “I was hugging one of my friends and she thought I was cheating on her. Then I saw her hold hands with someone.”

“So you both thought you were cheating on the other.” I said.

“Right.” Andrew replied. “This morning, I confronted her on it, and she did tell me that she was, in fact, cheating on me.”

“At least she told you…” I said, then realized that was wrong. “But that still doesn’t make it right.”

“Have you ever been cheated on?” He asked me.

“My first ever relationship. But I was 11 and it lasted two days.” I said. “But I still felt like shit afterwards.”

We sat there for what seemed like the longest time. We just talked and listened to each other. I felt him slowly open up again, and I felt more comfortable around him.

“Hey Andrew…do you know if anyone was around my locker this morning?” I asked suddenly. “Someone left a note.” His face tensed up the slightest.

“No, I don’t. I mean, I passed it a few times today on my way to class, but that’s it.” He said.

“Okay…someone left me a note and I really need to know who it was.” I replied. I took out the note and showed it to him.

“Interesting…” He said. “I don’t know who wrote this.”

I looked around the room and noticed stationary similar to the one on the note. I also noticed one of the copies of my senior picture gently tucked away in a book. I had given one to almost everyone, but I didn’t expect anyone to, well, keep it.

No, it’s just a coincidence. He isn’t gay. He and his girlfriend were in love. It’s a coincidence.

“Is everything okay?” Andrew asked me.

Besides the fact that you may possibly be in love with me, yes. “Yeah, totally.”

“You just look tense.” Andrew said to me.

“No, I was just thinking…” I replied. The guy of my dreams is possibly in love with me. What do I do?

Andrew slowly turned away from me. I could see tears forming in his eyes.

“Chris…I’m so sorry…” He said, barely choking out the words. “I didn’t break up with Katie because she was cheating on me. I broke up with her because I realized I didn’t love her.”

“What?” I asked, confused.

“I saw someone one day…at Will’s party.” He said.

“The pool party last summer?” I asked.

“The very one.” He replied. “I saw someone there…they just looked perfect in the sunlight. Their bursa eve gelen escort bayan body was perfect in every way, and when they turned to me, I thought they glowed.”

It isn’t me. There were over 100 people there.

“I dismissed it at the time. But suddenly, my dreams were filled with them and not Katie.” He began, “I would start masturbating to them…and not Katie.”

It can’t be me.

“I hoped they would be in every one of my classes the next year.” He said. “So that I could look at them all day.”

That narrows it down to about three people…one being me.

“Slowly but surely, I realized that there was some form of a sign from above…almost every time I saw them, my heart did a backflip.” He said. “They just made my life complete just by talking to them…”

“Who…who is it?” I asked. It’s got to be me.

“Well…he’s here at this party.” Andrew told me.

That’s two people…me and Will.

“That means there’s two people it could be.” I said. “One is Will…the other…me.”

“You’ve got a 50/50 shot at getting it right.” Andrew replied. “You choose, Chris.”

Dear God, if you truly exist…please let it be me…

“I’m gonna say…” I stopped. What if I said me? Would he find out that I loved him? “…me…” FUCKING IDIOT! I MEANT TO SAY WILL!

Andrew walked to the door and opened it. He held his head down in shame.

“You’re right.” He said.


My heart froze. The guy I’ve been madly in love with for two years is in love with me.

“But…I know it can’t be. You can’t be gay. I know it.” He said.

You couldn’t be more wrong.

I walked over to him and wiped his tears away with my hands.

“I’m not gay.” I said. “I’m bi.”

With that, I took his face into my hands and gave him the sweetest kiss I could ever give to anyone–man or woman. Our tongues met mid mouth and touched. At that moment, I felt my heart skip a beat. I knew then. I was in love with Andrew. As we broke from our kiss, I looked into his deep, hazel eyes. I ran a finger down his tanned, clean-shaven face.

“I love you.” I whispered to him.

“I love you too.” He said to me.

I wrapped him in my arms again as we kissed some more. I ran my hands down his back to his tight ass, which I then gave a squeeze. That jerked him forward and I felt something touching my groin. I looked and noticed there was a slight tent in his jeans. My own dick soon rose, and we both stood there, with full erections, looking into each other’s faces.

“If you’re ready.” I said to him.

“Always.” He replied. We closed and locked the door as well as drew the blinds. We took off our shoes and socks and tossed them next to the door. We took off our outershirts, revealing two nearly identical white undershirts. I lifted my hand up his, past his slightly hairy abs to his hairier chest to play with his nipples. Within a few seconds of simultaneously fondling them, they stood to attention. After Andrew repeating the same process with me, we both took off our shirts. I could truly see Andrew now in the dim light of his lamp. He was slightly taller than me, but only by a few inches. He had tanned skin from running track all year long. His arms were very buff, showing the fact that he lifted weights. I could guess he could easily bench 165. His hair was short, nearly stubble on his head. His eyes were a beautiful shade of hazel, and there were no pimples, moles, or freckles on his flawless face. At the moment, he was clean-shaven, but sometimes he would let a beard grow. I thought he looked better clean. His six-pack was clearly defined and his pecs were very phenomenal. His nipples were small and erect, and accompanied with a little chest hair that extended all the way down his stomach. He kept himself nice and trimmed at all times, but not shaved. Just the way I liked it.

I wasn’t a shab in any department either. Although my hair was naturally brown, I had dyed it black with one deep red streak running through the left side of my hair. I kept it relatively short. My eyes were deep brown and I was clean-shaven, save for some stubble on my chin and some sideburns. I stood at a decent height of 5’8″ and weighed in at 170 pounds. I was made of less muscle and more build than Andrew, but I didn’t look too big. I also had a hairy chest and stomach, but I kept it short as well. My biggest strength was my legs. There was no flab located on any part of them. Andrew, on the other hand, was no flab, all muscle.

We both bayan eskort bursa took off our jeans now. Both of our legs were very hairy, but I didn’t mind it. I could see tufts of his pubic hair coming out of his boxers, which were a perfect tent. We embraced once more before he instructed me to sit down. I did so, and he gently undid the fly of my boxers, letting my dick fly out.

“You carry a beautiful package. It’s bigger than I thought.” He said as he kissed the foreskin before slowly and gently pulling it down to reveal my dark pink-ish head. He kissed it softly before running his tongue up and down my dick.

“Is this your first time giving a blowjob?” I asked.

“Yeah, but I looked online for some…tips.” He replied.

“Well you’re doing better than the girls so far.” I said as I ran my hand down his face as he started taking my dick in his mouth. He continued to run his tongue down my dick as he started bobbing down midway. I groaned in delight as he started moving closer and closer to the base of my dick. Within two minutes he was deepthroating me. I felt my dick touch the back of his throat and wondered if he was choking. But he continued still. I felt the orgasm coming at any moment.

“Ooh Andrew, FUCK!” I yelled as my hips lurched forward. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. I shot five spurts of cum into his mouth. He took it all with ease and swallowed it.

“How was that?” He asked as he gently let my dick exit his mouth and return to its flaccid state.

“Fucking…amazing…” I gasped. After regaining my breath, I turned to him. “I have to return the favor.”

“Have you ever done it before?” He asked.

“No, but I’ve seen enough porn and had it done enough to know what to do…well…the basics.” I said.

“That’s fine. I’m sure you can pleasure me anyway.” He replied as we switched positions. “Just take it slow. There’s no rush.”

I took off his boxers and gasped. His dick was as big as I hoped, with about .25″ more than I expected.

“You must have been a lady killer.” I said. He laughed and I started slow. He was circumcised and had a light pink head, which I licked slowly. I then moved down his shaft to his balls and started licking them. Once I felt he was lubed up enough, I put my mouth over his head and started slowly bobbing up and down. He was coaching me the whole way through, which made me feel very good. After about three minutes, I moved down to the end of his shaft, my hand still on the base, then slowly reducing the number of fingers wrapped around it. Four. Three. Two. One. None. I went the whole way, gagging slightly my first time. He shifted slightly to allow me room to continue. I bobbed some more until he let out a long and low groan which signaled to me he was ready to explode. I took my mouth off his dick and started jacking it off. After a few seconds, I watched his dick spurt out not one, or two, but six shots of cum all over my face and hair, and his stomach. I stroked him for a few more seconds before I let go.

“You’re not bad for an amateur. Just some more practice and you’ll be porn star worthy in no time.” He said.

“But I don’t wanna be a porn star.” I replied.

“I was joking. I don’t either. But I don’t mind giving a blowjob to my amazing boyfriend!” He said.

“So we are a thing?” I asked.

“You don’t give and receive a blowjob whilst saying ‘I love you’ and not be a thing.” He said, laughing.

“Right.” I replied. We kissed again before I broke away to say, “But what about our friends and family?”

“I haven’t come out yet to anyone.” He said.

“Me neither.” I replied.

“Then we won’t until we’re ready. Friends come after family I guess.” He said as he grabbed two fresh pairs of clothes. “Let’s clean up.” He tossed me a set of clothes. “I hope these fit.”

“They do.” I said.

We made a mutual agreement that we wouldn’t go further than oral for now. We both felt we weren’t ready for anything major, and we agreed to give it time. We did, however, promise to be each other’s first. A promise I hoped we’d both keep. We had both already chosen colleges. I was headed to New York for acting school while he was going to DC for pre-med.

We snuck across the hall to the bathroom and took a shower together. We watched our cum flow down the shower drain. We soaped each other up and added more kisses, gropes, and fondles, but no more sex. After that, we headed back to the remains of the party. I texted my parents telling them I’d stay at Andrew’s for the night, and we sat and watched Rent, my favorite movie. As the company dwindled, we got closer and closer. After everyone was gone, we were embraced in each other’s arms. Once the movie ended, he shut off all of the lights except for one lamp and returned to the couch. I laid down on top of him and mouthed the words “I love you” to him before falling asleep in his arms.

And I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

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