Christa’s Dilemma Ch. 01

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I was on the bus, on my way. I felt my belt pinch. I hadn’t worn the chastity belt for a long time. I had never had a real Mistress. My wife had tried to please me but the whole idea had never attracted her, it made her uncomfortable. When the bus stopped, I got out. It’s just a minute walk to Christa’s. She opened the door, smiling. She offered me a seat and went to the kitchen to get coffee. The coffee tasted good, and so did the cake.

I didn’t know what to say and neither did she. After a while she asked, “What do you expect of me?”

“I hope you will accept my love, and my surrender.”

“How about Linda?” Christa asked.

“She realizes she can’t give me everything I need. And she likes you very much. And she trusts you. And so do I.”

Christa was quiet for a while and then she asked, “How serious are you?”

“Very. I have thought and dreamed of this for a long time. I am ready, and willing. I will do my utmost best to satisfy you. I am inexperienced but also determined not to disappoint you.”

Christa smiled, a bit provocative, “Ok, put your clothes on that bench, please.”

I started to undress, suddenly aware people could see me from the street. I moved to Bostancı Grup Escort the corner of the room, avoiding the windows. Christa gave me a sardonic smile. “Let’s go upstairs to the guest room,” she said, showing me the way. It was a quite nice room, not large but nicely decorated and full of daylight. “Please, pull down the blinds,” she said. I felt quite displayed and glad to see there was nobody on the streets.

In the middle of the room there was a coffee table. A large flower box was hanging above the table. Christa asked me to move the table to a corner of the room and place the flower box on top. She gave me two wrist cuffs and a long strong rope. I had to pull the rope through the hook that had contained the box. Then I had to pull the rope through a hook that I hadn’t noticed before in a corner of the room, and cuff my wrists. She clicked the cuffs together, attached them to the rope, pulled at the other side of the rope so I had to raise my arms and then fastened the rope to the radiator.

Christa stood in front of me, smiling again. Again I felt very much displayed. I was cold but I don’t think the temperature had much to do with it. Still smiling, she caressed Bostancı Manken Escort the skin of my arms, my face and my chest. Then she did a step backwards, watching me, inspecting me.

“What a nice pair of steel pants do you have. Why?”

I didn’t exactly know what to say. “I want to preserve my…. erm… tools, for you. I would feel honored if you would be my keyholder.”

She raised her eyebrows. “Could you take that, then?”

I stammered, “Erm.. I don’t know. I am willing to do my utmost best. I am used to not having orgasms for a while, but I find it hard to wear the belt, especially at nights. I hope you will train me.”

She smiled at me. She seemed skeptical. Finally she said, “We’ll see.”

She stroked my nipples. I was immediately aware of the little room in my ‘pants’. Then she pinched them, quite hard. She smiled. She left the room to return with a frightful whip. Christa watched me. Then she disappeared from my view. Suddenly I felt the whip land at my back. I could say Christa was withholding. It was not a full blast but it still stung. The next blow was a bit harder. The third harder then the second. I was wondering how far she Bostancı Masöz Escort would go. Then she suddenly was in front of me.

She was caressing the whip as if it were a pet.

She laid the whip aside and inspected my belt. I felt myself blushing. She touched my balls slightly, touched the lock. “What are those holes for, on both sides beside the lock?”

I explained they made it possible to seal the belt with special, numbered, metal seals so one could be sure the belt hadn’t been removed.

“You don’t happen to have one of these with you, do you?”

“Yes, I have.”


“To show you, in case you would be interested.”


She walked around me, touched me now and then. Then she began freeing me, saying, “Ok, I’ve seen enough. I will take your request in consideration. Be here tomorrow at the same time.

“Make sure you’ll bring a nice bouquet of flowers, and make sure the seal we are going to apply in a minute, is still in place.”

I had to go down to get the seal. I avoided the windows as good as possible. I also took my clothes, as instructed. I showed Christa how to apply the seal. She noted the number on a notepad.

She left me while I was dressing. When I came downstairs, a fresh cup of coffee was waiting for me. We talked for a while, about the weather and our work. At the door she gave me three warm kisses on the cheek. She said, “Sleep well tonight. I’ll let you know tomorrow.”

Then she closed the door.

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